Trade speculation

I know no moves will likely be made for a long time, but I think we need a cheer up in this National Association of Greedy Bastards lockout.

Mike Peca.

Hate his guts, but there were rumors of his trade last year, but stopped when Yashin got hurt. Yashin is back now. (what difference do Yashin and Peca make?) So could the rumors start again, the favourites were the Leafs and Sens. The Leafs have a history of getting old over paid losers, and lately Canadian Olympic 2002 team members,(Nolan Belfour and Nieuwendyk) where as the sens could use a tough physical presence up front. My favorite to win this deal is Ottawa, this is really because all the players I don’t like move to Ottawa eventually. (Hasek, Ray, Bondra)

Eric Lindros

Another 2002 Canadian Olympian, He will likely sign in Toronto (god save us) or Edmonton. (god save them) Lindros is a concussion crazed over paid loser who has no future, so obviously when the lock out ends, he’ll be a Toronto Maple Leaf.

Paul Kariya

I like doing Canadian Olympians. Paul Kariya is a speed player, and wouldn’t survive the eastern conference, so I am gonna have to favour Vancouver here, way over Toronto.

Glen Murray

I would love to see him a Leaf, under NHLFA law of course. (salary cap) But I see him a Red Wing, maybe when he’s a 40 year old multi millionaire loser, but not now.

Anson Carter

I was shocked when Carter got a 73 on the NHL 2005 game. He has everything. Speed, strength, class, and experience. I would rather have him then Lindros or Kariya. (who got 86 and 89 respectively) I think he’ll be a Hab, they were looking at Jeff O’neil at the deadline last year, and Anson Carter is the same kind of power forward, except he has other good qualities, I think the bad season though was really due to moving around alot.

Theoren Fleury

He will be back some day, but as he said, only if its with the Calgary Flames. Nuff said.

So Please argue with me, bring back the hatred and excitement, and don’t bring up any CBA stuff, (NHLFA ROCKS)

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  1. Destancio says:

    Hi, I’m new. I’ll give this i-know-everything-even-though-I-only-really-watch-a-few-teams thing a try.


    Doesn’t matter. Islanders will never win the cup. But the Florida Panthers are still looking for scorer. They missed out on Guerin. I think when the CBA gets settled, they’re gunna pick up someone unexpected. Maybe Peca. Maybe Gordie Howe. Yep, you can tell I’m a western conference fan.

    Eric Lindros

    Should retire, won’t retire. I know 90% of the people here are Leaf fans and think that everyone (whether they want them to or not) has a chance of signing with the Leafs; but, aren’t the Leafs already on the hook for a lot of money after Fergusson resigned all those fogies this summer? How much room do they really have to sign any more marquee guys under the impending Salary cap?

    That said, yes Lindros will sign with the Leafs and get a concussion two games in.

    Paul Kariya

    If Peter Forsberg is gone for good, then I see the Avalanche having the best chance of getting back Kariya. I think they kinda want him if they need him, and he kinda wants to stay. Obviously, if Forsberg does return, Karyia is going to ‘Couver and no place else.

    Glen Murray

    Wings, Avs, Rangers — No the rangers won’t change their ways! But once again, they won’t have enough room under the cap.

    Anson Carter

    One of the guys the Rangers actually should have kept. Simon, Barnaby, and Carter should have stayed. The lot should have been thrown throughout the league to lose in the playoffs. Hopefully the Rangers will see this and get him back. He didn’t do that great in LA, so I don’t see him staying.

    For stuff and giggles, I’ll say… Boston.

    Theo Fleury

    Nothing more to say

    More then….

    Ziggy Palffy – the best UFA right now if he’s healthy.

    To the Avs if Forsberg doesn’t return and they dont fancy Kariya.


    Florida, if he likes that kind of weather.

    I don’t really know though. After the CBA is done, the league is going to be totally different. Alot of vets will be kindof forced into early retirement. Alot of European UFA’s might just leave forever. And these Big Teams that we always expect to sign everyone — Avs, Wings, Leafs, Rangers, Flyers — will just be like every other team.

    Still, talking about signings is more fun than talking about CBA ideas.


  2. Destancio says:

    oh crap, i wasn’t supposed to mention CBA– damn, i did it again. Sorry. HUM LOUDLY AND SCROLL DOWN!!!!!!






    ok, i’m done. later.

  3. hockeyhead says:

    i heard from people in the home business that marty lapointe is selling his house……could he be on his way out of beantown or is he just moving into another house….time will tell.

  4. mikster says:


    Has not been the same after completing his first year as an Islander. His leadership appears to have faded…..just does not have that same impact. Still a valuable centre, could always have an amazing rebound season. But, i say he won’t last much longer as an Islander.


    Cut the untintelligent opinions about his injuries. Is he a loser? Who are you to make the judgement in the first place? Lindros is highly injury prone, so are many other players. Anyone’s career can end with one or ten concussions. Is he the same player he once was? No, of course no. To expect him to be the impact Lindros we remember, it’s just dumb.

    Lindros is still a valuable player, showed tons of work ethic last season. There was a stretch of games where he won games single handedly. He still has it, and a definite risk to take. Well liked by tons of teammates, did a lot of good to the community in New York City. So, i wish him the best of luck, that he stays healthy, and that he gets to help a team win the Stanley Cup, of course…a team like the Leafs or Oilers.


    Definitely a player that belongs in the West, and what better place than the Vancouver Canucks? You never know how Todd Bertuzzi will come back from all the chaos that happened, i think Kariya will give tons of hope to the Nucks fans and much better depth.

    Glen Murray:

    I’ll be surprised if he becomes a Wing. I’m betting that the Wings will pick up either Palffy or Kovalev (most likely). Glen Murray draws tons of interest, of course if there was no lockout. But, i’d say that the Stars, Blues, Hawks, Nucks (if Kariya is a no go), Panthers, and Flyers….all would be the likely runner ups.


    He is not coming back, period.

  5. mikster says:

    ….Carter? The guy went deeply downhill, and you don’t know what you can get out of him. He should go back to the Oilers where he succeeded.

  6. dave1979 says:

    hey leafy….good job posting something different…or should i say saomething the same as what we all used to come here for….was a much needed change of pace….good on ya!

  7. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    K dude. Lindros is the same player. He still averages nearly a point a game, and every ones scoring is down, But doesn’t play alot of games. Hell he could do well in Europe, they don’t hit. He should take a year off.

  8. Flyer_Fan says:

    i really hate you, seriously.

    you are such a FLAMER!!!!!


  9. newyorkmax says:

    no no karyia is only going one place and thats edmonton. they need him he needs them that is his style of hockey. heck in my eyes that is the way hockey should be played i have never heard of someone slidding back words on ice?

  10. trailerparkboys says:

    Its hard to beleive but could the Oilers actuly sign both Kariya and Lindros ? We know they had about 3 to 4 mill set a side for Nedved. I think Kariya would return to the 90 point range in Edmonton (OILERS HOCKEY) nuff said.

    Lindros wants to play in Toronto . Do the leafs need to take a chance on another player who could lose their career reaching into the fridge for a beer ? The Leafs don’t want him. Now this also opens the doors for the oil Who need a big name center. Lindros would be welcomed with open arms in Edmonton and if healthy ???? Could cause alot of problems for defence down low .

    I think that the oil could get both for under 6 mill what do you guys think?

    Bubbles out…..

  11. greatlife15 says:

    welcome to our homely but sometimes curse-filled website!

  12. BADBANNER says:

    Peca: As much as this guys value has fallen as a Islander, he is still a very valuable comodody to a team. If they ever wanted to trade him, i think there would be many teams calling.

    Lindros: 10 concussions = retirement? I mean just leave, you have a multi million dollar bank account as it is………

    Kariya: He is still an awsome player, but looked bad as an Ave because he was playing on the third line. I think Vancouver is the favorite, but who knows, maybe a team like minesota is interested.

    Murray: This guy is probably one of the best all-round power forwards in the game. Hes big, strong and scores over 40 goals each year. I think he will end up in Detroit, but Boston may still want him back.

    Carter: I think he could end up anywhere, just because he is a type of player that ever team wants, plus he would come at a very cheap price.

    Fleury: lol i want to see his chicken impression again. 🙂

    I also think that O’Neill will be traded away soon, hopefully to the leafs. Unlikely, but im allowed to dream 🙂 I so wish i was a Gm……..

  13. dave1979 says:

    please dont refer to Vancouver as: “Couver”……..thats just stoopid……..CANUCKS RULE!

  14. GretzNYR99 says:

    The Rangers are done with their old ways. If anything, they’ll flop for Crosby before they sign Murray. It’s a much smarter move. Nylander was just so that Jamie Lundmark isn’t playing first line center, and Weekes was because Dunham was an embarrassment last season, and they need someone at the NHL level to start some games so that Montoya, Blackie, and Lundqvist can develop.

  15. GretzNYR99 says:

    Kariya will go back home to Vancouver before he’ll go to Edmonton. With Naslund and Bertuzzi, Kariya could center that line, or play the 2nd with the Sedins.

    Scott Niedermayer is also probably going to Vancouver after his deal ends this upcoming season… (whenever that is). Meaning, with a Norris winner going to an already powerful team, I think I’d go there instead of Edmonton, and not to mention that it’s Kariya’s hometown, as stated before.

  16. GretzNYR99 says:

    Well said about Peca, I don’t think he’s even half of the player in his first year with the Isles. He’s lost a few steps.

    Well said about Lindros also, if he can find a medium between protecting himself and playing hard, he could be an effective 2nd line center.

  17. GretzNYR99 says:

    I see O’Neill going also, unless he has a good year. Then he’s obviously staying. Point is, O’Neill’s in the hot seat. He’s gotta perform in the clutch if he wants to stay.

  18. skandelousHABSfan says:

    I heard a rumor that every good hockey player is going to toronto… but then again i come to this site on the regular and have to listen to guys like mcleaf… not every player wants to go to the leafs.. hell not even every canadian player does… you are never gonna win the cup and i that saddens me, because i know that i will have to listen to you leaf fans wine and wine and wine till the cows come home, but i guess thats better then if you do win, cause then itll be boast boast boast… you already have a monopoly over the canadian media, so can you please leave these stupid “everyone is coming to TO” bit at the door when you come to this site… its getting old

  19. Seraph says:

    No, whats getting old is people who come in here and piss on everyone that says anything that has to do with the Leafs. whats your problem? where you scared by a maple leaf as a child? just let it go. its his opinion, you dont have to agree with it, and *****ing about it just makes you look like an asshole. if you dont want to put up with it, don’t read the article, its as simple as that.

  20. leafs29 says:

    typical flyers fan


  21. Flyer_Fan says:

    typical Leaf Loser

    supporting a dweeb

    flame on losers!

    The leafs are the Flyers *****es!!!

  22. DarkPhoenix says:

    Check around sometime. You’ll notice that 95% of the time, it’s the Leaf bashers who start the players going to Toronto rumors…so they can bash Toronto for it.

  23. Scottman75 says:

    Lindros will be in Toronto when the Lockout is Over.

    Nobody else from this list will end up there unless they are willing to Take a Paycut.

    Note to all Leaf Bashers: Toronto seems to be the only team where players are willing to take a Paycut to play there. So wine and bash and complain, but the facts are the facts. (Thats all I have to say about that)

    Peca would do good in Ottawa, they need somebody like that to bring the North American edge.

    Murray will lose $$ Wherever he goes.

    Fleury is Cooked….

    Scottman 75

  24. 89AlexanderMogilny89 says:

    See what low self esteem does to you?.Flyers_ Fan go seek professional help as soon as you can.

  25. 89AlexanderMogilny89 says:

    He’s a Habs fan,please excuse his ignorance.

  26. heartofleafs says:

    Do you just come up with that post yourself?????

    Or just copied that same message that comes up with every post that has anything remotely to do with the leafs (or doesn’t but the Leaf bashers make it a Leaf topic)

    My last point is why the hell is anyone talking about Trade rumors?????????

    I along with others agree that Mcleaf you have to stop doing this, especially when hockey is not even being played. No management in the league is thinking about alterations to their roster so why the hell are you?????? Stop posting stupid shit and giving leaf fans a bad name

  27. Flyer_Fan says:

    I did, and my psychiatrist even thinks McQueef is a dork.

    Get a REAL team to support!

  28. Phillyfanatic says:

    You speak the truth about the crazed leafers

  29. 89AlexanderMogilny89 says:

    lol.. As I said please go get help.Are you drunk,using drugs,didn’t get enough puntang pie or what is your story?.

  30. Flyer_Fan says:

    (breaking down sobbing)

    oh, it’s just that this lockout thing has me all depressed!

    (sobbing bitterly)

    i mean, (tears rolling down my eyes) I – I – I just can’t take it anymore!

    boo hoo hoo hoo

  31. 89AlexanderMogilny89 says: will be ok….step away from the keyboard..slowly.

  32. Flyer_Fan says:


    you promise?

    (wiping my tears away)


  33. 89AlexanderMogilny89 says:

    Now,now don’t be getting all sappy on me…

  34. Flyer_Fan says:

    you know, you just demonstrated what a dork you are…


  35. 89AlexanderMogilny89 says:

    Well I just strung you along there for a while.I figured I would try and dummy down the conversation to a grade 2 level so that you could understand.

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