What can the Avs do?

With the very recent acquisition of Kurt Sauer and Bob Boughner on defense and of depth player Darby Hendrickson, the Avs seemed to be good enough heading towards the playoffs. However with the Wings acquiring Robert Lang, and the return of formidable defensemen Derian Hatcher, could the Avs, still missing Peter Forsberg acquire one more player? And who could that player be that would fit in well?

A back-up goalie might be the best solution for the Avs. Aebischer is fine, but Sauvé still is a bit nervous in net and i don’t think he is ready to assume the high-pressured environment of playoff hockey quite yet. He is talented and will be a fine goalie, but for now i think the Avs could acquire someone like Artus Irbe, who could be acquired for almost nothing. Or how about a guy like Tugnutt, Steve Shields in Florida. Olaf Kolzig is a possibility but he could be out of reach because the Caps would want important prospects in return and it could undermine Abby’s confidance.

On defense, i think the Avs are set, so no need to change anything here. IT is on offense that i think the Avs could acquire one more player. WIth Forsberg being in and out of the lineup, the Avs should have a back-up plan in case Forsberg misses more time. A Guy like Todd Marchant or Andrew Cassels in Columbus could be a good deal. If the Avs really want to go all-out this year, they could inquire the Rangers and see what Sather would want for Kovalev ( imagine a Kariya-Kovalev-Selanne line) or even…yes Eric Lindros. Jeff O’Neill might be available but i have a feeling the Canes will ask for a guy like Tanguay, in which case Lacroix should hang up the phone immediately.

What could the Avs give? draft picks or role players like McCormik, Hahl or even a speedster like Marek Svatos who is injured at the moment. Or perhaps goalie prospect Peter Budaj in Hershey?

I doubt the Avs are done dealing, but like always Lacroix will surprise us ( if he deals) and come out with a trade none of us usually see coming, which probably means the players mentionned in this article won’t go to Colorado LOL.

Who knows what will happen, but one more player for Colorado should do it. They got grit, great defense, very solid goaltending and goal-scoring and clutch players. Should be a very interesting 2 weeks coming up.


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  1. kovalev says:

    Pierre Lacroix will probably wait last minute to acquire a big name player, the Avs have ton of good prospects

    I could see a goalie, defenceman and forward all going to the Avs.

    Roloson, maybe Gonchar if they want to be greedy,

    Kovalev could be a possibilty. The Red Wings got Lang so you know Colorado will go get another good player.

    Riku Hahl, Derek Morris could be trade bait

  2. bamboo says:

    I think there is only 1 thing left for them to do.


    Other than that the Avs could use a back-up like Irbe if Abby cracks.

    Other than that the AVS are done dealing.

  3. AmericasteamRedWings says:

    The Avs have NO good prospects, to suggest so is laughable.

  4. shady_records says:

    Avs need to get a backup and send Sauve down. End of discussion.

  5. OttawaUhockeyfan says:

    i had read in the Denver Post last week i think that Derek Morris could be possible trade bait, but i would hope not. He may not have a great season offensively, but he is tough and can score some goals which the Avs need. I’d keep him, unless they can get someone his age who could be better.

  6. RatSale says:

    What would be the utility to bring a back-up like Tugnutt or shields or Irbe? Could they win the cup if Abbby goes down and one of those gets in the net? No way! just as if Sauvé gets the call. Would players be more confident seing one of those old underachievers sitting on the bench? No!

    If Lacroix deals again it will either be to strengten his D again or to add one or two more good forwards with grit to give the avs a third line that can score and check.

    I could see guys like Simon and Lindros if he comes back or Smyth or Onei’l, in fact any of them or any combination playing on a 3rd line with Konawalchuck.

  7. Lint07 says:

    they’ll get a veteran backup, you’ll see.

    Lacroix knows what he’s doing.

  8. afanofthelakings says:

    Just realized how powerful would the Avs be with Roberto Luongo in the net !!!!!!

  9. bamboo says:

    I just realized how powerful the Avs would be with a brick wall in front of the net

  10. afanofthelakings says:

    ha ha

  11. kovalev says:

    Steve Moore, Riku Hahl, Suave, Liles, Stephens, Ballard, Svatos

    ummm thats right no good prospects

  12. kovalev says:

    funny, do you know what that means

  13. bamboo says:

    go suck a greek dick!

  14. kovalev says:

    no it does mean that, how do you remain on this site, your user profile says you are suspended but to everyones surprise you are still here

  15. shady_records says:

    A backup wouldn’t be there to replace Abby if he gets injured. That’s like saying every team that’s going to the playoffs must have 2 starting goalies in case one gets injured. A backup is for the games that Aebischer doesn’t play because he is tired, everytime they put Sauve in net they always surrender 3 or more goals. So you can’t say that it’s the defence that makes Aebischer good.

  16. shady_records says:

    not really, third line potential, at best.

  17. Primis says:

    I’m sure as soon as the Lang-to-Detroit deal went down Colorado’s interest in someone like Alexei Kovalev suddenly went up a notch…

    — Primis.

  18. bamboo says:

    To be honest, I have no idea. But I am taking full advantage of it. No hard feelings of course, just can’t resist the greek thing.

  19. ManillaKilla says:

    Those are fringe players, at best.

    Colorado ranked dead last in The Hockey News for prospects. Try again.

  20. OilersRush says:

    A prospect and a 2nd round pick is the going rate for a rental player, and unlike other clubs they can afford Kovalev’s salary.

  21. OttawaUhockeyfan says:

    With Forsberg most likely to return to Sweden for at least a year or two, maybe Colorado would want to ensure that whatever offensive player they might acquire would stay with them for more than the current season. Either Kovalev or O’Neill would fit in really well at the center position.

  22. MightyJortikka says:

    I still think that should buy a goalie, but not someone that who will be a clear backup to Aebischer. Sure the guy has played well, but with the “dream team” are the really going to the playoffs with a keeper who´s playing his first season, and has little to none playoff experience.

    When the season started, Aebischer was useless, but he´s been playing better for the last couple months. Why? At the start of season, Aebischer couldn´t win games for the avs, now he can. At the moment he has alot of faith in his ability, and that´s the biggest reason why he´s been playing at his current level. This might change with 1-2 bad games in the playoffs and BOOM! and He will start to suck and this is because his young and in-experienced, so they need a guy can support him and at the same time challenge him

    So they should go after someone like:

    John Grahame, a really solid goaltender who would

    make Aebischer´s life really tough.

    Grahame would also be a “hometown boy” since he´s from Denver, something that the fans would really love.

    Other goalies i would like to see in AVS:

    Pasi Nurminen, a great goalie who would play well, in a team which has you know DEFENCE.

    He really suffers in ATL with the bad defence of the team, which costed the a playoff spot this year(they wont make it). I still guess he won´t be traded, until the moment when Kari Lehtonen will be ready to play at NHL-level.

    Jochelyn Thibault, YES Chicago is dumb enough

    to trade him.

    Marc Denis, orginally a Colorado draft, but CBS isn´t dumb enough to trade him.

    They really don´t need to go after Kölzig(overrated,overpaid) or Khabibulin(I prefer Grahame). But i really could see Irbe playing for the AVS, the guy really has something to prove, to himself,CAR and the whole world.

    I would also like to add the AVS with a “top shelf”

    agitator like Barnaby who should be availabe.

  23. kovalev says:

    Were those the same people that rank all the prospects, because if they are they are not always correct. i.e Daigle,Cleary etc…

    Until they play in a NHL game, you don’t know how good they will be, Marek Svatos was a highly scouted prospect.

    Liles is having a great year for the Avs, 64 GP 6 15 21 +7 and I think he’s there no.5 defenceman

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