What a day! So what's next for the Rangers?

Kovalev, Nedved and Leetch within 24 hours. Wow! Who would have thought the RANGERS would be sellers. It’s about time! I believe that if Slats attempts to rebuild this team, and do it the right way(through trading for young prospects and stock piling draft picks), he can build a powerhouse once again. So now the question is how much more will he dump off? You look at the roster and you say “I don’t see ANYONE he wouldn’t deal!” That’s correct.

Jagr at 5 million a year. That’s a steal. But at the same time Slats may look at it and say “why deal this guy when we’re only paying him 5 million a year, and he’s been great since he got here.” I agree with that, but still, he could dump Jagr, eat another million on his contract and get a lot in return. Jagr at 4 or 3.5 million a year is very lucrative.

Lindros is concussion prone, but he’s worth the risk. I think it’s a given he will be moved for conditional draft picks. Look for Toronto to be ALL OVER him. But I can think of so many other teams that will want him too if the price doesn’t go too high. Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa(yes, Ottawa), Toronto(as I said), Boston, LA, Nashville, Colorado, Detroit(with Draper now out), Tampa, did I forget anyone? He won’t go to Philly or the Isles let’s just say that.

Mathew Barnaby would look really good in a Sens uniform. This guy has grown up a lot since his days in Pittsburgh. He is from Ottawa, Muckler reportedly loves the guy, and he’s a peice that Ottawa needs for sure. And while they’re at it, Chris Simon would look nice in a Sens uniform too. The guy is a heavyweight that has great hands and a great shot. They don’t come along every day. I think if Slats packages these two to the Sens, he could get a 1st and a 3rd for this season, of course this would leave Ottawa without a pick until the 4th round, yikes!

Then there is the Moose. His name is defintley floating around, and if he wants ONE FINAL CHANCE, look for him to go to the Wings(for the same reasons they would want Lindros). Vancouver wouldn’t be a terrible destination for him either, Philadelphia maybe, and Boston.

And who can forget there defense. Leetch is gone, but if they eat some of Kasparitis contract, he would look lucrative to some teams, as would Bo Mironov. Also, this is Valdy Malahkov’s last season so maybe he would like another shot at a title. D-men are very attractive at the deadline so who knows.

They’re are several others on the Rangers that with the right amount of salary eating and what not, they could be on the move. But now is the time for Slats. He has a golden chance to cut his loses now, so I think he should do it, even if it means 3/4 of the roster turned over. It’ll be interesting to see what happens.