Trade talk … with Habs and Sabres

According to and to a Quebec city radio station (was at the shopping mall… can’t tell which station was online at this time… sorry) Mike Keenan is looking to get a goaltender real soon.

Keenan is not sure that Alex Auld will push the Panthers in the playoff and want more stability in front of the net.

Keenan is looking to land Biron from the Sabres for Jay Bouwmeester.

Gainey is talking also (has trade rumors said) to ship David Aebisher for Jay Bouwmeester.

With the rumors of Sheldon Souray asking to be trade to see his daughter more … that make this trade a bit possible as Bouwmeester could be a good replacement for Souray.

For the Sabres, the addition of Bouwmeester is a sure shot. They lose Jay McKee on the market and Teppo is not the young man that will play 32 minutes per games… could be a great addition for them.

Additionnal Notes :

Keenan got presently 10 defenseman under contract.

Draft pick may be include in the deal to adjust everything.

Take it or not… this is presently only gossip!

28 Responses to Trade talk … with Habs and Sabres

  1. wheresthesoda says:

    BS, keenan cant trade bouwmeester

  2. zdeno_duchesne says:

    bouwmeester for aebischer…

    worst.. trade.. ever…

  3. Cup2Canada says:

    Come on…this is Keenan we are talking about not Mad Mike Milbury. If he were to trade Bouwmeester for either of those goalies he should be fired on the spot. Neither goalie is an upgrade on Alex Auld.

  4. habswinthecup-again says:

    It wouldn’t be straight up- so calm down mister.

  5. habswinthecup-again says:

    Both goalies are a huge upgrade (esp. Biron), but even Keenan will not make that trade even up.

  6. 2buxaslice says:

    Thanks habswinthecup-again. I was gonna say the same thing. Biron is a Huuuuge upgrade compared to Auld. But I hope he goes to Detroit.

  7. ZeroX93 says:

    I definitely don’t wanna deal Jaybo, but he seems to be coming up with a case luongidist. I remember him and his agent make demands before last season. Asking to be paid and made a long term commitent like if he was a proven player already and had reached his maximum potential.

    If that has continued with his agent, these rumors just might come true and force the hand of Keenan again, in which case I was tired of it with luongo (even though I hated to see him go), and I’d be tired of another kid demanding big $ before really proving himself to be making big numbers. It just bad to have that B.S in the locker room no matter how much potential he’s got.

    I’d take Belfour or Hasek before Abeschier…

    Maybe Martin Biron and a pick. But then again we have the gilies lupen factor (aka greedy agent of Roberto) to deal with. Not so sure if that will affect keenan’s decisions. Hes already been a pain in the ass with keenan and louie, and also with Biron and the sabres…

    Regardless, I’d like to give auld a shot and hopefully Jaybo takes some medicine for luongidist and gets over it.

  8. lesglorieux says:

    maybe it’s because i live in alberta and love the bleu blanc rouge, but i really am hoping souray stays. i like the guy. sentimental reasons. he’s still got a few years left and i want him to be wearing my colors while he’s still useful. jay b. would be a nice addition though, so it’s a tough call. i’ve also got faith in huet, and since i’ve never really thought too much of getting aebischer, i wouldn’t mind dumping some dollars to get some more offense, be it on the blue line or somewhere else.

  9. Cup2Canada says:

    I agree…why not give Auld and chance. He did win 30+ games with Vancouver who was terrible defensively last year. Sign Belfour or Hasek and let them backup Auld and then you still have Bouwmeester.

  10. morrissey says:

    Well the Habs want him to stay and he is happy with the team, but he got divorced and his ex-wife has moved out to LA with their daughter. He’s doing the right thing in asking for a trade, and I am sure Gainey will move him. I’ve got 2 kids myself and they come first, always, period.

  11. 100_years_of_glory09 says:

    Enrico Ciconne is luongo’s agent not lupien.

  12. kamullia says:

    No offense, but Keenan keeps fighting with every single one of his up-and-coming players. And it is not just over money with their agents either. Keenan has been reported coming down on players about their play in public view of others, which I think should never be done. Then add to this, Keenan’s long history of favoring veterans (past-their prime for some bizarre reason), and it brings more friction with his younger players.

    I am of the firm belief that Keenan is the true cancer the Panthers have had for many years now. Certainly these, so now common episodes of, “player vs. GM” where rare, if ever existent, when Rick Dudley was the General Manager. So can it really be that every one of those players is in the wrong, when the common factor keeps being Keenan? And the worst part is that Keenan is so close to the owners, that he finessed his way back into the club as GM after being fired months before as Head Coach. Keenan has always, in every team he has been part of, feuded with the younger players. And with a team that their true assets are the young players, it is just unnatural. If he keeps this up, all of his true assets and its team’s future will be eroded in a couple of years. Money is just an excuse for players to find a way out of Keenan’s grip.

    When Keenan, who as every GM, will eventually be fired or not retained at some point, the Panthers will start their real turn-around. If they want a model to do well for the team and have a good relationship with the players, they should look at what Kevin Lowe does. The players in Edmonton will try their best to stay and play their best if for no other reason than the GM.

  13. jarcpitre says:

    Hockeybuzz never seems to get anything right. So far everything that comes from Hockeybuzz has been dead wrong, stick to TSN or something.

  14. burnz30 says:

    These trades are ridiculous. Neither of the goalies mentioned are an upgrade over Auld, and Bouwmeester is worth faaaaaarrrrrr more than either of these guys. If Bouwmeester was in fact being offered for either of these guys the respective GMs would have already jumped all over this.

  15. hab_o_holic says:


    works for me

  16. Preft says:

    Who said that to you?100% the crapiest tv show on earth?

  17. blarneylad says:

    there is also more wanted in return, like in the habs case maybe souray. or a draft pick from either team…and by the way, both goalies are WAY WAY better then Auld, any day of the year

  18. zenator says:

    Jo-Bo has 3 more years before becoming unrestricted and is one of the best, yound D-men in hockey. No way Keenan trades him for Biron or Aebisher.

    Keenan is probably looking for an experienced G-keeper in the UFA market.

    Keenan likes to wheel and deal so I am sure that he is always talking trades, but it more likely results in another, wait untill next year, season. Keenan is under no pressure to win now and can afford to be patient.

    Next year, more than $10mm comes off the books in salary with Neu, Foberts &Bert, and the Panthers will be well positioned to sign offensive talent. I am sure that we long suffering fans will be hearing soon yet again how bright the future is.

    The sad thing is that we had a bright future, then Keenan traded Louie, promised JoVo and other big signings and delivered nada.

  19. les_canadiens says:

    no thats giving up too much.


  20. magnifikko says:

    i would do it

    Sourray+aebisher+1st rond pick, and 3 round pick for next year. for Bouwmeester, remmeber guys this guy is young and hell of a good player.

    I must say that if gainey pulls this one off…he’s a genious.

  21. djstoop_id says:

    Am i the only one thinking that Keenan will surprise us all and take a serious stab at Belfour ?

  22. burnz30 says:

    Biron has never seen a second of playoff action in 280 games over 6 full seasons in Buffalo. That lets you something!!! Biron isn’t more than an average goalie. His career GAA is 2.49, which is average and he’s only 10 games over .500. Even last year, when the Sabres had such a great year his GAA was 2.88. Hardly spectacular. Since the Panthers already have Auld they aren’t in any hurry for another starter. Especially if it means taking someone off their roster to do it. There is still Legacy out there. I wouldn’t trade Bouwmeester in any trade for those two goalies. Florida is a much better team with Auld starting and Bouwmeester on the blueline, then Biron starting and no Bouwmeester. If I had to choose, it would be close between Aebischer and Auld. Biron is a distant third. Abby and Biron are both making about 2mil and they could probably get Legacy for that, and not have to give up anything. Either way, Bouwmeester isn’t likely moving; not for a goalie, and certainly not for the two mentioned. They’ve already got a mediocre goalie.

  23. HMorenz says:

    Where did you get that? Enrico Ciconne is not Luongo’s Agent. Can I have some of what you’re smoking?

  24. thatleafsguy says:

    Keenan will not deal Bouwmeester for an average goalie (Biron, Aebischer) or an over rated defenseman, not alone, nor in a package deal.

    PS Florida is nowhere near the west coast.

  25. thatleafsguy says:

    ….or Montreal for that matter.

  26. ZeroX93 says:

    There is a lot of truth to what your saying, but so far its only been jaybo and luongo. Louie took it over the top, and Jaybo I don’t exactly recall the details of what happen last off season, but I do remember finding it kinda of ridiculous on his behalf. But then again I’m sure there are other unseen keenan factors. Stephen Wiess was also in keenan’s dog house often while he coached, although apparently they resolved their differences because now keenan speaks with plenty of confidence publicly of Wiess…

    I’m not the biggest Keenan fan either(even though to his credit, he knows how to deal with the older more mature players, look at what he did for Jokinen), and I enjoy’d Dudley when he was in charge. But I don’t think Dudley was the answer, nor do I think Keenan is. I’m still supporting the team though. My hope comes from (as far as management) Jacque Martins.

    The bottom line though, the Cats are a stronger team since being under keenan’s control. Dudley’s cats weren’t close to what I think the panther’s will do now. Dudley favored too many finess players in my opinion which I didn’t like (ex. Huselius Hagman Shvidki Kraijcek).

  27. SensDude says:

    Enrico Ciccone is only an associate of Lupien, they work together for Luongo.

  28. kamullia says:

    Good that you realize that Keenan is not the answer.

    I just think they were stronger due to the young kids slowly coming into their own. Luongo, Bowmeester, and soon Horton, let alone others. In fact, just about all the players that make the most difference for the panthers, were all brought in/drafted with Dudley, like Jokinen and others I think will become effective soon, like Kolnik and Krajicek.

    Keenan’s signings and trades like Roberts, Nieuwendyk, et al, proved futile. I feel the only real need out of all those was Stumpel, because he is a good face off man and you can never get enough of those. All the others were well past their prime and prone to injury, regardless of how big a heart they have. I have to admit thought that I was in shock that Joe lasted that many games (he rocks on faceoffs too). I was thinking 40 games at most with all his back problems.

    In short, my feeling is that the Dudley era is just starting to take effect now, and Keenan is taking credit for that part while still not able to maximize it. The Panthers were an up and coming franchise and now slowly Keenan is transforming them into a veteran squad and that won’t get them anywhere. And losing Luongo is a terrible thing. I think the Panthers will be taken a good step back this year. Maybe even be back in the top 5 in the draft.

    And by the way, finesse is what the last year was about. All the rough and tumble teams were eliminated. Most in the first round. Even thought I did not like any of the 4 you mentioned either. Speed and finesse is the name of the game now so maybe the Panthers would have done better by staying that way.

    Martin is a good coach, but I have never been convinced he has the answers to take a team the entire way. Regardless, that was a good signing by Keenan. But they need to stay younger (at least younger veterans that will last more than two seasons), and keep the core and grow from within. Very much like the Penguins and St. Louis need to do. Nashville and Columbus are on their way too, patiently and slowly. It’s just a proven formula.

    I just don’t know how you guys will get rid of Keenan, sooner than later. He is not what you guys need, but for what I understand he is untouchable in the eyes of the owners. You just better hope he has a lot shorter tenure than Milbury did.

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