What the Leafs should do if they actually want a good team this summer.

If the Leafs want a good team next season, then they don’t have to do alot. The last few seasons they have had a prettty good team, they just haven’t built on it. Last season they didn’t really do anything besides drafting Tlustly and getting Raycroft. This season they aren’t really in a different situation. Both years they finished 9’th and rellied on a different team to get them in, unfortunatley both years the team they wanted to win didn’t win. this year they have the option to explore the market which has lots of good players where as last year there wasn’t really that much up for grabs in terms of the free agencey. Alot of people thinnk that Sundin isn’t playing as well as he can (I agree) but nobody has talked about why he is not playing well. He’s plaing with Ponikarovsky and Antropov (no wonder he only scored 27 goals)! If they want Sundin playing like he did in 2002, then get him beter wingers. After all in 2002, he had Mogilny and a good right winger who’s name I can’t think of right now.They should get Smyth and Blake from the islandersto so that Smyth and/or Sundin can work the boards to give it to Blake in the top of the slot for the snipe shot or give it to the other on of Smyth and Sundin out front for the tap in. They need a better goaltending situation. Sing backstrom, let Aubin walk and either bring up Pogge or make Backstrom and Raycroft split the games. Find away to trade Mccabe and Kubina and get Gonchar.

Finally let Perrault, on’eill, Green Deveraux and Aubin walk.
Call up Tlustly and Wosnuski.
And then your lines are:
Stajan-Steen-Kluminen Extras:Kilger and Battaglia

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  1. JuicemaN says:

    Ummm, I thouht you said they "don't have to do a lot"

    You just proposed the following:

    Sign Smyth
    Sign Blake
    Sign Backstrom
    Trade McCabe
    Trade Kubina
    Get Gonchar

    That's called re-vamping your team, not "don't have to do a lot"  what you've proposed is pretty much impossible to do….or next to it when you have JFJ as a GM.  If he can manage to trade McCabe and Kubina (who are both better defensively than Gonchar) that'd be a miracle if he can even manage to trade one of them and get something worth while in return.  Getting Gonchar is like asknig McCabe to get 15 more points but to be a little worse defensivley…leaf fans will not be able to enjoy Gonchar.

    Not to mention Fernandez wants out of Minnesota, so the Wild aren't about to trade Fernandez and not sign Backstrom…Backstrom will be the Wilds goalie next season…take that to the bank.  (Unless I've missed something…I'm willing to be wrong on that)

    I don't mean to harp on you but you are going to get nailed by everyone for this post.  You did exactly what every anti-leaf fan hates and complains about…prepare yourself for a verbal beating, it's gonna be a good one!

  2. BrianColangeloNHLGM says:


    The maybe we can coax Gretz out of retirement!!

  3. Sedin23 says:

    How will you get Gonchard by offering them two crap defensemen?

    Can you just magicaly get all of the UFA's you want or do you have to battle other team's to get them?

    JFJ will probably just sign Gary Roberts and Bertuzzi, and then resign everybody else, or he'll trade Tlusty and a 1st rounder for unporven 1st lline winger or had one good year (cough coguh Raycroft).

  4. sufferingleaf says:

    Earth calling Lombardi when you return to earth you will reralize this will never happen. Firstly Mcabe aint going no where(no trade clause) secondly Kubina probally going no where he makes too much. Thirdly Leafs won't get Smyth as bedsides for Joseph have never signed any stars. 
    You also have a short memory as Sundin and Mogilny rarley played together as Quinn wated to spread the offence, and he said they don't play well together. Besides Sundin having a lousy season was because he's old already and cant carry a team.
    The only solution for the Leafs is to blow up the team an start over.   

  5. JuicemaN says:

    Nah , I don't think they need to blow up the team, getting rid of the kubina and mccabe contracts would help everything….too bad they won't be able to get rid of them.  3-4 more years of wasted salary!

  6. Glucker says:

    I'd actually take either of those guys before Gonchar :S

  7. JuicemaN says:

    As much as Gonchar used to be my favourite defenseman….he's not the defenseman the leafs need, regardless of a trade for him (that JFJ could never pull off) he wouldn't bring anything to the table that the leafs don't already have.

    Had the leafs traded for Pronger last year the team would've been in a pretty different situation…however if the leafs are going to succeed I would like Kaberle to be a part of that.

  8. justin711c says:

    that was a complete waste of time to read that b/c your ideas were horrible. how do we fit this under that cap? how do we manage to sign every ufa we want? how can you trade somebody with a no-movement clause? how can u trade somebody overpaid as much as kubina? how do u get gonchar and wat do u trade for him? y is kulemin, stralman and pogge in the nhl alrdy? y cant u spell backstrom, coliacovo,wozniewski,raycroft, kulemin? there are so many thing wong as u might spell 

  9. Glucker says:

    seriously though…. i like my idea the best…(cuz its my idea XD)
    Scratch Sundin's option, resign him for 5.3(save 1 mill)
    sign Antropov at 2.1 mill
    Trade Kubina + Earl + B.Aubin + 1st, 2nd, 3rd in 2007 for Marleau (save 1 mill)
    sign Smyth at 6 mill
    sign Cujo at 1.5-2 mill

    Marleau Sundin Smyth
    Antropov Wellwood Ponikarovsky
    Tucker Peca Steen
    Stajan Pohl Williams

    Kaberle Colaiacovo
    McCabe Stralman/White
    Gill White/Stralman


    i worked this out b4… leafs have anywhere from 3-1 mill left after all this

  10. Glucker says:

    yea, we'd have a higher draft pick… leafs are nothing w/o kaberle

  11. Glucker says:

    pfft… Sittler should come back to XD

  12. JuicemaN says:

    Does spelling really matter? I didn't know this was a spelling contest…I honestly thought it was just a hockey board, maybe I'm wrong but I really didn't know it was a spelling contest.

    Sorry, I didn't even write the article and that pissed me off.  What the hell does spelling matter when you're posting a message on a friggin hockey discussion board?

    This coming from a guy who uses MSN lingo and spells it "alrdy" and "u"…if you're going to criticize people's spelling you should probably word your post like a normal human being and not a 12 year old.

  13. JuicemaN says:

    I would honestly love that roster, it seems a little far fetched but at least you didn't try to trade garbage for Marleau and threw in a whack of draft picks knowing kubina and Aubin aren't enough.

    Only problem is Aubin is a UFA so in a sense San Jose could just sign him rather than trade for him.

    But Marleau is one of my favourite players and I'd love to see him in Toronto…for smoe reason it just seems like he'll eventually be here…likely when he's 38 though.

  14. JuicemaN says:

    Agreed, he's our Lidstrom (not that he's even close to Lidstrom, but he's that important to the Leafs).

    He's getting better at shooting more, funny thing is when he does shoot he usually scores.

  15. Leafer4life says:

    Why would they trade for a goalie (that they dont even need, schaffer is better then aubin) when they could pick him up during free agency

  16. Leafer4life says:

    They Definitly DON'T need to blow things up, they missed the playoffs by a single point, while leading the NHL in man games lost to injury, this team needs a star winger (80+ points) to help play with Sundin.

  17. Leafer4life says:

    They Definitly DON'T need to blow things up, they missed the playoffs by a single point, while leading the NHL in man games lost to injury, this team needs a star winger (80+ points) to help play with Sundin.

  18. JuicemaN says:

    Schaefer is a Penguin now, he signed with them just a little while ago.  But either way you're right, they wouldn't trade for Aubin when they could just sign him…but let's face it, there's no line-up for Aubin.

  19. sufferingleaf says:

    It's the same story every year either we just miss the playoffs or just make it and get knocked out early.
    Get it through you blinded Leaf fan minds this team isn't any where near good enough to "WIN THE CUP WHICH SHOULD BE OUR GOAL". This tinkering is not working and that includes picking up a winger for Sundin or even by fluke trading Mcabe or Kubina . It's the same every year picking up some player it doesn't work.The Leafs need major changing of there line up untill than the cup will be a dream.  

  20. sufferingleaf says:

    I'll take Sittler over Sundin any day.

  21. sufferingleaf says:

    If improving the team means trading Kabrle so be it. I'd have made the trade of Pronger for Steen and Kabrle in a heart beat, THose are the kind of moves the Leafs never make that's why our last cup was in 67'.   

  22. sufferingleaf says:

    Wow these trades are getting worse why would I give up a 1st round pick 2nd 3rd picks foe an ok player we need better.

  23. JuicemaN says:

    they don't need a major change in the line-up they just need to let their prospects grow…they need patience from their fans.  Like it or not 1967 means nothing.  Since the lock-out the team is operating completely different than before.  So even if you say "Patience? We've been waitnig since 1967" you need to let them guild their team slowly and one small piece at a time. They've got enough decent prospects to become a decent team and then we can talk about major moves…signing big players; right now no matter who they sign it won't help.

  24. JuicemaN says:

    Marleau is not an "ok" player.  he plays with the 2nd line guys that aren't even close to being very good and still he scores like a 1st liner.

    You'll see, everyone will respect him more when he gets to play with real players and not Michalek (who will be good but isn't yet).

    I'd take Marleau over any forward that is available through UFA right now.

  25. sufferingleaf says:

    That's the major change i'm talking about growing with prospects and trading for draft picks. The major change is not picking up old has beens as has been the Leafs style for 40 years. 

  26. sufferingleaf says:

    70 points is not first line points. He's worth mabey a 2nd. 

  27. FarFromFreedom says:

    is this a joke? how could the Leafs get Smyth and Blake and Backstrom if NO team is gonna take on either Kubina or McCabes salary. Your Defence is worse .. alot worse .. that defence would get torn apart considering Coli is always injured Woz isnt a great d .. his potential is top 6 .. Stralman is ready but wont put up Lidstrom numbers .. Gonchar is worse defence then McCabe and Kubina put together which Kubina is a pretty solid d back there just not 5 mill solid. and appareintly Kulumin is going to be on the team? he has one year left on his contract in Russia .. Tlusty isnt NHL ready .. you'll see him along with Kulumin in 2008-2009. sorry i dont wanna bash but this article doesnt have much thot put into it. Pitts wouldnt make that deal simply because next season Crosby Malkin Whitney are all gonna be RFA's demanding ALOT of money especially Crosby and Malkin .. so why would they put 10 million towards their cap and have Kubina and McCabe for the next 3 years while other teams come along and pick up Crosby or Malkin cuz they cant afford one of them because of the dumb 10 mill cap hit towards them. not much thot into this.

    I do like Blake and Smyth … Smyth is gonna want 6 mill just because stupid teams like Toronto will put up that much offer to have him .. meanwhile hes a 5 mil player. Blake is gonna demand top dollar aswell but i dont think hes gonna get it .. his 40 goal season could have been a good year .. he'll get around 4-4.5 meanwhile he'll ask for 5.5

  28. Glucker says:

    B. Aubin, as in Brent Aubin, as in very good offensive prospect

  29. Glucker says:

    I specified B. Aubin… not JS Aubin
    B Aubin= Offensive Prospect
    JS Aubin = good backup who is hated by Maurice

  30. Hoondog2 says:

    Pronger has been BRUTAL in the playoffs!!  Steen and Kaberle have a lot of good hockey in front of them, Pronger, not so much.  I would go so far as to say after Redden, Pronger is the most overrated defenseman in the league!

  31. JuicemaN says:

    Did I stutter? He is on the second line playing with no names.

    And he got 78 points in 77 games playing with Ponikarovski equivalents.

  32. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    anyone signed on the ufa market is ALWAYS overpaid. my hope is that the leafs sign no big contracts, and everthing as 1 year terms.

  33. Pony says:

    Im hoping thats sarcasm about Pronger being brutal. Pronger has been a machine again these playoffs in typical Pronger fashion.

    Being the main shutdown defenseman on the soon to be Cup Champion team sporting 14 pts and a +9 in 17 games logging monster minutes is beyond impressive. Im not sure how he can be called overrated when last year he did it all again leading Edmonton to Game 7 of the Finals with 21 pts and +10 in 24 games they dont come much better.

  34. Glucker says:

    btw… 'kluminen' (kulemin) is in russia next year

  35. Glucker says:

    i never got to see him play, so i cant speak to that:P

  36. Pony says:

    Im not sure what you really expect the Leafs to do/get if Marleau isnt enough. You know its not that easy to get a Crosby, Thornton or Heatley and even still you need an excellent supporting cast.

    Tanking seasons is no garuntee, Columbus has sucked forever and what do ya know they still do. MLSE needs a new philosophy, to win the cup at all costs. They need to hire smarter hockey people and revamp the entire scouting department.

  37. Glucker says:

    marleau is a ppg player, which is better then smyth, but playing on that line…

    Marleau Sundin Smyth

    how could any of these players not play over 1 ppg?

    i could see this line averaging 90 pts each….

  38. Glucker says:

    Current Salary Commitment for next year (Leafs): 34.172

    resign peca to 2.5 (no change) 35.972
    resign antropov to 2.1 ( +1)   38.072
    resign Battaglia to .5 (no change)  38.572
    resign Colaiacovo to 1.5 (+.6)     39.172
    resign Williams to minimum (0)   39.672

    now… trade Kubina + Earl + Brent Aubin + Williams + 1st,2nd,3rd  rounds in  2007 for Camalleri, sign him for 3 mill….  save 2 mill         37.672
    sign  Smyth for 5.7  43.372
    sign Joseph for 1.5     44.872
    Sign Roberts for 2.5  47.372

    Camalleri Sundin Smyth
    Ponikarovsky Wellwood Antropov
    Roberts Peca Tucker
    Steen Stajan Pohl

    Kaberle Colaiacovo
    McCabe White/Stralman
    Gill Stralman/White


    so this grit has talent… and even though it lacks a bona-fide starter goalie Raycroft can really only get better training with CuJo, and CuJo did play of the worst team in the west this past season so his numbers are underrated… he and Raycroft should each play 36 games, with 8 given to Pogge and 2 to Racine… just to see what they can do.

    this team gets knocked out… in the conference finals

  39. Glucker says:

    wait… i screwed up the salaries… i copied an older post and made some changes… but the original was flawed :S lemme redo this…


    so… still legit…

  40. Glucker says:

    this is just another idea im throwing out there… and remember b4 you comment, thats BRENT Aubin, not our backup goalie, an offensive prospect

  41. Glucker says:

    I was also thinking, if we want to save more money, we should try to bring in hrdina and replace peca with him… they fill the same PK role

  42. BruMagnus says:

    What the Leafs should do if they actually want a good team this summer?

    Move to the AHL.

  43. Glucker says:

    lol, well for the NHL to succeed, teams like pitts need to be scratched, and their players dispersed amongst the big hockey markets… Crosby to Toronto? oh yea 😛

    seriously though, dont be an idiot your team has sucked monkey balls for a while, you're in no position to talk

  44. MogilnyFan1990 says:

    yo, "Glucker"…  why would u pay 2.5 million bucks for a third line winger? yes i know he is Gary Roberts, but no 3rd line winger is worth 2.5 mil.  We're trying to learn from our mistakes and NOT sign over paid, aging people. 

  45. mojo19 says:

    Sufferingleaf hates european players. So don't listen to things he says regarding european playeres (aka all of his comments). He doesn't realize how good Sundin is.

    Suffering leaf feels Sundin is the same calibre as a guy like Peter Nedved. He doesn't think Kaberle is that great. Hmmmm….. Stop responding to him, he might go away. He didn't go away after about 60 or 70 people completey tore a strip into him a while ago when he made ridiculous comments, so let's just make the the last response to any thing he says.

  46. Triumphed says:

    hey Bru,


  47. Triumphed says:

    Hey PEns fan, sorry to burst your bubbles but it seems like the salary cap rules are going to demolish your "young talent," as after the upcoming season, Crosby is easily going to comman $9,000,000, MArc Andre Fleury $6,000,000 and then after that season, Staal is going to command $5,000,000 and Malkin $6,500,000, looks like the "Pens will win the cup by 2010" just diminshied, fat chance Bru.

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