Turris v Malone: can there be a winner?

We all know the story by now (and I’m sure some of us are getting sick of hearing it): Turris wants out of the desert, and has refused to sign and requested a trade. Malone refuses to trade or give Turris the reported 3 or so million he wants (more likely, just a ridiculous figure proposed to ensure they wouldn’t sign him). So, who is in the wrong and who will come out on top?

As a group II RFA, Kyle Turris must be signed by an NHL club by December 1st, or will not be allowed to play the 2011-2012 season or playoffs. His strategy isn’t a new one, but one that is not seen often. Players that make the NHL (especially lottery picks) don’t often leave the team that drafted them until later in their career. Some are traded, or don’t get resigned, but most decent players stay with a club until they hit unrestricted free agency. By holding out on signing, Turris is essentially trying to subvert a system put in place to ensure a competitive league and keep much of the power over what players stay and go in the hands of GMs.

As a GM in a franchise dying for fans and attention, Malone can’t afford to see a potential rising star leave town (even if he is largely unproven). He has until December 1st to sign his man, otherwise Turris’ season would be lost, along with development time and perhaps even value. Malone has, on separate occasions, explicitly told the media he will not trade Turris.

In a nutshell, a player doesn’t want to sign; an organization doesn’t want to let him go. Whose fault is all of this? Well, firstly, I’d place some blame on the player, Kyle Turris. Like it or not, there are rules and procedures for playing in the NHL. If you want the competition, stardom, and money that come with the job, you have to play by the rules (well, off the ice, at least). It may not be an ideal situation, but players don’t make the rules.

The Coyotes organization is also partly to blame. Not that what Turris did was acceptable, but when it was made clear that the players would not resign, a trade should have happened. By quietly shipping Turris out in the preseason, Malone would have gotten a good return, possibly some respect from players around the league, and would have swept this whole mess under the rug. A major part of being a GM is quality asset management, and Malone may just end up ruining one of his best.

Fact is, Turris is hurting his own development, has alienated the players, the fan, and the organization. His value is dropping, and will plummet dramatically on December 1st if he remains unsigned. Turris may not be in the right, but the right thing to do would be to trade him. He appears to have no future with his present organization.

Thoughts? Will he sign before the deadline or not? What should he get paid? Think he is traded in the end (perhaps after this season)?

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  1. JoelLeafs says:

    It's spelled "Maloney", you fool!

    Also, Connelly is out ~10 days. Nice.

  2. dumbassdoorman says:

    I love maloney's stance on this, I hope the little spoiled puke sits the year. He doesn't deserve what he was offered let alone asking for. players need to remember that it is a privilege not a right to wear an NHL uniform.

  3. dumbassdoorman says:

    It'd ok, I am sure nobody will notice….lol

  4. reinjosh says:

    I spotted it right away haha

  5. reinjosh says:

    I agree about the privilege but I think Maloney's an idiot for holding out. If he gets full trade value for a high potential center, he should trade. His stance that "he's playing in Phoenix or nowhere" is moronic. 

  6. zeddyp101 says:

    ….is that a trade rumor? no….does it have anything to do with the yotes? no…..oh wait its a leaf fan…cant go 5 seconds without telling the world something about their team

  7. dumbassdoorman says:

    wow dude or dudette? chill out, lol, it was a link after a typo notification….lol

  8. reinjosh says:

    Maloney is being a dolt. So is Turris for that matter. 

    I don't know what's happening behind the doors though. Maybe Turris went about things the right way and asked for a trade and Maloney wouldn't grant it. Maybe Turris did everything right and the salary demand and holdout was his last resort way to get a trade. Maybe Maloney is being an ass just to make an example of Turris to his other prospects.Than again maybe Turris did nothing right and went about it all wrong and Maloney is just doing what he should. 
    Personally I think they both made mistakes and now both are playing chicken with each other hoping the other blinks first.
    If Maloney can get value for Turris, he should trade the kid. Don't hold a F*cking vendetta against him because he wanted to play with a coach that would develop him properly and give him actual playing time to do it. 
  9. dumbassdoorman says:

    Well, I am gonna side with Maloney on this one. He is a repsected hockey man who has traded other players who weren't working well with the team for players that would, Wolski comes to mind. If he was a rookie GM or known idiot I may feel otherwise. But reality tells me there are 3 sides to this story…..lol

  10. mapleleafsfan says:

    Considering he's the one who wrote the article I'd just take you're whining elsewhere. Or you know, cheer for a team that has fans. 

  11. dumbassdoorman says:

    Hey you leave Phx and it's seven fans alone….lol…things are hard enough for them as it is!!!!

  12. alpalstewart says:

    it was the 1st thing i noticed too, lol

    the problem with trading tuirris is that they will get nothing in return for him, well not what MOLONEY has him valued at.
    right now i can see the leafs offering kadri for him, straight across deal.
    and if i was the yotes i'd take that deal.
    evander kane for turris and a 7th rounder might get a deal done.
    with Guys on the block that are equal or better than turris i cant see anything happening anytime soon.
  13. mapleleafsfan says:

    You're undervaluing kane big time. If you think we could get turris for kadri (Not arguing) and it would only take an additional 7th rounder to get kane… that means we could get kane for kadri and a 7th. If that was possible kane would be in a different uniform right now. That kids an absolute beast and probably as close to untouchable as it gets for a young guy. 

  14. dumbassdoorman says:

    Ok, I wouldn't trade Kadri for Turris, without giving him the proper chance, complete sideways move…..and Kane for Turris and a 7th….ummm….don't take this the wrong way, but put the crack pipe down son!!!! lol

  15. MystifoLeafs says:

    Honestly I am on the fence. I mean I am not going to call Turris a spoiled kid without knowing how he approached the problem. I mean he could of asked for a trade before hand and got no where and now its not hes demanding a high pay because he thinks he worth it but because Phoenix can't pay him it and he figured he would be traded. Honestly at this point I would still consider doing a Bozack for Turris swap assuming we could talk terms and money before hand. 

  16. reinjosh says:

    This is my problem. I'm not sure what's happening behind the scenes so I can't really conclude much. 

  17. MystifoLeafs says:

    Yeah I mean I hate to pin a guy as a jerk without knowing much about the guy. I mean he could be just a kid who is tired of not reaching his potential and wants a change of scenery. I mean the RFA rule does aid the teams who can't afford to keep their star players but you flip it around and it can force a young talented player to be stuck with a team hes not happy with. 

  18. dumbassdoorman says:

    Ok, but if that is the case why not go to the team, sign the contract and work your tail off making a trade easier for them?

  19. zeddyp101 says:

    not a yotes fan just cant stand the fact that with every post theres something about the leafs


    (comments section)

    omg did you hear brian burke likes pickles on his sandwich!?!?!?!?

  20. MystifoLeafs says:

    Well if I already asked for a trade off a team that has benched me in the past because they play a style that does not fit my role then why resign with them? If I am not happy with the team direction and coaches system I really don't think signing another contract with them is a great idea I rather get a ticket out of there. That's one Hypothesis I have listened to at least not saying I agree with it but I mean it does queue up with some of what's happened to Turris in Phoenix. 

  21. LeafsNation4Ever says:

    Two wrong's don't make a right.

    Off topic, did anyone know Ryan Kesler was a Bruin's fan when he was six? Oh the irony.
  22. alpalstewart says:

    i havent smoked crack in at least 3hrs,lol jk.

    yea ok i get what your saying about kane, but turris and kadri are same level type players, kane has actually proven to be a gamer as the other 2 havent yet.
    and i do know kane is untouchable as they come, i was just using him as an example.
  23. JoelLeafs says:

    I smell a conspiracy theory!…


  24. mapleleafsfan says:


    I love it

    probably the best show ever made, awesome find.
    But to answer you Wallace was banned again.. him and leafy got a little heated.
  25. reinjosh says:

    ZOMG someone making a completely baseless comment that means nothing to us! ahhhhhhh

    Post stuff about your own team if you don't want to always see us post about the Leafs. If your not going to post about it, don't complain. 
  26. leafmeister says:

    No new account? Thats a shame. I liked that guys addition to the discussion generally.

    And yeah, The Wire is the best.

  27. reinjosh says:

    Yeah. Hypothetically let's say Turris has already done all he should. He dealt with Phoenix screwing with his development, by keeping him in the NHL in his first year (when he clearly shouldn't have been) and then dealt with being sent down to the AHL in his second year. And then even though I didn't get ice time in my third year, I dealt with it at all and did my best, putting up 25 points with only 4th line time. 

    So I dealt with it and decided that this team wasn't committed to developing me properly. The coach obviously wasn't on teh same page as the GM. Where the GM might see me as a top line center one day, the coach see's me as a player who isn't good enough to get time on his team. He won't give me more time to develop because he needs to win to keep his job. So I decided to quietly ask for a trade from Maloney. 
    Maloney didn't grant it, because he was sick of losing prospect. So I took a different route, rather than publicly asking for a trade and hurting both me and the team. I asked for more money. I asked for it because I'm in a city that doesn't support hockey and with a coach that won't develop me. If I can't get development in my career (which will lead to continued earnings) I'm forced to ask for more now to potentially protect against loss of wage later (since I may not be in the NHL if I'm not properly developed now).
    Maloney decides to stab me in the back by making me out to be a petulant child. So this leads to a public trade request and a really bad hold out. 
    Completely bull shit story that really could have happened. I know if I was Turris and my coach didn't like me, and the city couldn't support us properly, I would want out. 
    Then again maybe Turris just went about this the wrong way. He just decided to ask for a ton of money without talking with management, figuring he would get out or get paid. And then when Maloney started getting tough, Turris decided to ask for a trade and holdout. That led to what were seeing now.
    Really so much could be going on. Turris could be a spoiled child or maybe Maloney could be the devil. We just don't know. 
  28. reinjosh says:

    I think he was talking about the Turris-Kadri swap. I wouldn't do that either. 

    He alluded to Kane being much more valuable than Turris. 
  29. reinjosh says:

    St Louis – How can a team with so much potential in their young players be continually bottom 15. They just can't seem to take the next step. Armstrong has to stop firing coaches and trade his riches at forward for a top line dman. 

    Columbus – I just have this feeling they are thinking that they aren't this bad and when Carter comes back they will be better. But they are bad. This team needs to make a major, major move. For one, Mason needs to be demoted or something. This guy is one of the worst goalies in the league right now and his confidence is just absolutely shot. Give him to Phoenix. They will make him a half decent starter. They need to grab a big time defender too. I'm deadly serious when I say trading Nash is the thing to get this time on the right track. He hasn't taking the step to elite on this team and I'm not sure he ever will. The return could be very large for him, you get cap space, and you get a new direction for the team. Grab Yakupov and center everything around him. Blow it up Columbus. Trading Nash might be a mistake but its one you need to make. It ends a terrible, terrible era in Columbus. 
    NYI – They have some nice potential. I think Snow needs to make a big move for a defender. No more of this pick hoarding he's done. You've drafted lots of potential, its time to move forward with a big statement move. Grab a big time defender. Someone like Bouwmeester. 
    Winnipeg – Pavelec is a monster. He is the future goalie for this team. Kane looks to be breaking out to become at least a 25 goal scorer (he's on pace for 31 right now) and take the next step as a power forward. Burmistrov is doing really well, albeit it very quietly. Byfuglien is heating up after a slow start. They could be a good team next year if they make some smart moves. Not sure what that would be but they have a lot of potential on their roster.
  30. alpalstewart says:

    i'm not a leafs fan i'm an oilers fan, and you'll notice my comments usually veer into the oilers direction. lol

    the leafs fans on here do talk alot bout the leafs, but when we talk about our teams they have opinions about them too.
    i dont know if yoyr canadian or not Zeddy but as a canadian living in any province the leafs will get the most attention. i'm actually surprised theyre isnt more about the Habs on here. lol
  31. dumbassdoorman says:

    The crackpipe comment was about Kane for sure. i am glad you realized it was a joke, as some do not have senses of haha's on here. I however wouldn't do the kadri swap either, as I would prefer to give the same type of player that is our own draft pick a chance. The both have a high skill set, it is just going to be a matter of who wants to succeed more, IMO.

  32. mapleleafsfan says:

    You don't think pietrangelo is that top line dman for St Louis? I think he's an absolute beast with serious potential. But I agree, for a team that has had good young players for a while now they need to move forward somehow. And I guess the D can't rely on Pietrangelo so a more experienced guy would be good. 

    If Colombus blows it up they could get a serious rebuild going. Even if it's just nash and brassard they could stock with some nice picks and prospects (mainly from nash obviously).. But if they completely did it and traded carter too (not sure they would), they could be well on their way. Finishing last, getting nail and having a fair few other first rounders as well. Could be an exciting colombus team in a few years with Nail, Johansen and whoever else they draft. 
    They need to get rid of mason for sure, and I agree with Phoenix. If they can make Smith a starter they can bring mason back around. 
    It worries me to think how badly Colombus would do without nash though.. They are already embarassing enough. If nothing changes this franchise is in serious trouble. Who would ever go to watch a team get blown out every night.
  33. alpalstewart says:

    Hemsky is in the lineup tonight vs the Habs, and heres where things start going worse for Gagner, he'll be moved to the 3rd line centering MPS and ryan jones. Mps has yet to skate on a line with either of these 2 so we'll see if the 3rd line can produce, it does have 3 different elements on it, playmaker(Gags),TWF(jones) and speed and size(MPS).

  34. alpalstewart says:

    i said 3 elements and gave 4 lol. jones has size too

  35. alpalstewart says:

    if Kramer were still around he'd get right to the point on your conspiracy theory, perhaps the russian mob bullied the canucks into taking a dive in game 7, lmfao

  36. JoelLeafs says:

    If anything, Columbus should wait until the trade deadline to blow things up. No sense in doing it right now, since they are on their way to Yakupov without blowing it up.

    Since we're all Leafies here, how much more would Burke be willing to pay for Nash 2/3rds of the way through the season when if he's looking to the playoffs? Nash isn't the oft injured type, so I say wait it out.

    If I'm a Columbus fan, I'm not down with them blowing it up. They have some talent up front.

    Mason needs to be dealt with carefully, however, as he could burn them by going to another team (seems unlikely at this point, but stranger things do happen).

  37. FlamingHomer says:

    You aren't wrong with your observation but if the Leaf fans ever left this site it would cease to exist within a week. Be happy they are keeping it going and just try to look past the inevitable hijackings

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