Was the hit clean??

If you weren’t lucky enough to see it live, you should have seen it on the various Sports programs across the continent. Apparently the NHL is trying to look like the “Family Hockey League” that is run by Denis Leary in Slap Shot 2. Yes, I’m talking about Jeremy Roenick’s earth shattering hit on Robert Svehla. This was by far the best hit I’ve seen all season, and Roenick was thrown out of the game for it. He was given a 5 minute major for charging and a 10 minute game misconduct for intent to injure.

The charging rule states that you cannot take a run at a defensless player. Roenick did not take any strides en route to hitting Svehla. My question is that if a player has is head down, is he defensless?? I look at a defensless player as someone who is facing the boards, or is just getting to their feet. If you are looking for the puck in open ice with your head down, you are not defensless at all. This shows that you don’t care whether you get hit or not. If Roenick gets any penalty past what he has already recieved, it will be a disgrace to the future of hockey. I can understand why the NHL wants to protect players heads, but the players need to protect themselves first.

What do you all think??