Trade talk … with Habs and Sabres

According to and to a Quebec city radio station (was at the shopping mall… can’t tell which station was online at this time… sorry) Mike Keenan is looking to get a goaltender real soon.

Keenan is not sure that Alex Auld will push the Panthers in the playoff and want more stability in front of the net.

Keenan is looking to land Biron from the Sabres for Jay Bouwmeester.

Gainey is talking also (has trade rumors said) to ship David Aebisher for Jay Bouwmeester.

With the rumors of Sheldon Souray asking to be trade to see his daughter more … that make this trade a bit possible as Bouwmeester could be a good replacement for Souray.

For the Sabres, the addition of Bouwmeester is a sure shot. They lose Jay McKee on the market and Teppo is not the young man that will play 32 minutes per games… could be a great addition for them.

Additionnal Notes :

Keenan got presently 10 defenseman under contract.

Draft pick may be include in the deal to adjust everything.

Take it or not… this is presently only gossip!