Which Draft Picks will make their teams this year?

With prospect training camps on the go, and team camps on the horizon, the question arises, “Which drafted prospects will make their respective teams this year?”

Aside from this.. is it wise for teams to bring their players to the big leagues at an early age? There are several guys who have a great shot at making their big league club this fall. Some are trying out for lower end clubs. Others are just great talents with the skills to make the jump. Other guys are on the borderline and, although they may make the club, they might be back and forth from the minors, etc.

I think guys like Spezza, Bouwmeester and Nash are safe bets this year. Spezza because he’s put his time in and his training regimen and experience will show in camp. Bouwmeester and Nash are young, highly-skilled guys who can fit in on their respective teams, which are young and not very deep.

Then there are guys like Komisarek, whom I have a personal interest in, as he is trying to crack Montreal’s top6 D-men. I think he has a great shot, although, so does Ron Hainsey. This may mean 2 guys could possibly lose their job this year. Although I think at least Komisarek will see some time in the minors.

So who are you watching for this fall. Are there guys who you want to crack your favorite lineup? Who are the shoe-ins? Who are the maybes? Who are the long shots? Finally, who is the rookie of the year this year, amongst these guys? Should be interesting.