Bob Clarke does it again. Pulling off a blockbuster trade that will turn things around for the flyers and put them over the top in the NHL. Ragnarsson. That its. The scoring woes are over. They got Ragnarrsson. Because you know it was all McGillis’s fault right?? BOB CLARKE STINKS AS A GM AND HAS TO GO.What good does this trade do? Dan McGillis was playing very solid hockey since being scratched by Hitchcock. This trade in my opinion only happened because of 2 things: Main reason, Hitcock didnt like him, and 2nd of all Bob Clarke knew he had to make a trade. Only problem was, what the hell was this? So now if Hitchcock doesn’t like Johnnson, lets trade him for Gord Murphy, or how about if he starts to dislike Roenick, maybe we can trade him for Donald Audette and 3rd rounder. Bob clarke has to understand that the flyers need scoring. He has to go after an offensive player. Now Ragnarsson is a fairly decent player, i compare him to a bigger more physical Eric Weinrich, but McGillis was a solid defenseman, having an off year offenseively, but playing good D nontheless. I would have been much happier with this had the right person been sent to San Jose. I wont mention any names (Chris Therien, Eric Desjardins) but they flyers need to get offense. The goaltending is fine, the defense is fine. But bob clarke seems to the unthinkable every time he makes a trade. A senseless, stupid trade always comes up every year in philly. The adam Oates trade being the most recent.

But heres what the flyers need to do, They need to get a LEADER in the locker room, im not saying get rid of primeau, because he plays hard and physical night in and night out, and he is a good player to have. But they need some veteran leadership. ie: Scott Thornton, Keith Tkachuck, etc. They need to get rid of Recchi while they can as well. He is beyond washed up. If the flyers can get a scoring winger to take the pressure off Gagne who will catch fire sooner or later and Jeremy Roenick, then the flyers will start Rolling again.

What do you FLYERS FANS think they should do and do you agree with me?

Theres no need for the bonehead people who hate the flyers to make stupid comments in this post like the flyers suck and other things, because if they sucked they wouldnt be one of the top teams in the east every single year.