What's the WORST MOVE you ever saw? (bloopers time!)

Now it’s time to reverse my first submission and ask hockey fans what’s the very lamest, most ridiculous, funniest, WORST move they ever witnessed watching NHL hockey.I can’t think of too many because my memory ain’t was it used to be but i’m sure some of you have very interesting stories to tell, try describing the worst move you ever witness or another if it’s already been chosen by another HTR member.

My example is Patrick Roy ruling the game as usual then wanting to show how great his last save was to crush the opponents psyche and… well Red Wings fans sure did appreciate that blooper when the puck rolled in the Avs net!

1 bad move and the next game was over when it started, that was the Stanley Cup final game.

Mind you he’s still the greatest goalie ever in my book, his will to win is on a crazy unique lvl and he pretty much carried the AVS all year long so don’t flame me for this AVS fans! lol 😉

Anyway, try to use your own words and give us contextual juice to enhance the sheer enjoyment of devouring your most insightful posts! :)

(let’s have fun! 😉