Trade speculation

I know no moves will likely be made for a long time, but I think we need a cheer up in this National Association of Greedy Bastards lockout.

Mike Peca.

Hate his guts, but there were rumors of his trade last year, but stopped when Yashin got hurt. Yashin is back now. (what difference do Yashin and Peca make?) So could the rumors start again, the favourites were the Leafs and Sens. The Leafs have a history of getting old over paid losers, and lately Canadian Olympic 2002 team members,(Nolan Belfour and Nieuwendyk) where as the sens could use a tough physical presence up front. My favorite to win this deal is Ottawa, this is really because all the players I don’t like move to Ottawa eventually. (Hasek, Ray, Bondra)

Eric Lindros

Another 2002 Canadian Olympian, He will likely sign in Toronto (god save us) or Edmonton. (god save them) Lindros is a concussion crazed over paid loser who has no future, so obviously when the lock out ends, he’ll be a Toronto Maple Leaf.

Paul Kariya

I like doing Canadian Olympians. Paul Kariya is a speed player, and wouldn’t survive the eastern conference, so I am gonna have to favour Vancouver here, way over Toronto.

Glen Murray

I would love to see him a Leaf, under NHLFA law of course. (salary cap) But I see him a Red Wing, maybe when he’s a 40 year old multi millionaire loser, but not now.

Anson Carter

I was shocked when Carter got a 73 on the NHL 2005 game. He has everything. Speed, strength, class, and experience. I would rather have him then Lindros or Kariya. (who got 86 and 89 respectively) I think he’ll be a Hab, they were looking at Jeff O’neil at the deadline last year, and Anson Carter is the same kind of power forward, except he has other good qualities, I think the bad season though was really due to moving around alot.

Theoren Fleury

He will be back some day, but as he said, only if its with the Calgary Flames. Nuff said.

So Please argue with me, bring back the hatred and excitement, and don’t bring up any CBA stuff, (NHLFA ROCKS)