Trade Rumour Request

For the past two months, I’ve regularly done an article called “A different look on trade rumours.” Now, I’m still continuing it- don’t worry hockey fans- but I have to say the only rumours I seem to be getting are from the same teams. Not to say that the Canadian teams or the Detroit Red Wings or any other of the major contenders are not interesting, it’s just that I don’t think the little teams get much recognition.In this, I mean teams like the Nashville Predators, Florida Panthers, Atlanta Thrashers, Minnesota Wild, etc., and the only rumours I get are if they happen to have a player a contender is interested in. What I want to know is if these teams are thinking about trades to improve their team, just like the contenders. I’m pretty sure they are thinking about them, but their voice gets drowned out by teams like the Red Wings. All I’m asking is if anyone knows any rumours from the minnow teams and how they might be looking to improve their teams. Any information would be appreciated, and if you happen to know the source as well, the rumour becomes more credible.



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