What needs to be done to solidify our Playoff chances.

Brian Burke has made some great moves for the Leafs going forward. Although he has tweaked the lineup in a major way, there are still some moves to be made over the summer. These moves would be cost effective, and at the same time give us the contender tag. Here goes:
The First and primary move would have to be moving Kaberle to a team in which we are going to get a great player in return. With the news coming out that he is now unhappy with Ron Wilson, the writing is on the wall. Its only a matter of time when he gets moved. It’s time for him to go, he has worn out his welcome to me, and especially with those most recent comments. This guy is supposed to be a leader, and hes had multiple chances to be dealt, and then he comes out crying wolf, See you later Kaberle! So heres the deal:

To Columbus For:
1st Rounder

Filatov is finished in Columbus, he doesn’t want anything to do with the organization, and they really don’t want him either. The 1st rounder is well worth what they are getting in return, a top pairing defenseman, as well as a top 6 forward, potential 1st liner. This deal would give us a surefire sniper, and while its up in the air, maybe even a franchise player, he hasn’t lived up to the expectations in Columbus. But keep in mind he is young, very talented, and possesses all the tools to be an impact player.

Secondly, demote Finger to the Minors, and buy him out, I think we all know the reasoning behind this, 3.5 mil for this guy, Really!

Third, We may want to trade Beachemin, Mitchell, and a mid round pick to the Kings for Jack Johnson. Johnson doesn’t get along with the GM of the Kings, having being called out multiple times, even requesting he’d rather play somewhere else, prompts this trade. Beauchemin is expendable, he needs a change of scenery, and can still be a serviceable top 4 dman on any team. The Kings are in need of veteran leadership, and presence, especially on the blueline, which Beauchemin brings.

After these trades have taken place, onto free agency.
Sign Nik Zherdev
Thats it!




These simple moves will put the Leafs over the top, A great top 6 of forwards, and a good bottom six of role players. The Defense will be solid, A good balance between offense and defense on the back end. Getting rid of the minus play of Kaberle and Beauchemin will only improve our team. Every player on our top 6 on offense would be capable of 20 goals, and some 30, 40, maybe even more. Goal-tending will improve with the Monster coming into his own, and Giguere will come through when it matters most.

Filatov and Zherdev would bring a different, more dynamic offense to our game, it would take the focus off of Phil Kessel, and result in more chances for the team as a whole. Johnson will bring a well rounded game, and can chip in offensively as well and a sound defensive game. Overall, this is an improvement over where we are now, and would brighten the future even more.

On a final note, the departure of Kaberle and Beauchemin, opens up leadership roles with both of them being Alternates. Phaneuf will be made Captain, Komisarek already the other Alternate, I’m going to go with Kessel being the other Alternate. Need to put some leadership on the offensive side of the game as well, and although he may not be the most vocal, he is a positive influence in the Leafs room, and would be very good at leading by example, and he can be counted on when its crunch time.

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  1. lafleur10 says:

    100% bang on bbruins! i couldn't agree more!

  2. lafleur10 says:

    with that statement alone shows you are the biggest douchebag on this site! it also shows that you have no clue of what you are talkin about! the leafs are closer to the cup than the habs! hahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahaha what an eff,n joke! i suppose over the last 42 years and counting they've been closer to the cup than the habs! the leafs are so far away from the habs and the cup it's not even close!i hope your fine with brian cornholio burke! he's a loser just like your team and franchise that's why you guys are a match made in heaven ! thank-god we've had guys(gm's ) that were 10X times smarte and better than burke is or ever will be!if you believe all those reports out of washington then your nievether is no way the caps will give that up with mike green on there team and with john carlson in the system ha ha nice try though keep dreaming as usual you ask what goalies have ever held a team together for multiple years well didn't just a few short years ago you have that with ed the druggie belfour and curtis joseph? i think so!in 3 years the laffs will be lucky if they are fighting for a playoff spot THEY won't be cup competitive hahah nice try again cam but it'll take the laffs 5 more years to reach that stage if they even get there dominic moore is doing great thanks for asking! how's homosarek doing? oh that's right he's done for the season just like you losers are!
    how's the 1st r.s pick for nicole antroflop? oh that's right you didn't get 1! just like you won't get neal for kaberle cam you are too much! man!

  3. bbruins37 says:

    Come on lafleur, next year is the Leafs year. You know the routine.

  4. mojo19 says:

    Thank you Cam, someone who actually watches Kaberle play, and puts the stats into perspective instead of manipulating them to make Kaberle out to be a bad player, which he obviously isn't.

  5. lafleur10 says:

    burke did say infact that the leafs were a playoff team at the start of the season he said that he expects us to in the playoffs was his quote look it up you'll find it!

  6. LeafsLegacy says:

    You said Mueller is basically crap and is not worth any talk about. I also said he was under-rated and has a chance to prove himself, and you disagreed. And looky, looky.

  7. bbruins37 says:

    Good thing he's unbiased too.

    Kaberle doesn't even play agaisnt teams top players in a shutdown role, so the +/- stat is very telling. He's useless.

  8. LeafsLegacy says:

    Wow, thanks for the essay that explains everything I already know. You obviously did not understand me then, when I said TWICE Kaberle is at least worth a 1st rounder or a 1st rounded caliber player. Obviously your not hockey inclined, if you were then you would of noticed that even Gunnerson of the Maple Leafs (a rookie by the way) is still able to maintain a positive +/- ratio EVEN WHEN TOSKALA WAS IN NET, but yet Kaberle is such an elite, and experienced player that when traded has the potential for the team to obtain a 1st round draft pick and a top 6 forward even though a rookie has better quality defensive awarness then him. I still believe he is still worth a first rounder for all the above you mentioned but anything more is outrageously over priced. Only time will tell cam7777 who is right or wrong. Even if he is willing to waive his no trade clause.

  9. lafleur10 says:

    oh yeah that's right bbruins i forgot!

  10. reinjosh says:

    you obviously have little knowledge of the player
    otherwise you would understand Kaberle has not NTC in the summer.

    and it was reported that Columbus offered Voracek and a 2nd last summer for Kaberle but Burke didn't do the deal. Thats a first and a 2nd after what can be defined as one of his worst season. He is better this season and is placed against some of the leagues best players. Easily worth a top 6 forward.

    Gunnarson's plus/minus is amazing. Any hockey analyst will tell you that. Its not often rookies play that well. Its also explained by having him play far less than Kaberle does and also not being apart of the awful beginning part of the season.

    Just give it a rest dude, you obviouls dont know what your talking about.

  11. cam7777 says:

    Yea, he averages 23 minutes a night, but I'm sure he just leaps off the ice whenever the top line comes over the board.  Not to mention the fact that we just explained the plus minus.  80% of his minus tallies came when the team was on that dreadful 1-11-4 start.  It's impossible to judge anyone when the goaltending is that atrocious.  Since then, he's a minus 3.  Personally I think that 63 games is a far better sample size than 15 games, but that could be just me….

  12. cam7777 says:

    wow, there's just no arguing with this level of stupidity.  everything i have said is true, and comes from legitimate hockey sources, and not the idiotic minds of bbruins and lafleur who have been wrong about nearly everything. 

    if you honestly think the habs are built to go past the first round any time in the next five years, you're sadly mistaken.  leafs are the hottest team in the league since the phaneuf trade, so consider that for a second instead of shooting your mouth off. 

    do you actually watch the habs play?  they are horrendous.  it is an absolute miracle that price and halak keep them in it some nights.  belfour and joseph were good goalies on good teams – they were not miracle workers.  it's nice to see the classless idiots in montreal chasing Price out the door though. 

    let's see, Burke and Nonis built the Ducks, and the Canucks.  The Ducks are missing the playoffs for the first time in how many years?  Oh, and shockingly, it's just after Burke left.  the only Canucks players who weren't Burke or Nonis additions – Samuelsson, Wellwood, and Ehrhoff.  Oh, and Raycroft.  The Sedins, Burrows, Kesler, Raymond, Johnson, Mitchell, Bieksa, Luongo – yea, that's all Burke.  Seems to me like they know what they're doing.  When was the last time Gainey had any success?  Oh that's right, in Dallas, like two decades ago.  And the actual GM in charge right now, whoever he is, what has he done?  His legacy so far is Moore for a 2nd.  And he is largely regarded as a joke, and the engineer of the gomez trade, gill and spacek signings, and the movement to trade price.  christ i can't wait for the shitshow to erupt in montreal when plekanec either leaves, or is paid waaaay too much money.

    hey, are the habs even guaranteed a playoff spot THIS year?  It seems to me that Atlanta and/or the Rangers could still catch them.  maybe you should hold your tongue you *****ing idiot.

    i like how you keep going back to antropov (the one thing you've ever gotten right), just because we got a 2nd and a 4th instead of a 1st.  time has proven that burke was right about antropov's value.  there isn't a team in the league that wouldn't give up a late 1st for antropov now.  he's been lights out this year.  and he was the best player traded at the deadline last year by a landslide.  likewise, you don't really beleive stempniak was only worth a 4th do you?  burke happens to be terrible at the deadline trades, but that's fine, because i don't think he intends to be making them much longer.

    should we focus on all the things you've been wrong about?  i'll start a list:

    -ian white is not a top 4 defensemen
    -matt stajan won't hit 50 points again
    -alex ponikarovsky won't net you a top prospect
    -you can't get dion phaneuf for spare pieces
    -phil kessel will not be leaving boston
    -phil kessel will not be going to toronto
    -jiri tlust isn't worth a 1st round pick

    oh, and my personal favorite:

    -tyler bozak is a 4th line prospect, potential career AHL'er. 

    Hahaha, the shit that comes out of your mouth is priceless.  DO you want to keep talking, so I can add more to my list, or are you ready to shut your trap now?

  13. cam7777 says:

    i love how you side with him just because he's saying nonsense about the leafs.  if anyone else was saying such garbage, in such utterly poor english, you would be ripping them to shreds.  you know, the bruins organization isn't exactly the pride of the nhl.  their cupless streak is nearly as long as the leafs, and they currently have the worst offense in the league, with a maxed to the cap roster.  i don't know why you're so arrogant.  they're fighting for their lives for a playoff spot right now.  deepest team in the league my ass.

  14. mojo19 says:

    I've always been intrigued by Mueller so you must have me confused with someone else. I've even come up with some trade scenario's to land him.

    What I might have said earlier this year, when everyone wanted to trade for Mueller so bad, is that he was not having a good year, nor did he have a good year last year, so his trade value should be low. People were saying to trade players like Kaberle for him etc. And I definitely thought it was too high, so maybe you're thinking of that. but I never said he was basically crap or whatever.

  15. cam7777 says:

    And you still can't understand.  I give up. 

    Gunnarsson wasn't there for the first 15 games in which Kaberle went -12.  During that period we had McDonald in net for 3 games, and an injured Toskala playing because the backup (gustavsson) was coming off two heart surgeries.  Since then, Kaberle is a minus 3, which is respectable.

    You can't even compare 60 games of Gunnarsson's career to 12 years of all star calibre offense from the back-end by Kaberle.  That's just absurd.  That's the same as saying that Jamie Benn is far superior to, oh i dunno, vincent lecavalier.  i mean, lecavalier's a minus, and benn isn't, and benn is having a great year for a 19 year old, so he must be better, and lecavalier must have no defensive awareness.

    I don't know, but the thing that sells me is when you hear actual hockey people talk about Kaberle – not media personnel like McKenzie and Duthie and so forth, but hockey guys like Craig MacTavish, Peter Laviolette, Paul Maurice and Bob Clarke.  They don't say any of the stupid shit that the media says.  They say things like "Kaberle is a gem, and a very special player that anyone would love to have!"  And do you know why they say those things?  Because hockey people are intelligent enough to understand that sometimes, stats are cir*****stantial. 

    Nicklas Lidstrom would have had a hard time being a plus with Toskala/McDonald in net.  Cut Tomas some slack.

  16. cam7777 says:

    I also said not to trade for Mueller, and I might have said that he was crap.  The reason for that though, is that he is apparently going to leave hockey after this year, or next year, to do some missionary work, because he is a born again christian, and hockey has become his second priority.  that is the big rumor floating around about him.  and if that were true, than he is crap, and he is worthless, and phoenix fleeced colorado.

  17. lafleur10 says:

    first of all douche bag! burke didn't build the ducks bryan murray did! burke added a couple of pieces! when he built the canucks how far do they o in the playoffs? not very far! his biggest legacy there was sticking with that bum dan cloutier!and just what has the sedins,kesler,louongo, johnson ,bieksa won for the canucks? absolutely nothing! if you believe ian white is a top 4 defencman your on drugs and some cheap ones at that! he's a dud plain and simple!ponikarovsky didn't land you a top prospect he landed you pittsburgh 3rd rated prospect not their top 1 ! you got dion phaneuf whoopie friggin do! sutter is an idiot for allowing himself to get raped like that ,it will cost him his job! too bad burke couldn't have done that with chiarelli! fact chiarelli raped him and you know it!tyler bozak is playing good but we'll see if he keeps it up! i doubt it but we'll see!antrpov is lights out this year! he's a stiff and always will be! end of story!it doesn't prove that burke's value about antrpov,it proves that you overvalued him and when a few of us on here called it you went on a tizzy trying to justify it and you were wrong!plekanec isn't leaving us1 he'll resign so no worries there!the rangers and thrashers won't catch us hahahah! the thrashers won't win another game they have the caps 1 more time the pens twice and the devils they're done! the rangers are 1 loss and 1 win from either us or boston in ot from being done! so they're out of it!gainey's had more success than burke will ever have!  period! when burke wins more cups than gainey has (even as a player) we'll talk!gainey learned from the best gm in the history of the league! sam pollack!the shit and all the dreaming and fantasy trades that you come up with and out of your mouth is priceless!so you shit your trap you eff'n douchebag!

  18. bbruins37 says:

    "-ian white is not a top 4 defensemen"
    "-you can't get dion phaneuf for spare pieces"

    Contradiction? Maybe?

    To be fair to lafleur on Kessel not leaving Boston, did anyone predict that we'd see a massive (foolish works here too) package of picks like that?

  19. bbruins37 says:

    Nah, lafleur is cool. Same with leafy (despite the fact that he's a leafs fan).

    Bruins actually have some history since '72 (Orr, Espo, cup finals, record playoff streak, etc.). Leafs have just been…bad.

  20. LeafsLegacy says:

    Back this up then. "He is better this season and is placed against some of the leagues best players. Easily worth a top 6 forward." Towards the Voracek deal, I have Googled it and have found nothing, information on this would also be awesome. With regards to Kaberle's +/- being bad just because of Toskala, this statement is obsurd in it's own context alone. Yes Toskala is bad, but that is why you have defenders that the team relies on. You just can't always blame the goaltender, (which by the way he is doing awesome in calgary). Hockey 101, defenders are there to DEFEND.
    Also all other players have improved their +/- ever since the trade, but yet Kaberle hasn't (either has Beauch). If Kaberle is so good, then why does everyone want him out the door? I think it's because he doesn't care about winning, he does not get emotional when playing, has no physicality to his game, doesn't even attempt to block shots and relies on his partner for his defensive reliablities. You should just put him on as a winger then.

    Also look at his stats for his career in the NHL. These are nowhere near elite defender numbers. So how is he up their with the best? Oh right, he plays for Toronto and can move the puck from point A to point B. In that case I'd trade Ovechkin for him if was the manager of Washington. You guys are praising the wrong defender. The reason why he racks up so much points, I should actually say assists is because he's always out there with the top line and on the power play. And if he is so swift with his passes how come Toronto's power play isn't better then it is? His trade value has collapsed after the break.  

    You want to look at elite defenders that get their job done, look at Pronger Lidstrom, Leetch, MacInnis, Bourque, Chara and those type players. Those are the type that are worth all the hype, the big trades and winning trophies. How much times has Kaberle won the Norris trophy in his career. Oh yeah, 0 times, and I don't even remember him even being nominated.

  21. LeafsLegacy says:

    I'm actually comparing defenceman, where +/- actually matter, and since being on the same team, Gunnerson is fighting the same conditions as Kaberle is. With Kaberle's experience he should be able to at least have better numbers right, since he's a "gem"?. There is no excuse, they both play simular minutes, with the same teammates. And it's players like Lidstom (their whole Defensive core) that make goalies look good, hence Jimmy Howard. So I can still argue Lidstrom on Toronto.

  22. reinjosh says:

    Hmm, I can't seem to find the Voracek thing either so nevermind. And you obviously have little understanding for plus/minus. It happens to be the most hotly contested stat in the NHL because of this very reason. It doesn;t tell the whole story for a persons defensive game.

    Second of all, I never once claimed that Kaberle was an elite defenseman. I will claim he is an elite offensive defenseman. Those dman come in short order. You look at where Kaberle's point total is and you see no other dman who can get points like Kaberle does without a massively better team. YOur an idiot if you think he is being propped up by some other players. If you do, its obvious you have never watched the guy play.

    I also never proposed a deal that was worth of a Norris type player. That would be 2 first rounders, a top prospect and a top 6 forward (as evidenced by the Pronger trade). Is Kaberle worth that, not a chance. But he is worth a first and a top 6. You know why? Because a player that plays him game is in such short order.

    Regardless, it doesn't matter. He is either going to be traded for full value (what me and cam are speaking of) or he won't be and Burke will keep a player valuable to the team. Thank goodness out GM is enough of a tool to accept any offer like the one you proposed.

  23. reinjosh says:

    They may play similar minutes, but your comparing a player who is a top pairing player and hence went out against the leagues best players to a player who is a second or third paring defender.

    And again, your not listening at all. Gunnarson's plus/minus is amazing. Its pretty much unheard of that a rookie has that, especially on a team like Toronto.

    YOur also completely ignoring the fact that GUnnarson has 39 games to Kaberle's 78. Discrepancy much.

  24. leafmeister says:

    Is everything you say so pressing that it needs an exclamation mark?

  25. cam7777 says:

    Funny how Antropov is producing at a better rate than your best forward.

    Funny how White has 6 more points than your best defensemen.

    Funny how Caputi has achieved far more than Tangradi at a younger age.

    Funny how Chia can rape a deal when he hasn't even got any players back yet.

    Funny how Bozak is a flop after out-pacing Tavares and Duchene so far this year.  It seems to some, that 30-some games is enough time to deem a goalie the successor to Brodeur (in both Rask and Halak's case actually).

    You should write comedy.

    I'm done with this.  You don't have a clue.

    The Habs are a joke.  Plekanec is playing for money, and outside of Cammalleri, Markov and Halak, the rest of your team are losers.  You don't get past the first round with trash like the Kostitsyn's taking up roster space. 

  26. cam7777 says:

    You're right, Gunnarsson is superior to Kaberle.  We should sign him to a 10 year contract right now, and lock up the league's next elite defensemen.  After all, he's got a better plus minus than Kaberle for a whopping sixty two games now.  Surely we don't need the second highest scoring defensemen since the lockout anymore. 

  27. cam7777 says:

    How are his numbers not elite?  He is top five in points scored since 2003, and top 2 since the lockout.  He is a career plus, and a four time all-star.  And if you'ever heard me talk about Kaberle, I've actually said for several months now that we should not trade him.  If we trade him, we will have to look for a puck-moving replacement eventually, and when that day comes, the other team will not be dealing with an idiot fanbase like you that makes it okay for the media to rag on their players endlessly and demote their trade value to nothing.

    About Beauchemin and Kaberle's plus minus versus Gunnarsson – this does not mean Gunnarsson is a better defender.  Gunnarsson's job is simply to pass the puck out of the zone, or dish it off the boards.  Kaberle and Beauchemin are there to actually create offense, so their jobs involve more risk.  Wilson tells Kaberle he has permission to pinch whenever he wants.  Gunnarsson doesn't have that permission.  Unfortuneately, being that we are almost always scored on first (8 out of 10 times on the PP when +/- doesn't matter), Kaberle is always having to take risks to put us back in the game. 

    Pronger has 5 more points than Kaberle and he plays on a team with Carter, Richards, Briere, VanRiemsdyk, Hartnell, Gagne and Giroux.  THey have at least 7 bonafide top six forwards.  I can't imagine it would be hard to score on that PP.  Kaberle was working with Stajan, Hagman, and Ponikarovsky for the first 55 games of the year. 

    You are right that the PP is a bit of a mystery, but if you actually watch the games instead of just trying to manipulate stats to your ridiculous conclusions, you'd notice that Kaberle is still doing his job.  A huge part of our PP problem is Kessel.  He turns the puck over at least twice on every PP.  Moreoever, we only have one forward that can win a puck battle in that situation, and Kulemin can't play the whole 20 minutes.  This is just about being not strong enough.

    And regardless, even if those players are all much better than Kaberle, I don't get why people don't understand, THOSE PLAYERS ARE NOT AVAILABLE!  If you wanted Mike Green right now, Washington would be asking for an Ovechkin like player.  No one can possibly afford to shop for Weber, Suter, Doughty, or Keith, because they AREN'T AVAILABLE.  How good those guys are do not effect Kaberle's value.  Kaberle is far and away the best defensemen available, if he is available, and that's what determines his value.  Players like Kaberle, who have a long career of success, are not evaluated on five games with the youngest roster in the league.  Like, doesn't that sound just absurd to you? 

    Either Burke will get a great package for him, or he'll resign him.  It's that simple. 

    Finally, it was Maple Leaf Hot Stove that broke the Columbus story.  The Jackets beat writer confirmed it in his blog.  It was discussed on The Hot Stove on CBC at the start of the year.  Burke hinted the offer was made during a LeafsTV segment.  The Washington deal is all rumor, but I laugh at the people who talk about how they already have Mike Green.  Ha, yea, and that helped them so much in the playoffs last year, when the other team just had to shut down one defender.  Who is their next highest scoring defender?  What does Poti have, like 17 points? 

    Put Kaberle on that roster, and he would hit 65 points, and be a plus 25, easily.  That's the kind of team he is designed for – speedy, talented guys who can score off the rush and OWN the powerplay.  Again, hockey people know this, so don't worry your pretty little head about.  Dig up some more stats to back up your idiocy.  Run along now…

  28. reinjosh says:

    n, he said he expected the leafs to fight for position in the playoffs

  29. Uncleben says:

    Actually some good ideas there.
    i would miss Grabo, but itd be worth, especially for a 1st.

    the price or johndon, IMO, is too high.
    maybe drop either the pick or mitchell (though i def dont mind him leaving) or ask for a 3rd/4th liner as well in return.

    Zherdev would be risky, but if the risk pays off, itd be nice. a cheap, affordable contract would be nice.

  30. cam7777 says:

    to chi: beauchemin, rosehill, 3rd in 2010
    to tor: campbell, byfuglien, 1st in 2010

    Taking Campell's contract could be the Leafs best chance at getting some solid assets back this summer.  beauchemin is the kind of d-man the hawks want, and shedding that contract allows them resign or keep pretty much everyone else.  so naturally, they have to lose the other parts of the deal big time.

    to ana: byfuglien, grabovski, stefanovich, 2nd in 2011
    to tor: b.ryan

    Trading for Campbell gives us the necessary piece to make an offer for Ryan.  I'm not sure anyone else could offer up a better package than two top six roster players, a high 2nd round pick, and a good prospect; could they?  If Ryan is available, I think this would get it done.

    to dal: kaberle
    to tor: neal, 2nd in 2010

    i lowered the return on kaberle,hoping to get a less stupid response from the moronic leaf haters.  This is better than the Voracek and a 2nd offer made last summer, but not ridiculously so.  regardless of whether neal is available or not, this is the kind of player we are looking to get back.. the pick is irrelevent anyways, as burke can sign whoever he wants seemingly at will. and even if we don't trade Kaberle, we just keep one of the best offensive d-men in the league.  win-win.

    Sign Scrivens, Zucarello-Aasen.

    J.Neal (3.75) – Bozak (3.725) – Kessel (5.4)
    Kulemin (2.5) – Kadri (1.75) – B.Ryan (4.75)
    Stalberg (0.85) – Hanson (1.0) – Sjostrom (0.75)
    Primeau (0.85) – Mitchell (0.75) – C.Orr (1.0)

    Phaneuf (6.5) – Campbell (7.14)
    Gunnarsson (0.8) – Schenn (2.975)
    Komisarek (4.5) – Blacker (0.68)

    Gustavsson (1.8) – Giguere (6.0)

    CAP HIT – 58.47 million (easily accounted for by the bonus cushion)

    And the Marlies:

    Caputi (0.825) – DiDomenico (0.68) – Zucarello-Aasen (0.9)
    Paradis (0.900) – Ruegsegger (0.6) – B. Irwin (0.9)
    Hamilton (0.55) – Champagne (0.6) – D.Mitchell (0.76)
    Slaney (0.575) – Deveaux (0.525) – Greenop (0.525)

    Aulie (0.733) – Blacker (0.69)
    Mikus (0.563) – Finger (3.5)
    Rosehill (0.512) – Gysbers (0.7)

    Reimer (0.525) – Scrivens (0.9)

  31. palindrom says:

    In theory, unless a signed ufa had a better season than expected, they have 0 trade value….

    Last summer, No one was willing to give as much money to beauchemin and komisarek as the leaf gave them. So in theory, no team should be interested in them if they was waived….

    So forget to have any value in return for them.

  32. palindrom says:

    n theory, unless a signed ufa had a better season than expected, they have 0 trade value….

    Last summer, No one was willing to give as much money to beauchemin and komisarek as the leaf gave them. So in theory, no team should be interested in them if they was waived….

    So forget to have any value in return for them.

  33. futurebruin says:

    I heard Ryan Kesler is now available, as he's disputing with Canucks ownership.  I also heard the Bruins are offering Ryder straight up for Kesler, and that the Leafs are offering Finger straight up for him.  Pretty cool, huh?

  34. cam7777 says:

    Well, Burke won't trade Komisarek, but they could have got more money elsewhere, so that isn't true.  It was rumored the Islanders would have given Komisarek 25 million for 5 years.   Beauchemin could have signed pretty much anywhere.  He thought he was signing with Anaheim until ownership said they didn't have any money (because the owner was in jail).  Both of them signed in Toronto because of Burke.  Neither would clear waivers.

  35. lafleur10 says:

    once agaain you have no idea what you are talking about! antropov couldn't and will not out produce plekanec and if cammalleri didn't get hurt antropov would've even come within 15 points of him! period! white having 6 more points than markov doesn't say much for him because markov missed 35 games if healthy markov would be the leading scoring defnceman in the league
    luca capoopi is shitty just like your team hence the name capoopi.
    chia did rape that deal no question about ithe did and will get players back it's just a matter of who hall or seguin and with the other picks it to be determined
    bozak is a flash in the pan and isn't out producing duschene and tavares nice try he couldn't carry the jocks of either of those guys
    halak and rask are having success and as of riht now both have better stats than brodeur for that matter plekanec is playing for money no shit sherlock!
    you said outside of markov,cammalleri and halk the rest of our team is shit wll those uys are better than what you have all together and if we were playin you in the playoffs i'd bet we'd sweep you in 4 straight
    your the 1 that doesn't have a clue and should write comedy

  36. cam7777 says:

    very grown up of you mr. capoopi.  and we're done here.  you have no idea.  you haven't given any facts, or logical explanations, just your own idiotic opinion.  what's the point of even discussing this if that's all you can bring to the table? 

    as for your team comparisons, you're being pretty retarded.  kaberle is markov's equal, and only leaf hating idiots would disgaree.  so that leaves phaneuf, schenn, gunnarsson, beauchemin, and komisarek to match up with, lol, gill, mara, spacek, hamrlik, and gorges.  quite the crew.  kessel is out-producing cammalleri, bozak is out producing gomez, and since the Phaneuf trade, Kulemin has out produced Gionta.  And that doesn't even account for any additions this summer (where you will be subtracting because your cap is maxed out), or Nazem Kadri.  oh, and by the way, our 6th round pick from last year, yea, d'amigo, he's out produced louis leblanc (your first your pick), and been awarded rookie of the year.  ouch, that's gotta hurt.  had to go french though, ha.

    hall and seguin haven't played a single game in the nhl, and scouts aren't even sure they're nhl ready.  you realize that all the same things that are being said about them, were also said about kyle turris, and james vanriemsdyk.  three years later, one is a good nhl'er, not fantastic, and the other is on the same path as benoit pouliot (talk about flash in the pan).

    antropov ppg – 0.8933
    plekanec ppg – 0.8840
    cammalleri ppg – 0.8190


    bozak ppg – 0.7878
    duchene ppg – 0.7260
    tavares ppg – 0.6104


    either you're very bad at math, or just ignorant, but probably both.

    you are a child, and i'm done arguing with the kiddies for today.  come back when you have some sort of actual, you know, evidence, to support your claims.  i can go to hockeybuzz to hear mindless habs gushing.  grow up.

  37. lafleur10 says:

    look numbnuts! kessel is the only good top 6 forward you have! cammalleri is far and away better and kessel is only a few points ahead of him dispite cammalleri missing 28 games otherwise cammalleri wuld be more than doubling him in points and goals ,before his injury cammalleri was on pace for 50 goals 80+ points probably closer to 90! sorry but kaberle isn't markov's equal ! maguire mackenzie dreger etc all say markov is better i'll believe them over you any day.bozak out producing gomez hahahhaha wake the ***** up bumzak has only 8 goals and 18 assists 26 points gomez has 12 goals and 56 points i think your the 1 who can't add douchebag d'amigo is a so-so prospect it's funny you compare him to leblance and conviently forget to compare to a usa teammate of his that was the best player on team usa in the wjc danny kristo ,if kristo didn't play last in in college he would've won that this year hands down kristo was 1 of the highest scoring player in college leblanc will be very good no worries there either jumelin out producing gionta agaain giota has more goals and points try againbtw if you had gomez right now he would be your leading scorer he has more points than kessel hahahaha
    tonight on coach's corner don cherry said himself that taylor hall will be a special player in the joe thornton mold if he turns out that good game set match for the bruins in that trade easy win for boston because kessel isn't half the player thornton is that proves that bruins myself and other were right again about the deal it was a total and complete rape!  our cap isn't maxed out we'll still have some room but enough to resign plekanec,price ,halak.

  38. cam7777 says:

    cammalleri ppg – 0.8196
    kessel ppg – 0.8333

    And Kessel's actually only played 4 less games than Cammalleri, so even if Cammalleri was a point-per game for those games, he wouldn't be with kessel.  Kessel also missed training camp because of surgery, and had john mitchell as his center for a stretch.  you're deluded if you think Cammalleri is better.  He's almost 7 years older than Kessel too.  that's a laugh.

    bozak ppg – 0.7878
    gomez ppg – 0.7576

    Well, once again you are wrong.  Had Bozak not been hit with swine flu, and then a concussion, he'd be in the running for the Calder with his numbers.  WHat you failed to notice in your assessment, is that Bozak has only played 33 games.

    d'amigo ppg – 0.9714
    kristo ppg – 0.8780
    leblanc ppg – 0.7419

    are you confusing kristo with rangers prospect derek stepan?  it's funny that only you seem to think kristo was the player of the tournament.  as i recall, d'amigo and stepan were the two in the running from the states.  also,  stepan lead the tournament in points, and d'amigo tied the almighty taylor hall.  where was kristo?  oh that's right, he didn't make the top 20.  how about leblanc?  oh, he wasn't even there.  and how do explain the NCAA naming D'Amigo rookie of the year?  It was Kristo's rookie year also….

    and oh how you fail to read.  i said kulemin out produced gionta SINCE THE PHANEUF TRADE.  you reall have to work on your english man:

    kulemin ppg – 0.8636
    gionta ppg – 0.7272

    it's funny, you give kulemin the same ice time as gionta, and suddenly he's vastly outperforming him.  come on now man, the whole nhl acknowledges that the habs have a poor, poor forward core.  in fact, their skaters in general have been horrendous.  i believe i read a stat on a habs blog the other day, that they have been in something like 20 + games where they gave up more than 45 shots.  that's horrendous. 

    as for kaberle and markov, dreger has never said anything like that.  mckenzie is a notorious leaf hater, and mcguire is a massive habs fan.  ask bob clarke, craig mctavish, or peter holmgren the same question, and you'll get a different answer.  the fact of the matter is their stats are almost identlcal.  the only time markov has ever pulled away is when the leafs have iced a bottom five team.  it's clear that if the habs were giving up 45 shots plus, with toskala in net, they'd be dead last.  conversely, the leafs outshoot their opponents 90% of the time.  i find it hilarious how no one judged jay bouwmeester when he was in kaberle's position, but kaberle, he must be a bum.  what a joke.  you leaf haters will say anything to delude yourselves. 

    And finally, we get to Don Cherry.  I love Don Cherry, and I respect his opinion on a lot of things.  He did not say Hall would be Thornton, he said he will be like a THornton.  And if you were paying attention to tone at all (which I know you weren't because you don't understand English), he was saying it in such a way as to imply that Hall would compensate for all their traded away assets.  He was not implying that Hall would be like Thornton.  If you've watched Hall play at all, you should know that he's a sniper, more in the mould of Phil Kessel and Dany Heatley than Joe Thornton.  Cherry was really just tooting his own horn in regards to the fact that he predicted Hall would go first over all.

    Further to that point though, if you haven't noticed, Cherry says this about every top five prospect every year (as long as they're Canadian).  A huge part of his job is to push the Canadian brand as far as he can.  Point and case, where was he when VanRiemsdyk and Kane went 1 and 2 overall?  He was interviewing Turris, claiming he was in the mould of a young Gretzky. And you also forget that Kessel was himself projected as a 1st overall, who fell because of "attitude" issues.  Well, none of those in TO so far – just a surefire 40 goal scorer.

    These are the Habs resigns, likely prices:

    Plekanec – 4.5-5.5 million
    S.Kosititsyn – 1.25-1.75 million
    Lapierre – about 750K
    Moore – 1.5-2.0 million (he will be resigned after spending a 2nd on him)
    Halak – 4.5 – 5.0(he'll want the hiller contract for sure)
    Price – 2.5-3.5 million (price knows someone will offer sheet him if he doesn't sign, so they'll have to pay him)

    That's at a minimum, 15 million dollars, and more reaslitically, about 17 million.  You already have 45.5 million committed to next year.  So someone has to go.  but hey, maybe you can trade for drury, briere, and horcoff to complete your arrray of over-priced centers….

    again, come back when you have some actual knowledge.

  39. lafleur10 says:

    i think you had better have a look again at the world junior stats your saviour d'amigo in the tourment was good  for team usa stepan might have led the americans but he was not even close to being the best player in the tournment neither was hall jordaneberle was and is better than hall imo and wayyyy better than d'amigo and your precious kadri! kadri couldn't tie eberle's skates.cammalleri is better than kessel case closed 2 80 points seasons to none over and done with,it's like the markov kaberle arguement kaberle is older and played longer ,macguire is no habs fan he tells it like it is like it or not and he's said it quite a few times that markov is an elite defenceman in the leaue kaberle isn't he said that kaberle is in the nest tier of guys,mackenzie is a staunch lefa fan again though when they say something truthful about the leafs or aleafs player you deny it and have all these conspiracy theories mackenzie was staying a fact when he said markov was better dreger also said it numerous time. cheery is saying that about hall because he believes his bruins are getting a thornton type player and like i said if hall turns out to be like thornton you guys lose that deal plain and simple case closed again. nice projection btw on our resigns and interesting i'll give you that however for some reason though i can't see us resigning dominic moore plekanec i think will sign for around what you posted i don't know if s.kostitsyn recieves that much …..he couldhalak won't get between 4.5-5 million yet however i think he'll recieve between 2.5 -3 million price i think will  resign for the same as he's getting now or slightly higher than the 2.2 million he's getting now. if halak wants the kind of money that you are projecting then i think he's as good as gone in a draft day trade i hope not though,ha ha i like both of your goaltenders and we have to #1's and yes i did listen to cherry i choose not to at times but he did infact say that hall will be a thornton maybe you don't understand english only leafs english so if you want to really learn something other than all the leafs crap you post listen and you might learn somethin and you wouldn't be a dumb  son of a ***** all your life

  40. cam7777 says:

    okay, back to the stat mill to prove you wrong.  i've already shown you that kessel, 6 years younger than cammalleri, surrounded by less talent currently, produces at a higher rate than cammalleri – that's fact, and you cant' dispute it.  but here is what cammalleri achieved in comparison to kessel:

    cammelleri age 19 – 61 points in the ncaa
    kessel age 19 – 29 poings in the nhl (after being diagnosed with cancer)

    cammalleri age 20 – 43 points in the ncaa
    kessel age 20 – 37 points in the nhl

    cammalleri age 21 – 8 points in the nhl
    kessel age 21 – 36 goals, and 60 points in the nhl

    cammalleri age 22 – 15 points in the nhl
    kessel age 22 – 30 goals, 55 points

    so you couldn't be more wrong on every account.  i don't think you've said one truthful thing so far.

    Kaberle is 9 months older than Markov.  It's not his fault that he made an impact in the NHL sooner than Markov, but even if you look at all the PPG stats over their respective careers, Kaberle either equals him, or beats him, in every single one.  Again, the only time Markov has ever pulled away is in the last two years, where the Leafs have iced a bottom five team.

    Pierre McGuire is generally regarded around the hockey world as one of the biggest idiots in the game.  Minnesota thought that all the hoopla coming out of Montreal about him might have had some merit, and brought him in for an interview to see what he knew about the game.  They elected to go with a rookie GM over Pierre's general lack of intellgence.  If you want to hang your argument on old bulbous penis head himself, then be my gues, but "because Pierre McGuire says so" doesn't hold any weight.  McGuire is a huge Habs fan too, and admits it, so don't lie just to try and save your argument.

    McKenzie is a staunch Leaf Hater actually, and part of the media crew in Toronto (along with Steve Simmons, and Damien Cox) who make a great deal of money by turning the fear machine in the regards to the Leafs.  These three will write anything if it stirs up controversy.  McKenzie also said that Stempniak was useless and couldn't help any playoff team.  I dunno, but I'm pretty sure he leads all scorers since the deadline with 14 goals.

    As for the Cherry thing, I know what I heard, but I don't need Don Cherry to see what kind of player Hall is.  He will be a good-great sniper in this league, but the jury is still out on whether he'll be better than Kessel.  I mean really, if you paint Kessel as a 40 goal scorer (which he should achieve no problem given his development), hall will have to be a consistent 50 goal scorer to be better than him.  that's pretty high expectations for a kid.

    What Don Cherry doesn't recall, is all the Canadian kids that he's been dead wrong about.  He's kind of like you.  He clings to the one thing he's ever been right about (Antropov), and ignores all the "predictions" he made that were false.  I think that I've thoroughly proven now, that I know my hockey a great deal better than you do.  You've given nothing but worthless opinion, and I've proven you wrong at every turn.  If you want to call me dumb, that's nice, but if you bother responding, make sure it has some value, okay?

  41. lafleur10 says:

    you know nothing about hockey that is evident! i' way older than you watched more hockey and know more about hockey than you'll ever know in your life time
    34 goals 46 assists 81 points it's nice and convient for you to leave those out to try a skew them in your favor


    39 goals 43 assists
    82 points
     2008-09 smae year as cammalleri (last season)
    36 goals 24 points for a carreer best 60 points 40 goal man my ass he hasn't done it and might be hard pressed to do it at all
    this year
    kessel has played 5 more games than cammalleri has 4 more goals and 5 more points over the full 82 games cammalleri would've shattered his career best as i said would've had another 80+ points season and had 45-50 goals kessel is good but very 1 dimensional and when he's not scoring for the leafs he's rendered useless because he doesn't do the other parts of the game well or are non existant cammalleri does and is a more complete player therefore the better of the 2 ,yeah he's older whoopy friggin do you say this stuff about pierre macguire because he tell's you leafs fans the truth he doesn't sugar coat anything and tells it like it is and leafs don't like that and get pissed at him because he doesn't praise them for like of effort and all the rah-rah like the rest of the leaf homers do and tell you guys everyhting you want to hear and give you false hope! he(macuire does it to us too,prrof listen to the team 990 in the afternoon  at 5;25 estern time everyday with mitch melnick and you'll hear him macguire was the finalist for the job in minnesota in the end the owners picked chuck fletcher over him when he essentially had the job that's not his fault we'll see how good of a job fletcher does there early indictations aren't good macguire will get a gm in job in the nhl it's just a matter of time or a matter of when and where some say he's hoping for our job the top job in hockey quite frankly i hope he gets it there is no other analyst that knows the players better ,the junior players better and he's the most connected analyst in the business and who do you think he learned all this from  non other than the smartest and best hockey man to  ever live scotty bowmantaylor hall will be a franchise player that i think is pretty much gauranteed whether or not he score 50 goals every season  will be up to him ,but if he wins rooike of the year next season and score more points and oals than phil kessel does it'll be safe to say that he will be the better player already.i don't know anything about cox or simmons being leaf haters you are a leafs fans so you'd know that more than i would but i know that they think the leafs are on the right track with burke and have said as much,they keep saying it on tsn reporters all the time i know that they are very opinionated about the leafs whether that means there leafs haters or not i don't know.i don't usually listen to don cherry all that much but he was rightsbout tavares a couple of years ago and will be right about hall as well. the markov and kaberle thing will be debated by you and i and other leafs fans and habs fan forever  hah it's like the arguements i get into with leafs fans here at home about player that you uys had and players we've had which were better and which weren't or the 1 arguement too that i have all the time with them is the 93 finals! i get that from them all the time they kepp saying that kerry fraser screwed them  and cost them the cup ,my arguement to the leafs fans here fraser did cost the leafs that sries no doubt but nobody would've beat us that year anyway with the way roy played ,it's too bad though that it didn't happen because  we'll never know but the way it was going in 93 and the way the habs played that playoff year nobody would've beat'em not even mario and the pens ,not the powerful soviet red army teams of the 70's- 80's or the oilers teams on the 80's  . but it would've been interesting to watch and it would've been the best stanley cup final ever played that i'm sure about

  42. cam7777 says:


    again, your argument makes no sense.  the ppg totals prove that cammalleri would not have shattered is records, nor even beaten kessel on the year.  yes, cammalleri has two 80+ point seasons, but again, he's also 6 years older than kessel.  when cammaller was that age, he was an ncaa player who could barely scrape by on the kings roster as a 10 point man.  in 6 years time, kessel will have far surpassed cammalleri's career output, and be a consistent 40 point man.  does it just mean nothing to you that kessel just turned 22.  christ you're dumb.

    the more complete player, ha, that's a laugh.  is that why he's been moved to three different teams already?  no one wanted to pay for him, except the habs of course.

    pierre mcguire is a joke, plan and simple.  he has absolutely no respect in the hockey world, and the players think he is an absolute joke.  only in montreal, where he spends most of his time sucking dick, does he get any sort of acknowledgement as a legitimate hockey figure.  but keep living in your fantasy world.  that's cute.

    i can't read the rest, it's just gibberish.  learn to type.  something about roy in 93'?  okay then bud. 

    of course cherry was right about tavares, but he was right about stamkos too.  i'm telling you, he says this about every canadian top five pick.  he said pietrangelo would be the next pronger (hasn't made the nhl yet).  he said turris would be the next gretzky (hasn't made the nhl yet). 

    i don't really get where we are getting our signals crossed here, im agreeing that hall will be a good player.  it's kind of irrelevent because the bruins might nto even draft hall, or seguin for that matter.  i've heard they might draft fowler to secure their back-end post chara (whereas they have savard, bergeron and krejci down the middle for the foreseeable future).  all i was saying is that hall is not in the mould of a thornton.  he's not a playmaking center with size.  he's a tiny, sniping winger just like kessel, and that if you actually watch them play, they are almost identical.  hall probably has better moves, but kessel has a far better shot.  like i said, kessel was supposed to go first overall too, so it's not like we just gave hall away.

    and none of the first overalls have won the calder in the last 8 years or so, so i don't think there's any danger of hall, who is the lesser of stamkos and tavares, will come in and score more than kessel in his first year.

  43. cam7777 says:

    edit : consistent 40 goal man.

  44. lafleur10 says:

    what ever douche bag! whatever  when ywant to talk real hockey hockey come back ! don't waste my time anymore because i've proven time again that you know nothing about hockey and going on about stuff i've proven to you time again is a just a waste because you don't listeni've proved my point about cammalleri being the better player i've proved it with posting his stats which show this and you come on this garbage and points per game  which means nothing it's about what they done so far and i've proven that he's had more points than kessel! you  keep believeing what you want about pierre macguire he's analyst and the best in the business your just a nameless face idiot on a hockey site with opinions like the rest of us,when i see you on there gettting paid what macguire makes then and only then will you have a shred of credibilty from me

  45. mojo19 says:

    That theory is full of flaws. Beauchemin had a pretty good season in Toronto and at under $4 million, a guy who can log big minutes does have trade value. If a team is thin on the blueline, and Beauchemin is an option, they will trade for him.

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