Where does each team go after the playoffs.

Were down to the conference Finals, and we are left with four teams that no one would have predicted. Well maybe some crazy forecaster predicted Edmonton after the Pronger and Peca aquisitions, but Im sure they’d have to been drunk to call that.

Once the playoffs are said and done, we’ll all sit glued watching what should be a crazy race into next season.

Im gonna go ahead and speculate a bit where each team should sit going into next season.

Anaheim – First off, who would of thought. Secondly, who would of thought they’d do it with a goalie no one has heard off. Burke has a history of finding a way to ice competative teams, and he may of iced the Stanley Cup team this year. I can’t forsee much movement in Anaheim over the summer though. I think Brian will resign his key players led by Selanee. Maybe we see Giguere traded if the right package comes back to Anaheim, but I’m quite sure Brian would rather keep both of his goalies so that he can avoid a potential disaster if Bryzgalof(sp) suddenly sinks next season.

Atlanta – Potentially the team to watch in the east next year. A healthy Lehtonen can make a huge difference in the standings. I’ve got my eyes on the Savard situation. Something tells me they can ill afford to lose him without a suitable replacement!

Boston – With no clear cut starting goalie, and a bone head trade that will forever linger on this team I think Boston fans are in for a long rebuilding stage. They may look to flip Murray if someone will take that hefty contract.

Buffalo – They just need to resign their players. Don’t see a need to do much more than that.

Calgary – Only 1 key addition needed. If Atlanta lets Savard walk, then I think the Flames have found the missing puzzle link. Savard in my opinion will make Iginla into a 60 goal scorer!

Carolina – I think Recchi stays now that Patrick is out of Pittsburgh. Weight may opt to leave though, and that doesn’t really effect the core on this team. They will need a vetran back up for Ward, and should look to add a good scoring d-man to gel with team philosy. They should go after Mccabe in my opinion.

Chicago – They would love to rid themselves of Khabibulins contarct. Well I have the perfect way to do that. To Tampa: Khabibulin, To Montreal: Richards, To Chicago: Aeibischer and Ryder. Also one should not forget that Chi-town has a ton of cap room.

Colorado – Sakic yes, Blake wont, and a hopefully resurgent Theodore are what surrounds this team. Can’t see them doing much.

Columbus – Last off seaosn we were left saying where the hell did that team come from with that aquisition a couple of times. Columbus was one of those times when they signed Foote. I’m willing to bet that they will at least be active in the offer category this summer.

Dallas – Arnot will probably leave, and cause a big stir in Dallas this summer by doing so. They have money to be active, but so do a lot of other teams.

Detroit – Zetterberg’s contracts signing early last year was the Wings golden ticket of the century. He is by far the best 2.5 million dollar player in the NHL. I have to wonder if they have one more golden ticket in them. It won’t be to LUONGO before we find out!

Edmonton – Simple logic here for the Oilers. Re-sign

everyone that isn’t under contract. See how easy that was.

Florida – Jokinen was a good start. Luongo is second, and they need him. After that, its all about being lucky to find in-expensive players that over achieve!

LA – Crawford should be named soon. Other than that, I think its quite important to make sure Vladamire Guerrero gets a good #3 hitter to hit infront of him. Oops, wrong LA team. I wonder if Guerrero can play RW, and C, and LW, and G……..

Minnessota – The fate of this franchise lies in its ability to shore up Gaborik long term at any cost. Then go out and find this stud a freakin’ centre man.

Montreal – If the Chicago deal doesn’t happen(see above) then maybe they’d be best suited to make a serious run at Arnott.

Nashville – Just resign your players. This team was a healthy Vokoun away from the finals in my opinion.

New Jersey – Gionta restricted. Gomez restricted. Elias un-restricted. One of these players will not return simply because NJ wont have the cap space. So I say bye bye Elias, and hello NJ hockey decline!

NY Islanders – I guess its safe to say we wont see any bone headed moves without Milbury running the ship. Too Bad though, it made for exciting conversation.

NY Rangers – Would Elias add himself to the Czech Rangers to solidify their Czech content?

Ottawa – One of Redden or Chara will not be back. Further more I would pull off a blockbuster with the Canucks. To Van: Alfredsson, To Ott: Bertuzzi.

And name Heatly the Captain.

Philadelphia – Bobby Clarke went for it and failed miserably. I dont have a clue how the Flyers can right this ship, but re-signing Gagne is a must!

Phoenix – Joseph will re-sign, Gretzky will still coach, and I wont be suprised to see Doan dealt. After that, maybe a sun tan and a Steve Nash autographed basketball.

Pittsburgh – To sell or not to sell. To bring in and pay huge for Malkin or not. To drive to Philly for a cheese steak or to drive to Philly for 2 cheese steaks. Hard decisions lie ahead for the Penguins.

San Jose – I honestly can’t see them doing much, nor do they really need it. Perhaps a new conditioning coach so they dont lose their legs come playoff time. They could call up Boston and see if the Bruins are willing to give them something for nothing again. Maybe we see Boyes, Murray and a signed poster from the cast of Cheers traded for a Thornton game worn jersey.

St.Louis – Managed to actually play better towards seasons end by going with their limited youth. I say keep getting younger and build for the future.

Tampa Bay – Need goaltending badly. I also think they are in need of retaining Richards. How about St Louis to Toronto for this years 1st overall, that way they clear cap space for Brad. Might make an offer to Legace.

Toronto – Simply put, they will be the busiest team this off season. Not too sure how many big aquisitions they’ll get, but im sure JFJ will atleast end up with good ones.

Vancouver – Bertuzzi will be gone. Naslund will ask to be traded mid way through the season. The Canucks will hit re-build mode.

Washington – Simply build around Ovechkin. They have a good amount of cap space to quickly put themselves into the playoffs again next season. Question is how many UFA’s want to play in Washington. For me its to close to Bush, and I hate Bush.

As I said before I anticipate quite a lot of movement this summer. I can’t wait!

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  1. toronto77 says:

    Toronto is only going to be busy if they want to be cup contenders, but if all they want to do is just make the playoffs for the sake of the youngsters than they will only make 1 or 2 big moves. I say don’t worry about the playoffs, just focus on surrounding the youngsters with talent and if we make the playoffs it’s just a bonus.

  2. OilerEmpire says:

    i’m not quite ready for this yet.

    Edmonton still has a Cup to win!!!

  3. wingerxxx says:

    Colorado is going to try and keep Blake, with his post-Olympic play.

    If Toronto goes splurging with more free agents, their GM needs to be canned. They do have some holes to fill, but there’s no need to go nuts. They need to give their younger players more ice time, and cut the fat. Not add more.

    Arnott is not a lock to leave Dallas by any stretch. Free agents typically don’t leave Dallas until they have outlived their usefulness (Hull, Hatcher). Like Blake and Colorado, Dallas is going to try and retain Arnott. He is a much, much better fit in the West, playing behind Modano, where he is not the focal point of the offense.

    The Islanders are not going to be a great team unless they can get rid of Yashin’s contract. He is simply eating up too much cap room, and he is a good offensive player…but definitely not good enough to warrant that kind of money.

    I don’t know if I can see Elias in New York, although I definitely wouldn’t mind. If Rucinsky doesn’t return, then perhaps.

    No way Ottawa will deal for Bertuzzi. Bertuzzi carries more off the ice baggage than Alfredsson, and at least Alfie produces consistently during the regular season. But you’re right, Alfie should not be the captain of this team.

    As for Washington, you’re dead on, but trust me….people around here in DC and Maryland HATE George Bush. It’s a very Democrat filled area.

  4. EasternHockey says:

    That Montreal – Chicago – Tampa deal is nuts. No way would that ever happen. Tampa would much prefer Aebischer over Bulin anyways. Aebischer will be a UFA, and I’m not sure Gainey would be willing to gamble giving him a contract to trade him away.

  5. Nordiques4ever says:

    I see Mtl going after a Jovo or Chara or making a deal for a big 2nd D, Cauz i think they might loose Bouillon to another team cauz the 29 other teams aren’t cheap as the Canadiens. I’m not sure that the 3 way deal will happen between the Blackhawks the Bolts and the Habs. But, i see a trade involving the Hawks, the Habs, the Bolts and the Wings.

    To Detroit: Khabibulin

    To TB: Legace, Samuelsson, Zednick, Mtl 3rd draft pick

    To Chi: Fedotenko, Aebischer, Ribeiro, Rivet

    To Mtl: Richards, Calder, Daze, Aucoin

    (i know that’s not fair for everyone and far from plausible …)

    I also agree with the idea of Savard in Calgary if the Trashers aren’t able to keep him. That will make the Flames a team who will be an incontestably contender for the cup next year.

    Elias doesn’t like traveling too much, if he’s not in NJ in september, he will be in NY as a Rangers member.(Kidding) But i still think he will be with the Rangers next year.

    Did you see Satan moving from Long Island this summer?…

    Never put the C on Heatly! Grab the C on the Alfie jersey and give him to Fisher, Phillips or Redden (if he stays, and i think he will stay…).

    To Ott: Bertuzzi and 2nd draft pick

    To Van: Alfie

    To Ott: Giguere

    To Ana: Havlat

    To L.A.: Murray, Zhamnov

    To Bos: J.R.

    Weight will sign in Edm

    Blake will sign in ???

    To STL: Raycroft

    To Bos: McAmmond

    To Tor: Nabokov

    To SJ: Colaiacovo, Antropov, Steen

    To Pho: Handzus, Kapanen, Desjardins

    To Phi: Doan, Kvasha, Nash

    I remember you that thoses speculations are just for fun…but i want to know your opinion on thoses trade proposals…

  6. koolcory77 says:

    thats too much for nabokov, anyways the leafs have pogge and rask

  7. PaulK123 says:

    I can’t see Ottawa trading Alfredsson just yet, Bertuzzi has had trouble re-bounding after “the incident”,but heatly has flourished in a new market.

    Havlat will be UFA, wont be able to trade him. Raycroft’s asking price is a bit low, anyway good deals, but TO doesn’t need Nabakov.

  8. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    The Leafs need to make moves to keep competitive, the best way to win is to insert youth while remaining competitive.

    Aubin played great, maybe they can cash in on how well he played, and pull off this kind of trade.

    To Tampa Bay: Jean Sebastien Aubin, 1st Round Pick, Alexander Suglobov (next Berezin!)

    To Toronto: Martin St Louis

    That trade shouldn’t be made until they’re about to pick though. If everything they really wanted is taken, pull the trigger.

    Then maybe add Mogilny for a bit of leadership for a 4th rounder. He’s expensive, he’ll be easy to get.

    Then they need a real leader on defense, all the defensive prospects are pretty good at scoring, so why not add an experience scoring defenseman, like former Leaf Brian Leetch.

    Sign CuJo, and then McKee,

    Mogilny-Sundin-St Louis











    Not only would that team compete, it’d give healthy experience to their top prospects. There’s great speed down the middle with Sundin, Stajan, and Wellwood. Sundin and Mogilny have always been good together, and St Louis is dynamite.

  9. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Trouble?????? He had 70 points!!!

  10. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Aebischer is a RFA, not UFA.

  11. leafs_suck_sens_rule says:

    keep on dreaming

  12. DJTOKid says:

    Your bertuzzi comment is way off. How can you say he has to much baggage? Do you mean baggage like crashing his car and killing a close friend? Cause I think that would be considered baggage, bertuzzi is fine its everyone else that can’t get over what happened. Just like danny heatly all bertuzzi needs is a change of scenery, I of all people dislike bertuzzi alot….alot! but to right him off as a player is ridiculous! If the sens don’t want him then the leafs will take him. Then Sundin would have the winger hes always needed and bertuzzi would fit right in playin with another swede. Sens fans need to relax though cause if bertuzzi gets traded there it will be for the rights to havlat, tyler arnason, and some picks. Alfredsson ain’t going anywhere.

  13. dcz28 says:

    Havlat is a RFA this summer not UFA so he can be traded but would take more then just Giguere to get Havlat with the money Giguere is making to ride the pine in the playoffs.

  14. DJTOKid says:

    WAAAAY to much for nabokov, maybe antropov and picks, or antropov and suglobov. Steen isn’t going anywhere hes pretty good and has the potential to be a solid captin one day. Rob blake to Toronto, he could teach mccabe how to play some defense.

  15. dcz28 says:

    Most of those trades will never happen. When have you seen 4 way deals being made? Legace is a UFA so unless the Wings sign him to a new deal (which tampa could do without having to trade Richards) its not going to happen.

    Sens are not going to trade Havlat for a 4 million backup that has stunk in the new NHL with smaller equipment.

  16. BelZeBu666 says:

    To Ott: Bertuzzi and 2nd draft pick

    To Van: Alfie

    no! i wouldn’t do that in a million years. I’m sure Bertuzzi will be available for less

    To Ott: Giguere

    To Ana: Havlat

    that’s even worst . Havlat won’t be traded before next year minimum because he’s still under contract.

    To L.A.: Murray, Zhamnov

    To Bos: J.R.

    what ??? a player one year away from retirement for 2 others with at least 2-3 years left .. never!

    Weight will sign in Edm

    we never know

    To STL: Raycroft

    To Bos: McAmmond

    why ??? do Boston really need Mcammond that bad

    To Tor: Nabokov

    To SJ: Colaiacovo, Antropov, Steen

    risky for SJ if Toskala fails, but it is to their advantage.

    To Pho: Handzus, Kapanen, Desjardins

    To Phi: Doan, Kvasha, Nash

    Doan is clearly the best player of that trade. I like Handzus but Kapanen and Desjardins are not the same players as they used to be. I wouldn’t do it if i were Pho.

  17. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    This comming from a fan of a team with Daniel Alfredsson as the captain?

  18. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Kapanen is better then Shane Doan. Doan should never have made team Canada.

  19. rene says:

    hey alfie is stillp retty decent.

  20. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    What you say about Edmonton was true. I mean right after the Peca trade, I said cup finals, but that was at the beginning of the summer, I was expecting more big news, I was hearing stuff about Niedermayer, Forsberg and Kariya, after they did nothing else, I wasn’t sure they’d make the playoffs. Going into the season, the only team of the 4 I considered to be any sort of a threat was Anaheim.

  21. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Why is everybody proposing trades involving free agents?

  22. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Alfredsson is a dominant player, one of the best in the world, but he’s an arrogant, dillusional ass hole, and he chokes every playoffs.

  23. wingerxxx says:

    The difference between Heatley and Bertuzzi is that Heatley has pretty much gotten by his issues on the ice. Bert has not. Plus he benefits by playing with Markus Naslund in Vancouver. His play is just incredibly inconsistent, and substituting him in place of Alfie is just moronic. He’s an above average player, but not worth Alfie. If he can go to Ottawa for a much lower package, hey whatever. Acquiring guys like Bertuzzi is exactly what got Toronto into the overall mess they are in right now. They need to look at their younger players coming up before they go bringing someone like Bertuzzi.

  24. wingerxxx says:

    Lindros aint’ going to accept playing as a full time 4th line center on any team in the league. That spot can be given to a younger player who can actually play in his own end. You need to face the fact that Lindros just is not a great fit in Toronto. In fact, he’s not really a great fit anywhere as of yet.

    Leetch needs to retire. He is not the same player he was, when he was with Toronto. And I am a huge Brian Leetch fan. He is physically not as big as a guy like Ray Bourque or Chelios, so it’s harder for him to stay with the grind. Pairing him with Kaberle wouldn’t be a great idea. There are going to be better fish in the free agent sea to pick from this summer. I doubt you’re going to see another free agent splurge though.

  25. Marky2Fresh says:

    Ottawa – One of Redden or Chara will not be back. Further more I would pull off a blockbuster with the Canucks. To Van: Alfredsson, To Ott: Bertuzzi.

    And name Heatly the Captain.

    Hey you took my idea lol

  26. DJTOKid says:

    You watch, if bertuzzi gets traded to another team, I guarantee 40 plus goals out of him.

  27. sergioel says:

    and what trade involves a FA?

  28. NjDEVSFN says:

    Here are the FA’s, with my comments on each:

    Tommy Albelin, (III) – likely to retire, will NOT take up cap space if he doesnt

    Patrik Elias, (III) – must sign, but not a huge raise (already makes 4M)

    Ken Klee, (III) – adios

    Viktor Kozlov, (III) – adios, or resigned for cheap

    Darren Langdon, (III) – hurt, unlikely to be signed

    Jamie Langenbrunner, (III) – must sign, minimum raise at best

    Krysztof Oliwa, (III) – not coming back

    Jay Pandolfo, (III) – MUST RESIGN, also minimum raise

    Erik Rasmussen, (III) & Jason Wiemer, (III) – Devils have plenty of 4th liners, one won’t return

    Ari Ahonen, (VI) & Scott Clemmenson, (VI) – must resign at least 1 backup, obviously

    Bobby Allen, (VI)

    Matt DeMarchi, (VI)

    Ahren Nittel, (VI)

    Krisjanis Redlihs, (VI)

    Mike Sgrori, (VI)

    Brad Ference, (II)

    Adrian Foster, (II) – minors

    Brian Gionta, (II) – makes $600K, will get 2.5-3M at most

    Scott Gomez, (II) – will get 3-4.5M

    David Hale, (II) – minimum raise, if that

    Paul Martin, (II) – 2x minimum raise, i expect

    Tuomas Pihlman, (II) – minors

    Ilya Pikkareainen, (II) – minors

    Petr Vrana, (II) – minors, one of best prospects

    Colin White, (II) – 2x minimum raise as well

    If the Devils lose Elias, we will find a way to replace em (Hey, CAP ROOM or unknown propsect…like Elias was).

    As far as the Devils going on the decline? Lou Lamoriello NOR Jeff Vanderbeek (owner) will allow THAT to happen going into a new arena in 07-08.

    I’m not sure of the Capology regarding the Devils, but I’ll figure that all out for my season review.

  29. EasternHockey says:

    Right you are. Interesting situation then.

  30. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    This isn’t what will happen, this is what should happen. John Ferguson is retarded, and Nik Antropov will be back…

    Leetch is only 37, he still has a few good years in him. I’d rather Blake, but eh.

    Lindros would so accept that role, he was on the 3rd and 4th line all year.

  31. wingerxxx says:

    When Sundin was out, Lindros was one of the top two centers for them. Problem is, when you heap the minutes on Lindros, he will break down.

    When anyone plays in a 3rd, 4th line role, they are not going to be as productive offensively, it’s simple math. Playing someone like him in a 4th line role is just…not smart. And unless Lindros is producing offensively, he’s borderline useless. It’s almost a lose-lose situation with him. The only way you can get him to produce is by playing him on your top two lines. Yes, he will score, but you’ll lose him that much quicker, when the physical punishment takes its toll. I’ll reiterate, he has not had a good hockey season since 2001-2002, when he was the Rangers’ top center. And even that was not an elite year.

    Even if you give him a lot of power play time, you’re looking at a 4th line center who is not that good defensively and would put up about 20 points a season, considering that Lindros is good for about 50 games, maximum. Time to give that roster spot to someone who is better suited for the role.

  32. DJTOKid says:

    Lagenbrunner is gone to T.O. where he will play on the second line.

  33. DJTOKid says:

    Alfredsson isn’t going anywhere, how can people justify him for bertuzzi? Theres a 18goal differance, Allfie had 32 more points, and he was a plus 46 on bertuzzi in +/-. So just bertuzzi straight up for Alfie will NEVER happen. More realistic would be something like…

    To Ottawa: Bertuzzi and 3rd rd pick.

    To Vancouver: Havlat, Arnason, and a 2nd rd pick

    You could probly substitute Arnason for someone else like smolinski or neil. But that would be more likely to go down.

  34. DJTOKid says:

    I love this team, One change leetch for blake. Overall though this seems like it could happen and the team would be really competitive. No need for tellqvist to return, I would substitute kilger for willims then the fourth line would be a true checking line. The thing I like the most about this team is it would easily fit under the cap, maybe even leaving room for another forward.

  35. sergioel says:

    lets be fair here. giguere was a huge part of the anaheim surge that got them from 10th to 6th in the last month. he just had a couple bad games in the playoffs and the ducks found another golden ticket. in a perfect world in ottawa, redden chara re-sign, and a guy like giguere can win a vezina next season!

  36. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    I would add Blake instead, but he’s alot less likely, and I still trust Telly to be the future.

  37. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    None in the article, just alot of the commenters.

  38. dre2k5 says:

    If I were Dallas I would at least explore moving Turco. He is certainly a good goaltender, but he has only won one playoff round, and his play was particularly poor vs. Colorado this year.

    Although the Predator’s core is solid, I think they could use a little bit of size up front. They were manhandled by the Sharks this year. Not a first line type guy, and not necessarily a though guy either, just someone that wont be thrown around. If Kozlov walks, which I think he will, he might be a good fit there.

    I know everyone marvels at the talent in Atlanta, but to me they are the one of the most disapointing teams in the league. If you cant make the playoffs with a roster that includes Savard, Kovalchuk, Bondra, Slava Kozlov, Bobby Holik while playing in a weak division I think you have to start looking for changes. Maybe addition by subtraction, maybe a coaching move, but you have to do something.

  39. Nordiques4ever says:

    I just think that the Bruins will not have more than a McAmmond for Raycroft, and if you make Murray + Zhamnov, you got = Huge Contracts….Do a trade for J.R. who comes from Boston and you got only 1 huge contract….Giguere worth the same as Havlat..cauz Havlat will ask for a $$$$$ contract with the Sens… and they have no more cap room space for him…or they let go Chara AND Redden….I’m sure that Kapanen will have regain with Phoenix and he can bring some speed with him that he can had to a Nagy-Comrie-Kapanen line…Desjardins can bring leadership, he can always made big hits and he can help Ballard to become a great D.

  40. goalieman32 says:

    the main problem for them was the injury to lehtonen. having him healthy for the entire year would have done the job. but when you have your top two goalies down for a good portion of the year, you never had a prayer. lehtonen is a big part of this team and while dunnam sucked, he was better than beorkle and garnett and shields. this team needs to keep who they have, bring up coburn and popovick, and aquire a decent backup like legacy or bring in paveleck. there is no need to gut the team until you have lehtontn for a healthy year

  41. miker183 says:

    The problem with the Devils and the cap is: there is still disagreement about whether Malakhov will count against the cap. We know Mogilny does.

    The Devils say no on Malakhov, the league says yes. But, between those two players you have about $7 million towards the cap and no chance that either player will play with the team next year.

  42. rene says:

    more likely mogilny to toronto.

  43. Aetherial says:

    goaltending injuries killed Atlanta; simple as that.

  44. the_word says:

    why can’t Affly sit shotgun with Danny Heatley?

  45. the_word says:

    Aubin for St.Louis? Suglobov the next Berezin? Mogilny and Steen can play? And this should happen, how is this desirable, this team may be dominant on your xbox, but not in the NHL.

  46. the_word says:

    Here is an idea, how about Ottawa sign Havlat first, then they could trade him.

  47. the_word says:

    Mogilny doesn’t count against the cap while he plays in the minors, remember Jersey came into the season over the cap.

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