Who made up the rumor of trading Mats Sundin! 17 POINTS IN HIS LAST 11 GAMES!(<<

He told them that he has thought ’bout it in the past, but is set to stay cuz he wants to win a Stanley in Toronto(When he won the Gold Medal in the Olympics he called Tie Domi from the dressing room and said he would trade it all for a Stanley Cup) He is a his franchise center and JFJ wouldn’t dare trade him although at the trade deadline he had been ASKED if he wanted too and turned it down. He ain’t going anywhere andh es not gonna retire either. He has said hes not gonna retire too many times to count and a good player like him re-hitting his form now will probably play to atleast 40 which is 5 years off being 35 now.

Look I am a huge Leafs fan and I love Bryan McCabe and I don’t like how everyone says hes so bad even though he does make a lot of bad plays. Hes one of the leagues top offensive defensemen, but for 5Mil, NO WAY. I have always wondered about this trade: McCabe for maybe a few top defense prospects(We have too many) to Carolina for Frank Kaberle. The Ducks have the Neidermayers, the Canucks have the Sedin twins and the Leafs would have the Kaberles. I doubt this would happebn though cuz Kaberle was Re-signed by Carolina this summer to a 4 year contractm, is injured right now and he is an important part of the Carolina team but througth all that, it would be awesome. Plus Carolina over the last few years has been known to trade a lot! – G