Wait, What?

You mean this Sidney Crosby is actually a goood player?

Yes, he is. After Daniel Alfredsson’s comments were posted on here, and a lot of Crosby “haters” talked about the fact that they only ever “heard” all these bad things about him. That he’s a whiner, that he dives, that he’s a sissy, blah, blah, etc.

Well, a player I would consider to be in a better position to judge offensive talent/ability (whatever you want to call it) had something different to say.

NJ’s John Madden had this to say:

“He’s very unlike some of the skilled hockey players in the NHL, his work ethic is very good.”

I believe work ethic was thing that every Crosby supporter cited in that last article that people laughed at.

He’s along the [Peter] Forsberg line, where he can do it a couple of different ways. Other guys just rely on their power play or speed or something like that. He’s aggressive. He backchecks. He does everything really well. A guy like that, you have to watch him all night long. You can’t just watch him in certain situations.”

Hmm….Interesting, huh? This comes a few weeks after Martin Brodeur put Crosby way ahead of Ovheckin in terms of his own respect for the player, speaking as a goaltender in terms of respecting their skills in his approach to playing against them.

Just thought that all of the haters who get their ammunition from reading about Sid might like to hear a little bit of positive press (actuall I’m sure they won’t like it, but…). Hopefully for those of you who have seen Crosby play less than 8 games this year will listen to the New Jersey Devils over the ridiculous media.

(Quotations taken from: The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette; http://www.pittsburghpostgazette.com/pg/06096/679869-61.stm)