Walk the Walker

A lot, I repeat a lot of talk has circulated about, what the Leafs are going to do now. Well, the Leafs always talk the talk, but can they walk the walk too? In other years, the moves have not lived up to the hype, but maybe, just maybe the Leafs will this year.

The fans of the Leafs have sold out the seats in the Air Canada Centre for the last 30 years, meaning the deals that go through aren’t just for the team, but for the fans. It’s almost like John Ferguson is trying to prove that he is worthy of being General Manager of the Leafs and trying to give the fans what they pay for. Here’s what I think, and pray the Leafs will do now.

#1. Let go Jeff O’Neill (1.5MIL), Mike Peca (2.5MIL), J.S. Aubin (0.9MIL), Travis Green (0.5MIL), Yanic Perrault (0.7MIL), so we pay 50% of that which is (0.35MIL) and I don’t know if the Leafs have Jason Allison(1.5MIL), so I’ll just forget about him. Were at about (44MIL I don’t know exactly) for our team now and that lets go of (5.75MIL) making our team (38.25MIL). The Salary Cap also goes up to (48MIL), so that gives us (8.75MIL) to use.

#2 Contract Mats Sundin for I say around a 3-Year (6.5MIL) deal, from (6.8MIL) a year that’s not bad, Nik Antropov a 1-Year (1.5MIL) deal, Bates Battaglia a 1-Year (1MIL) deal, Boyd Deveraux for a Two-Way 1-Year (0.5MIL) deal, Alex Poni a 3-Year (1.5MIL), Carlo Coliacovo a 1-Year (1.5MIL) deal, and lastly Ian White a 3-Year (1.5MIL) deal. Now those contracts may not be what JFJ is looking for, but they will be around those, maybe a few hundred-thousand off (Ie. 0.25MIL or 0.5MIL). Now if those are about what JFJ wants that will give us (6.05MIL) left to use.

#3 Juicy UFA – Now the reason I named this Walk the Walker and not Walk the Walk is because Scott Walker is who we should get. 81GP 21G 30A 51P -10+/- Good Stats except for the +/-, but that’s not too bad. I think he should be our UFA. The Leafs should get him for a 2-Year (2MIL) deal. Now we have (4.05MIL) left. We need a Back-Up Goaltender and because I bet Norrean, Homqvist and Backstrom get contracts, I’ll with Curtis Joseph. The Leafs should get him for a 2-Year (2MIL) a year deal also. Now we have (2.05MIL) left for the Trade-Deadline or any other trade JFJ would like to make later, maybe involving Pavel Kubina or Hal Gill hopefully. lol 🙂 Those two a don’t know how to unload… ideas???

P.S. JFJ is a crap GM, but remember he got a 1-Year Contract Extension, so they could fire him, but if they wanted him to stay why would they fire him a later?


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  1. cave-show-52 says:

    ok I agree with what you want to get rid of, you can add antropov to that list. He will never be more than a 20 goal scorer in this league and we all know what Paul Maurice thinks of 20 goal scorers (hint jeff o'neill). I liked what the team had minus Antropov. You can also add Alex Steen to a list of people who are expendable this offseason. He had a shaky season but people will still want him. Putting steen on the trade block may warrant a 30 goal scorer to coem to Toronto. Also, think about Ryan Smyth. If the Leafs want to make a big Splash, that is the way to do it. Here is a proposed lineup:

    Smyth  Sundin  Wellwood
    Poni    Perreault  Tucker
    Stajan Peca   Deveraux
    Battaglia  Pohl  Kilger

    I know I did not omit perreault and peca from the line-up but you have to remember, they are very good at faceoffs and they have the ability to relieve some of the pressure put on Sundin. Put it this way, we all know Maurice did not use Perreault enough in the lineup. If the Leafs could trade a defenceman, it should be Kubina. He was a bit of a disappointment for them even though he did start to find his stride again near the end of the season. He can be traded for sure.    

  2. baltic_thunder says:

    I can't disagree with much. Suddenly the Leafs' cupboard is not so bare – they actually have some proven youth that other clubs would like. This allows them to make some mutli-players deals that were earlier possible. How about getting Boumeester and Horton? How about making a pitch for Nabokov, Vlasic and Bernier? UFA signings? Backstrom, Smythe, Hartnell, Preissing and Nagy should all be pursued. And every effort should be made to unload both McCabe and Kubina. Antropov is as tradeable as is Ponikarovsky. And either Steen or Stajan needs to be packaged off. And least not forget the availability of Raycroft.  

  3. Hoondog2 says:

    I can't believe anyone would rather sign Perreault or Peca instead of Antropov.  You'd pay a million more for either of them and Antropov is just flat out better and younger, and was 1 of our better players down the stretch.

  4. 42wellwood42 says:

    UFA's: Sundin, Peca, Antropov, O'Neill, Battaglia, Devereaux, Perreault, Green, Aubin

    RFA's: Ponikarovsky, Colaiacovo, White

    Re-sign: Ponikarovsky (3 years, 4.5 million), Colaiacovo (3 years, 2.7 million), White (2 years, 1.2 million)

    To Toronto: Nikolai Zherdev
    To Florida: Andrew Raycroft

    To Toronto: Zetterberg
    To Detroit: 1st round draft pick (2008 and 2009), 2nd round draft pick (2009), Kilger, Pohl, Earl, Gill

    Sign: Daniel Briere (3 years, 16.5 million), J.S. Giguere (2 years, 10 million)

    Bring up: Newbury, Tlusty, Kulemin, Williams, Stralman, Pogge


    Briere (5.5)
    Zetterberg (2.7)
    Wellwood (0.9)
    Zherdev (2.5)
    Ponikarovsky (1.5)
    Tucker (3)
    Steen (0.8)
    Stajan (0.9)
    Newbury (0.4)
    Tlusty (0.4)
    Kulemin (0.4)
    Williams (0.5)

    Kaberle (4.2)
    Kubina (5)
    McCabe (5.7)
    Colaiacovo (0.9)
    White (0.6)
    Stralman (0.4)

    Giguere (5)
    Pogge (0.7)

    Cap: 43.6 (Plus Sundin's and Domi's 0.8)

    3.4 million left for the trade deadline.


    Zetterberg Briere Zherdev
    Tucker Wellwood Ponikarovsky
    Steen Stajan Kulemin
    Tlusty Newbury Williams

    Kaberle McCabe
    Kubina Stralman
    Colaiacovo White


  5. 42wellwood42 says:

    For the post above^^^

    Captains should be:

    Captain: Briere
    Assistant: Zetterberg
    Assistant: McCabe

  6. Hoondog2 says:

    So now that we have youth, why would we trade it.  Does not make sense in a cap world until these players start to ask for more than they are worth.  We must cut ties with the older, less effective players, (Peca, O'neill, Perreault, Green, Aubin) must go.  Every other free agent of ours must be signed. (Antro., Ponik., Batt., Dever., White, Colaiacovo).  Something must be done with Kubina, Gill, or McCabe, and a good back-up must be brought in.  Sign a good winger, and fill in the lines with the youngsters who deserve it at camp.  That is it, there is the offseason to do list.

  7. 42wellwood42 says:

    And  for the trade with Columbus I put Florida by mistake.

  8. polastem says:

    You're dreaming in technicolor.

    To Toronto: Nikolai Zherdev
    To Florida: Andrew Raycroft

    To Toronto: Zetterberg
    To Detroit: 1st round draft pick (2008 and 2009), 2nd round draft pick (2009), Kilger, Pohl, Earl, Gill

    1. never happen, and 2. Zherdev doesn't play for Florida, lol.

  9. polastem says:

    woops, posted before i saw this comment.

  10. polastem says:

    Something interested I heard on the radio today was Tampa Bay wanting their scoring defensemen back, and looking at re-acquiring Kubina, in return the Leafs would be aiming for Richards, so the Leafs would have to give up more. It would be wicked if JFJ could pull off somethingspectacular, otherwise, I think we're doomed/.

  11. Glucker says:

    you're an idiot,
    you have 6 unproven players on the team… you've given up our best player for nothing, and your trades wouldnt work, or would kill our future…. and you let a bunch of really good players go… i never thought i'd say this, but you just made JFJ look like a genius

  12. the_word says:

    I find it hard to believe, but this is the kind of trade that could change the face of this franchise. 

    Kubina, this years 1st rounder and Steen for Richards?

  13. the_word says:

    Or ideally Raycorft & Kubina for Richards

    Gives Tampa what they need, balance on the back end, they get some stability in goal and Kubina (who they're allegedly interested in) and the Leafs unload baggage while taking on a big contract with a lot of upside.

  14. Steve362 says:

    Please….. Trade Kubina and stajan…. to EDM.. for lupul and torres….

    Edm get a puck moving d-man and a powerplay quaterback, along with a young player with some potential.. sorry matt. i like you but in your class which includes steen and wellwood, you are the only player of the three who has yet to impress me.

    Toronto gets a goal scorer in lupul and a character guy in torres who is not afraid to get into those corners and dig out the puck.. and also tends to drop the gloves on occasion. i think this trade makes perfect sense because all four players in the trade need a change of scenary.

    Tucker-Wellwood -Torres



  15. Aetherial says:

    Salary cape is everything.

    Stop the stupid trade suggestions that don't add up even close in salary.

    No team wants to pay a premium for Kubina.

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