What exactly is Sather's plan?

The Rangers have gone through the hardest part so far this off season. Watching Big Name free agents sign with teams like the “bankrupt” Penguins.

Now that they have gotten through the hardest part of this Re-had program of temptations…. One has to wonder. What is there plan?Well the Rangers have had a total of 9 picks in the first and second rounds of the 2004 and 2005 drafts combined. 3 of which were 1st round picks.

They have sure stocked up on prospects for the future. They have high hopes for the futures of these players.

(Some New some Old prospects)

Fedor Tyutin -D- already showing great potential

Henrik Ludqvist -G- playing over seas and maybe better then Montoya

Montoya -G- Young American goalie, potential to pick up where Richter let off.

Balej -RW- lighting Speed, as you might have seen at the end of the last 2003-2004 season, He looked real fast, real quick with the puck, and great hands.

Jarkko Immonen -C- Great Play maker with his hockey sense at what is said to be at an elite level.

The list goes on I could add about 5 more players that hockey annalists see as good solid prospects.

So while the future looks good. One has to ask. What will Sather do? He for the first time actually watched teams sign big name players!

At first The Rangers must have had players like Thorton and Lecavalier on the top of there UFA list of players to sign next summer. But the signing of those players is no big loss. A few other players are on the Rangers fans wish list starting with Young Stars……….

Marian Hossa and Martin St. Louis

both of which are having some contract issues and may want to see what they get offered in next years off season.

The truth is for all the Ranger fans is if they get resigned, or go some place else… you can’t get upset. Looking at the Rangers Future…. I can finally say it’s strong.

Weather or not Sather try’s to make some moves next year to grab some young stars is yet to be known. One thing is for sure. Rangers should have a top 5 pick in next years draft.