What is with these new referees?!

I am not one that likes to blame goals and games on referee’s, but while watching this Kings game I am incredibly unimpressed with these young refs. There have been complaints about them all year. Stuff like, they are trying to show that they are cracking down on penalties and so they give out stupid penalties. Or, I have heard that they don’t see as much as the veterans. I thought these complaints were nothing more than silly until my experience with them today.While watching a Kings game verse the Avs I, along with Jim Fox (the announcer) noticed the ref’s terrible judgment in the first period. The first mistake that was observed was a check from behind right along the boards. There wasn’t a call on the play. Then they made a fair hooking call against the Kings that I have know problems with. Before the PP even started there was some confusion with the men going out to the face off. Immediately there was a call on it and now it is 5 on 3 pp. Now I wasn’t sure what happened with the face-off but Jim Fox was. He was pissed, but later he did apologized for being unprofessional.

Later the penalty was explained as a delay of game due to a slow line change. At that time Murray was asking what circle the face-off was going to be in. Misunderstanding that, the refs gave the penalty. Also the rulebook states that there has to be a warning in the game before a penalty is called. No one saw a warning.

I have seen or at least listened to every single Kings game this season. I have never seen such terrible judgment.

I don’t know if any of you agree with me or have had experiences similar to this one. I am also not sure what can be done. I think one thing that could help is to not put new refs together. For some reason the NHL has been matching young refs with young refs. Please tell me what you think. Your opinions are encouraged. Thank You