Okay, I was going to submit the next article in the CBA series, but I gotta say this –

Hey, Vancouver – “Buck up, ya Mary! Grow a spine and a sack!”

Detroit had a better case for boo-hooing when Foote smashed Stevie Y in the mouth, and it’s really sad when Wings fans have more class than you do….

For those of you living “in our own private Idaho”, I’m referring to the hoopla surrounding Steve Moore’s (legal) hit on Marcus Naslund. Crawford has always been prone to hyperbole, but that’s understandable when you sound like an amphetamine-fueled cross between Julia Child and Mickey Mouse.

But a “bounty”? Please. Tim McCracken doesn’t even play in this conference….

You want to see “dirty play”? Let’s roll the lowlights (sorry, “highlights”) of Jerkoff Ruutu slashing merrily away at Peter Forsberg’s face as he’s laying prone on the ice; or trapping his arm against the bench (drawing an inexplicable penalty); or, better yet, let’s watch some nimrod jump up and land on the back of the goalie’s leg, skate blade first. Who does this yo-yo think he is, the reincarnation of Esa Tikkanen?

Believe me, the first week of March is now marked in red on every Avalanche fan’s calendar.

And if Naslund misses much time, we apologize in advance for proving our point that you have a “one-line” team…..

I leave you with the words of Peter Worrell, who is no doubt looking forward to the next meeting:

“He had his head down, looking for the puck. He got hit. This is hockey. There’s hitting in hockey”.