What a day! So what's next for the Rangers?

Kovalev, Nedved and Leetch within 24 hours. Wow! Who would have thought the RANGERS would be sellers. It’s about time! I believe that if Slats attempts to rebuild this team, and do it the right way(through trading for young prospects and stock piling draft picks), he can build a powerhouse once again. So now the question is how much more will he dump off? You look at the roster and you say “I don’t see ANYONE he wouldn’t deal!” That’s correct.

Jagr at 5 million a year. That’s a steal. But at the same time Slats may look at it and say “why deal this guy when we’re only paying him 5 million a year, and he’s been great since he got here.” I agree with that, but still, he could dump Jagr, eat another million on his contract and get a lot in return. Jagr at 4 or 3.5 million a year is very lucrative.

Lindros is concussion prone, but he’s worth the risk. I think it’s a given he will be moved for conditional draft picks. Look for Toronto to be ALL OVER him. But I can think of so many other teams that will want him too if the price doesn’t go too high. Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa(yes, Ottawa), Toronto(as I said), Boston, LA, Nashville, Colorado, Detroit(with Draper now out), Tampa, did I forget anyone? He won’t go to Philly or the Isles let’s just say that.

Mathew Barnaby would look really good in a Sens uniform. This guy has grown up a lot since his days in Pittsburgh. He is from Ottawa, Muckler reportedly loves the guy, and he’s a peice that Ottawa needs for sure. And while they’re at it, Chris Simon would look nice in a Sens uniform too. The guy is a heavyweight that has great hands and a great shot. They don’t come along every day. I think if Slats packages these two to the Sens, he could get a 1st and a 3rd for this season, of course this would leave Ottawa without a pick until the 4th round, yikes!

Then there is the Moose. His name is defintley floating around, and if he wants ONE FINAL CHANCE, look for him to go to the Wings(for the same reasons they would want Lindros). Vancouver wouldn’t be a terrible destination for him either, Philadelphia maybe, and Boston.

And who can forget there defense. Leetch is gone, but if they eat some of Kasparitis contract, he would look lucrative to some teams, as would Bo Mironov. Also, this is Valdy Malahkov’s last season so maybe he would like another shot at a title. D-men are very attractive at the deadline so who knows.

They’re are several others on the Rangers that with the right amount of salary eating and what not, they could be on the move. But now is the time for Slats. He has a golden chance to cut his loses now, so I think he should do it, even if it means 3/4 of the roster turned over. It’ll be interesting to see what happens.

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  1. The_Conductor says:

    I am suprised you never said Lindros to Edmonton. We had that conversation and you were stuck on it… Jagr to Colorado? The Moose to Detroit… this is such a touchy topic… yes he is good… yes he would be a great player to get… and yes he is old. The last thing the Wings need is another old guy. Like there average age of the Wings is what 87 years old. I think youth is what is desperatly needed.

    Witt about 30ish? High draft pick and hasn’t done much points wise… near career year though… but brings some experience and not super old? Couple drafts and Wings grab him.

    With the East who are so close getting better… and the Wings pickied up Lang… Colorado and Vancouver need to make moves I believe. Plus… if Pronger who is “rumored” to go goes the Blues are done. Why get rid of one of your franchise players.

    So if the Blues and Kings do nothing to get better… maybe just maybe the Oil have hope… I am not on this “wagon”. Though I hate to compare the Oates trade to the Nedved trade… but look how Oates has worked out… everyone was all excited baout Oates… Lowe took the risk and it failed. Who is to say Nedved will work… who’s to say he wont.

  2. Aetherial says:

    Who knows…

    I do believe everyone is for sale.

    Barnaby to Ottawa? would be good for Ottawa.

    Lindros to Toronto… gawd I hope not 🙁

    Jagr, Rucinsky De Vries… unless someone blows you away with an offer, I say keep them.

    Messier… some team may pick him up, who knows. He wouldn’t be the worst addition a team like Ottawa could make 🙂

    Malakhov / Mironov I still wonder about New Jersey maybe? either of these guys could be had for a song.

    Poti… Soem team may take a chance, again, perhaps New Jersey, some team that needs offense from their blue line. Perhaps St. Louis?

    Rucinsky… ranger

  3. Adam_0486 says:

    Lindros in Toronto…I dont know if thats going to happen any time soon, not unless New York is willing to eat up some of that contract. But why even bother with a concussion prone player anyways? The Leafs, Canucks and Flyers are said to be the front runners for the Jeff O’neil sweepstake, so with that being said I think any trade involving a foward will likely be for Jeff O’neil and not The Big E.

  4. Wills says:

    I think Detroit is going to take a chance on Lindros as long as New York eats his salary. Detroit has way too many injuries right now, and they need another center because of the Draper injury. You add that Yzerman is really good friends with Lindros and has been trying to get management to get him. Either way the Wings will make one more move by the deadline.

  5. Lint07 says:

    Apparently Yzerman is pushing hard on Holland for him to acquire Lindros…

  6. TheDuk says:

    TC what are you thinking? Colorado or any team wanting Lindros? The man has glass for a head, and it’s genetic. I mean the Rangers could trade him, but I’d be very surprised if it was for anything substantive – more than say a 5th – 6th round pick. One more good check and his brains are gonna be permanently scrambled.

    I’ll give you an ever so slight lean to LA. They might because they are super desparate for bodies, but will Lindros actually play for anyone other than the Rangers and the Leafs?

  7. TC_4 says:

    Bob McKenzie from TSN seems to share the same point of veiw on this as I do and last time I checked this guy knows his stuff. 3.3 million this year, most of that is already gone. Your right, the Rangers won’t get anything for him, and may have to eat a portion of his salary to move him, but that will make him lucrative. He went 2 1/2 years without one, then all of a sudden one concussion and he has a glass head again. How come nobody is saying that about JR though? He’s had one more then Lindros you know.

  8. HabsNick says:

    It must be a pretty exciting time to be a Rangers fan now; well, maybe not till the end of the season but the offseason should be great.

    They’ll have plenty of draft picks, some decent young players, and a *HUGE* budget that can be easily used to sign any UFA that tickles their fancy.

    How about one Kariya and a 1st pairing D (like Pronger maybe?). They could be a great team next year if they fix their defense, keep a few of their support players like Rucinsky, Barnaby and De Vries and get rid of the ol’ underachieving crap for some youth.

  9. ranger_fan says:

    Lindros is supposed to be back this weekend, and thus may be moved by Tuesdays deadline.

    Dunham will be a UFA=moved.

    Mouse might be moved.

    Holik SHOULD BE moved.

    Barns and Simon moved

    Poti moved hopefully

    Kasparitis, doubtfully moved. He is injured.

    de Vries should stay

    Puritan I hope goes. All he does is fight and take penalties.

    Hlavac should be put on waivers.

    That should do it. Call up the Wolfpack!

  10. Byzz33 says:

    As a Rangers fan, what is your feeling about this firesale? Are you optimistic about the rebuilding process?

  11. jerzjayme says:


    see. montreal, toronto, edmonton. im telling you, its a conspiracy!

    supporting sather is anti american!



  12. bpanther83 says:

    AMEN, I been wanting to bring that up for so long. And actually he has had more than 1 more…if u remember JR said he has had more but never went to see a dr. So u want a glass head, lets talk JR.

  13. Jimmy2BallBagsFU says:

    I dont think the rebuiding process is going to take to long.I mean they do have a few talented young players(Lundmark,Ortmeyer,Tyutin,Lacouture)add that to players that are already on the rink (or will be)Jagr,Rucinsky,Holik,Devries,and Kasper.Then you have to add in all these Draft picks that they will be hunting for.I mean look what happened when Pittsburgh drafted Mario , It turned the franchise around completly.The thing that I really want to see happen is Iron Mike behind the bench this year .He can ***** any player into shape.

    -love jimmy

  14. TheDuk says:

    I respect both McKenzie’s and your opinion. And I’ve never stopped saying the Lindros has a glass head. Personally I wouldn’t trade for JR either were I a GM. The Lindros trade may well happen…

    I just don’t see it as Eric being likely to go to one of the elite teams. I can only see it in a situation where a team is in desparate need of bodies… a la LA.

  15. KUBLI-KAHN says:

    “””Lindros is concussion prone, but he’s worth the risk. I think it’s a given he will be moved for conditional draft picks. Look for Toronto to be ALL OVER him.”””

    HAHAHAHAHHA, your kidding right!! LOL Toronto?

  16. The_Conductor says:

    Actually the day JR got the concussion I said, “why the hell isn’t every complaining baout JR retiring rather then Lindros. Its his 9th Lindors’ 8th. The league should implament a rule on this. I mean they be walking around like Mohammad Ali.

  17. Furlong19 says:

    hey! I got a rumor for you! ………….. How about Lindros goes nowhere and stays in New York! This articles is obvious written by someone who knows little and is just speculating. He named pretty much every team that will make the playoffs as a possible destination for Lindros. Lindros to Nashville? come on now! hahahahaha. The only players the Rangers will trade from here on in until the deadline are Poti/Barnaby/Simon/Rucinsky/Malakhov/Mironov (of signifigant players). The rest I’m afraid are staying put. Lindros Jagr or the Moose will not be moved. No way! Not in a 100 years. 1) Lindros is brain dead. 2) Moose is old and loves NY and 3) Jagr is useless and belongs in NY where they will pay him 5 million/year for the next half decade or whatever.

  18. wingerxx says:

    Jagr may as well be kept, and I would be shocked if he was dealt, considering that the Rangers are only paying him $5 mil a year. If there is any justice in the world, then Poti and Hlavac will be dealt…for anything. It’s quite possible that there is no market for the above-mentioned players. Playoff bound teams may not want to take a chance on Malakhov, since he is not the same player that he was 5 years ago. Rucinsky should be kept. Besides Lindros, he’s been the Rangers best forward this year. I don’t see the point in trading Messier. He’s not going to fetch much of a return. I also believe that Mironov should be kept. He would make a great partner for Tjutin, who may have shot next year. de Vries is the Rangers best defensive defenseman, now that Leetch is gone…he should not go. Again, regarding Messier, he will NOT go back to Vancouver, if dealt. I don’t see Ottawa giving up high draft picks for Simon and Barnaby. At least one of the two needs to go though. The Rangers have a big PIM problem.

  19. GeniushockeyKID says:

    i almost laughed off the idea that leetch could be traded, and even speculated that atleast we’d get a good return for him. now that its actually happened, i cant express the sadness i feel as a ranger fan who learned to love the sport from the play of messier, richter, graves, and leetch. and traded to TO no-less, the team i hate the most! i’d feel a little better if we atleast got either antropov, stajan, or coliacovo, maybe even steen. i never would have thought leetch would be gone before poti!

  20. GeniushockeyKID says:

    as a ranger fan i would have to say that i was kinda hoping for them to rebuild, but a guy like leetch would have been a key part of that process. everyone else on the defense now, with the exception of de vries and maybe kaspar should have been gone, not leetchy. he still had atleast another 3 years left in him. im glad to see nedved go, as well as kovalev, but i still think that until the rest of the bozo’s are moved this trade is unjustifyable. if your gonna get rid of leetch, get rid of everyone!

    on the other hand i am excited for a younger team coming in, although i still believe sather has long worn out his welcome. i suppose the past is the past, and theres no use dwelling on it. LETS GO RANGERS 04-05!

  21. GeniushockeyKID says:

    the rangers dont have to “eat” part of his salary, for godsakes its detroit! don’t tell me they need the financial help to pay for less than a quater of this seasons salary what a joke.

  22. bpanther83 says:

    Im not sure lindros would play for LA…I am actually curious to see what happens. Just cause of all the crap from before, I wonder if he would say Toronto only.

  23. laserman says:

    As I’m watching Dunham looking his usual stunned self and the Rangers no closer to looking like a team, I’m wondering what happened to make this team the virtual laughing stock of the entire league. I’ve just seen the replays of Leetch’s first 2 assists for the Leafs and there is not one of the new pick ups in the roster for the Rangers. I wish that someone, anyone would come and get this team out of the hands of the Dolan family because now they are just pitiful. The logic of these trades make no sense cause we basically gave away Leetch, Markkanen, and Nedved and got a speedy albeit injury prone prospect for Kovalev. Am I blind, or did Markkanen not outplay Dunham. Yet here Dunham is again getting his sorry ass kicked in net. Sather you *****ing suck, and Dolan there isn’t an adjective that I have right now to describe you…

  24. ranger_fan says:

    I think it is great. It is long overdue, I just wish that I could have seen if Iron Mike could have done something with this team first.

    I hope with 5 picks in the top 2 rounds they deal up to get Ovechin!

  25. TC_4 says:

    Ok kid, you watch, Lindros will be gone.

  26. wingsrock34 says:

    hey whats goin on with bure i kno hes been out all year since he failed his physical but is he ever goin to come back, any rangers fans kno?

  27. TC_4 says:

    Well, I guess Lindros is staying in NY, but not because he or the Rangers want to keep him. He needs shoulder surgery and is out for the year.

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