Trade tonight???

I was surfing on individual hockey team’s official websites and stumbled upon something interesting at It reported yesterday the club had called up goaltender Vitaly Kolesnik in time for tonight’s game against the Boston Bruins.

Now, I realize is not the most reliable source, but it reported it’s unusual for the Avs (or any team) to carry three healthy goalies, as neither David Aebischer or Peter Budaj are injured. That’s leading to speculation GM Pierre Lacroix is preparing to make a trade.

Spector had this to say about it: ”So, something could be going on here. This move would suggest Lacroix is intending to move a goalie, and there have been numerous rumours that Aebischer could be on his way out. Perhaps Kolesnik has been recalled in case another goalie about to join the Avalanche (maybe Roberto Luongo???) is unable to do so tonight.

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  1. afanofthelakings says:

    you might be almost right, every one(even me as a joke) prepare for a huge trade…

    i’m sure that trade will be a small one like:

    P.Budaj and D.Hinote for K.Weekes


    D.Aebeischer for MA.Fleury


    P.Budaj and P.Turgeon for M.Biron and J.Hecht

  2. Jeffrey198 says:

    Are you serious !!!!!??????

    After all that has happened between these 2 teams you really think Bertuzzi would play in Colorado

    Get Real !!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Scruffy05 says:

    My mistake, the board said he was scheduled to start against Minnesota, I didn’t check to see if that was tonight or tomoorw. That Makes Thibault a possibilty as Pitts could use a player like Boughner or Sauer, but don’t really need another prospect goalie in Budaj…

  4. lukeleim says:

    Tellqvist, Tucker, 2nd round draft pick for Tanguay and Budaj

  5. Scruffy05 says:

    Did you just give yourself your own fake cred?

    Ladies and Gentlemen, we have found Vanilla Ice…

  6. lukeleim says:

    Ninja Ninja rap

  7. zyphrit says:

    Forget about M-A Fleury, he’s the goaltender franchise in Pittsburg

  8. jacksheit says:


  9. Habfanforever says:

    A likely possibility also is Olaf Kolzig. I Think that Aebischer along with Wolski would get Kolzig out of Washington with another player or good pick.

  10. almelo95 says:

    Not a prayer that the Sabres will deal to get Turgeon back along with another goalie prospect. Plus they already have Noranen to back up Miller when he comes back.

    Biron may be the one to get moved, and there were a number of rumors having him heading to Edmonton before Miller got hurt. But it won’t be for that package of players. I can’t see Hecht getting dealt either. He’s a solid two way player with a reasonable contract.

  11. paul_dc10 says:

    are u freaking kidding bertuzzi to colorado ur a joke buddy

  12. Shevy says:

    Denver Post cleared it up, theyre just keeping 3 goalies for now, Kolesnik started, Aebischer backed up and Budaj on the trade likely

  13. Metal_Mike says:

    anyone ever think of st. louis? Laime has been pulled many times, i think aebbie could definetly go there

  14. flyersfan10897 says:

    I wouldnt have any objection to trading one of our goalies and either richards or carter to the panthers for luongo, except for the fact he only has a one year deal. if it was guaranteed he would extend his contract, then id do it no question, but not for a one year guy.

  15. habsoverserver says:

    Why would they keep three goalies?

  16. suppaman says:

    uh because it was to send a message to the team

    and luongo’s poor outing tonight sums up his play this year and why he isn’t going to garner much in a trade

    and seriously is stupidity a disease around here, the trade ideas thrown out in this thread are the most laughable things ive seen

    the latest aebi and wolski for kolzig and some okay prospect? kolzig is near the end of his run, has a big contract, and likely wants to finish in washington……wolski is playing unbelievable and is worth a lot…seriously just unbelievable the things ive seen people say in this thread

  17. tml87 says:

    colorado is trying to do one of 2 things:

    1. shake up their goalies and send them a msg, although it would be a pretty stupid way to do it

    OR, my choice:

    2. they need to find out how ready Vitaly Kolesnik is and im guessing they have a deal in the works that would send one of their goalies packing and there would be period of time before acquiring another one or perhaps even entrusting kolesnik as the backup. or perhaps they are trading for a goalie but the goalie they are trading for currently is injured and therefore may not play for a bit (esche?)

  18. NemiNA says:

    fun to dream. most don’t do it out loud though. fun fun fun.

  19. NemiNA says:

    Scruff, you analyze like a champ.

  20. NemiNA says:

    i felt compelled to try that in nhl 06. they didn’t take. So i can OFFICIALY say: NOT EVEN IN A VIDEO GAME.

  21. sketchy says:

    apparently the Oilers feel that Conklin and Morrison ore the two goalies they want to keep, but Markannen is too good to trade in division, especially when Luongo and Lalime might be available, or even a Thibault or a Khabibulin.

    At least that’s what I heard…

  22. 19AVSFANFoLIFE19 says:

    1 word. HA

  23. Shevy says:

    umm kolesniks first game, they want to see which of either Budaj or Kolesnik is more ready for the NHL. They just signed Kolesnik this past offseason from Kazakstan and havent seen him much, hes been playing well in Lowell of the AHL and seems like a better candidate than Budaj at this point. Its a trial callup because they can send either him or Budaj down to the AHL without going through waivers right now, one or the others headed to the AHL..not likely a trade upcoming

  24. wingerxxx says:

    lol nice try.

  25. BigCanuck says:

    Totally agree. There is no way Bert could handle the pressure ALL over again. Plus half of Colorado Would still want to lynch him. Terrible post.

  26. Scruffy05 says:

    Why, thank you!

    It’s good to be back. Work had sent me to the states for a bit and my internet connection was shoddy but now I have returned to analyze the crap out of everything!

  27. Mullet says:

    That Toronto Boston rumour has been reported at least 3 notable sources. CBS has reported it, Eklund has reported it, the other however has not been revealed. However, the deals are different from what the CBS said, the other two reported it would be Ken Klee, Nik Antropov and Justin Pogge for Glen Murray and either Nick Boynton or Hal Gill. However, other rumours have said the Leafs may need to switch Pogge with Colaiacovo if they want Gill or Boynton. However, I beleive this deal will happen very soon and the Leafs will be minus Klee, Antropov and Colaiacovo but plus Glen Murray and plus I would believe probably Hal Gill as he makes less than Boynton.

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