What the Hell is Wrong in Dallas?

The losses keep piling up, and the offence is nowhere to be seen lately. 1 goal in the past 6 periods, losing 3-0 to the Rangers, then 4-1 to the Isles two nights later.Most Stars players have found themselves on the negative side in +/- ratings, the most notable being Mike Modano at -11, which is good for dead last in the whole friggin league. On top of that, he’s got a mere 7 points in 14 games now.

Y’know what I think the problem is? No, not Derian’s absence. Dallas’s group of defencemen has fared pretty well so far, and is not the problem here. Dallas NEEDS Jere Lehtinen back! The 3 time Selke trophy winner has been out since game 3 with bad shoulders, and Dallas hasn’t been the same since. They rarely go more than 2 games without losing, yet still lead their division with a 7-6-1-0 record, tied with the Kings who have 2 games at hand. Jere’s defensive presence up front is a huge factor in Dallas’s game plan, as their forwards have made far too many turnovers in their own zone, leading to opposition goals.

Turco really has to step up his game, many people said he’d play like this after the holdout, or suffer from the sophomore slump like Theodore. So far, it’s true, and it needs to be addressed. Try putting Tugnutt in net for a couple starts, Turco’s played every game so far.

Once Dallas strings together a couple more wins, and Jere returns from his injury, they’ll be back in form and return to their once-dominant selves. And maybe…just MAYBE…Modano can get out of this slump (which I’ve heard has a bit to do with off-ice financial problems) and score some points!! Oh, and raise the +/- also.