Walk the Walker

A lot, I repeat a lot of talk has circulated about, what the Leafs are going to do now. Well, the Leafs always talk the talk, but can they walk the walk too? In other years, the moves have not lived up to the hype, but maybe, just maybe the Leafs will this year.

The fans of the Leafs have sold out the seats in the Air Canada Centre for the last 30 years, meaning the deals that go through aren’t just for the team, but for the fans. It’s almost like John Ferguson is trying to prove that he is worthy of being General Manager of the Leafs and trying to give the fans what they pay for. Here’s what I think, and pray the Leafs will do now.

#1. Let go Jeff O’Neill (1.5MIL), Mike Peca (2.5MIL), J.S. Aubin (0.9MIL), Travis Green (0.5MIL), Yanic Perrault (0.7MIL), so we pay 50% of that which is (0.35MIL) and I don’t know if the Leafs have Jason Allison(1.5MIL), so I’ll just forget about him. Were at about (44MIL I don’t know exactly) for our team now and that lets go of (5.75MIL) making our team (38.25MIL). The Salary Cap also goes up to (48MIL), so that gives us (8.75MIL) to use.

#2 Contract Mats Sundin for I say around a 3-Year (6.5MIL) deal, from (6.8MIL) a year that’s not bad, Nik Antropov a 1-Year (1.5MIL) deal, Bates Battaglia a 1-Year (1MIL) deal, Boyd Deveraux for a Two-Way 1-Year (0.5MIL) deal, Alex Poni a 3-Year (1.5MIL), Carlo Coliacovo a 1-Year (1.5MIL) deal, and lastly Ian White a 3-Year (1.5MIL) deal. Now those contracts may not be what JFJ is looking for, but they will be around those, maybe a few hundred-thousand off (Ie. 0.25MIL or 0.5MIL). Now if those are about what JFJ wants that will give us (6.05MIL) left to use.

#3 Juicy UFA – Now the reason I named this Walk the Walker and not Walk the Walk is because Scott Walker is who we should get. 81GP 21G 30A 51P -10+/- Good Stats except for the +/-, but that’s not too bad. I think he should be our UFA. The Leafs should get him for a 2-Year (2MIL) deal. Now we have (4.05MIL) left. We need a Back-Up Goaltender and because I bet Norrean, Homqvist and Backstrom get contracts, I’ll with Curtis Joseph. The Leafs should get him for a 2-Year (2MIL) a year deal also. Now we have (2.05MIL) left for the Trade-Deadline or any other trade JFJ would like to make later, maybe involving Pavel Kubina or Hal Gill hopefully. lol :) Those two a don’t know how to unload… ideas???

P.S. JFJ is a crap GM, but remember he got a 1-Year Contract Extension, so they could fire him, but if they wanted him to stay why would they fire him a later?