Tradedude's Interesting Facts 11/22

Week 2: Period by Period Scoring Stats

Part II of my collective series of interesting facts will include each team’s 1st, 2nd, and 3rd period goal totals as of Nov. 13. It will also include who I think is on hot so far this previous week. Not physically of ofcourse. lol.


1) dallas———18—23—-15—-19——-58

2) st.louis——–14—12—-19—-24——-57

2) tampa bay—-16—16—-16—24——–57

4) boston——–15—14—-24—-17——-55

5) minnesota—-17—19—-12—-18——-52

6) columbus—–15—15—-17—-17——-49

6) toronto——–16—16—-16—-16——49

8) detroit———15—16—-16—15——-48

9) los angeles—-16—12—-12—21——-46

9) NY rangers—-18—10—-26—–8——-46

9) philadelphia—15—12—-19—-14——46

9) pittsburgh—–14—19—-13—-14——46

9) vancouver—-16—-14—-20—-12——46

14) colorado—–16—-11—-14—-20——45

15) san jose—–16—-11—-15—-18——44

16) atlanta——-15—12—–11—-17——41

16) edmonton—16—-11—-11—-19——41

16) montreal—–15—13—-15—-13——41

19) anaheim—–16—-11—-12—-14—–39

19) calgary——16—-10—-16—-13——39

21) long island—16—14—-13—-11——39

21) florida——–17—10—–16—-9——-38

23) phoenix——17—-11—-16—-10—–38

23) carolina——16—-8—–15—-14——37

25) chicago——15—–9—–18—-8——37

26) washington—16—-7—–19—-8——36

27) ottawa——–13—-7—–13—-14—–34

28) buffalo——–15—-10—-13—10—–33

28) new jersey—13—-10—-9—–12—–33

30) nashville——15—-13—-10—-9——32

That’s right! New York Rangers have 26 2nd period goals and just 8 3rd period goals, and yes! new jersey’s goal scoring is among the worst in the league.


nominee #1 – Marty Brodeur: Carrying the team, despite their low-scoring defensive style of play.

nominee #2 – Chris Gratton: Finally something sabres fans can get excited about, leading the team in scoring, and ain’t slowing down.

nominee #3 – Olaf Kolzig: Literally carrying the team after their slow team and Kolzig’s injury, his recovery was great, his $6,000,000 is paying off. Now all the caps need are more victories.

winner: Brodeur – Playing every game for the devs and still managing a top 3 GAA. Without him, things would be headed to a non-playoff team.

30 Responses to Tradedude's Interesting Facts 11/22

  1. mikster says:

    Devils was not such a surprise. I was hoping Friesen would actually have a break out season. But, Langenbrunner was on a hot streak, yet got injured. However, Langenbrunner is a streaky scorer. Devils will score just enough goals to win, that’s all that matters to them, though the defense could help more offensively.

    Brodeur is a winner, the guy has played so many games, played a big one against the Rangers and he just showed he was tired. He made some great saves, especially one on Bure and Smuelsson, but he needs a rest. Bolts will probbaly play Hodson, so it won’t be such a hard game at all for Schwab.

    What is more surprising to me than the Devils offense is the offense from Washington. Twenty-sixth!!??? Jagr, Lang, Bondra, Gonchar, Zubrus (bust…what a bust…awesome steal from the Canadiens) and other line mates. What are these guys doing? Unexcusable numbers from the Caps.

  2. MantaRay says:

    Tradedude, what happened???

    If this post were made a month ago then yes, Marty Brodeur would be considered “hot”.

    But the fact of the matter is he is being over played and fatigue is starting to set in.

    He played the worst game of the season last night.

    In his past 3 games he has let up an uncharactoristic 10 goals and has a save % of .879.

    While Brodeur has played great to this point, the Devils defense is the best in the NHL, our coaching has won us games and everyone is pitching in when it counts. That is the sign of a great TEAM.

    Friesen has played great so far this year; he has made an impact in almost every game. The points haven’t been there but he has played a very sound defensive game and has been a fantastic addition to an already strong line-up. He is working hard and the points will start coming in bunches like Langenbrunner.

    #2 Gratton has done nothing over the past few weeks. Several other players have performed much better: Bertuzzi, Fedorov and Thornton to name three of the top of my head.

  3. mikster says:

    Brodeur’s worst game was against the Oilers. Though the defense was not good either, Brodeur didn’t make any spectacular saves.

    Friesen has been good, not great…that’s a bit exaggerating, but if he could shoot the puck more (only 38 shots in 17 games) he would definitely get the goals.

    Aside from that goal last night, i didn’t hear his name much….but then again…it was just back and forth and not even the goalie had to make any big time saves, though Brodeur robbed Bure in the 1st…and i hardly think other goalies would have saved that one.

    I still cannot believe it was not a sell out game though. Seriously, there has to be a reason why fans are not coming. I guess they really need that new stadium.

  4. titans says:

    I thought this was Tradedude’s “INTERESTING” facts. Did I miss the “interesting” part?

  5. Sundinfan says:

    I read in the paper and heard on the radio that Gratton is playing with a broken foot. He’s having a career year as of today WITH A BROKEN FOOT?????? I guess it takes an injury to inspire him.

  6. saksfan says:

    This is extremely out-dated.

  7. adambuffalo says:

    its not the broken foot. he becomes an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season.

  8. Leaf_Expert says:

    well we all knew you had no life…..

  9. Rushing says:

    Top 3 GAA? Huh?

    As of Nov. 22 Brodeur is #7 in the NHL. His GAA is 2.05 which is behind (in this order) Turco, Thibault, Grahame, Fernandez, Weekes, and Cechmanek. His SA% is #17 in the NHL. I don’t see that as too great.

  10. titans says:

    What the hell does that mean? “well we all knew you had no life”??? What? That was so lame! Is that the best you can do? That didn’t have anything to do with anything I said. You suck! Listen junior if you can’t come with more than that than don’t come at all.

  11. Tradedude says:

    Ok. lets all pick on the younger ones, cuzz thats the MaTuRe thing to do. 😉

  12. Tradedude says:

    sorry for not being SPECIFIC. but he played every game. and if you can’t see how thats good for being in the top 10. then im sorry kid. u have problems.

  13. Tradedude says:

    im sorry is 5 dayz too long for you. ive had enough of ur fantasy world s***. u can go get a life and mind your own business. not everything’s going to go YOUR way all the time buddy. sorry but u just cant live ur life (if any) like that. i got this information from my local newspaper from the hockey news and its sometimes 4 – 5 dayz late so i can’t help it. sorry for wasting my whole friday night.

    I CAN’T STAND PPL WHO JUDGE EVERY ACT SOMEONE DOES. plz. dont reply to this. im sure its just some crap like. UR STUPID or something. yah. thats the mature thing to do.

  14. MantaRay says:

    Oh my god, you are actually right for once. Edmonton was Marty’s worst game. But the Ranger game was another horrible game. The defense was average only giving up 26 shots, but Marty let in some weak goals.

    If you have watched the Devils you would know Friesen has played great. There IS more to the game than scoring.

    How can you NOT believe it wasn’t a sellout?

    Do you go out or read the paper?

    We have been mired in a recession for the past 2 years. People are getting laid off, there are no jobs and corporate seats are not being sold as well as in the past. If you have gone to any Ranger games you would see it there as well. Regardless of how they report attendance.

    Boston is in first place and only had 10,000 the other night. It has nothing to a new stadium.

  15. mikster says:

    Yeah, that Nedved goal was very weak. I mean, it’s Ned’s wrister, but what was it…from the blueline? Marty should have had that.

    I understand that he’s been playing a very well all round game (Friesen). And hey, he has 10 points in 17 games or so, not bad at all, with a +4, i think.

    However, if he were to play great, that would mean more results (in numbers). He’s almost on the level of playing great, but not there.

    As for the seats, i noticed the Rangers also don’t have full seats but they do sell lots of tickets.

    I understand unemployment is higher, but how about the other sports? I don’t watch basketball, how are the Nets selling their tickets?

    Boston should be a bigger topic than the Devils. I mean, they were number one last season, they are hot this season, they have many fan favorites, they are an Original 6 team, what the heck!? I remember one game i was watching only had 9,000 or so attendance.

    This ain’t good for the NHL…..same for the teams.

    And hey, i’ve been right many times!!! Remember at times (last time not too long ago) we agreed and had a good discussions. Last time titans almost died.

    Best of all was when July 1st was coming and the Rangers needed a coach as well. I remember you said it was all a sham because Herb Brooks said it, and you were stubborn saying that Slats would coach himself. We battled a lot for that, but i ended up right! Slats said he was not going to coach, twice he said that. AND, then Holik. The French Devils fan said he’d go to the Capitals or Devs, you said he was re-signing or go to a competitive team, and basically a lot of people said he was not going to the Rangers, mostly just me! I was right, and it was no lucky guess either. Those were fun days of battling though. Oh well, we’ll battle soon again anyway.



  16. mikster says:

    Titans, i hope you get married soon….maybe that will change your attitude, maturity? Maybe that would give you a pure kind and gentle heart and you treat everyone as your bothers, and sing songs of joy.

    Naaaaaaaaaa…..NEVER GONNA HAPPEN!!!

  17. mikster says:

    Hey, you submitted a post asking about Fleury. We can’t post those since it’s not an article or trade rumor.

    It’s ok though,

    Best info i can give you about Fleury is that he appears to be doing fine, and is getting closer to finally play. By start or somewhat after mid-season Fleury should start playing.

    Good to have a Sabres fan aboard.

  18. MantaRay says:

    Three goals on Thursday Marty normally would have stopped. Three weak goals which means he is tired.

    In Hockey is a multidimensional game, playing great has very little to do with scoring points.

    Alex Kovalev has 25 points, but he is -9 and his team is losing.

    Friesen is playing great. He has provided offensive chances for the team and kept the puck out of our defensive zone. If he puts points up, thats a bonus. He has done everything to help the Devils win. Winning is the bottomline.

    Rangers do sell alot of tickets, they have about 80+ years of a developed fan base in the world’s biggest market. But they are not doing as well as in years past because of the poor economy.

    The Nets went to the NBA finals, the Yankee/Nets and the NBA have spent millions of $$ to market the Nets, the price for Nets games are much, much cheaper and they still draw less in attendance than the Devils.

    Selective memory Micki, I said:

    “IF Slats doesn’t hire a lackey coach (which he did) THEN he would coach himself.” The interviewing process was a sham with Hitchcock & Brooks. They are too strong willed too work for Slats.

    Holik: I admit I was totally wrong with unibrow and misread his character.

  19. Rushing says:

    Sorry Jr., but if you don’t see how “starting” for a team in the NHL for the first time in your career (Turco) and having a 1.72 GAA through 22 games, (played 16) isn’t better…….that’s your fault.

    Brodeur has played 17 and Turco has played 16. WOW, what a difference. Turco’s GAA is 1.72(1st) while Brodeur’s is 2.05(7th). Turco’s SA% is .932(tied for 3rd) while Brodeur’s is .913(tied for 16th). Turco has 3 shutouts(tied for 1st) while Brodeur has 1(tied with about 15 other people).

    I sure would say that Turco looks a lot better from that point of view. I see it as you having you the problem here.

  20. Rushing says:

    That’s funny. The Dallas/Fort Worth area was one of the worst places hit in the country with layoffs and loss of jobs yet we are having no prob with selling tickets. Not even with our Cowboys right now.

    NY’s population would have no prob what so ever selling tickets being it’s size far exceeds almost any other city. I think it’s far more than the job problems.

  21. leafsrule31 says:

    see.. these meaningless little fights on the internet with someone you will never know are very important to him… the only source of entertainment in his pathetic wasted life. the dumbshit comments here and there are just bait for someone to come along and argue with him.. its really a big deal. so make sure your able to keep in his excelled league of making fun of people on the internet. its really one of the major elements of life.. an element in which one must excell in order to be considered a man in life.. hes a loser.. can i stop now?

  22. MantaRay says:

    NY has the highest unemployment in the country and 9/11 didn’t help either.

  23. MantaRay says:

    Aside from the fact there is nothing to do in Texas.

  24. Rushing says:

    Nothing to do? Dallas Cowboys, Dallas Mavericks(Undefeated mind you) Dallas Stars(most points in the NHL), Houston Rockets, Houston Texans, Houston Astros, San Antonio Spurs, Soccer teams, etc…………

    Asrto World, Six Flags, Sea World, Kennedy Museum, etc……….I guess it’s too hard for you to do any research?

  25. Rushing says:

    Now each has played 17 games.

    Turco has no “improved” to GAA of 1.68(1st) of starting goalies while your Brodeur is still sitting there in 7th at a GAA of 2.05. Turco is now right behind Fernandez of Minn. who has a SA% of .936 since Turco has SA% of .935. Your Brodeur is down there with a .913. To have played the same amount of games Turco has faced about 10% more shots. Turco has faced 445 while Brodeur 401. Turco has allowed 29 goals while Brodeur has allowd 35 goals.

  26. MantaRay says:

    We have all that and more. Including the Jersey Shore, the Hamptons, tons more museums, Broadway theatres, and 100’s more ways to spend entertainment dollars.

    Didn’t the Mavericks move?

  27. Tradedude says:

    How did Turco get into this conversation. anyway. i may not be mr. hockey fanatic and i know everyones stats at the top of my head. ya whatever, ill get the post more up to date next week. nothing to argue about.

  28. titans says:

    Leafsrule you wanna have my baby don’t you.

  29. YingYan says:

    Don’t underestimate a team or you’ll get beaten, not team really sux this season. As for the WHINERS/LOSERS who back Cherry’s anti-crackdown well… good for you if you actually enjoy 2-1 games, i don’t.

  30. YingYan says:

    Not physically of ofcourse. lol.


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