What to do

This is what we should do first

Trade Toskala, Finger, Ponikarvosky to Anahiem for Gigeure,1st 2010

Trade Mayers to Atlanta for 4th 2010

Resign Gusstavson 3y 6.9M

Resign Mitchell 2y 4M

Resign Stempink 1y 1.7M

Resign White 2y 3.5M

Trade Stajan, Wallin to Colarodo for 2nd 2011
Trade Ana 1st, Col 2nd, 3rd 2011,2013, 5th to Boston for 1st 2010 Tor, 6th 2011
Free Agency

Sign Backstrom 3y 11M
Sign Volachank 2y 6M
Sign Savard 4y 20M
Sign Semin 3y 12.5M
Trade Grabvoski, Exlby to Tampa Bay for Downie Sign Kane 2y 6.3M Lines
Semin Backstrom Kane
Hagman Savard Kessel
Blake Mitchell Hall
Orr Prieaum Downie

Kaberle Komerisk
Beachumin Volachuk
Schenn White

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