TSN: Theodore still unsigned/ Plus more on the Hackett rumor

(Aug 9) tsn.ca – The agent for goaltender Jose Theodore and Montreal Canadiens general manager Andre Savard met briefly on Thursday but the two sides are still no closer to a deal.
Don Meehan tells the Montreal Gazette he had a “cup of coffee” with Savard to discuss a new contract for Theodore, who is an unsigned restricted free agent.

In depth talks between the two sides are not likely to begin until after the NHL arbitrtion period ends August 17.

Meanwhile, Savard downplayed reports that the Canadiens were working on a deal which would see goaltender Jeff Hackett, defenceman Craig Rivet and forward Joe Juneau go to the Boston Bruins in exchange for forward Brian Rolston and an unnamed player.

Savard told the newspaper that while the deal sounded plausible, it likely won’t happen given that he has not talked recently with Bruins GM Mike O’Connell.

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  1. Leaf_Expert says:

    They can’t afford to lose a solid leader in Rivet who also happens to be one of Saku Koivu’s best friends!

  2. nixter says:

    Is O’Connel really that stupid???

    I think it is all bullchit.

  3. tyler111529 says:

    Well my friend, I am just a messenger. I copied and pasted from TSN.ca.

    Read it for yourself if you’d like!

  4. tyler111529 says:

    I have heard that the other “unnamed” player in the deal would be Nick Boynton. hehe j/k

    No seriously though, I heard that the deal would look like this

    To Boston: Hackett, Rivet, Juneau

    To Montreal: Rolston, McInnis(If McInnis is the unnamed player than it would likely cost Montreal a 4th round pick)

    However, I honestly DO NOT see this deal happening! It doesn’t seem very realistic and I am sure many can agree. Just look at this…

    Hackett: 15GP, 3.18 GAA, .904 SP

    Juneau: 70GP, 8G, 36Pts, -3

    Rivet: 82GP, 8G, 25Pts, +1

    Rolston: 82GP, 31G, 62Pts, +11

    McInnis: 79GP, 11G, 28Pts, -15

    Don’t look like a fair trade to me!

  5. chewy says:

    Just a thought, since Theodore and the Habs arn’t finding middle ground, and the Sharks and Nabakov are not finding middle ground, Why not deal them for each other, something like this

    To San Jose

    Jose Theodore

    Patrice Brisbois

    To Montreal

    Egany Nabakov

    Patrick Marleau

    Montreal would clear up some room on Defence for either Hainsey and Komesarek and add a top two line forward. Egeny Nabakov is also a very young solid goalie.

    SanJose would be adding a young talented goalie and add depth to their Defence corp.

  6. tyler111529 says:

    I forgot to mention one thing. Is it just me or is Savard taking the Montreal “American” approach? Komisarek and Higgins are both U.S college players. These were their last two top picks. Now Giving up 3 Canadians for an American? I think Savard is onto something! But it’s not good.

    Lets see if we can pry Modano, Guerin, and Young from Dallas now for Koivu, Audette and Zednik. Gimme a break!

  7. sabotage says:


    DOES anyone else notice how many articles start with “tsn.ca is reporting…”…I counted 4 this afternoon on the mainpage!!

    It seems members are typing 2 sentences and quoting everything from tsn just to get an article posted…

    Listen guys, it’s not a big deal getting your article on HTR…Why don’t you sit with your news, and write at least half an opinion on it before you thunderously refresh tsn’s webpage hoping to be the first to get a submission into HTR..Hell, why don’t we just post a massive link on the mainpage that says “SEE TSN.CA”…

    And to the admins, why don’t you not post these ridiculous 2 sentence articles.. Set a precedence of quality.

    –Stupid trade if you ask me. Hackett is a solid goaltender and Joe Juneau is invaluable on the PK. Rolston is good on the PK but not worth all 3 of those guys. UNLESS that unnamed 2nd player is either Zamuner or McLaren I don’t see this deal happening…

    As for Theodore, he’ll get signed before training camp. Savard isn’t going to let him sit. On a sidenote, the Canadiens have another goalie in Oliver Michaud who looked amazing in the 20 minutes he played…He’s come a long way, and is still only 19 years old…As good as Garon is, Michaud might be ready within a year to assume the backup role. Remember Theodore wasn’t anything amazing in his first 3 years either…Keep your eye on this guy..

  8. Habfan1234 says:

    Briesbois has a no trade clause and I doubt he will wave it any time soon and Montreal will not let another Franophone leave. He is th poster boy for Canadiens hockey.

  9. Leaf_Expert says:

    U’ve got issues! and the reason they repeat what the original site says is to make sure it gets on the site so they can get opinions!!! THATS WHAT THIS WHOLE SITE IS BASICALLY ABOUT!

  10. LEON says:

    In response to the Rolston for Hackett, Rivet, and Juneau. This deal is a horrilble idea. Brian Rolston is a core player for the Bruins. He’s excellent defensively can put up good numbers and is one of those players that every team should covet. There is not one core player in the rumour coming from the Habs. Juneau is an old washed up bum who isn’t worth the paper to wipe one with. They don’t need Hackett, he would only create a log jam for that position. Besides, what the hell has he ever done anyway, as far as I’m concerned he’s no better then Shields or Graham. Rivet is an average D’man at best, something the Bruins have lot’s of. Rolston is beyond a quality player especially to the Bruins, he’s been excellent ever since he came from the Av’s and he seems to becoming more impressive every year. To trade Rolston for the 3 aforementioned would be just stupid. If this deal does happen, even though it won’t, not only would I question O’ Connell’s philosophy, but his sanity.

  11. rumormillman says:

    I’m glad to see someone agrees with me here. Stop the nonsense. When you write an article, state an honest opinion. Don’t be ripping off other sites. Everyone else has already seen them!!! If they are as interested as I am, it is not new news. Let’s discuss something that isn’t so repetitive!! Nice work Sabotage!!!!

  12. Kariya-09 says:

    I agree with LEON this trade would definately be the dumbest trade ever. Rolston is only gonna get better every ear, amazing speed, good offensively and good deffensively and great on the PK. On the other hand, WHY Hackett, why did we sign shields in the first place, and Juneau as far as im concirned he had his best days when he was with Boston the first time around,only Rivet is worth something, but they should focuse to sign Berard then trade Mclaren for alittle more depth upfront since they lost Guerin.

  13. Lint07 says:

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE…. Stop doing hard drugs. It’s for your personnal health I say that.

    Seriously, just think about it: Nabokov was playing with one of the TOP-5 teams in the entire league while Theodore was with a struggling team at best with one of the worst defensive play of the league. (we’re talking about 40 shots per game here)

    If they are both about equal (talent speaking) how come Theodore has way better stats then Nabokov???

    He did not won tha Hart AND the Vezina for his cuite-boy face.

    I’d take Theodore over Nabokov any day of the week, the month and the year.

  14. Lint07 says:

    I have sent this exact same news to HTR but with ONLY a link to the story at the top. The rest was some opinions and facts. I wonser why this one has been posted. Quickness? Gimme a break. Any retard could do these cut/paste things.

    I think they should set a quality standard like you said.

  15. Nevermind says:

    Just to let you know, Brisebois has a “no trade clause” in his contract. He won’t be going anywhere…

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