What the Leafs should do if they actually want a good team this summer.

If the Leafs want a good team next season, then they don’t have to do alot. The last few seasons they have had a prettty good team, they just haven’t built on it. Last season they didn’t really do anything besides drafting Tlustly and getting Raycroft. This season they aren’t really in a different situation. Both years they finished 9’th and rellied on a different team to get them in, unfortunatley both years the team they wanted to win didn’t win. this year they have the option to explore the market which has lots of good players where as last year there wasn’t really that much up for grabs in terms of the free agencey. Alot of people thinnk that Sundin isn’t playing as well as he can (I agree) but nobody has talked about why he is not playing well. He’s plaing with Ponikarovsky and Antropov (no wonder he only scored 27 goals)! If they want Sundin playing like he did in 2002, then get him beter wingers. After all in 2002, he had Mogilny and a good right winger who’s name I can’t think of right now.They should get Smyth and Blake from the islandersto so that Smyth and/or Sundin can work the boards to give it to Blake in the top of the slot for the snipe shot or give it to the other on of Smyth and Sundin out front for the tap in. They need a better goaltending situation. Sing backstrom, let Aubin walk and either bring up Pogge or make Backstrom and Raycroft split the games. Find away to trade Mccabe and Kubina and get Gonchar.

Finally let Perrault, on’eill, Green Deveraux and Aubin walk.
Call up Tlustly and Wosnuski.
And then your lines are:
Stajan-Steen-Kluminen Extras:Kilger and Battaglia