What the Hell is Wrong in Dallas?

The losses keep piling up, and the offence is nowhere to be seen lately. 1 goal in the past 6 periods, losing 3-0 to the Rangers, then 4-1 to the Isles two nights later.Most Stars players have found themselves on the negative side in +/- ratings, the most notable being Mike Modano at -11, which is good for dead last in the whole friggin league. On top of that, he’s got a mere 7 points in 14 games now.

Y’know what I think the problem is? No, not Derian’s absence. Dallas’s group of defencemen has fared pretty well so far, and is not the problem here. Dallas NEEDS Jere Lehtinen back! The 3 time Selke trophy winner has been out since game 3 with bad shoulders, and Dallas hasn’t been the same since. They rarely go more than 2 games without losing, yet still lead their division with a 7-6-1-0 record, tied with the Kings who have 2 games at hand. Jere’s defensive presence up front is a huge factor in Dallas’s game plan, as their forwards have made far too many turnovers in their own zone, leading to opposition goals.

Turco really has to step up his game, many people said he’d play like this after the holdout, or suffer from the sophomore slump like Theodore. So far, it’s true, and it needs to be addressed. Try putting Tugnutt in net for a couple starts, Turco’s played every game so far.

Once Dallas strings together a couple more wins, and Jere returns from his injury, they’ll be back in form and return to their once-dominant selves. And maybe…just MAYBE…Modano can get out of this slump (which I’ve heard has a bit to do with off-ice financial problems) and score some points!! Oh, and raise the +/- also.

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  1. wayne2 says:

    I think Turco has to step up now that he signed his contract much like Giguere in Anaheim.Modano is not having his best year but should bounce back.

  2. Tradedude says:

    What’s wrong in Dallas? No Derian. Turco hasn’t been as good as we know he can be. And Modana, the captain, has turn up the offense, and get his +/- some where above -11.

    Other than that, I don’t know. It’s still very early boys and girls

  3. Datsyukfan1307 says:

    The three best teams in the west are all slumping right now. Dont be worried now… its waaay too early

  4. Donovan says:

    The Three best teams? You mean LA, St. Louis, and Vancouver, right. Cause they are the three BEST teams now.

  5. 24cups says:

    I don’t think it’s too early. When was the last time Dallas missed the playoffs… …two years ago?

  6. nocuphere says:

    I guess ol’ Modano took a huge loss on an investment and lost a few million, that can’t be helping his play. The stars aren’t that great to begin with. That D is a little suspect, and well Turco might be doing his best Jose Theodore impression. Bill Guerin likes money more than hockey.

    And stick a fork in Pierre Turgeon!!

  7. distance7 says:

    No matter what you say, the Stars are missing Hatcher to death. No knee injury jokes either. The guy was the leader of that team, Modano is far from a leader. He’s a good player, but he’s no captain, disagree if you want, the Stars need to add a veteran that isn’t a big baby, like so many they have. Guerin does nothing but cause problems, he takes stupid penalties, even in the game against Nashville, he got a hat trick, but what does he do? He takes a double minor for what? He cross checks rookie Dan Hamhuis twice, once with the ref right in front of him. He takes dumb penalties, I’ve never liked him.

  8. starsgirl25 says:

    Usually I’m nice to stars fan that write stuff about the stars, but come on!! I could write something better than this at 4 am. Instead of pointing out your mistakes, yes you do have some valid points; I’m going to give you my take on the stars situation.

    The defense did take a great hit with the loss of Hatcher, but that doesn’t mean that’s the entire reason why the D just hasn’t been that great this whole season, so far. Matvichuk is having to really step his game up, and bless the man for trying his hardest. Zubov has made some crucial errors in the games that the team has lost. Boucher is by far the team’s best defenseman as of now, but that could change.

    The offense. So much has already been said about how Modano is the key to the stars’ offense, and that when he doesn’t play well the entire team doesn’t play well. In some cases this is true, but not always. He’s not the core of the offense as you think he really is. Yes he has made a statement about how he has had financial problems and it has affected his on ice play, but he expects that to turn around. Lehtinen is a huge loss, no doubt about that. His play will defiantly stimulate the offensive production that has been waning the past few games, except the explosion in the 7-3 win a few days ago against Nashville. All of the players need to step up their play, crash the net, and for Christ’s sake pick up a rebound every once in a while!!!!!!!!!

    Turco has been ok, nothing more nothing less. I think that too many of us, like you, had extremely high expectations from him this year. But in all reality, you should have known a second straight phenomenal season wasn’t going to happen. From what I’ve heard he’s not going to play tonight against Boston, so he’ll get a break, clear his head and whatever else goalies like to do.

    The special teams has been quite off and on. I’m wondering why Tippett hasn’t made a significant change in the power play yet, since it hasn’t generated very much as of yet.

    But all in all, it’s too early in the season to be whining about why this team isn’t the team from last year. Give the team time to get all the pieces in the right order. If nothing has changed by January, then get worried, but its early November, get over it.

    And don’t worry about +/- stuff, that stuff doesn’t really determine anything.

  9. Datsyukfan1307 says:

    You know what im talking about. The three teams that are the best in the west year in and year out. They will be this year too… In what order I dont know but it WILL happen…

  10. GretzNYR99 says:

    As A Ranger fan, I am also a Stars fan. I love this team, and I think that they’ll bounce back. They were clearly outplayed against the Rangers, there’s nothing more to say there.

    As for their situation…

    1. Yes, Marty Turco hasn’t been his spectacular self. There’s a lot of pressure on this kid’s shoulders, especially after signing that huge contract. He has to start playing better, but the defense has to help.

    2. The defense really took the hit this offseason. I said it all along that Dallas’ #1 priority during the offseason should have been to sign Derian Hatcher. He’s their leader, and their best defenseman. A glaring physical presence and a menacing look that could turn heads were just 2 of the many things Hatcher brought each night. Although Teppo Numminen has come to Dallas, he’ll never replace Hatch defensively. He’s not big enough, neither is he strong enough to clear guys out in front of the net. Now, he has to put up career numbers offensively if Zubov struggles any bit, Matvichuk has to play like a #2 defenseman, which he is not, and the loss of Sydor even hurts more. They’ve lost most of their physical edge on the backline, and it’s starting to show. I don’t exactly think they’ll be dominating as they were, but they’ll be in the top 5.

    3. The Stars offseason was terrible. They lose 2 of their top 3 defenders, and get a soft offensive #1 in return. Doug Armstrong should have been thrown right out of office for the bad offseason he had.

    4. Mike Modano will pick up his game. Give him time, this team was shook up and is still mending. Mike Modano is in my opinion one of the top 3 best American hockey players ever. He’s great defensively, very responsible. I hope that’s his problem, the financial troubles… but I think he’ll find his game soon.

    5.Of course, Jere Lehtinen being out of the lineup is going to hurt, it would hurt ANY team in the NHL. A team minus a selke winner is a team in trouble and needing some defensive help.

  11. brewstar03 says:

    Stars offensive production has not been very good. Barnes, Guerin and Arnott have the majority of the points. Young really needs to get a goal in there soon. Morrow only has 2 goals, but his mucking around on the ice and doing the dirty work for others, takes care of that. Modano, I think, needs to be put on a line with Guerin to jumpstart his season. They seem to work well, and if they stay together consistently, points will come. And it seems as if the defense needs to jump on more plays more often. Although they seem to be making a lot of mistakes, something needs to happen. LAckluster effort has been of late, and it needs to change. Turgeon is obviously not the player he once was, Dallas needs to get rid of him. I really don’t think he will produce.

    Turco just needs a day off here and there. Tugger was put in today, although it didn’t help. But Turco will be okay. Defense really needs to step it up.

  12. Bruins4771 says:

    Bill Geurin is second in the league in scoring and goals. I think he likes hockey just fine, and he gets paid the money he deserves.

  13. mattf says:

    never too late to go into restructuring mode!

  14. commonwealth says:

    I don’t think Dallas has too much to worry about. I think most fans see that it’s early, but I don’t think Jere coming back will be the instant spark they need. Dallas has always been heavily driven by Goaltending, alot like Anaheim but more offensive, I think Hatcher and Jere being out may hurt there defence alittle, but the talent is there to push through it. Modano needs to step up, this guy seems like his playing just to get the numbers, but once Turco gets back to frame they’ll be fine. Tugnutt may see some action if he struggles, but i know Dallas fans wouldn’t want to go into the playoffs tomorrow…


  15. defenestrate says:

    What’s wrong in Dallas? I vote for pollution and humidity.

  16. starsgirl25 says:


    fort worth is much better than dallas

  17. defenestrate says:

    Houston had better “Cops” episodes, though – so did San Antonio.

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