What to look for: Rangers edition

Continuing my series, this is a look into the New York Rangers.

It has been awhile since I could continue my articles, and I apologize for those of you who were looking forward for the next one. I also felt looking at the archives, that its been a while since a Ranger article, so I opted to do them, and will pick up with the Habs, or Leafs next, depending how long it has been for a Leaf article, as the Leafs and Rangers are the most written about.

Also, yes, I am a fan of the Rangers, so will try to not be biased, when writing this one, and any that I will write.

The New York Rangers were busy at the deadline, which really is nothing new. However, last March they shedded salary. Sather has not gone out and spent $9,000,000.00 on a single player either. So that is my recap part of the article.

Currently, financially the Rangers look like…

Betts- $650,000.00

Blackburn- $825,000.00

Dunham- $3,600,000.00

Holik- $8,850,000.00

Jagr- $11,000,000.00(minus $5,000,000.00)

Kasparaitis- $4,400,000.00

Lundmark- $1,127,500.00

Marshall- $600,000.00

Nylander- $2,900,000.00

Pock- $1,175,000.00

Poti- $3,100,000.00

Purinton- $650,000.00

Rachunek- $1,500,000.00

Scott- $375,000.00

Strudwick- $625,000.00

Weekes- $1,375,000.00

* That gathered from the NHLPA.com*

So if I add correctly, that means that NY has $37,752,500.00 tied up in contracts, plus Wiseman, Balej, Tyutin, Murray, Dawes, and Ortmeyer who arent on the NHLPA site.

That could be much worse, but if the League and NHLPA agree and there is a hard cap of 31-35 million, that is not good news for the Rangers. [yeah, they won’t agree] So assumming that Slats doesn’t sign anyone else, except RFAs Ulmer, and Mike Green, here is what the Rangers look like: as far as a depth chart, not combos.




Blackburn (AHL)

LaBarbara (AHL)

Lundqvist (Sweden)

Montoya (NCAA)



Kasparitis – Tyutin

Poti – Marshall

Strudwick – Pock

Puritan – Rachunek

Lampman – Nycholat

Taylor – Kondratiev

Grenier – Baranka


LW – C – RW

Korpikoski – Nylander – Jagr

Dawes – Lundmark – Balej

Murray – Holik – Ortmeyer

Scott – Moore – Jessiman

MacDonald – Betts – Fardaleau

Green, Wiseman

Now if I was Sather, I’d still try and move Holik. There will be a hard cap, the league won’t give in again. I’d look into resigning Sandy McCarthy. While unlike my video game where I resigned Adam Graves, I disagree with bringing back Rucinsky for a third stint. Let this be the team. If you do badly, you get Crosby, Latendresse, or Brule.

Anyways, the Rangers will fight the Penguins and Islanders, for the 3rd though 5th spot in the Atlantic. I think the Islanders will end up 3rd, but anything can happen. The Rangers will be 12-15th in the conference, and 25-30th in the league.

If Sather can keep making trades like he did last March, and doesn’t go on another shopping spree, I think he is an excellent GM. His choice of coaches haven’t been great either, but Renney is the best one since Mike Keenan, so unlike everyone on this site, Sather should stay.

Anyways your comments, and what team do you want me to do?

14 Responses to What to look for: Rangers edition

  1. Habfanforever says:

    I want you to do the habs.

    As far as the Rangers go, they did dump a lot of salary but I doubt they will do as badly as everyone is predicting. I still think they have a good mix of youth and experience as well as a balance of talent and role players. I would NOT get rid of Holik. The reason for this is that looking at the roster, this team has a shot at the playoffs. Some of you may laugh at this but if you look at the cinderella teams of the past like Calgary, Carolina and Anaheim, aside from 2-3 top players, their whole success was based on hard wok and sticking to an elaborate system. If this team is well coached, they will surprise everyone. Jagr, Holik and Nylander are 3 guys that will help whatever linemates they are given.

    Also it is very important for their development that Tjutin, Balej and Blackburn get full time spots on the roster.

  2. IceyCup says:

    I agree… keep Holik, play youngsters as much as possible, search for chemistry. Forget about tanking games for Sid Crosby… Games will get tanked anyway. As far as Sather goes, I’m unsure still. I mean, at this point it doesn’t seem like it can get anyworse ( unless Poti scores another 4-5 goals again on his own freaking net ).

    It’s too bad really that we won’t be able to see this team play in it’s current form anytime soon. I’m sure that ranger fans and ranger haters would tune in to some extent to see how they’re doing given the drastic turn around they made by having a firesale.

    BTW this is my first post and I have to say that I really enjoy this site and all the laughs I get from it. Sometimes one can laugh at, laugh with (or both) the other ppl posting here… it’s great.

  3. ranger_fan says:

    I will do the habs, probably next, so in a few days.

    I don’t think this team will be a contender. Dunham has to be the Dunham of 2 years ago, and Weekes needs to play up to his potential. I like the team defensively, but other that the top line, no one else will score.

    Blackburn will be in Hartford. Tyutin and Balej will have top or 2nd line, pair duties.

  4. ranger_fan says:

    The reason of dumping Holik is to get 8.875 less for the payroll if there is a hard cap, which I am banking on.

  5. hockeyhead says:

    nylander is a putz. did he leave boston to be a “first” line center in the big apple? from contender to pretender. hero to zero.

    yaa, i would rather play with one of the most talented players that sleepwalks in most games (jagr) than play with an up-n-coming superstar that works their butt off every game in samsonov.

    good luck with the rags yaa tool.

    enough ragging on 92. i think dunham will be traded. weekes and blackburn in net. but it does not matter anyway. the yankees they are not.

  6. ranger_fan says:

    Well, a putz idk man. He left Boston because they are CHEAP. New York has a lot of upandcomers, and will be a strong team in a couple of years. And they will have chemistry too.

    Samsonov is injury prone and will miss half of the games.

    YAY Im a *****ing tool!

    BLACKBURN WON’T GET A SINGLE GAME IN THE NHL unless Weekes and Dunham get injured. He will be in Hartford.

  7. hockeyhead says:

    dude, i was calling mike a tool.. sorry for the misunderstanding.

    boston offered him a four year deal with the same money. i know they are cheap but they offered one more year and the same money. he is an idiot.

    sammy is not injury prone. look at his numbers on bruins.com he had one bad year. is it better to be hurt or playing and not caring?

    by the way….how many games did nylander miss last year?

    i do think they will address the goaltending by trade. what are they going to do with montoya?

  8. ranger_fan says:

    college for until he graduates. then hartford. boston also has Sammy Thornton and Lapointe for a top line. Then NO ONE ELSE because they are cheap

  9. hockeyhead says:

    yes jacobs is cheap but it is teams like the range that have the league in trouble. don’t deny that.

    the bruins have gonchar, axy, gill, bergeron, raycroft, stuart

    the reason they don’t have anyone is because of no cba. many teams are not full b/c of that. when and if there is a new one….they WILL sign the quality players that are left and if you have looked at the list of free agents you would see that it is long.

    but i suppose they will all go to dallas, rangers and detroit and all the other free wheeling money teams. right?

  10. GretzNYR99 says:

    It’s not teams like the Rangers that have the league in trouble. It’s the owners’ for screwing over the players for so many years, now it’s time for the players to get their revenge. It’s also the owners’ fault for signing these players to ridiculous contracts. Don’t blame one team in general, because there are a lot of overpaid players that are making 7-9 million and putting up about 70 points. It’s a never-ending struggle that’s been going on since sports started. Players used to have no voice, and now with unions, they do. The NHLPA is one of the worst unions in sports, and now they’re going to kill the game because they think they should be getting paid 11 million a year to put up 70 points like Jaromir Jagr. The highest paid player in the league should be Peter Forsberg at 7 million in this frame. The NHL cannot afford to pay players 10 million a year even if they do score 120 points. It’s ridiculous, there should be a system which works contract flexibility by generated revenues so that the league CANNOT overpay a player so that they CANNOT dig themselves into a hole they can’t get out of. THAT is what has caused this, not the New York Rangers, or the Detroit Red Wings, Philadelphia Flyers, or the Dallas Stars, or the Colorado Avalanche.

    Although the concept of inflation (the value of the dollar becoming less over time…) does factor in here, you moreso have to blame your fellow players and owners for this. You can’t blame one team or owner or player in general. They all have to take the blame. Being paid millions of dollars to play a kid’s sport is almost EVERYONE’S dream. These people take this fact for granted, there are so many of us out there who would play for the league minimum and stop this mess.

  11. hockeyhead says:

    come on. the bruins never gave in to the free wheeling. ray bourque (imo, one of the best hockey players ever) never made money. he got 6 mill a year at the end and that is b/c the bruins felt bad. people went to see ray. people went to see wayne and mario. yaa they can make that money. but how many nhlers do people go to see?

    it started when the rangers and red wings and avs and dallas started throwing money away. do you think the nordiques would of spent all the money the avs do? now all the small markets are sunk.

    the fact of the matter is, people don’t care about hockey. it is the sad truth. at least in america. they can’t expect to get what a football player or baseball player gets. no one goes to the games. no one even watches the games on tv.

    let them go to europe. do they think they will make 10 mill a year there. this lockout will ruin hockey forever.

    did you see the football game last night. concerts and 2 hour long pre game shows. tail gaiting. that is why they can make the money. hockey is no where close. it is sad because hockey is the coolest sport.

    go thornton go

  12. NYRules says:

    Up-n-coming superstar?

    Samsonov has been a star for at least 5 years and has consistently been in the top 30 in points other than when he was hurt. He is no way up-n-coming, he already is amazing.

  13. NYRules says:

    Screw minimum… ill play for 50k, plus the free hotel and and airfare and everything else they get. I could live extremely happy makin 50 thousand playing my favorite sport and only having to live on my own for a few months in the off season.

  14. wheresthesoda says:

    if they do dump holik, they better make lundmark and dominic moore the top 2 centers

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