Bob Clarke does it again. Pulling off a blockbuster trade that will turn things around for the flyers and put them over the top in the NHL. Ragnarsson. That its. The scoring woes are over. They got Ragnarrsson. Because you know it was all McGillis’s fault right?? BOB CLARKE STINKS AS A GM AND HAS TO GO.What good does this trade do? Dan McGillis was playing very solid hockey since being scratched by Hitchcock. This trade in my opinion only happened because of 2 things: Main reason, Hitcock didnt like him, and 2nd of all Bob Clarke knew he had to make a trade. Only problem was, what the hell was this? So now if Hitchcock doesn’t like Johnnson, lets trade him for Gord Murphy, or how about if he starts to dislike Roenick, maybe we can trade him for Donald Audette and 3rd rounder. Bob clarke has to understand that the flyers need scoring. He has to go after an offensive player. Now Ragnarsson is a fairly decent player, i compare him to a bigger more physical Eric Weinrich, but McGillis was a solid defenseman, having an off year offenseively, but playing good D nontheless. I would have been much happier with this had the right person been sent to San Jose. I wont mention any names (Chris Therien, Eric Desjardins) but they flyers need to get offense. The goaltending is fine, the defense is fine. But bob clarke seems to the unthinkable every time he makes a trade. A senseless, stupid trade always comes up every year in philly. The adam Oates trade being the most recent.

But heres what the flyers need to do, They need to get a LEADER in the locker room, im not saying get rid of primeau, because he plays hard and physical night in and night out, and he is a good player to have. But they need some veteran leadership. ie: Scott Thornton, Keith Tkachuck, etc. They need to get rid of Recchi while they can as well. He is beyond washed up. If the flyers can get a scoring winger to take the pressure off Gagne who will catch fire sooner or later and Jeremy Roenick, then the flyers will start Rolling again.

What do you FLYERS FANS think they should do and do you agree with me?

Theres no need for the bonehead people who hate the flyers to make stupid comments in this post like the flyers suck and other things, because if they sucked they wouldnt be one of the top teams in the east every single year.

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  1. mikster says:


    Again, i think Clarke is doing his best trying to get this team far in the playoffs. He is not a stupid GM at all, look at the Flyers….they’ve been a dominant team in the East for a while now. I mean, sure….a fan can make fun of the Flyers in the post-season, but a Flyers fan doesn’t even have to worry about regular season.

    This is why i really don’t like Hitch. I don’t like coaches who put players in doghouses when they are good players.

    I think the McGillis for Ragnarsson trade was ‘neat’; meaning that both players should fit in their coach’s systems. Rag is not a bad defenseman, he is pretty good and can make the game winning plays. McGillis is the perfect fit for the Sharks, he’ll be just fine there.

    Roenick made fun of the Stars when Hitch was their coach, laughing at there system. Roenick is laughing at his own team’s system now.

    Gagne is a good player, but i am actually surprised that he is slumping this bad. I would have expect a more balanced Gagne with Hitch in there. Like, 26 goals and a +28 with good defensive plays.

    Keith Primeau….i am not sure what his problem is. He is a coach killer, but he is one mean guy on the ice. Decked Lindros on Thursday. I mean, i think he could be good in the playoffs as a player that hits any player that does not wear a Flyers jersey.

    The Flyers do need more scoring now. They’re being heavily outscored in their past 5 games or so, ever since the Leafs and the Penguins bombed them.

    I think they can try and pull a deal getting players like Satan (even though he is not on the block), Ryan Smyth, maybe Modin (wild throw in). Players that know how to score.

    I thikn it’s still just a slump. Right now they are losing 2-0 against the Blues, at home. Blues are not an easy team to beat. But, yeah…the Flyers should end the slump in these games, especially winning the next one if they lose today against the Blues.

    Clarke is not a stupid GM, big deal if he made a ‘so-so’ trade. Many trades could look ‘so-so’ and turn out good in the end. Like, i was not too crazy about the York for Murray and Poti deal. But hey, Murray’s been the best on the PK and solid defensively while Poti is up there leading defensemen and Brian Leetch’s injury only makes this deal look better, Poti is the back up.

    It’s still under 30 games for the Flyers….give them time. Their 2nd half could be much better.

  2. big_booty says:

    I have to admit, as a Flyers fan I did not like the trade, but I can see the reasoning behind it.

    In McGillis, they are giving up a veteran presence in the locker room, a popular and tenured player, a solid defender who had some offensive skill. He was off to a slow start, still trying to grasp Ken Hitchcock’s complicated system, and was adjusting to a new defensive partner.

    He was often caught out of position, which got him in trouble with the coaching staff. One of his best attributes was his heavy shot, which he was not taking that often. His new partner, Dennis Seidenberg, has a much better shot, and many Flyers scoring chances have been coming from the rookie’s rebounds.

    With the emergence of Seidenberg and the resurgence of Bruno St. Jacques (injury call-up), McGillis seemed to have lost his place on the team.

    I honestly don’t know all that much about Marcus Ragnarsson – I haven’t seen the Sharks play all that much and the player bios on team/league websites don’t tell you much at all. So I will wait and reserve judgement until I actually see the player and how he fits into the Flyers’ system.

    There is also a youth movement in progress within the Philadelphia organization. There are a bunch of players on the active roster who are age 22 or younger: Simon Gagne, Justin Williams, Pavel Brendl, Seidenberg, St. Jacques. Radovan Somik is a rookie as well, but at age 25. Even younger players like Joni Pitkanen and Jeff Woywitka could join the club next year.

    Bob Clarke has a plan, we are not the ones to make these decisions. If the fans ran the franchise, there would be a trade every day. Let the man do his job, he knows what he’s doing.

  3. ooJUXEoo says:

    They definately need a a right wing sniper. The right wing on this team is weak. The defense, who for so many years was in the mold of the dump and chase, needs to be upgraded in spots. This is what Hitch wants. A defense that moves the puck up ice.

    Desjardins is not the puck carrying d-man anymore. He is constantly beat going wide on him.

    Brendl needs to go. He is stealing a paycheck. This kid has the talent, but he is not working out.

    I would love to see some sort of package involving these two players. One veteran would also need to go…..should be Primeau, but that won’t happen.

    Also, whats the use of carrying Todd Fedurek and Brashear? Donald Brashear has some play making skill, so I would keep him.

    So the expendable in my book are:

    Brendl, Desjardins, Fedurek, Primeau

    A trade for a scorer is soooo needed.

  4. mikster says:

    *Brendl healthy scratch again*

    Hehe, sorry…gotta annoy you with that one.

    Don;t worry about Rag, he will definitely not be a bad player and he should definitely fit Hitch’s system. I watched him and my brother is a Sharks fan. He wasn’t so thrilled to lose him either.

    Pitkanen will be a future number 2 d-man a la Lidstrom. Not as good as Lidstrom, but up there. You’re going to really like him.

  5. UsedandAbused says:

    Clarke only made this trade because Hitchcock wanted him to. It is Hitches ball game now….

  6. Leaf_Expert says:

    Don’t get me wrong I HATE Clarke but he has made this Philly team a very good one able to compete every season…

    You Flyer fans can’t be complaining about how hes bringing your team down when hes made you guys contenders…But then again Trades like the Oates one do make him look bad but atleast he was comitted to bringing in a player to help the PP and the Flyers run for the playoffs…

    I do think however hes made bad coaching moves and he does have some cancers in the locker room that he aquired(ex:Brind’Amour for Primeau)but sources are reporting hes found his mistakes and is trying to improve them and well, trade them…

  7. Scottishguy says:

    it’s probably the begining of a rebuilding process, Clarke has drafted good in the last five years or so, Zubrus, Boucher, Gagne, Williams all NHL regulers, he needs to draft forwards to replace Primeau and Leclair(to many surgeries will take their toll, like Tim Kerr) they have virtually no young forward prospects

  8. titans says:

    I want to start a fund.

    The “Let’s hire an assasin to kill Bobby Clarke” fund.

    Come on people give to this worthy cause.

    How much will you donate?

  9. tsaler says:

    Trades are trades, and they’re almost always exciting, if only just to talk about.

    I don’t really have an opinion on this trade, per se, but I think seeing new players on teams is very interesting, and the frequency of trades in hockey as opposed to truly ridiculous free agency is one of the reasons why hockey is so much more exciting and interesting than any other sport.

    I can’t wait to see Ragnarsson play vs. the Panthers Tuesday night. It will be exciting.


  10. Goldenscud says:

    I am on board with you on this. The trade was a waste because if they wanted to get rid of McGillis so bad, they should have waited to package him in a bigger deal (he is more valuable in a package than on his own). The Flyers need to:

    FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT!!! They need to come to the rink with a snarl. The need to intiate the contact. Teams are not afraid of them at all. Too many teams slip through them because the rep is just not there. They barely ever drop the gloves and the last fight they had was when Roenick took on Langrenbrunner – what is that? He shouldn’t have to score and do the fighting.

    They should have never let Richardson get away and should have pursued Guerin. The team is soft and is being exploited.

    Although I am not a big Checkmanek fan, the goaltending has been solid enough to win – they just can’t score.

    I am sick and tired of this General Manager overvaluing players like DesJardins, Reechi, etc. and not waking up and making a team that has nearly unlimited spending potential into a winner.

    We are going nowhere and Hitchcock is pissing me off with his post game comments. How many times has he said that we are playing well but not scoring?? BS – they are not playing well. How many times has he asked them to have an edge??? The team doesn’t listen and he does nothing about it. Try benching some of these so-called tough players or make a trade. Get their attention.

    It sucks to be a Flyers fan and it has for the last 9 years!

  11. Goldenscud says:

    Yeah, he made us a consistantly “good team” but that gets old after awhile. We have had like 9 straight seasons of being good but it means nothing when you don’t win squat.

  12. Goldenscud says:

    I’ll donate the $$ that Tom Glavine gave up by not signing with Phillies. F that dick!

  13. flyersrule94 says:

    lol yea i know and for some reason he actually thinks hes going to win there. hahahaha

  14. flyersrule94 says:

    damn right and Hitcock’s system sucks. The flyers arent doing an incredibly better defensive job than they were last year. And now there no goal scoring, at least in barbers system they scored goals in the regular season. Hitchcocks system is a joke. Titans, if we find a clarke assasin, we should offer him more if he”ll get hitchcock too

  15. RangerSteve says:

    If that was true, then how come Hitch isn’t going after Matvichuk? Just a thought…


  16. mikster says:

    Because Stars ain’t stupid to give him that.

  17. Tradedude says:

    mikster is right. NO GM IS PERFECT.

    freeg. just look at mike milbury. and last yrs madness in april.

    WHAT ARE YOU DOING CLARKE? doing the best job he can. answer. there yah go.

  18. Tradedude says:

    ya other than woywitka and Pitkanen, oh and not to mention the likes of Brendl.

  19. oil_drop says:

    No Brendl is doing good at the role he’s given. The Flyers are making Brendl a 3rd or 4th liner no powerplay time. Brendl needs to be given an offensive role, none of this defensive crap, let the guy play his game.

  20. j-dog says:

    it’s like that movie “the natural”.”Losing is a disease” and the flyers are infected.Somebody tell Gagne that the pull the puck back and try to shoot a wrist shot thru the defenseman’s legs doesnt work.especially when you try it six times a game.

  21. j-dog says:

    it’s like that movie “the natural”.”Losing is a disease” and the flyers are infected.Somebody tell Gagne that the pull the puck back and try to shoot a wrist shot thru the defenseman’s legs doesnt work.especially when you try it six times a game.

  22. -Swizz- says:

    who needs a fund for that?

    i’m sure there are enough people to do it for free!

  23. MossRocks says:

    “Bob Clarke has a plan, we are not the ones to make these decisions. If the fans ran the franchise, there would be a trade every day. Let the man do his job, he knows what he’s doing.”

    This brings to mind the Bob Knight quote, which I won’t repeat because I’m sure you know it.

    McGillis is a much better player than Ragnarsson. I think the problem was McGillis’ ticket. He’s good, but $3.3 million is hard to swallow and if Hitch didn’t want to play him that put Clarke in a bad spot.

    Clarke had a good offseason, but Iginla had a good year too…

  24. flyersrule94 says:

    uh…..ok…….dont make the fact that u have no idea what your talkin about too obvious…. Mcgillis ticket 3.3 million? The flyers are not trying to dump salary. And bob Clarke has no clue what hes doing.

  25. Scottishguy says:

    he didn’t draft brendl

  26. GreatWhiteNorth says:

    I think the point is, Clarke has had plenty of opportunities to take this team to the next level, and he has yet to find the right combination of trades and sigings.

    He’s a pretty good GM, his season records will speak for that, but after so many years with so many failures in the playoffs, so many coaches getting fired, you have to ask who’s fault is it? Was it ALL those coaches fault? Was the the fault of all the Flyers previous players? Hell no, it’s Clarke. Everything else has been changed over and over, except for the GM position. I think it’s time that final change was made finally.

  27. MossRocks says:

    Wow, you have no idea what I was saying. How about you go back and read it again? McGillis’ gets paid a lot to be a 2nd or 3rd defenseman. THAT MAKES HIM HARD TO TRADE. DO YOU UNDERSTAND HOW THAT WORKS? IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH SALARY DUMPING.

    What is it with you Flyer fans, that you have to come out swinging all the time? Penis envy?

  28. MossRocks says:

    Forget what I said before, let’s just make this an official ‘Big Booty Crow Eating Week.’

    So far we’ve got Roy playing like crap, Salo outplaying Cechmanek and now the famed Dan McGillis gets traded. (It’s OK, ’cause now Seidenberg is your new leading man, right?) Now if Iginla turns it around and Gagne stays in the crapper, that would put you in real bad shape. It looks good on you.

  29. aafiv says:

    I disagree that Clarke is so bad. He isn’t and who available would do better?

    McGillis clearly, despite his improved play, had become marginal. His popularity made him the perfect player to trade if you are trying to send a message to other popular veteran players that the time to step up is now.

    This trade does not make the Flyers a better team but it doesn’t make them worse either. It’s a shot across the bow to let the players know that the time to change their ways is now.

  30. Freeze says:

    Gee, this is the first time that you’ve said that McGillis is expendable. Seems to me you said the opposite before…constantly. What a coincidence that you started singing this tune right after McGillis was traded.

    Is this Clarke’s plan, or is this Hitchcock’s will?

  31. aafiv says:

    I’d say “right on” if it weren’t for the increasing number of empty seats in the Big Bank Building. I’ll concur in part.

    Of course there is no one else who is going to come in and do a better job than Clarke is doing because he has kept the team somewhat competitive.

    The test is going to be whether Clarke does act as you suggest he will by “trading the mistakes” he has made. Only time will tell. I believe that the McGillis trade is to be taken as a wake-up call to the players.

    In my opinion these are the guys that would need to be traded and why:

    Keith Primeau – Stabbed Bill Barber in the back. Come on, the guy’s wife dies mid-season, he takes no time off and you attack him like that after you stink up the joint? What kind of leader does this? All I can say is “Not in my town. Buh-bye fella.”

    Mark Recchi – Hard worker who used to be one of my favs BUT same as above.

    Roman Cechmanek – No one likes him. Although he’s a good goalie, he’s a bad fit. Of course, if Recchi and Primeau go, this changes and Roamn should stay. I just think he’s misunderstood and feels the same way about his teammates that I do.

    Eric Desjardins – I disgaree with all of the criticism. Desjardins has put his heart-and-soul and knees into this team over the years. He’s an older player on the decline but you can’t question his heart. He probably should be traded at this point due to his age.

  32. crosschecker says:

    I believe this site has many readers who are very knowledgable about the game of hockey. Fans who are also not afraid to post there comments. But, I am gettint tired of all the fans that say trade Desjardins…He has a no-trade clause in his contract! Goofs…

  33. BWbullies says:

    Remember he came in right after the Lindros trade. He didn’t have much to work with. They gave away everybody and the kitchen sink for big E. It was pretty hard task to rebuild a team.

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