What is with these new referees?!

I am not one that likes to blame goals and games on referee’s, but while watching this Kings game I am incredibly unimpressed with these young refs. There have been complaints about them all year. Stuff like, they are trying to show that they are cracking down on penalties and so they give out stupid penalties. Or, I have heard that they don’t see as much as the veterans. I thought these complaints were nothing more than silly until my experience with them today.While watching a Kings game verse the Avs I, along with Jim Fox (the announcer) noticed the ref’s terrible judgment in the first period. The first mistake that was observed was a check from behind right along the boards. There wasn’t a call on the play. Then they made a fair hooking call against the Kings that I have know problems with. Before the PP even started there was some confusion with the men going out to the face off. Immediately there was a call on it and now it is 5 on 3 pp. Now I wasn’t sure what happened with the face-off but Jim Fox was. He was pissed, but later he did apologized for being unprofessional.

Later the penalty was explained as a delay of game due to a slow line change. At that time Murray was asking what circle the face-off was going to be in. Misunderstanding that, the refs gave the penalty. Also the rulebook states that there has to be a warning in the game before a penalty is called. No one saw a warning.

I have seen or at least listened to every single Kings game this season. I have never seen such terrible judgment.

I don’t know if any of you agree with me or have had experiences similar to this one. I am also not sure what can be done. I think one thing that could help is to not put new refs together. For some reason the NHL has been matching young refs with young refs. Please tell me what you think. Your opinions are encouraged. Thank You

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  1. mikster says:

    Officials are a HUGE problem in the NHL today. Too many people deny it, and the ones who do don’t have the balls.

    I mean, i won’t argue the possible debatable calls that are easy to judge from above (watching TV or in the stands) and not easy to call on ice level….

    …but these guys don’t call the obvious. They call too many marginal calls with a guess. They call more marginal penalties than obvious penalties.

    TB had a fun game playing on the PP for basically half the game, and some calls were decent. Yet, the first PP was an after the whistle brawl with Clymer and Barnaby, KRAPA jumped in with two guys on him and he did absolutely nothing…not even a punch, he was actually getting shoved yet he got the penalty as well. So, the Bolts wound up with a power play for NO APPARENT REASON!!!

    Before that, Lindros was on a breakaway, Khabibulin threw his stick to knock the puck off of Lindros.

    Now, i recall in the playoffs when the Blues played against the…..Avalanche i think, and Turek received a penalty shot for throwing his stick. That was a hard call to make since it there was a lot of traffic.

    This….this is a damn breakaway. I mean, what the (beep) is the ref looking at when a player is on a breakaway??? Should be looking at the player and the goalie, since no defenseman was even close to Lindros. Yet, Khabi throws his stick on the side and actually misses the puck. The rule still says the goalie cannot throw his stick to attempt knocking the puck off the player’s stick. Yet, he did that. He CLEARLY AND SIMPLY threw his stick towards the puck.

    Now please, explain to me WHY that is not a penalty shot? WHY!!!!!???? The stick is near the boards, it was thrown….CLEARLY THROWN…nothing to even debate that it was not thrown, yet the ref does not make the cal. Why?

    That is NOT inconsistency my fellow hockey fans. That is a poor job by the ref. They do not call the obvious dives, holds, holding the sticks (i.e Chelios on Lindros’ one on one preventing a scoring chance), they don’t call the trips…now they don’t even call the goalie throwing the stick. I mean….call the obvious at least. Call the obvious penalties that everyone would call. BLOW THAT DAMN WHISTLE.

    They are a big problem, and it’s starting to be a concern for many fans.

    Last night, i watched a few games and some penalties, and missed penalties, just made me shake my head ‘no’….as in…what are the reasons? It’s just pathetic….

    I am fine with the young refs, they still are learning and they want to call the best game to stay in the NHL. Sure, they still suck if they miss the obvious calls, but the veteran refs are the problem…

  2. edmontonrules says:

    I think I have found a suspect. Expansion. I know I blame a lot of the problems in the league on it but expansion is ruining hockey.

  3. NYRangers914 says:

    all the referees and linesman have been doing haorrible jobs not just the newer ones but the veterans too i see bad calls and calls not being called all over the place

  4. Leaf_Expert says:

    yeah, yeah , yeah…blah, blah….

    Refs are bad, Leafs are good!…

    Too long,,But a real bad call was the penalty shot in the playoffs against the Islanders….

  5. Tony says:

    The Dallas and Detroit game also had bad refs tonight. It was really bad for both teams but the calls that stick out in my mind from that game, are the two calls in overtime againts Shanny and Young, and also the missed icing pretty much cost Detroit the game. I think its funny how everyone laughs at Chelios and Hull about their comments on how the game is being ruined by the league and when it happens to their team they agree with them. I think Chelios is right, the refs aren’t to blame, its Bettman, the refs don’t even know what they are suppose to call anymore.

  6. mikster says:

    Yeah but those are marginal calls hard to make during play and on ice level.

    Just call the obvious. The goalie throws his stick, what would you do if you were a ref?

    Ok…i thought so too…

  7. Tradedude says:

    Please! Please!

    Do NOT get me started with these young referees. If anyone saw the blues – leaf game a month or 2 back you’d understand. I even thought there were BS penalties against st.louis. Toronto had 4 unsportsmanlike conduct penalties and one penalty against mogilny for smashing his stick for a missed chance. Flyer fans you can shut-up. We’re not complaining, it the truth.

    NHL should hire EXPERIENCE refs, not refs that don’t even know their job or what the hell their doing or getting payed the big bucks for.

    like seriously……

  8. Captain27 says:

    It figures, Mikster would post an article like this after the Rangers were penalized 16 times last night?

    HEY MIKSTER, where was this article when the Islanders were the most penalized team in the league for the months of October and November?

    Bad Refereeing doesn’t lose games Mikster, Teams that can’t kill penalties and can’t score shorthanded LOSE GAMES!

    The Isles were penalized 13 times in their Game 6 playoff victory against Toronto!

    A playoff win is hard enough to get alone, imagine being penalized 13 times!

    Why is it, that these “hellfire and brimstone” posts always come after the League has unfairly “targeted” the Rangers?

    The Rangers had so many chances to win last nights game, regardless of the Refereeing. You forget that the Rangers had 7 powerplays as well!

    There’s a post I’d like to read on this board one day.

  9. leafsrule31 says:

    .. no one cares about the islanders

    and you do realize that the leafs had 16 penaltys one game in the series to right?

  10. Captain27 says:

    hey leaf, my beef aint with you or your team of goons…its with the fact that Ranger fans think that theyre the only ones who get bad reffing.

    EVERY TEAM IN THE NHL IS VICTIM OF POOR REFEREEING…its just part of the NHL, nothing more, nothing less.

    The fact that the Isles are the most penalized team in the league should help you understand that. But do you see Isles fans on this board with posts like “the NHL has a conspiracy against the Isles”…no! Its because the shitty officiating hurts every team evenly, therefore its a non-factor.

  11. aafiv says:

    Roenick hits Svehla: no penalty.

    Neil hits Fedoruk: stitches, concussion, no penalty

    Roenick hits Modano – just like previous 2 hits: Concussion. 2 game suspension.

    Regardless of what you think about Roenick or anyone else, can we have some consistency in the calls? It really looks like Roenick gets suspended because Modano is a “star.” What a load…


    What happens if the Coaches and GMs get together and criticise the league’s officiating, get fined and refuse to pay or be suspended. Then what happens? Will the NHL shut down until someone gives in? What’s it gonna take to turn this league around?

    I guess we”ll have to wait until fans start to not show up to games and the NHL’s TV coverage drops…


  12. big_booty says:

    You hit the nail right on the head. Couldn’t have said it any better myself.

  13. Habfan1234 says:

    I have read two books on the game of hockey and both point out that a huge problem with the play on the ice is the officials because they do not call the game by the rule book. If there are 25 to 35 minor penalties in a game so be it. Many state that this will cause the flow of the game to be disrupted but the problem is that the game without numerous penalties has no flow (i.e, choppy play from hooking and holding and TV timeouts). The players will learn how to play the game according to the NHL rulebook.

    The problem with the officials is that they are not repremanded for inept officiating. They are impervious to any punishment and they feel that they can call the game any way they see fit and thats that.

    The NHL should revert back to the one ref system because I did not see a problem with it. If a player got high-sticked in the one ref system and that one ref did not see the transgression then the linesman can call the penalty but that rarely if ever occurs in the two-man sysytem. In most cases more is less because there is a deferrment of responsiblity and they eventually call nothing or one ref calls everything and the other does nothing or the ref 150 feet away calls a penalty that the ref 10 feet “did not see”. More is less because we are introducing less qualifyed officials into the game that should be reffing only AHL or ECHL games (same idea as expansion).

    A few examples of blatent missed calls are when Joe Thornton pitch-forked Andrei Markov and when Zedno Chara high-sticked the same Andrei Markov.

  14. mikster says:

    Thing is….this had nothing to do with what i said.

    Re-read my comment….as i talk about the refs not calling the obvious.

    I only watched the 1st period of last night’s game as well since i had guests.

    Sorry, can’t really reply about your comment…has nothing to do with mine.

  15. nskerr says:

    The reason these refs suck is every year is that they change the rules on them constantly. How about leaving them alone for awhile. I go to about 28 games a year at the Nassau Coliseum, and some of these calls are absolutely horrible. Jason Blake got hammered in center ice without the puck the other night and was called for diving. Then you have the obvious trip or slash or hook, and the ref has to call a dive at the same time. If a guy is hooked down, how can he be diving? Who thought of that stupid rule?

    I was at a game against Detroit where the puck was heading into the oppositions end. If the Islander player got there first, it is a breakawy. So the Cujo comes out almost to the top of the circle. they both collide while fighting for the puck and they call goaltender interference. Isn’t the goalie supposed to be in the crease? If he is allowed to leave the crease to play the puck, then he also is fair game, especially when there was no intent to take him down.

    The NHL should try and get these rules implemented in college or the AHL to see if they work instead of constantly experimenting. One year, the refs have to call it, the next they don’t, then they do for the playoffs unless it is overtime. Stay with one set of rules that everyone can learn and the games will be better officiated.

  16. Stevieforpresident says:

    Dude…. This icing was obvious though, the damn ref didnt know what to call so they said Lidstrom didnt touch up and he clearly did. The stars held the puck in the wings zone and scored about four secs later, costing the wings their two points, and every point counts for the wings now because they are in a battle for first place. It should of been 2-1 and it finished 2-2. Have fun Dalls when we kick your ass in the Western Conference finals, when we get Datsyuk, Dandy, Fisher, and Stevie Y back…….I cant wait!

  17. leafsrule31 says:

    hey islander, my beef aint with you or your team of whiny bitches. my point is your complaining/whining about the rangers when this article had absoloutly nothing to do with em.

    of course miksters gonna have something to say about the rangers. thats the team he watches faithfully, just like you have something to say about the officiating against the islanders. no one said anything about a conspiracy against the rangers.. thats just your little theory why it was posted. an article about any team would have been posted by him on this topic because the point is shitty officiating. every ones gonna use their own team for an example because thats what they see.

    i think you got the complete wrong idea about the article and the comments. people comment on their own teams because thats what they watch. i dont see you talking about how the ducks have shitty reffing?..

  18. beckfan says:

    Not for nothing, the ref isnt aloud to make iceing calls. Even though he was right there, hes still not aloud to make that call.

  19. beckfan says:

    How bout this one: A player gets called for a trip while the player that he tripped also gets called for a dive on the same play? Im still scratching my head over that one.

  20. garry1221 says:

    bettman needs to look at the big picture… these refs don’t get it… u can’t expect someone to change your job every year and expect em to learn cold turkey again… also he’s listening to too much corporate america while thinking that less violence equals more tv time … gimme a break, while the scoring is fun to watch, it’s the hits and checks that got ppl watching the game, i’ve been saying this for almost 3 years now…. the refs need their own training camp, while every other team is practicing, the refs need to go to school to learn the right calls to make… hell, maybe have retired vets demonstrate on ice what calls that should be called look like, it’s nice that refs and linesmen have their own jobs…. BUT DAMMIT IF U SEE A CALL U’D THINK THE SMART THING TO DO WOULD BE TO LET THE PERSON WITH THE BEST ANGLE CALL IT!!!!!…. but no…..that’d be too easy for the league to do…. god forbid the refs call off an icing when they’re staring straight at it

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