What To Do As A Leafs Fan?

Yet another loss for the most valuable hockey club in the NHL right now…

Oh man, as a Leafs fan I am embarassed with them this season. I think all of us Leafs fans should just admit our team is horrid this year! They need to do something to the roster, or possibly a staff shakeup. I myself think the Leafs should try to pick up a good winger to jump up with Antropov and Sundin, so we can provide a more offensive depth side which we lack. Goaltending, oh man where to begin?! It’s not even like the goaltending we have are junk, we actually have an alright group to work with. They just aren’t performing at all near where their potential is. Personally, I would give Pogge a shot in a game and see how he handles it. I think he’s got what it takes to play not as a starter, but a reliable goaltender who’s there when you need him. Get him in some games because he’s only going to adapt to the NHL play and get better. It’s a risk I’d be willing to take right now, the goalies are just performing so brutal I’d be willing to try anything at this point that could potentially aid my struggling club. The defense crew we have is a real good crop, but plagued with injuries! If we could deal one though for something worth losing him for, I’d shop around with a couple guys and see what attention I can draw, not to say any names of course. I’d toss Blake and Bell together on a line and see if they can produce with someone like Stajan. The line of Wellwood, Tlusty and Ponikarovsky have been playing unreal together, that’s something I’d keep. Even then you’re still left with a line of Sundin, Antropov and Tucker, there’s 3 on paper good looking lines. What’s left over for the remaining line? You have Steen still, who may even be a better fit on a line with Sundin and Antropov, who did alright together at the beginning of the season, if you tossed them together you’d have Tucker still. Kilger obviously would deserve another spot on that line. The last spot on that line I’d just kind of go back and forth between Battaglia, Belak, Devereaux, and Pohl. Whoever was performing better I’d go with come gametime. The defense is looking above average if you compare them to other defense corps around the NHL. They just gotta step it up as well. We have a good roster, we just gotta all get playing like we can. It’s just frustrating to a fan like me that they have what it takes to be a decent team, but they can’t pull themselves together. Sundin and Antropov are performing real good actually, I’m surprised. They gotta keep that going as well. We’ll be a good team once we get our heads together. Man oh man, just my thoughts on the whole topic of our hometown struggling club.
Let me know what you think.

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  1. AntropovGoodIToldUSo says:

    Paragraphs man, PARAGRAPHS!

  2. leafy says:

    Intriguing idea about starting Pogge.  I guess playing Pogge is better than collecting it…..(get it?)

    Among the forwards, a major source of the problem are the fringe guys….if you look at the teams plus/minus ratings, the core guys are pretty good – almost all pluses, but it's others like Kilger, Pohl, Battaglia, Devereaux, etc., that have the minuses.  They are killing us right now.

    As for the defence, I wrote an article back in June saying that Toronto's defence is actually a strength.  Yeah, but that was based on last year's play.  This year, it's a whole different ball game.  The defence has been atrocious this season.  The talent is there, but Maurice can't get them to play in unison, or maybe the players have tuned him out.

  3. JuicemaN says:

    Dude; hit "enter" a couple times, I couldn't even finish reading it cause my eyes were going crossed.

    Kidding man…but seriously at the same time.

    Anyway, the Leafs need to quite playing their mid-tier players and hoping they turn into top line players, and quit pretending that having Deveraux and Battaglia and Kilger will turn into something smart and eventual 2nd line players.  They're full of 3rd line players that other team would've let walk long ago.

    The Leafs have Sundin, Kaberle, Tlusty, Wellwood and Stralman that they should hang on to, anybody else can go…their roster is so 50/50 it's not even funny and that's why they will fight for .500 all seaosn long and be out of the playoff race by early March.  I know you guys like to think they have a good team but they don't…they're got a whack of guys who could top off a good roster for teams like Anaheim, Carolina, Ottawa but as a collective group they're not good enough to keep the Leaf fans happy.

    Leaf fans aren't prepared to do what it takes to force management to make changes…so they'll keep it at status quo and you guys will keep cheering for them and then complaining the next day about how they didn't win…don't you think it's time Leaf fans took the hint and realized they're not a winning team.

    When teams like Phoenix and Edmonton are letting in less goals and we clearly have better goaltending and higher priced dmen something has to be said about how bad our team actually is…

    The team is garbage and unfortunately even when they miss the playoffs; Leaf fans will still be sitting back saying "but we have a good team".  Our coach is not the right coach for this roster and our GM is killing the future of the franchsie even more than Quinn had already done.

    It's safe to say the Leafs are at least 3 years away from any sort of hopeful light at the end of the tunnel and something tells me I'm rounding down.

  4. Kraut182 says:

    I think Pogge still needs one more year with the Marlies.  But that should be a full year of playing time, I don't know why but right now Clemmenson is getting a little over half the starts.  Pogge is the future (hopefully), he needs the time in net, Clemmenson is just filler.  He's playing well, but I don't think anyone is looking for him to do much with the Leafs.

    I'd like to see Pogge getting about 70% of the starts.

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