What to look for: Rangers edition

Continuing my series, this is a look into the New York Rangers.

It has been awhile since I could continue my articles, and I apologize for those of you who were looking forward for the next one. I also felt looking at the archives, that its been a while since a Ranger article, so I opted to do them, and will pick up with the Habs, or Leafs next, depending how long it has been for a Leaf article, as the Leafs and Rangers are the most written about.

Also, yes, I am a fan of the Rangers, so will try to not be biased, when writing this one, and any that I will write.

The New York Rangers were busy at the deadline, which really is nothing new. However, last March they shedded salary. Sather has not gone out and spent $9,000,000.00 on a single player either. So that is my recap part of the article.

Currently, financially the Rangers look like…

Betts- $650,000.00

Blackburn- $825,000.00

Dunham- $3,600,000.00

Holik- $8,850,000.00

Jagr- $11,000,000.00(minus $5,000,000.00)

Kasparaitis- $4,400,000.00

Lundmark- $1,127,500.00

Marshall- $600,000.00

Nylander- $2,900,000.00

Pock- $1,175,000.00

Poti- $3,100,000.00

Purinton- $650,000.00

Rachunek- $1,500,000.00

Scott- $375,000.00

Strudwick- $625,000.00

Weekes- $1,375,000.00

* That gathered from the NHLPA.com*

So if I add correctly, that means that NY has $37,752,500.00 tied up in contracts, plus Wiseman, Balej, Tyutin, Murray, Dawes, and Ortmeyer who arent on the NHLPA site.

That could be much worse, but if the League and NHLPA agree and there is a hard cap of 31-35 million, that is not good news for the Rangers. [yeah, they won’t agree] So assumming that Slats doesn’t sign anyone else, except RFAs Ulmer, and Mike Green, here is what the Rangers look like: as far as a depth chart, not combos.




Blackburn (AHL)

LaBarbara (AHL)

Lundqvist (Sweden)

Montoya (NCAA)



Kasparitis – Tyutin

Poti – Marshall

Strudwick – Pock

Puritan – Rachunek

Lampman – Nycholat

Taylor – Kondratiev

Grenier – Baranka


LW – C – RW

Korpikoski – Nylander – Jagr

Dawes – Lundmark – Balej

Murray – Holik – Ortmeyer

Scott – Moore – Jessiman

MacDonald – Betts – Fardaleau

Green, Wiseman

Now if I was Sather, I’d still try and move Holik. There will be a hard cap, the league won’t give in again. I’d look into resigning Sandy McCarthy. While unlike my video game where I resigned Adam Graves, I disagree with bringing back Rucinsky for a third stint. Let this be the team. If you do badly, you get Crosby, Latendresse, or Brule.

Anyways, the Rangers will fight the Penguins and Islanders, for the 3rd though 5th spot in the Atlantic. I think the Islanders will end up 3rd, but anything can happen. The Rangers will be 12-15th in the conference, and 25-30th in the league.

If Sather can keep making trades like he did last March, and doesn’t go on another shopping spree, I think he is an excellent GM. His choice of coaches haven’t been great either, but Renney is the best one since Mike Keenan, so unlike everyone on this site, Sather should stay.

Anyways your comments, and what team do you want me to do?