What will Toronto do

The Leafs have been a streaky team thus far, and the Eastern Conference has shown no mercy. What will the leafs do if they are cup contenders, or out of the playoff picture at the trade deadline. The truth is, under Paul Maurice, the team has looked like it can contend against the best in the NHL at times. Should the leafs be in the running for the stanely cup, they will be buyers. Unfortunetly, they’re buying power consists of 600K. However, at the trade deadline roughly 3/4 of a players salary is already paid for. This means the leafs could be looking at a player in the 2 million dollar range. The biggest team need is a winger with good finish. They’re most powerful trade bait is young NHL ready defencemen. Some trade options include:

Bell/Kronwall/Colaiacovo for Modin/J. Blake/Nagy

The team would look like this:
Modin/J. Blake/Nagy-Wellwood-Tucker



Another truth, is that the Leafs have looked dreadful at times. If they’re losing slide continues, they could be out of the playoff picture completely in March. Having said that, Ferguson (assuming he’s still GM) would want to rebuild the leafs for next season. Players like Kubina, Tucker, Peca, and O’neill may turn into deadline giveaways.

If all of these players go for draft picks or young players, the leafs would have lots of cap room to play with. The roster would include 22 million dollars spent over 13 players. Then Antropov can be resigned at 1.5 million, poni at 1.5 million, White at 750K, and Aubin at 750K, Colaiacovo at 1 million plus Sundin’s option at 5.5 million. Thats 18 players for 33 million dollars. The team looks like this:


Colaiacovo- (empty)


The leafs would have 11 million dollars to sign a 3rd defenceman (UFA, or Bell/Kronwall), 2 third line wingers (UFA or Williams, Kulemin, Westrum, and Suglobov) and 2 top line wingers (UFA or trade)

The leafs would most likely want to be in either of the fits two scenarios. Being in 8th or 9th place is a bad place to be at the trade deadline.

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  1. shakrmakr says:

    One game makes him horrible? ***** you guys ar eidiots!! At the beginning of the year he went 80 minutes of penalty killing and only allowed 4 goals during those 80 minutes. That's a great stat!!! You guys dont know ***** all like most typical fans!!

  2. shakrmakr says:

    Finally someone who knows what he is talking about!! There are alot of idiots on this site and they demand a trade after one bad game by a player. Gill has been one of our most consistent defensive dmen and he had one bad game. He shouldn't put in front of the firing squad because of one game. Kubina even though he hasn't been getting the points due to lack of ice time and PP time he has played good in both ends as well.

  3. shakrmakr says:

    First of all the first trade the leafs are getting ripped off and the second trade is ridiculous from the Blue Jackets stand point. Catergorizing you under the "typical" uneducated fan catergory.

  4. 92-93 says:

    not this year … go to ESPN and look at the schedule section for SJ, its back and forth between the two goalies. other teams are the same – i.e. Mtl and Ottawa (although now Emery and Huet are emerging as the starters).

    the leafs need to rest raycroft more. Maurice wont do it, but it should be done. Raycroft has always played well after some rest (after an Aubin start).

  5. 92-93 says:

    pathetic 'comeback' (intersting that you should continue this verbal 'sparing match' that only YOU are participating in.

  6. 92-93 says:

    i'm 35? really? i feel a great sense of comfort knowing you have no clue of who i am or what kind of person i am. can you point out the names i've called you?

    and of course its useless for YOU to talk hockey with me … because you dont seem capable of talking hockey. you just go on the personal attack mode, while i am trying to discuss a hockey issue/opinion. and yes, Mitchell and McKee (despite some of their injuries) would look much better now wouldn't they. but hey, at least this is a start! its the start of you actually discussing hockey … good for you.

    i had a feeling you wouldn't take my advice to heart. so i'll repeat:

    again, why the immaturity and why the hostility? why cant you simply enter your hockey opinion and if we disagree we disagree? … try working out the rage and agression before you type. stick with your hockey opinion on Steen and i'll stick with mine and we will agree to disagree. but end this baseless, needless rage that you keep spewing.

    you are a very bitter and arrogant person and it is very obvious to everyone. and its a pathetic cry for help for you to try to 'win' at such needless and pointless name calling games on an online domain.

  7. 92-93 says:

    riiight (geesh this is going to be so easy) … Alex Steen, a 22 year old in his sophmore year, is a 'shadow of his former self' and he is doomed to being a 3rd and 4th liner for the rest of his career.

    no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

    yeah, you and Leafy are becoming more and more similar.

  8. the_word says:

    All day, everyday, seven days a week you posts here multiple times, 365 days a year.  You take this site way too seriously. I could give a shit about what 4 people on an internet message board think of me.  That is another way I distinguish myself from you.  To you all of this real and terribly pathetic. 
    Whats ironic is that I'm sure there are plenty of others on this site that would agree with me, that find you childish pain in the ass.

  9. the_word says:

    " why cant you simply enter your hockey opinion and if we disagree we disagree?"- because I don't respect you peaches.

    Actually my criticism of Steen has been consistent, and either I'm right or Alexander Steen himself read my posts in July and decided to dedicate this season to validating my evaluation of his game.  If thats the case, I guess I should be flattered.

    So lets talk hockey… You're quick to praise Maurice for holding his players accountable, yet you suggest Steen should be put on the first line with Sundin, despite the fact that he hasn't earned it.  So Steen should be rewarded for not playing well.  How is that being held accountable?

    So, even if one were to ignore that contradiction, and put Steen on the a line with Sundin and Steen put up another 45 points, it wouldn't be impressive.  Even Hoglund could put up 45 points along side Sundin, and did so in an an era of clutching and grabbing.

    Correct me if I'm wrong but you claimed that Steen was the best player for the Leafs against Atlanta the other night.  Ok, how did the Leafs do that night?  Lost 5-2, and were humiliated.  So even when Steen is the best for his team on the ice, he's still an irrelevant factor in the game.  So much for Steen being 'a sure thing'.

  10. the_word says:

    Allow to correct a typo

    To you all of this real and that's terribly pathetic. 

  11. the_word says:

    It is refreshing to see a call for moderation rather than demanding the Leafs go into a rebuilding mode ever time they lose a game.   With Kaberele & McCabe locked up long term with no trade clauses, rebuilding isn't really an option anyway. I don't think O'Neil is worth trading, he won't fetch much, better off keeping him and then offer him no more than 600K to stay or let him walk, give him the Lindros treatment.  Re-signing Tucker is a given, he's money for 30 goals a year and has the potential for 40, not to mention his grit and the fact he's well liked in the dressing room.  Tucker is asking for 15 mil, for five years, thats a steal.  He most productive Leaf outside of Sundin, and you can land him at half the price.  With the Leafs in desperate need for help on the wing, why trade their best winger in the prime of his career?

    With the cap going up, the Leafs are fine.  Kubina & Gill have been solid, but they're scapegoats because they're both slightly overpaid.  Gill has especially been unfairly criticized because his big and not a strong skater, but is quite agile for his size.  Whats more impressive is that Gill can lead the team in +/- while paired with the biggest defensive liability on the team, Ian White.

  12. 92-93 says:

    peaches? oooooh. the word is feminizing me … ouch that hurts. why dont you just call me the 'fa_' word again? ouch, being emasculated is soooo threatening.

    i mean come on. and you go to university and are in the arts/humanities/social sciences … and you are typing this crap? wow.

    ok, back to the hockey talk.

    actually, if you actually read what Maurice says, he has been very happy with Steen's overall play. its simply the production part that he needs more from Steen. he benched steen in the 3rd period a few weeks back simply because he needed more production. but whenever the subject of Steen's slump comes up, Maurice is the first to say that Steen has been playing well on a checking line with Peca and is very happy with his play.

    hence, putting him on the first line would only give him some more offensive opportunities and place him in an offensive context/mindset and  would help him play with more abandon.

    so no contradiction there.

    now, comparing the play of a 22 year old with that of Hoglund … who was in his late-20s/early-30s, had more NHL experience, etc.??? that is a contradiction in my mind.

    " Ok, how did the Leafs do that night?  Lost 5-2, and were humiliated.  So even when Steen is the best for his team on the ice, he's still an irrelevant factor in the game.  So much for Steen being 'a sure thing'."

    … holy crap are you serious. is this why you dont talk hockey?!?! i see why now. yes, 'word,' Steen was the best player and the leafs still lost. how many times has a leaf goalie, or Sundin, or Kaberle, how many times have they been the best player and the leafs still lose and lose big? MANY TIMES this has happened!!!

    wow, if you have one player playing well while the rest of the team isn't, there is NO WAY that team is going to come close to winning a game. i dont care if your Jagr or Brodeur or Pronger or whoever. if youre teammates aren't doing their part, youre screwed. hence, hockey being a team sport.

  13. 92-93 says:


    i still say the leafs have a shot at a guy like Nagy at the trade deadline.

    of course, my opinions of Gill and White are the exact opposite of yours.

  14. 92-93 says:

    of course you dont care what i think.

    that is why you reply to everything i say. that is why you type your fingers to the bone and can only post on this site when it is in response to ME. you dont post anywhere else.

    now that is pathetic.

    you dedicate your entire online existence on this site to bashing me – a guy who (if you read the time of my posts) only posts earlier in the day, once a day. (and i do skip many days posting here on HTR).

    the people who agree with you: Leafy (probably), Gretzkin, Jannettytherocker ……. you are in gooooood company word.

  15. 92-93 says:

    so i guess youre adding White to the the 'utterly hopeless' pile along with Steen.

    average age is about 23, average experience in the NHL is about 60 games, so yeah that seems about right.

    oh and Gill? what a D-stud. 2.1 million for 3 years too. yeah, i bet Chris Neil (who had burned him to the outside 4 times this year) thinks he is 'quick.'

  16. 92-93 says:

    yeah, why would the leafs be pulling any trades right about now. they aren't supposed to make the playoffs this year anyways right. but they do have opportunity to trade some guys at the deadline to get younger players, or picks, or simply clear cap space for next year.

    if JFJ doesn't do this – and i dont think he will – the leafs are going to be in more trouble next year.

    if this is just going to be a phase, or a temporary transitional period, JFJ has to keep making shrewd sensible moves and this year's deadline has to be different from last year's in that sense.

    to me, the prime candidates to be moved and could get a return:
    a) Tucker,
    b) Gill
    c) Antropov

    On top of Coliacovo's return and waiving Belak to the minors, the leafs should be fine for the rest of the year. just keep playing the young guys and get the experience they need. maybe get a scoring winger at the deadline (i.e. Nagy).

    as for trading Kubina, no one is going to take this guy even if its for nothing. 5 million for 5 years is simply too much salary and term for any GM to eat.

  17. 92-93 says:

    I agree with O'Neill being dumped after the year is done.

    i dont think the leafs will be trading what little youth they have at the deadline either.

    the leafs will probably have to deal Tucker if they want a bona fide winger for Sundin (along with O'Neill and Peca).

    most teams are stuck with their rosters for a little while (until the deadline). but as usual, the smart GMs have a vision for what their team will look like after the deadline and next year – even those GMs who are managing teams that dont look to good this year.

    if i am JFJ, i am looking at a potential UFA like Nagy and making him a priority.

  18. the_word says:

    "so i guess youre adding White to the the 'utterly hopeless' pile along with Steen"
    This is assumuption on your part or simply your typical spin. I like White's offensive upside very much, he has to work on his game in his own zone which should be expected of any rookie defensman. At this point in his career, the cost White's defensive woes, outweight his what he gives the Leafs on the other end of the ice. With the offense Kaberele, McCabe & Kubina are capable of, White's upside is marginal on this roster, he doesn't fill a need on the Leaf and is hurting the team, that doesn't entail he won't be a really good defensmen one day.

    Gill may not be a stud, but he has been ok all year. The nature of his is such that when he gets beat he looks especially bad. He does lead the team in +/-, so there is more evidence that he hasn't been problem for the Leafs this year (and he has what 1 less point than goldenboy Steen, but this isn't about Steen). And lets be honest here, most of Gill's critics were writting him off before even seening him play. Also I can't think of any team whose 4th/5th defenseman doesn't make a bad play that leads to at least goal every two or three games, so cut Gill some slack.

  19. the_word says:

    Kubina received nine offers in one day as a UFA last year, I find it hard to believe no one would be interested in him, especially teams looking for a stud defenseman going into a playoff run.  Not that I suggesting the Leafs should trade him.  There are plenty of bad contracts in this league, Kubina's is certainly not the worst.

  20. the_word says:

    "of course, my opinions of Gill and White are the exact opposite of yours."
    But I know what I'm talking about.

  21. buds8 says:

    I disagree with your suggestion at trading Tucker…I think he is a bona fide winger, they just need another one.

    IMO Tucker is better than Nagy, he brings much more to the table.

    Suglobov should be inserted into the lineup and Belak and O'Neill out of there ASAP.

    Aside from that they are pretty good.  They just need to get back to what was working for them earlier in the season.


  22. the_word says:

    "Leafy (probably), Gretzkin, Jannettytherocker"
    I only recognize Leafy, but this site isn't my life, unlike you. 

    "that is why you type your fingers to the bone and can only post on this site when it is in response to ME."
    If you think for second that I post here more than you do, you're completely delusional.  

    "you dedicate your entire online existence on this site to bashing me"
    Not true, its just fun. 

  23. the_word says:

    "holy crap are you serious. is this why you dont talk hockey?!?!" " Wow, you're pseudo calm demenure is starting to crack again. Its great that you're not threatened muffin, I'm just calling you loser, I'm glad you're secure with that label which fits you so well.

    Now lets talk hockey.

    Of course Maurice isn't going to publically flog Steen. No coach does that, if Steen has such great offensive talent, why is constantly the least productive player on whatever line he plays on? He's has been benched and demoted to the 4th line. He's beening held accountable for his play. Read between the lines.

    I didn't compare Steen to Hoglund, I said that getting 45 points on a line with Sundin doesn't prove a thing.

    No shit, hockey is a team game, but while having a supposed 'great game' he looked no better than his teammates.

    Look, I know you've back yourself in a corner because and your cyber ego can't admit that you're way off on Steen, and you have too much of yourself invested in this site to admit you're wrong and hence we'll never agree on Steen (unless Steen proves me wrong, but I don't see that happening), thats fine. But Steen affirms my arguments every game. To suggest that he will become a top six foward who will get in the neighborhood of 70 points a year, play sound defensely and be the future captain of the Leafs is merely a fantasy with no basis in reality.  You're take on Steen is wishfully thinking.

  24. DJTOKid says:

    Kubina is 5mil a year for four years

  25. DJTOKid says:

    Kubina is 5mil a year for four years

  26. 92-93 says:

    muffin? i mean is this the best you can do. and me being startled by how shallow your analysis is does not amount to me losing my cool. but i digress.

    some coaches publically flog (um, the guy in TB is e.g #1 and even Maurice has come out with more calmer criticisms of some of the players on his squad).

    all these questions about Steen are futile right now Word. how many times will it take for you to see this? THE KID IS 22 YEARS OLD. believe it or not, some good hockey players go through slumps, and believe it or not, sometimes they go through slumps early in their career. I know its unfathomable and unheard of, but its true!!! i swear it is!!!

    the cyber ego is all yours (hence you feminizing me, callng me a homo, etc. – these are all easy to read signs of someone who is bitter, has 'compensation' issues if you know what i mean, and is very, very insecure).

    what exactly do i have invested in this site? where no one knows who i am in the real world? how is that possible? if you consider me defending a promising young player – 22 years old did i mention that? – who is coming off a promising rookie year and shows all the sign of being a great player in the future even in his sophmore season (wow, a sophmore struggling, i think i heard of that somewhere before hmmmm….) as an example of 'backing myself into a corner' then i think you should reconsider that phrase.

  27. 92-93 says:

    no, i think i see a desperate, bitter person when i see one and you are clearly that kind of person.

    have you noticed that since we last 'debated' (for me its a debate for you its an end-of-the-world fight in the alleyway to save your manhood or something), i have been engaging with you and your name calls less and less?

    that simply because i recognize what kind of person you are. and i know that no matter what i say, you are always going to take things to absurd, personal levels because of your insecurities. so what i try to do is TRY to keep this to the level of hockey and simply respond to your more personal comments with shallow, more benign shots at you … in other words 'word,' i dont expend that much energy on someone who is spinning his wheels thinking up ways to offend me (i.e. comparing me to far right wing characters … nice try though).

  28. 92-93 says:

    yeah the dead weight needs to be chopped off for sure.

    but Tucker being better than Nagy?

    well, ok, the intangibles maybe …. but in terms of pure production, which is what they need beside sundin on the top line, its not even close. Nagy is way more talented, skilled, and will make a bigger impact on the scoresheet, then Tucker ever could.

    and Nagy is younger too.

  29. 92-93 says:

    um, yeeeah.

    sure you do word, sure you do.

  30. 92-93 says:

    well it is good to see that your opinion of white is more nuanced that i originally suspected. i could only assume it because of how easily you dismissed steen.

    its too bad that the leaf brass dont see Bell, White, or Coliacovo easily filling the 'offensive role' that Kubina is currently occupying with the leafs (and for cheaper). oh well. but i guess i could go on and on here and talk about how you know nothing about the game and that its reflected on your positive appraisals of Kubina and Gill when the leafs signed them in the offseason (clearly, neither one is working out right now).

    however, unlike you i know that an NHL career can last awhile, and the season is 82 games and that over the course of such timepans things change and evolve. Kubina could round out his game and get better as the season progresses.

    but take note word: i refuse to belittle your clearly flawed reading of Kubina and Gill the way you belittle my reading of Steen (who is 22 years old did i mention that?).

    so you can continue to emphasize how close Gill is to Steen in the scoring department (ignoring things like lines, and ice time, and experience, and sheer luck) … and continue to ignore your golden boy Kubina and how wonderful he is doing so far. but how could you possibly dismiss Kubina, he hasnt had the time to proove himself yet in his young career right?

  31. 92-93 says:

    right. forgot about that.

  32. 92-93 says:

    yeah, i am certain the GMs right now are looking at the year he had last year, and the year he is having so far, and are salivating over his term and amount.

    unless salary is coming back the other way (i.e. a Kubina-for-McKee kind of trade), i doubt anyone is looking to acquire this so-called 'stud' D-guy.

  33. the_word says:

    " i could only assume it because of how easily you dismissed steen."  No, you have a tendency to dismiss what people post based on their handle, not whats written, well not at least not until you spin it.

    Kubina has been a good defenseman for the Leafs.  He's not getting any significant PP time, that's where defenseman gets the vast majority of there points.  So its no surprise he isn't put up big point totals.  What he is doing is playing a physical game, he moves very well for his size (there are few defense that his size and posses his skill level, no wonder he received 9 offers as UFA).  He's a punishing defenseman that with a great hands and can log a lot of minutes.  He plays a solid game in his own end, and keep in mind that coming off an injury.  Based on what he brings to a game, I'll take Kubina over McKee any day, and I think most GMs would agree with me.  I've said if before, if he made 4 million a season, he'd have far fewer critics.  Evidence that more people take issue with his contract than his game.  He signed as UFA, virtually all UFAs are overpaid, if you're gonna whine about his contract thats JFJ's fault not Kubina.

    "its too bad that the leaf brass dont see Bell, White, or Coliacovo easily filling the 'offensive role"
    1.  I said the offense Kubina is capable of, he isn't currently filling an offensive role at the moment.  This why its pointless engaging you in hockey talk, you need to spin everything.

    2. I said this summer that the Leafs should have signed one defenseman and leave two spots for the kids to play.  But that didn't happen, so I let the idea go, I didn't harp on questionable signings, because there is no point in whining about them for months after the fact.   Instead I judge Gill & Kubina based on how they've played thus far.  Both have played well this season, I guess that doesn't matter to you though, you can't see beyond their contract and never could.  I've already explained why Gill has been unfairly criticized, no need to repeat myself.  Gill & Kubina are hardly golden in my eyes, but certainly holes in the Leafs roster.

    "so you can continue to emphasize how close Gill is to Steen in the scoring department"  Didn't I say 'this isn't about Steen though"?  

  34. the_word says:

    obviously salary has to come back the other way when you trade someone making five million a year.  If they wanted to dump his contract, they've could take on an someone with an expiring contractor simply send him to the minors. 

  35. the_word says:

    Notice like most of you posts addressing me, you haven't talked hockey.

    "for me its a debate for you its an end-of-the-world fight in the alleyway to save your manhood or something"

    Are you *****ing kidding me??? Peaches, muffin, sweetheart are little jabs trying to get you lighten up. You've tried to make this much more personal that name calling. Again lets get some perspective, I'm not the one who gets his gets his balls from posting on the internet, thats you. I mean you *****ing post in bold, this site is part of you daily routine, you know everyone here by name, I'm sure you've read every post on here over the last five years, you live here, you annoy everybody, you need to have the last word because how dare I talk to you this way in your own home. You have your head so far up your own ass you actually think you know me, based on what I've posted on this site (again you take this way, way, way too seriously).

  36. mojo19 says:

    You're still down on Hal Gill? I would have thought you'd come around by now considering he's actually been playing well. I would take Gill on my team any day.

  37. 92-93 says:

    ah no.

    again, its the amount of money he is making, the term, and the fact that i've seen him burned way too many times.

    and his size? well, he isn't really using it to his advantage too often and is not intimidating enough. sorry, but Hal Gill is dead wood to me. the leafs probably won't be able to trade him though.

    but yeah, sorry, my opinions on Hal Gill have not changed (and there are a lot of people out there who agree with me too so i know its not me coming out of nowhere on this).

  38. 92-93 says:

    no i am with you on this one. i too hope that Kubina turns it around … oh wait, you think he's played 'solid' … ok, well then i hope he improves his play more.

    good that you noted details about Kubina not playing on the PP but you wont do the same thing for Steen (i.e. he has had no PP time since preseason and he's on a checking line).

    yes, Kubina is coming off an injury and that is why i am not going to write him off just yet. i am hoping that he and Colaicovo can get paired up and take some minutes away form the top D-pairing.

    taking issue with his – or Gill's – contract is the right of any fan or reporter or GM. it is TOTALLY RELEVANT – if the guy isn't performing up to what he is signed for … then he should be criticized. i dont understand this 'if he was signed for 4 million' kind of talk. HE WASNT SIGNED FOR 4 million. so that point is, well, pointless.

    and yes, i totally blame JFJ for this signing. of course. i thought that was obvious and assumed.

    you like the word 'spin' don't you?

    in the summer, i too called for the leafs to make one #3 D-guy signing (and you know my preferences already). however, that would have meant that 3 kids would have to play (you know, because there are 6 D-spots). but it seemed reasonable that the leafs should go out and get 3 UFA d-guys – one high priced one and one lower-priced one (and by lower priced i mean 1 million or less).
    in a cap era, it IS very reasonable to complain about bad signings made the previous summer, ESPECIALLY if they are for 3 and 4 years … and i am not the only person on this site that does this – so does nords, aetherial, etc.

    so i – and many many others – disliked the signings from the get-go. and then i stopped complaining – oh i say about August. and waited for preseason. so the preseason came and went, and october, and november … and so far nothing has seemed to detract from my original assessment of the two D-guys. the McCabe signing was bad from a no-trade clause perspective (Check), Kubina is too much and too long for too little (Check), Gill – ditto, not suited for new NHL (Check). Kaberle at 4.25 million for 5 years and a no-trade clause – a signing that was criticized by many including Nords and Cox and others but one that i liked – now looks to be a steal.

    and yes – i agree with you – they are "holes in the Leafs roster" (or am i spinning that one too?). JFJ has tied up the Leafs cap space for years to come, even with the increases in cap space.

    to pick up an offensive D-guy was a redundant move (see: McCabe, Kaberle, Bell, White, Coliacovo, etc.) … to pick up an offensive D-guy who doesn't produce offensively was worst still.

  39. 92-93 says:

    "Peaches, muffin, sweetheart" is a kind of discourse that attempts to situate you as the more masculine person – which is really insulting to a lot of people and not necessarily to me because i could care less.

    posting in bold is a way of acquiring 'balls'??? huh????

    oh yeah, that make sense (?).

    and yes, i do know you. and a lot of other people have seen your kind before. you are an open book when it comes to the kind of person you are simply through the discursive strategies you employ. the fact that i can throw them back at you really really really bugs you.

  40. the_word says:

    Sigh… two words polished rookie.  Nuff said. 

    1 goal in 26 games isn't a slump, it's a failure.  You want to ignore that because he was an overhyped rookie.  He's the least the productive player of the bottom six forwards.  Hardly a 'sure thing', a rookie that wasn't all that promising,

  41. the_word says:

    Funny I thought you only drop by here once a day to post.  Oh yeah that's right you're completely full of shit.

    If I were you I wouldn't be bragging about the level of discourse you think you bring to this site. 

  42. the_word says:

    1.  You're comparing Kubina to Steen based on PP time? That's weak even for you.  One is a defeseman and the other is a forward.  Fowards should be expect to be productive on and off the PP, if Bates Battagila can manage 4 goals, then the future first ballot allstar Steen should be able to get at least 2.

    2. Ya, totally relevant, your whining and scapegoating is gonna get them traded.  Sometimes I forget you're JFJ's under study and you're waiting in the wings to take over this franchise.  Keep the hypothetical mid seasons trades coming because they're so relevant.

  43. 92-93 says:

    no i am not comparing Steen and Kubina purely on PP time. i am pointing out your unabalanced analysis of talent in terms of Kubina and Steen (too harsh on Steen, to easy on Kubina). got it? good.

  44. 92-93 says:

    wow, just two words eh?

    its wonderful how you can distill something so complicated and complex into just two words.


    1 goal in 26 games IN YOUR SOPHMORE SEASON AT THE AGE of 22 is not a failure Word. i simply cannot believe i have to explain that to you.

  45. 92-93 says:

    hmm… again, you ignore context … this time in the form of what day of the week it is … its a SATURDAY!!! yeah, see that calendar thing at the bottom right hand corner of your screen (the time see it? click on it and you'll figure it out). so yeah, its a saturday and i am not at work and i was getting ready for the game …


    this is just too easy Word. you need to try harder please. this is hardly good practice.

  46. the_word says:

    Polished rookie, I've already made the argument, I don't have to repeat myself.  Keep ducking this argument.  

    22 yrs old, 45 points in a rookie season.  There I just summed up your argument, so nuff said.

    Any other rookie would be sent down for less, but Steen can do no wrong, huh.  Face the facts he's looking a lot like a checking winger/center, not a top six forward. 

  47. the_word says:

    HAHAHAHA Sorry, I leave my house my house on weekends, you should try it.  Can't miss those Saturday night games though huh, I bet you watch the Marlies twice a week too.  But no you don't invest to much yourself in this site.  Get friends buddy.

    Hardly good practice for your pseudo life.  Its ok, none this really matter, oh except for you it does.  I could check this site out ten years from now and you'll still be posting here daily (at different hours no less). 

  48. 92-93 says:

    keep ducking the argument … i've responded to your bad assessment with my own. that doesnt sound like 'ducking' to me.

    "22 yrs old, 45 points in a rookie season.  There I just summed up your argument, so nuff said"

    … um, you forgot about the part about the 'whole career before him' part of the argument, but Ok.

  49. 92-93 says:

    because i post on a weekend, because i watch HNIC at home, automatically implies that i never leave the house on weekends?

    TRY HARDER Word, that is just ridiculous. youre not trying hard enough.

    i do watch the Marlies yes. because, i want to make sure my opinions of the leafs organization are well rounded (you should try that sometimes).

    trying to lower me down to a 'loser' status is juvenile. it 'ducks' the issue so to speak, which is:

    a) you are immature, are really insecure, and are bitter
    b) you dont know how to engage in a mature debate
    c) you have no clue what you are talking about when it comes to hockey
    d) you dimiss others using really immature discursive methods that reveal how insecure you are

    p.s.  i think you should worry about c) last and work on the others first.

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