What will Toronto do

The Leafs have been a streaky team thus far, and the Eastern Conference has shown no mercy. What will the leafs do if they are cup contenders, or out of the playoff picture at the trade deadline. The truth is, under Paul Maurice, the team has looked like it can contend against the best in the NHL at times. Should the leafs be in the running for the stanely cup, they will be buyers. Unfortunetly, they’re buying power consists of 600K. However, at the trade deadline roughly 3/4 of a players salary is already paid for. This means the leafs could be looking at a player in the 2 million dollar range. The biggest team need is a winger with good finish. They’re most powerful trade bait is young NHL ready defencemen. Some trade options include:

Bell/Kronwall/Colaiacovo for Modin/J. Blake/Nagy

The team would look like this:
Modin/J. Blake/Nagy-Wellwood-Tucker



Another truth, is that the Leafs have looked dreadful at times. If they’re losing slide continues, they could be out of the playoff picture completely in March. Having said that, Ferguson (assuming he’s still GM) would want to rebuild the leafs for next season. Players like Kubina, Tucker, Peca, and O’neill may turn into deadline giveaways.

If all of these players go for draft picks or young players, the leafs would have lots of cap room to play with. The roster would include 22 million dollars spent over 13 players. Then Antropov can be resigned at 1.5 million, poni at 1.5 million, White at 750K, and Aubin at 750K, Colaiacovo at 1 million plus Sundin’s option at 5.5 million. Thats 18 players for 33 million dollars. The team looks like this:


Colaiacovo- (empty)


The leafs would have 11 million dollars to sign a 3rd defenceman (UFA, or Bell/Kronwall), 2 third line wingers (UFA or Williams, Kulemin, Westrum, and Suglobov) and 2 top line wingers (UFA or trade)

The leafs would most likely want to be in either of the fits two scenarios. Being in 8th or 9th place is a bad place to be at the trade deadline.