Okay, I was going to submit the next article in the CBA series, but I gotta say this –

Hey, Vancouver – “Buck up, ya Mary! Grow a spine and a sack!”

Detroit had a better case for boo-hooing when Foote smashed Stevie Y in the mouth, and it’s really sad when Wings fans have more class than you do….

For those of you living “in our own private Idaho”, I’m referring to the hoopla surrounding Steve Moore’s (legal) hit on Marcus Naslund. Crawford has always been prone to hyperbole, but that’s understandable when you sound like an amphetamine-fueled cross between Julia Child and Mickey Mouse.

But a “bounty”? Please. Tim McCracken doesn’t even play in this conference….

You want to see “dirty play”? Let’s roll the lowlights (sorry, “highlights”) of Jerkoff Ruutu slashing merrily away at Peter Forsberg’s face as he’s laying prone on the ice; or trapping his arm against the bench (drawing an inexplicable penalty); or, better yet, let’s watch some nimrod jump up and land on the back of the goalie’s leg, skate blade first. Who does this yo-yo think he is, the reincarnation of Esa Tikkanen?

Believe me, the first week of March is now marked in red on every Avalanche fan’s calendar.

And if Naslund misses much time, we apologize in advance for proving our point that you have a “one-line” team…..

I leave you with the words of Peter Worrell, who is no doubt looking forward to the next meeting:

“He had his head down, looking for the puck. He got hit. This is hockey. There’s hitting in hockey”.


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  1. distance7 says:

    “He had his head down, looking for the puck. He got hit. This is hockey. There’s hitting in hockey”.

    That really says it all, but I think I won’t be the only one that says I hate Ruutu. He made an attempt to bug Jim Mckenzie, then Mckenzie punched him once in the face and he goes down on the ice and covers his head? Tough guy…tough guy…

  2. TheTruth says:

    Canucks can ice a team that wil be much more intimidating than colorado. Worrel is like the BFG in Rold Dahls childrens books. I admit Ruutu purposly wacked Forsberg in the face, the no-call proves my point that the refs realised they fucked up.

  3. TheTruth says:

    Oh by the way, if your going to trash Ruutu as a pest you might as well be singing his praises. That is what he does, and very well. The nucks have 2 of the best pests in the league. Also defending forsberg is a joke, there is a prima -donna if there ever was one. The guy never comes near to playing an entire season. He dives 2-3 times a game and would have won two or three Oscars with some of his performances. He spent the entire game against the Nucks wailing about being checked by Ruutu all night. He could have been called a number of times for his antics on Ruutu but got awy with it. So stop crying about Peter not being able to do as he pleases because he has a checker on him. If he’d shut up and play under those circumstances maybe he’d be able to break his record of 30 goals in a season.

    You say we should grow a sack and then complain about someone assigned to check Forsberg?????? because he pestered him all night??????? I’ve never seen Naslund cry and complain and act like a fuckin 5 year old when people are draped all over him. He’s response is always ” Thats Hockey ” when asked about being checked. I’m not so sure an open ice elbow ” is hockey” . So if you are going to cry because “Peter the hollywood great” is being pestered by Ruutu, then shut up about an elbow to a star player.

  4. gman says:

    I am not going to say the hit was legal as I have seen the replay many times and I think that Moore meant to give him a cheap shot to the head. But thats hockey and alot of other teams have to deal with it, it would be scary to see what would happen if it was a Leaf player that had been hit. The hit just emphasizes the lack of respect the majority of players have for each other in the league these days. I think they should take away visors and all the new protective gear and replace them with the old “popsicle stick” pads that shanahan still wears. See how much respect they have then when everyone is barely protected.


  5. defenestrate says:

    I wasn’t aware that elbows grew out of people’s shoulders – anatomy must be different up there.

    Oohh…..looks like I touched a nerve….

  6. Wills says:

    When I watched the Colorado and Detroit game, I saw Draper get high sticked and bleeding, and then Yzerman gets high sticked and is cut while losing 5 teeth. Then when Detroit wins on the powerplay I see the Avs fan throwing shit on the ice. What a bunch of babies they are. I mean do they expect that their team should not recieve penalities for high sticking? Pretty dumb fans if you ask me. What Moore did look like a head hunters hit to me, but I think it was more the fact that Naslund was reaching for the puck and his head was low. It was a boarderline check, but I wouldn’t say it was totally dirty. I would be worried if I was the Avs, the last time there was a bounty on their team (Lemieux), they get their butts kicked in a line brawl and Detroit went on to win the Cup two years in a row and own their asses. I agree Vancouver is maybe crying to much, but they have to go after the Avs next game, not hide in a hole and pretend it didn’t happen.

  7. Wills says:

    I agree the gear that players wear today is like armour. The gear is more dangerous then anything else. Some of those elbow pads are like steel.

  8. defenestrate says:

    Of course, you forget that Sakic was tackled and held down on the ice 50 yards behind the play and it was a “non-call”, as was Holmstrom standing in the crease the whole game…. I don’t have a problem with “calls” or “non-calls”, but at least be consistent about it.

    And, yes, we’re sooo scared of Vancouver…..

  9. Wills says:

    I agree 100% on the tackle by Shanny I believe, but you fail to mention that Shanny was hooked off his feet when he had the puck 3 secs before that. Everyone who knows hockey knows that the one thing refs will not let go is high sticks. In the playoffs in overtime you can get away with murder, unless its a high stick or taking away a scoring chance. I wouldn’t be upset if I was a Avs fan especially since they got away with hooking Shanny off his feet which I felt was going to lead to a scoring chance. I never said Colorado is scared of Vancouver. They weren’t scared of Detroit 5 years ago when they had that huge rival, and I don’t expect them to back down now, but the bottom line is that a storm is coming and the Avs better be ready for it.

  10. TheDuk says:


    Look at the nuckleheads fan trying to think…

    Might have time if he’d stop whining so much.

  11. TheDuk says:

    Should be a very entertaining race to the playoffs.

  12. TheDuk says:

    We all know that the refs in the NHL are the worst in pro sports. They didn’t realize anything. The missed it. They usually do. Stop being pissed at Moore and the Avs… and start being pissed at the league.

  13. brewstar03 says:

    Moore’s hit was totally legal. I don’t know why people are crying afoul.

    Did anyone see or remember Roenicks hit and Mike Modano last year in January I think. Modano was out for a couple of games. Roenick destroyed him with a check into the boards. But nobody cried to the press or anything. And Roenick didn’t even get a game misconduct. Modano took it and shrugged it off when he came back. Hatcher didn’t even really say anything, but he did lay out Roenick with a check later that period.

    Hockey is a contact sport. Star players deserve no liberties, as long as it is legal. And Roenicks hit wasn’t legal. Moore’s hit was legal.

  14. brewstar03 says:

    Yeah you forgot all about the non-calls right before those high sticking penalties. It was brutal watching the refs not call anything. If the refs had called the penalties, the hick sticking penalties would probably never have happened.

  15. brewstar03 says:

    Roenicks hit on Mike Modano. Sorry, typo

  16. TheDuk says:

    Thank you for having some sense!

  17. defenestrate says:

    He still hasn’t figured out the difference between “checking” and slashing someone in the face while they’re flat on the ice, either…..

    If we follow his line of logic, Naslund deserves “special treatment”, but Forsberg doesn’t.

    Why? “Because”….

  18. spazmainia13 says:

    If the score was 7-1 Avs or better yet 7-1 nucks then I think you could almost argue this hit. I didn’t watch the game but i’ve seen countless replay’s and everything looks fine to me. It was a close game and Moore obviously doesn’t score like Naslund so he did what he’s supposed to do(be physical).

    In short, good points defenestrate

  19. JC21 says:

    I didn’t know it was legal to hit players who doesn’t even have the puck. I guess that reaching for the puck is the same as having possession.

    It seems as if Avs fans are getting more worked up than anyone else. They’re just upset that Jarkko Ruutu completely shutdown Forsberg. In fact, Floppa was so traumatized that he couldn’t even play in the next game against Edmonton. Maybe if he didn’t crawl on his knees while the puck was bouncing in front of him, he wouldn’t have gotten hit in the face. But I guess Forsberg is used to being on his knees.

  20. gladiator says:

    It was a legal hit, kudos to Moore for taking advantage.

    It’s funny that no one mentioned the win against the powerful Avs in the end. The Canucks didn’t even need Naslund. Bertuzzi takes out 2 of Colorados men (i still say the avs have a weak ass D) creating the goal. Beat by a struggling one line team, for shame, for shame. I will say that Foote is a warrior, but they need Blake badly.

    Then the loss to Edmonton ouch. Oh yeah the Avs were without Forsberg and Blake, Avs only had the likes of Sakic, Hedjuk, Kariya, Selanne, and Tanguay in the line up. Colorado should be number one in the league in goals, sadly they are not. What happens if Abby gets injured? Avs need insurance in goal and dmen to be a contender in the playoffs.

    Jarkko Ruutu is the man! He did his job perfectly. Stop crying about it…….that’s hockey baby.

    Can’t wait til the next game, maybe the Avs will show up.

  21. defenestrate says:

    Yep, we’re waaayyyy more “worked up” than you guys. That’s why all your media can talk about is “bounty” this and “payback” that.

    Yep, that Forsberg sure is a bad player. Good thing you don’t have him, huh?

    Btw, Naslund “had” the puck. He just couldn’t “control” it. Maybe he was thinking about all those “holes” that need to be filled.

    You won the damn game – but I guess losing the division title (cough, choke) on the last day of the regular season is still haunting you.

    Ruutu “shut down” Forsberg? Than I guess Moore “shut down” Naslund, eh?

  22. defenestrate says:

    Thanks for bringing up that Edmonton thing….

  23. Tradedude says:

    poor d-strate and his avs… why complain when their in first? sheesh

  24. JStatic87 says:

    I agree with you. The reaction from the Avs fans was totally uncalled for. It’s a tough way to lose a game, but throwing stuff about bad calls while their was blood on the ice in both cases is ignorant.

    If we’re talking non-calls, like the one on Shanny, we could also go back to when Forsberg made an open ice hit on Whitney when he didn’t have the puck. It was a badly officiated game all around, and the Avs just made the mistake of taking penalties that had to be called.

  25. JStatic87 says:

    D-strate, I have to say I’m a little disappointed in you. Come on buddy, I know you’re above all of the crying BS, and you’ve showed it on past occasions.

    “Jerkoff Ruutu”? I know you’re more clever than that. Although I did like the reincarnation of the Esa Tikkanen….

    Please don’t speak of my class again, Wings fans are generally the class of the league.

  26. comrie44 says:

    Take off those burgundy blinders buddy!

    Funny in the same article you chastise Canuck fans for being upset (which we have every right to be) you proceed go on a rant about Jarkko Ruutu.

    Ruutu maybe a dirtbag but he has the balls to face the music, unlike like some Av who will go unmentioned *cough*SteveMoore*cough* who barely put a toe on the ice in the 3rd period.

    If that was Rob Blake taking out Naslund with a clean check, I wouldn’t care, but it was a BORDERLINE hit by a BORDERLINE player. Your Foote/Yzerman analogy is useless here.

    Oh theres hitting in hockey alright Peter, and you’ll be a busy man come March, when Sakic and Forsberg will all be fair game for a (legal) hit.

    “We could all end up in the clinker for this!”

  27. defenestrate says:

    I just needed to vent after that Edmonton debacle.

    How about Ruutubaga?

    I don’t know about Wings fans being the “class” of the league, but you’re the only one, I think, to fully catch the implications of the Tikkanen analogy.

    Have you noticed that not even Nyuck Nyuck Nyuck fans are denying that Crawford’s voice is jaw-droppingly annoying?

  28. defenestrate says:

    Those damn Harvard players – gooning it up every chance they get!

    You gotta admit – this is gonna get interesting….

  29. RangerSteve says:

    What does Crawford want…to have like Worrell or Blake destroying Naslund with his head down? COME ON! This shouldn’t be a surprise in this league. We all know there are the chippy 3/4 line players that attempt to make a name for themselves by taking big runs at star players. The Yzerman thing is pointless in this topic as far as being a reference. I know D-strate you are trying to make a point about the consistancy of calls/non-calls in the game, but a guy being wacked in the face, loses 5 teeth and bleeds all over the place will be called compared to the clutching/pinning/grabbing that goes on. The hit was clean, it wasn’t like he stuck his elbow straight up and drilled Naslund in the head. I don’t care who it is..if a player has his head down, you make him pay the price. Moore did that w/ a clean hit. It’s like saying Jason Doig’s hit on Eric Lindros was dirty. Lindros had his head down, and Doig made him pay, plain and simple(this is coming from an NYR fan!) . What about Bertuzzi crushing Barrett Jackman last season(maybe it was this season) with his head down. It was more like Jackman’s face was imprinted on Bert’s shoulder pad. Was that dirty since Jackman was a Calder Trophy candidate.

  30. JStatic87 says:

    I have noticed that. He sounds like……well…..I guess onlt Marc Crawford could sound like that. I think he’s up there with Fran Drescher.

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