What's the WORST MOVE you ever saw? (bloopers time!)

Now it’s time to reverse my first submission and ask hockey fans what’s the very lamest, most ridiculous, funniest, WORST move they ever witnessed watching NHL hockey.I can’t think of too many because my memory ain’t was it used to be but i’m sure some of you have very interesting stories to tell, try describing the worst move you ever witness or another if it’s already been chosen by another HTR member.

My example is Patrick Roy ruling the game as usual then wanting to show how great his last save was to crush the opponents psyche and… well Red Wings fans sure did appreciate that blooper when the puck rolled in the Avs net!

1 bad move and the next game was over when it started, that was the Stanley Cup final game.

Mind you he’s still the greatest goalie ever in my book, his will to win is on a crazy unique lvl and he pretty much carried the AVS all year long so don’t flame me for this AVS fans! lol 😉

Anyway, try to use your own words and give us contextual juice to enhance the sheer enjoyment of devouring your most insightful posts! 🙂

(let’s have fun! 😉

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  1. Hockeyman93 says:

    when osgood made a habit of letting in goals from outside the blue line. I think Langenbrunner scored one, but Osgood let in 2 or 3.

    And then when Lindros went over the blueline with his head down and Stevens nailed him. pretty bad move on Eric’s part.

  2. MossRocks says:

    Stay-at-home defenceman Scott Ferguson had a breakaway from the blueline last year for the Oilers. As soon as he got the puck he looked wobbly but once he got to the hash marks he lost control of the puck and then fell down and slid into the boards with a thump to the right of the net. He never got within 15 feet of the net before bailing out. Possibly the worst breakaway ever. An Edmonton local news sports guy described the highlight as …”Ferguson goes in all alone…. and then trips and beats it to death into the boards.” Too funny.

  3. UltimateB says:

    Here’s a big second to the Patty Roy statue of liberty move in game 6. That was just plain AWFUL!

    Another one I like was last year, Flyers game in the fall, against the wings. Detroit is down by one goal, less than a minute left. Faceoff in Flyers zone, to Boucher’s left. Wings win faceoff, puck the Shanahan, BAM, goal, high glove, game tied. Then, dump in, faceoff in Flyer’s zone to Boucher’s left. Wings win faceoff, puck to Hull, standing in the same spot as Shanahan. Hull fires a one-timer, just like Shanahan, high glove, just like Shanahan. Scores, just like Shanahan. Wings win on two almost identical goals.

    I also loved the Steve Yzerman goal on Brent Johnson during the playoffs this year. Brent has the puck, tries to clear it up the middle, and whoop! There’s Stevie! Boink! Right off Yzerman, right past Johnson. I don’t think that counts as an own-goal, but it’s close!

    Those come to mind, but I’m looking forward to hearing the other submissions!

  4. NewYorkRangers says:

    Rangers hockey from ’98-’02

  5. Habfan1234 says:

    I think it was a couple of years ago in a playoff game between the LA Kings (or San Jose Sharks) and the St.Louis Blues. Marc Bergevin reached for the puck with his glove and caught it. He tried to throw the puck behind the net. But instead of doing that he threw the puck into his own goal while the St. Louis team (especially the St. Louis Goalie) and the crowd looked on in amazement.

  6. Bodster says:

    every goal salo has let in from the blue line. especially his olympic flub.

  7. devilfan says:

    Colin White’s penalty shot against Richter. He almost scored. LOL

  8. BabyLeaf says:

    I don’t know if this qualifies as the worst or whatever, but there was one move this past year that left…WTF?

    When Alex Mogliny was on a clear break away….it looked like a sure goal, but instead of shooting, he passed to Belak.

    I remember screaming…BELAK?



  9. DG says:

    Here’s a few for the vault:

    1. Paul Karyia in overtime against the Los Angeles Kings (2001-02): At the blueline, Karyia picks up the puck and attempts to skate out with it, but somehow he trips and falls allowing a King player (I forget who) to score the game winner. The Score highlight show announcer Daniel Lanys summed it up perfectly when he explained the gaffe with “9 times out of 10 you want Karyia with the puck in a time like this…well, this was the tenth time.” Classic.

    2. Patrick Roy (2000-01): Roy made a pass from behind the net to Scott Gomez, giving the New Jersey Devil the easiest goal ever scored in the National Hockey League (save for an empty netter). Though he probably would have liked a better goal to break his slump, it was a goal and Gomez took it (he subsequently did a lap afterwards). Fortunately for Roy, his Colorado Avalanche were able to beat Gomez’s Devils into submission by taking the next two games and then the Cup.

    3. Domonik Hasek (1995): Hasek made a similar move as Roy did when his Buffalo Sabres faced the Philadelphia Flyers in the 1995 Play-offs. This time, John LeClair was the recipient, and, to try to correct it, Hasek threw down the net to hopefully annul the goal. It didn’t work.

    4. Nelson Emerson (1993-94): The Winnipeg Jet, looking for a way to beat Chicago Blackhawk goaltender Ed Belfour in overtime, decided the best way was to pick up the puck with his hands and tossed it into the net. Despite Belfour’s understandable complaints, the goal stood and the Jets won the game. Unfortunately for Emerson and the Jets, the team barely won afterwards, going through a 23-game winless streak that sunk the season in January. Still, the goal was memorable.

    5. Wendel Clark (1992-93): A bad call on Clark’s part, the Toronto Maple Leaf decided to grab a Los Angeles King (I forget who) and toss him to the ice, and, after Clark picked up the puck easily, there was the referee to flag him down for the penalty. I watched the play and still laugh at it since the penalty was so obvious. Here’s the funnier part, though: if Clark did it now, would the referee still call it? I’m guessing that they wouldn’t.


  10. DG says:

    Alexander Mogilny wanted to give Wade Belak a goal. “He doesn’t get many chances, and we were winning, so why not?” he explained. The Toronto Star’s Damien Cox later said that “Sergei Berezin wouldn’t have done it” and that Mogilny earned a few new friends in doing so. I saw it too and wondered why, but, hey, at least Mogilny was trying to be nice.


    (Note: “A-Mog” is taken from Alexander Rodriguez’s nickname “A-Rod”: it’s something I gave him a few years back. It may be lame, but I never liked AlMo anyway…)

  11. Glen says:

    Mark Recchi had a move, I believe at some point last season, or possibly in the playoffs 2 years ago where he was coming in on a penalty shot. He did some sort of a head fake at the top of the circle. It looked like a basketball move gone wrong. The goalie didn’t move a bit and Recchi then flipped a weak wrister into the goalies glove. With Rex’s talent the move was very weak.

  12. JClark87 says:

    Well, there is a couple that comes to mind.

    1. Paul Coffey with the forceful slapshot goal in the 96 playoffs against the Avalanche…….into his own net!

    Wings went on to lose the series in 6, and that game in overtime.

    2. The drunken Flyers fan that went over the boards into the penalty box after Tie Domi of all people and Domi beat the tar out of him soon thereafter.

    3.Lucy Lawless at the beginning of the Wings-Ducks playoff game in 97. I’m sure some people remember that one. Boobies.

    4. Chris Pronger blowing out his knee while trying to cheap shot Steve Yzerman in the 02 playoffs. Lead with the shoulder, not the elbow to the face. Serves ya right.

  13. PeterPuck says:

    The best of all is Mike Milbury and some Bruins climbing into the seats (5 + rows up) and hitting a fan with the fan’s shoe. Nothing tops this……

  14. fishlikeme says:

    I’ve got one that goes back to the mid eighties. I can’t remember the players name but it was a Hartford Whaler defenseman. There was a “scramble” in front of the Whalers net. In the confusion (I guess) the Hartford defenseman got hold of the puck turned and fired into his own net. He them raised his arms and began celebrating his goal, then, noticing his teamates weren’t celebrating with him, looked back at the net and realized he just scored on his own team. The expression on his face the moment he realized what he did has been permanently burned into my memory.

  15. olympiaWINGSson says:

    It was Fedorov that scored! Not Shanny! & it was a great comeback down 2-1 with 0:40 on the clock & Hasek pulled.

  16. Comrie89 says:

    The worst move I can think of is when Alexander Daige was with the Ottawa Senators. Anyway Daige got a penalty shot and skated in on the goalie (i forget who it was), makes a deke and misses the net by 8 feet! And even worst, he was in front of his home crowd. Well anyway good luck to him in San Jose.

  17. NewYorkRangers says:

    He never had a chance.

  18. Bigman says:

    when the oilers drafted jesse niinimaki, who said theres no ‘i’ in team, haha that was from an article in the edmonton journal. im sure hell be good though

    another might have been when janne niinimaa scored on his own empty net on a delayed penalty

    oh a and this year when mike grier had a break away on an empty net and he hit the OUTSIDE of the post he put it in after but it was funny thats what his year was like this year

  19. Tradedude says:

    Hmmm… the worst move! eh! well 4 one, game 6 2002 players in the 3rd round, facing elimination, around 5-6 mins. left and TOMAS KABERLE, goes to grab the puck, but misses it, and skated away, lol, ne way, lol, sum dude from the hurricanes walked right in on CUJO, and obviously scored (we’re talking Joseph here, lmao)

    here’s another one, in that same game, but in overtime MOGILNY, i hate teasing him, but when its your team is facing elimination in the 3rd round and is an overtime, you just shouldnt do crazy things, ne way, lobbed the puck over toronto’s net and some guy passed it to gelinas out front, and bang! scored, joseph had a good game, but not good enuff for a win;)

    bye the way, whoever mentioned that Johnson, Yzerman and the Mogilny, Belak move, good thinking, keep it up:)

  20. Tradedude says:

    Hmmm… the worst move! eh! well 4 one, game 6 2002 playoffs in the 3rd round, facing elimination, around 5-6 mins. left and TOMAS KABERLE, goes to grab the puck, but misses it, and skated away, lol, ne way, lol, sum dude from the hurricanes walked right in on CUJO, and obviously scored (we’re talking Joseph here, lmao)

    here’s another one, in that same game, but in overtime MOGILNY, i hate teasing him, but when its your team is facing elimination in the 3rd round and is an overtime, you just shouldnt do crazy things, ne way, lobbed the puck over toronto’s net and some guy passed it to gelinas out front, and bang! scored, joseph had a good game, but not good enuff for a win;)

    bye the way, whoever mentioned that Johnson, Yzerman and the Mogilny, Belak move, good thinking, keep it up:)

  21. Game67 says:

    About 3 years ago the Flyers were holding 2-1 lead of the Oilers with about 20 seconds left in the game. The Oilers iced the puck and Luke Richardson went to touch up and for some reason instead of dragging his blade to the puck he winded up and intended to slap the puck. However in the process, he lost his balance and fell on his back, then an Oiler got the puck and passed it to another player in front of the net and the Oilers scored to tie the game.

  22. bluntman says:

    last time i posted a comment on YingYan’s article we got in an arguement of why Mario lemieux sucks. but this time i will submit something

    a few years back i can never quite remember, but Chris Osgood was playing against the Blues (i think!!!!) anyway, this one guy kept screening Osgood, majorly pissin him off. when he did it for the third or forth time, Osgood just placed his stick between the guys legs and gave ‘er hell!!! right there, square in the nuts. i remember myself screaming “what a poor son of a *****!!” don’t know if this was a blooper or just damn funny. there you go YingYan

  23. Kingsfan1 says:

    Oh i remember an old Kings-Flames game back at the Fabulous forum, the game was completly out of hand, mind you this was before the benches were separated by a large space like they are today, back then they were right together, and by back thne I mean like 88 or 89..lol. Anyway, Webster was yellin something to a flame player and the player stuck his stick up in Websters face. Well the Kings didn’t like it too much and before you knew what was happening the glass was being pulled out and the benches were coming together in a big fight, on and off the ice. I can’t remember how many ejections there were but there couldn’t be more then 10 guys on each side. A game i surely won’t forget.

  24. Kingsfan1 says:

    I remember that King’s game, it was Arron Miller who scored in overtime as the shmucks anouncer is yelling how Karyia just tripped over the blue line.classic

  25. Slats says:

    hey anyone remember the Sharks flames game last year when 3/4 of each team got ejected.

  26. UltimateB says:

    This one just popped into my head, another gem from this year’s playoffs. A player on the team opposing the Wings loses his stick in the Wings zone. Thomas Holstrom, ready for a line change and always looking for an advantage, grabs the stick, checks the refs and then TOSSES IT INTO THE STANDS! it strikes me that this was Darius Kasperitus’s stick during the Colorado series, which is even funnier. I’d think that he’d be one guy I wouldn’t want POed at me. And, even better, Kasper skated over to the fan and got his stick back after the next whistle! Hah!

  27. cecilturtle says:

    Dvorak playing with the new formed chezk line of himself, Nedved, & Rucinsky. The 3 looked unstoppable for most of the 1st period untill Dvokak closed his eyes and cut accross the middle of the ice.

    Cecil Turtle

  28. FlyerinOhio says:

    I think he was still with Ottawa at the time, but Stanislav Neckar had a penalty shot, skated in all alone, made his move, and….shattered his stick as he took the shot. Probably the hardest I ever laughed while watching hockey.

  29. NemiNA says:

    This comes off of the best goal i have ever seen scored.

    Sjhon Podien. 97-98 season on Philadelphia Flyers Fan Appreciation night

    the puck is on the LA Kings blue line when they were playing AT philly. the puck then goes sliding into there zone. Kelly Hrudley decides to take a chance at the puck and goes after it but Sjhon podien poked it away from him. he trips over Kelly Hrudleys stick but gets the puck on the shaft of his stick into the net from the boards BELOW THE FACE OFF CIRCLE! BEST MOVE FOR PODIEN WORST MOVE FOR HRUDLEY

  30. Habs4ever says:

    One of my favorites would be a Canadiens-Oilers game in 98-99 or 99-2000, I’m not sure, anyway it was when Mark Recchi was still with the Habs. There was a delayed penalty for the habs, and Salo left his net to go the oilers bench, and some oiler defenceman fumbled the puck and the puck slid all the way back to the empty edmonton net. Mark Recchi was the last Habs player to have touched the puck and so he was awarded the goal and ironically enough he was the one the pealty was called for.


  31. TheDevil says:

    Theo Fleury beating Sharkey.

    Shayne Corson KICKING Eric Cairns, while being beat up like a dog.

  32. aaron says:

    Steve Duschense in Game Five of the LA series. He was about a stick length away from the puck. Palffy was about a zone away from the puck. Palffy beat him to it and scored one minute into the game. That was when I became convinced the Wings were not going to win that series.

    I saw a replay of Steve Yzerman skating around the Blackhawks zone for about 20-30 seconds w/ the puck, and no one came close to stopping him. It was sad. He ended up scoring, and it was an absolutely horrible goal Pang I believe let in.

    Some moron tried to grab one of the Wings’ skate w/ an ungloved hand a few years ago. Lucky for him, he missed. (Micky Redmond made the great comment, “He was just grabbing at a shoe w/ a knife on it, ppl.”).

  33. ShaneDawg says:

    The 2001 playoffs, 2nd round. Kasparitis scores in OT of game 7 on Hasek. My heart skipped a beat when I realized kaspar had done it. For someone people argue as the best goalie in the world….you just can’t let up a goal by kaspar…..

  34. SabresFanB says:

    When the call was clearly icing and the Capitals scored a goal.

    When Bret Hull had his skate in the crease and they called it a goal.

    When the puck went in through the side of the net and they called it a goal.

    Every time the Sabres get screwed over it’s the worst move.

  35. NewYorkRangers says:

    I can’t remember who the Rangers were playing against. Anyway, the oppositon took a shot from around the circle (I think). The puck barely went above the crossbar, and some how into the crowd. But the goal light went on! So the refs went to review it, I figured this would take a good 15 seconds to make a no-goal decision, but it took around 5 minutes, only for them to decide it was a goal! If anybody remembers this play, please tell me more detail, because I only remember this a little.

  36. DG says:

    Strong words, and truer words could never have been said.


  37. nskerr says:

    I can’t think of too many on-ice bloopers, but this one comes to mind. Last year Toronto is playing Philly in Philly. Everyone’s favorite goon (Tie Domi) goes into the penalty box. Some drunk Philly fan behind the box leans over the glass and starts verbally abusing Domi. Domi splashes water on the fan pissing him off. The fan tries to get to Domi and the glass breaks. The fan falls into the box. A fight breaks out, Domi gets the guys shirt over his head and pummels him. It was something right out of “Slapshot.”

  38. nskerr says:

    I was at an Islander-Ranger game this past season at the Coliseum where Kenny Jonsson rang one off of the crossbar late in the game and it took forever for the call to be made. I wqs sitting behind that net and it did appear to the naked eye that it did go in.

  39. nskerr says:

    Here is another one I just thought of. A few years back, the Rangers were playing someone at the Garden. It might have been Montreal. It was either very late in the game or in overtime, but a Ranger shot the puck wide of the net, yet the red light goes on. The refs skate over and there is a puck in the net, but there is also one in the corner where several Rangers and opponents are fighting for the puck. A few of the players though have their arms raised as they think they have won. They go to the replay and it ends up that a fan in the stands threw a puck at the opponents net as the Rangers came over the blue line and the puck in the net did not count as a goal.

  40. nskerr says:

    Even worse is Shane Corson baiting Cairns into the fight when Cairns didn’t want it. Cairns then proceeds to hit Corson something like 15 straight times to the face.

    On a similar note, Sandy McCarthy and the little Chicken (Fleury) making fun of Cairns at the Coliseum only to see Cairns kick the crap out of McCarthy at the Garden all the while the Isles pound the Rangers 6-1 or 6-2.

  41. cecilturtle says:

    Lindros scores a goal by shooting it off Ulf Sammulsons face. As a Rangers fan I knew right then the game / series was over. Not only were the Rangers trailing AGAIN!, but more important… Sammulson was out of the game. Other than Bookaboom no one was big enough on D to stop Philadelphia’s leagion of doom line.

    Cecil Turtle

  42. Kyleton says:

    I think it was Gary Roberts. He got stuck under the Glass on the other teams side.

  43. larrydallass says:

    BLOOPER>>>When Steve Sullivan got hit in the face with the puck and the fan was laughing at him. Later on in the game, the same fan got hit with a puck and then Sullivan went up to the glass laughing at him and the guys wife started swearing at Sullivan. That was classic.

  44. larrydallass says:

    Steve Sullivan was hit in the face with the puck in an away game (forget where). He was cut up then some fan was pointing at him, laughing, and rubbing his eyes at him. Later on in the game, the same guy got hit with the puck and Sullivan went up to the glass laughing at him. THe guy and his wife started swearing and Sullivan just stood there laughing at him. CLASSIC

    The biggest blooper i remember was when Steve Smith put the puck into his own net in the playoffs. I think it was 88-89 VS Calgary.

    I also remember when Malarchuck got cut in the neck with a skate, not a blooper but nasty.

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