Update. Malkin's parents now fleeing Russia!

I thought since we haven’t had any Malkin news in a while and since this story brings more evidence to light about the shady ongoings in Russia, that I may as well post it, in hopes to silence some critics who thought we were exagerating about (some aspects of) Russia’s corruptness. One of the speculations was that there was immense pressure being put on his family, that forced him to sign the 3am contract reworking.From http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/06246/718724-61.stm

No legal action has been taken against Penguins prospect Evgeni Malkin for leaving his Russian Super League team, but his parents apparently have run into enough trouble that they plan to move from their hometown…

“You can’t imagine how Evgeni wanted to play in the NHL,” Natalia Malkin was quoted as saying. “And we dreamed with him. Finally, he had found his way. And we will be by his side as his parents everywhere.

“But, unfortunately, there are people who are trying to thrust their opinion. They will not leave us alone.

“When Evgeni was still missing, they stayed in our house day and night. They thought we would help them to find him. But we didn’t know where he was, either. We understand he just could not call. He calmed us down as soon as he was able to do so.”

The report out of Russia added that fans bitter over Malkin leaving his hometown team could seek revenge, perhaps on his new prison-themed restaurant in Magnitogorsk.

“I will not be surprised if fans burn to the ground his restaurant, VIP Zone,” one fan was quoted…

Good stuff. It’ll be interesting to see how Malkin deals with all of this.