Trottier Suspended?

The NHL has suspended Rangers Forward Krzysztof Oliwa for 5 games and Ranger head coach Bryan Trottier for 2 games after a later fight occurred in the Ranger’s loss to the Blue Jackets.

Oliwa’s suspension is for cross-checking Grant Marshal in the face with only a few seconds remaining in the game. Oliwa’s action was a dirty one and quite appalling and it earned him the five game suspension. That I can understand.

However I find it difficult to agree with the suspension of the coach, Trottier for the fights which occured at the end of the game. Trottier’s suspension is for sending out “goons” at the end of an already lost game.

While I see the NHL’s point in wanting to punish coaches and teams who are involved in late fights in unwinnable games. It is my opinion that these players were sent out, not to start fights, but because sending out players from other lines would be a waste of their time and the rangers would rather not risk a freak injury to one of their other players. But that’s just my biased opinion.

The NHL has shown precedence for this type of action last December they suspended Flames coach Greg Gilbert for a similar occurance. Gilbert felt the other coach should have been suspended as well for the situation but that his own suspension was deserved.

So while I disagree with the suspension of coaches for such moves, it is comforting to note that the nhl is consistent with it.

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  1. mikster says:

    It’s Sissy hockey now. Welcome to the SHL (Sissy Hockey League).

    This is part of hockey, hockey was like this for a long period of time. Sure, sending out 3 goons on a 5 on 3 is awkward, but come on….just a dumb rule against coaches.

    I loved every second of it though, and i would have done the same too. OLD TIME HOCKEY!!!!

  2. SabresFanB says:

    It is my opinion that these players were sent out, not to start fights, but because sending out players from other lines would be a waste of their time and the rangers would rather not risk a freak injury to one of their other players.

    What the…are you insane. Of course the reason they were sent out there was to cause trouble. And I doubt that any “other player” would have been injured after a faceoff with 2.8 seconds left. Most of the time when there is a faceoff outside of the zone with 2.8 seconds left and a team down by 3, we see the faceoff won by one of the teams and then they usually just skate around until the horn blows.

    I like fighting in hockey because it gives the game more excitement, but I dont like to see some guy hit someone else with the butt end of his stick right off the faceoff, especially by the guy taking the faceoff.

  3. MantaRay says:

    Trottier suspended, but no one will notice on the Ranger bench since he is not a factor.

    Old time hockey means putting up a fight DURING the game, not while you tail is between your knees after being humiliated.

  4. -Swizz- says:

    they might actually do better without

  5. -Swizz- says:

    yes, at times it is okay to send out your goons in the final minutes…

    for example if the opposing team injured someone on your team, or if there were a lotta dirty plays through out the game….or if you want to send a message for next game (in the playoffs)…whatever, as long as their is a good reason to send them out…

    but to just throw out your goons for no reason other than the fact that you lost, shows that you’re just sore losers…

    (not you, i mean the rangers)

    i didnt watch the game, so i dont know if there was any bad blood before the fights broke out…

    dont get me wrong, i love to watch the fights, but i think teams should just go out and throw your goons out there b/c u “if u cant win the game, at least beat the other team up”

    as for oliwa..he deserved every bit of that suspension…he’s a sissy for butt-ending a guy…

  6. amok says:

    It was cheapshot on the Rangers’ side, and both Oliwa and Trottier got what they deserved. Maybe it’ll be good for the Rangers and they’ll rally together in Trottier’s abscence.

    You’ve gotta be kidding me with that freak injury part. I don’t even know what to say to that one…

    Does Oliwa even take faceoffs? According to the stats on that was the only one he took all game. It’s not hard to conclude what he was out there to do, and since the players don’t just mutually agree who goes out on the ice it’s also clear what Trottier had in mind.

    Giving him a short suspension is probably the only way to try to stop coaches from turning the game into a goon show. Miniscule fines alone are not going to bring about any change.

    I have a question for any New Yorkers out there.. is the No Ho area of town a decent place to stay? I’m going to New York for a week in December (hope to take in the game against the Sharks.. ticketbastard says there are tickets left still) and am curious what that area’s like, since that’s where I’ll be staying. Thanks!

  7. big_booty says:

    I have to admit that I am suprised.

    Not hearing all the vitriolic comments directed at Colin Campbell because he harbors some deep-seeded resentment against the New York Rangers due to his firing is refreshing.

    Then again, it could be just a matter of time.

    Maybe I’m opening up a can of worms here, but it seems to be what I’m good at.

  8. titans says:

    Oh come on he sent out Barnaby, Mcarthy and Oliwa on one shift! What the hell did he think was gonna happen? They were all gonna gather around pick flowers andrecite poetry?? No!! they were sent out there to throw down!!

  9. Overtime says:

    The coach can send who ever the hell he wants out on the ice whenever he wants. If the NHL is going to punish the coach for playing a so-called goon, then just outlaw the goon to begin with. You can’t have it both ways. The NHL can’t say that physical players are legitimate players in the league, then suspend the coach because he played them in the last minute of a game. That’s pure bullshit!!!

    I didn’t see the game. This wasn’t one of those games where the refs lost control of what was happening on the ice, now was it? Naw, that would never happen.

  10. mikster says:

    B’Jacks didn’t play so niceley. As Oliwa said, they had to send a message that there is no messing with his teammates, and i forget who, but the B’Jacks did make a nasty play…i think on Blackburn.

    That guy Shelley started lots of havoc…

    …so in the end, Colin Campbell had to suspend Trottier, even if he has no proof and is still sad about being a loser Rangers coach. Sure, Rangers got in the playoffs with him, or i should say Messier did, as he totally excluded Campbell.

  11. mikster says:

    “he is not a factor”

    Glad you shared your opinion….but it’s just your opinion.

    The fight was during the game, and B’Jacks had that Shelley guy making cheap shot plays all game long.

    It’s hockey….when you’re on the ice, it’s hockey…doesn’t matter what the time on the clock is…it’s hockey. This would have been a great move in the 70’s, 80’s…

    Now it’s sissy hockey where the refs call more penalties on players battling for pucks than the players trying to get to the puck.

  12. mikster says:

    Hey, i think a coach should get suspended if he pulls the goalie with 3 minutes left on a 5 on 3, down by 2 goals. It isn’t fair! It will be a 6 on 3!!!!

    Pfff….sissy hockey…it’s supposed to be a physical game and it is turning into a ***** sport. I might as well order some 70’s tapes where hockey was being played with hysical power and with skills. NOW THAT’S HOCKEY!!!!

  13. amok says:

    The NHL isn’t suspending Trottier for playing the goons. You don’t see Pat Quinn or Bobby Clarke suspended for playing Domi or Brashear do you?

    There’s a huge difference between playing goons and sending goons out to goon the other team in the last three seconds of a game that’s well out of reach. It turns the NHL into the WWF. Fighting works best when it can inspire a team, not when it’s used as a cheap revenge tactic.

    And there’s no way anyone can rationally argue that those specific players were sent out for any other reason than to goon the BlueJackets. Since the Rangers had first change it’s not like they were responding to Columbus putting out goons. Do the Rangers always use McCarthy, Barnaby, and Oliwa to kill penalties?

    That said, the Blue Jackets aren’t saints; they do lead the league in fighting majors, and although I didn’t see any of the game except for the end, it was said on TSN that the Rangers were upset with Columbus players running the Rangers goalie. But that doesn’t excuse what happened at the end of the game. Five games is fair enough for Oliwa’s cheapshot butt end, and anything more than two games would have been excessive for Trottier’s role in it.

  14. -Swizz- says:

    like i said, i didnt catch the game…

    if shelley (who is known to cause some trouble) did mess with someone (especially the goalie), then yes. i agree that trottier should have sent out his goons to send a message…..

  15. -Swizz- says:

    by the way, the rangers did win tonight

    was trottier behind the bench?

  16. -Swizz- says:

    and maybe i’ll order some tapes from the 60’s……

    so i can finally watch the leafs win the cup..

  17. ew77 says:

    The Rangers have been known as a notoriously Soft team for about the last 6yrs. They have constantly been pushed around by the bigger and better Flyers and Devils among others. They now have some size and grit and some decent agitiators and fighters. Sandy Mcarthy can play on my team anyday. Although I think Barnaby is a smurf and not a legitimate heavy weight, I can’t down play his contributions this year. I’ve even seen Bure and Nedved finishing their checks. I’m most impressed with Ronald Petrovicky. This guy is a skilled player who bangs, checks and scores. I’m glad the Rangers got bigger and stronger since Slats took over. They will be much improved starting this season. Once they work out the kinks, they will be OK. Please though, can we get a good left winger in here?

  18. rojoke says:

    If Shelley runs your goalie, then you send McCarthy/Oliwa/Purinton out to deal with it RIGHT AWAY, i.e. as soon as Shelley is on the ice again. You don’t send out ALL OF THEM to kick the crap out of three guys who had nothing to do with it.

    After seeing the replay, McCarthy looked like he kneed someone in the ribs while the refs were breaking up his fight. He should of gotten more than a fine for that.

    Finally, Trottier knew exactly what he was doing. Neil Smith, former Ranger GM no less, said on TSN that during the post-game press conference, a reporter asked Trottier why he sent two goons out for the final face-off. Trottier reportedly replied that he actually sent THREE goons out for the draw. A bush-league coaching move by a Hall-of-Fame player in my opinion.

  19. JC21 says:

    Trottier wasn’t suspended for sending out goons, he was suspended for telling the goons to purposely injure (by cross-checking) the other players.

    Don’t worry, the next time a team is losing against the Rangers (with only a few seconds to go), their coach will send out a couple of goons to injure your best players. This is especially possible if the other team is a Western team, because they could hurt the Rangers and not be forced to face them for the rest of the season. Since the other team is going to lose anyways, they might as well injure your team, and not give you a chance to retaliate. You Ranger fans seem to be willing to tolerate this move, so you should have no problem with other teams doing the same to you.

  20. NYRrule says:

    If you like art galleries, trendy resteraunts, and expensive clothing stores then SoHo is the place for you.

  21. Overtime says:

    Columbus did have last change. Did they have their star player out on the ice?

    McCarthy and Barnaby actually do have some scoring ability. McCarthy was 11-10-21 and 10-13-21 the last 2 years. Barnaby was 8-13-21 last year. Not great numbers, but for 3rd and 4th line players it’s actually pretty good. Oliwa is the only one of the 3 with no scoring ability at all.

    Gordie Howe was one of the toughest fighters of all time. I guess if Howe played today, his coach couldn’t send him out on the ice with 3 seconds left. He’s too tough.

    When you run the goalie, you have to pay the price. Why is everyone so terrified of getting a black ice or a broken nose? It’s no big deal. Trottier did the right thing. Let the players settle it.

  22. MantaRay says:

    Of course not. He is not a factor.

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