TSN's Mid-Season Top 30 Draft Prospects for 2009

TSN, probably the best hockey news outlet in all of Canada, has come up with their top 30 draft prospects for the upcoming 2009 NHL entry draft in Montreal, Quebec. Hockey analyst Bob McKenzie gives hockey fans a deep, and great analysis of all prospects in this years draft. According to TSN, this is their top 30 for 09.

1. John Tavares
2. Victor Hedman
3. Matt Duchene
4. Evander Kane
5. Brayden Schenn
6. Jared Cowen
7. Magnus Svennson-Paajarvi
8. Nazem Kadri
9. Scott Glennie
10. Oliver Ekman-Larsson
11. Dmitry Kulikov
12. Jordan Schroeder
13. Ryan Ellis
14. Simon Despres
15. John Moore
16. Zack Kassian
17. Peter Holland
18. Jacob Josefson
19. Carter Ashton
20. Chris Kreider
21. Calvin De Haan
22. Louis Leblanc(A)
Stefan Elliot(B)
23. Landon Ferraro
24. Jeremy Morin
25. Drew Shore
26. Marcus Johansson
27. Kyle Palmieri
28. David Runblad
29. Jordan Caron
30. Dylan Olsen

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11 Responses to TSN's Mid-Season Top 30 Draft Prospects for 2009

  1. muckies says:

    I'd say if your team is in the top 7, you're going to get an amazing top player who can go 20 minutes a night and be solid everywhere. After that I think there is a drop off, but still good players.
    The way the NHL is now, I'd say even if JT is better than Hedman, Hedman is more valuable simply because he is skill on coolness with the puck make him that D-man every elite team seems to have. You cannot contend without an elite D-man unless you are Carolina in 2006. 
    So many great players in this years draft, Ottawa is lucky to have 2 #1 draft choices, and with Kuba and Neil about to get traded, they should get some more decent draft picks to bump up the propsects.

  2. jeff_friesen_wpg_jet says:

    My top fifteen(if draft were today)
    1. New York Islanders- John Tavares
    2. Atlanta Thrashers-Victor Hedman
    3. Ottawa Senators- Evander Kane
    4. Tampa Bay Lightning- Magnus Svenson Paajarvi
    5. Toronto Maple Leafs- Brayden Schenn
    6. Colorado Avalanche- Matt Duchene
    7.St. Louis Blues- Scott Glennie
    8. Pheonix Coyotes- Jared Cowan
    9. Nashville Predators- Jordan Schroeder
    10. Los Angeles Kings- Dmitry Kulikov
    11. Edmonton Oilers- Nazem Kadri
    12. Pittsburgh Penguins- Ryan Ellis(sick powerplay)
    13. Carolina Hurricanes- Simon Depres
    14. Columbus Blue Jackets- Peter Holland
    15. Minnesota Wild- Zach Kassian

  3. ranger_fan says:

    I have a trade to announce. The New York Rangers have traded center Artem Anisimov, winger Dane Byers, a 1st round pick (~20th), and a 2010 or 2011 1st round draft choice at Atlanta's option. If Atlanta wants another top 4 defenseman I'll throw in Rozsival or Redden. Both will have high cap hits, but their actual salaries are lower due to front loaded contracts.

    This gives Waddell more draft choices to blow, a true center for Kovalchuck, and if he and Anisimov have chemistry – Ilya may opt to resign which is a gamble I think Waddle would take. They also get a power forward winger which they need. Byers would probably initially be a 3rd of 4th line grinder who should see PP time in front of the net.

  4. ranger_fan says:

    This of course going to Atlanta for Mr Hedman.

  5. Plekanec says:

     The hope the Habs wil draft Centers and/or RWers this year, we have plenty defensemen and LWers and we will have to wait and see what  Price and Halak can do first before drafting anymore goalies.

     I also think that the Habs Don't have the slightest chance of winning the cup so why not trade some pending UFAs to teams that despretly need to make the playoffs this year?

     The Habs will probably make the playoffs or fight for 7th or 8th spot in the east and finish anywhere between 14th and 18th overall.

     Then we could try trading Kovalev, Tangay, O'Byrne, Bouillon, Begin, Dandenault and either Higgins or Plekanec to teams who are fighting for a playoffs spot, at least try getting a couple of 1st rounders and/or prospect(s) for the players mentionned above.

     It is a deep draft for big centers and RWers this year, exactly what the Habs need so it wouldn't be great for the Habs to host the NHL entry Draft and have 3st rounders but Bob will probably be a buyer instead of a seller this year even though the Canadiens haven't had a chance.

     But lets just say the habs would have 3 first  rounder, they would have the choice of many talented Centers and RWers.

    Centers the Habs could be drafting-Louis Leblanc, Drew Shore, Chris Kreider, Jacob Josefson.

     RWers the Habs could be Drafting- Zach Kassian,Peter Holland.

     I'm pretty sure the Habs won't be drafting Russian this year as they learn a valuable lesson with Valentenko, Emelin, Korneev and Perezhogin who are all top players for the KHL and will probably never come or comeback to the NHL!



  6. LeafsNation91 says:

    And how are you getting 3 first?

  7. Plekanec says:

     That's Gainey's job but how about Kovalev,Chipchura and Higgins to Columbus for Backman and a 1st.

     Then Tangay , Maxwell, 2nd rounder and Bouillon to Florida for Boynton and a 1st.

     or Halak, Kovalev and Chipchura and a 2nd to Colorado for Salei, Raycroft and a 1st.

     or Kovalev, 2nd rounder,Higgins, Maxwell to Van for Bieska and 1st.

     or Halak ,D'agostini,Chipchura and a 2nd to Ottawa for Gerber and a 1st

  8. LeafsNation91 says:

    I wouldn't trade Halak right now because he is the starter for the Habs. He played amazing in Colorado, I was watching from TSN, and the only reason why they won is because of him.

    The Kovalev trades are good, I think the Vancouver one is the best because it fills the whol defenceman theory Habs fans seem to have. Ottawa is not trading their first rounder because well, its going to be top 5 likely. The Columbus trade does nothing for the Habs. And Colorado's first is high to.

    The problem with Kovalev is he's really lazy. Personally, I think Carbo should take a page out of Wilson's book and bench the guy. It has really improved Stajan, Blake, Grabo, etc. Just maybe a wake up call for Kovalev.

  9. NHLSlayer says:



    WHAT?  You're retarded…

  10. Plekanec says:

     I just wish they could trade a few of their UFAs for any sort of draft picks preferably 1st(s) but it most likely not going to happen as Gainey as a reputation to keep players for the full lenght of their contract and usually loses his players( Souray, Streit) to the UFAs market for nothing!

     I'm 1 those Habs fan that doesn't believe the Habs have any sort of chance of winnig the cup this year so whay not get something out of our pending UFAs instead of losing them for nothing? I bet you feel the same way with the Leafs!

     Kovalev, Tangay, Begin, Dandenault, Bouillon,Kostopoulos and Brisebois won't be back next season and I know that besides Kovy and Tangay most of them have next to zero value but if we paired them with younger and better players it could be done. ex; Begin alone wouldn't attrack anybody but Begin Halak and Higgins combine could lure some pretty good prospect(s) or draft pick(s).

     As for Halak, maybe he's better than Price who knows but we should keep both of them and since Price was drafted 5th overall Halak looks like the odd man out.Even though I believe that the Habs weren't playing better before Price came back, Halak was just playing very well during Price's injury and now the Habs Fans are starting to realized how good it was to take our time with Halak's development.What If Halak end-up having a better career than Price.

     Kind of the same thing the Leafs had to do with Raskk and Pogge, those are very hard decisions to make.

  11. wayne98-mapleleafs says:

    I hope the leafs end up with duchene, kane  or pajarrvi, nothing against schenn, just think those guys are more talented and have more potential. burke better not pass up someone with more talent just so he can do the brother thing all over again

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