Turris trying to force a trade?

As mentioned on Hotstove, Don Maloney re-iterated that he will not trade Kyle Turris, saying that if Turris wants to play anywhere in the NHL this year, it will be in Phoenix. After talking to a few people, here’s the picture that emerges: Turris wants to be traded. “The feeling is he will sign a reasonable contract with a new team,” says another GM. That eliminates an offer sheet (should we actually see one), because Maloney would match. If Turris doesn’t sign by Dec. 1, he can’t play this year.


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  1. mojo19 says:

    I wonder if this will drag right out to December 1st?

    Anyway's I think Maloney should trade him, but he doesn't want to get ripped off since he's not dealing from a position of strength. Maybe he'll just hold out until December and force the kid to miss the season as a power move? What's the protocol then? Could Turris become a UFA? Anyone know?

  2. dumbassdoorman says:

    He only becomes a UFA, if Phx releases him i believe. They hold his rights and he just sits and costs himself money and maybe his career?

  3. albertateams says:

    I would love for the flames to try and make a move to acquire him. If put in the right situation I really think Turris could break out. I'm not sure what it would take to get him. Anything out side of Iginla, Giordano, Backlund, Reinhart and Baertschi and the Flames should be taking a long look.

    These teams do have a history of being trade partners. A couple of deals to think about:
    Pho: Bourque
    Cal: Turris, 2nd round pick
    Bourque would have to waive his modified NTC. As much as I like Bourque getting Turris and a pick would be worth it.
    Pho: Kipper, Byron
    Cal: Turris, Smith, 1st
    Kipper is 34 but could still provide 2-4 years of solid goaltending. His NTC expires in the summer so I think he would consider waiving. His salary really dives the next two years so for a cap floor team like Phoenix it could be a fit. I like Byron but not as much as Backlund, Horak, and Reinhart so I'm not sure where he fits in long term. Smith would be a stop gap for the season as I really think Irving could be ready next year, looks great in Abbotsford so far.
    Phoenix's 1st is going to be high top 10 almost for sure so they might not bite on including it but a solid prospect like Gormley would work as well.
  4. Steven_Leafs says:

    problem is at the value Turris is at now, Phoenix will not move him. They would not send their 3rd overall pick (Turris) along with a possible top 10 pick for a veteran goalie like Kipper. For anyone to get Turris they would have to pay his expected value.



    Pho: Bourque, 2nd round pick(2012)
    Cal: Turris


    Pho: Kipper, Byron, 1st round pick(2012)
    Cal: Turris, Smith


    Pho: Irving, Byron, 3rd round pick(2012)
    Cal: Turris, Smith

    Obviously this is a lot for Calgary to pay, but it is the only way they get him.

  5. albertateams says:

    Absolutely not. You are way over valuing Turris. He really hasn't done anything special in the NHL. Look at a guy like Filatov high pick loads of potential 3rd rounder. Turris sitting out has hurt his value a lot.

    None of your proposals are any where close to fair for Calgary. Turris likely will develop into a second line center.
    Kipper, Byron and a 1st for Turris and Smith (no value)???? This is really one of the most lopsided trades I have ever seen posted on here. There is no way right now Turris is even worth Calgary's 1st (8-15) right now.
  6. Steven_Leafs says:

    which is my point, Phoenix wont move Turris for the same crap Columbus got for Filatov. better to force Turris to play, if he improves his game, they get a quality return for him, if he doesn't they can get similar deals you wrote no problem.

    Phoenix is in no hurry to move him unless someone takes a gamble and overpays.

  7. albertateams says:
    Please explain how Bourque or Kipper is crap.

    If Turris sits out a full year his value won't be much more than Filatov. He has indicated he is not going to play in Phoenix. If you think teams are lining up to hand over fist round picks for him your crazy. Let alone those absolutely insane Kipper and Bourque trades you proposed.  

    Teams aren't going to line up to trade quality picks and prospects to try and obtain a disgruntled forward asking for a large amount of money that has proved nothing in the NHL.
  8. Steven_Leafs says:

    lol, fine, maybe crap was the wrong word to use, but I'll say it again. No chance Phoenix gives up potential 1st/2nd line center with quality picks for a 36 year old goalie. The only way Phoenix moves Turris is if they dominate the trade.

    I didn't say Calgary should do it, all I said that it was the only way they would peel Turris off Phoenix.

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