Which Draft Picks will make their teams this year?

With prospect training camps on the go, and team camps on the horizon, the question arises, “Which drafted prospects will make their respective teams this year?”

Aside from this.. is it wise for teams to bring their players to the big leagues at an early age? There are several guys who have a great shot at making their big league club this fall. Some are trying out for lower end clubs. Others are just great talents with the skills to make the jump. Other guys are on the borderline and, although they may make the club, they might be back and forth from the minors, etc.

I think guys like Spezza, Bouwmeester and Nash are safe bets this year. Spezza because he’s put his time in and his training regimen and experience will show in camp. Bouwmeester and Nash are young, highly-skilled guys who can fit in on their respective teams, which are young and not very deep.

Then there are guys like Komisarek, whom I have a personal interest in, as he is trying to crack Montreal’s top6 D-men. I think he has a great shot, although, so does Ron Hainsey. This may mean 2 guys could possibly lose their job this year. Although I think at least Komisarek will see some time in the minors.

So who are you watching for this fall. Are there guys who you want to crack your favorite lineup? Who are the shoe-ins? Who are the maybes? Who are the long shots? Finally, who is the rookie of the year this year, amongst these guys? Should be interesting.

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  1. Aetherial says:

    I can say it definitely doesn’t look like Boyes will make in in T.O.

    I will be interested to see what Kobasew (sp?) does with the big club this year.

  2. mikster says:

    I think the Blue Jackets might play Rick Nash very early, too early. Though signing Cassels was a smart move for this team, as Nash might pull it off with Cassels’ playmaking skills, i stil think it is not such a good idea for them to rush Nash. But, it depends how he does in training camp and pre-season, as well as the first 9 games of the regular season. A player under age 20 can be sent down to juniors after playing 9 games, but if he plays 10, then the player is forced to play with the NHL team.

    Same with Bowumeester. The Panthers might rush the youngster just to get a bigger fan base.

    I think Komisarek will definitely make the team. He looks ready and he should crack the Habs defense line up.

    Leopold and Kobasew could make it, and i hope Kobasew can provide the scoring for the Flames. Leopold is also a solid defenseman and if he makes the team then it is easier for the Flames to trade Morris, obviously.

    Lundmark could make the team. Though it will be tough since the Rangers are deep at center and right wings, i think his speed will bring him in the NHL. Dvorak is scheduled to be ready to skate on October 1st, but it could take a little longer.

    Berglund should definitely start the team, without a doubt. I have doubts on Gionta because of his size, but because the Devils did get weaker…he has a chance to make it.

  3. jofa says:

    Hey there,

    Ottawa – I agree that Spezza will crack Ottawa’s lineup this season. They are pretty thin at centre and he could end up on one of the top two lines depending on how he adjusts to the pro game.

    Vermette may possibly get some ice time if he has fully recovered from injuries, as he has shown a lot of potential, although he is a bit of a long shot.

    Montreal – I’d also love to see Komisarek and Hainsey get some ice time with the habs this season, but they have something of a log jam at defense right now. I’d like to see them package a defenseman and one of their goalies for a forward, which would give one of these two d-men a chance at making the team. It’d also be nice to see Hossa get some ice time and show what he can do.

    Calgary – It sounds like Chuck Kobasew will get some time on the second line as long as he puts in a good training camp. I think thats a good move for the Flames, as he could solve some scoring problems, and at this stage a few risks on rookies by the club wouldn’t hurt.

    If Calgary moves Morris for a scoring winger as they have indicated, I’d expect Jordan Leopold to also come in and play on the top four. This guy has superstar written all over him, and could be an amazing prospect for the team.

    Edmonton – Its pretty much guaranteed that the Oil will have to bring in some youth to fill some of the holes this year. I’d love to see Rita (LW in the Holik mold) come in as well as Hemsky (RW, less physical, more of a Havlat type player), possibly with both of them playing together on a line with Dopita. Could be good bringing together the energy that the rookies would bring with experience and playmaking from dopita at centre. I’ve even heard of Rita’s name as a Calder candidate this season, which would be a definite bonus for edmonton.

    I’d also love to see the Oil bring in Semenov, a huge defenseman, who could add a Chara-like component to their defense. As it stands, there is not much depth on D beyond Niinimaa, Smith, Brewer and Staios, so he might be slotted in as a 5th/6th defenseman this year.

    Detroit – I heard something about a player named Zettenburg (spelling?), who is predicted by some to be the top rookie next year, as long as the wings give him some ice time. I know nothing about the guy, but if he makes the squad, he can pretty much be guaranteed to play on a line with some high calibre players (hull/robitaille/etc), which never hurts.

    Some of the other rookies I’m interested in seeing would be Bouwmeister, Nash, Ott, and Torres.

  4. Habfan1234 says:

    One thing that I noticed with Komi is that for a big man he can skate pretty well. He is a bruising defensman with plenty of size and some offensive upside. I believe he is 6-4 and 245 pounds. There are four players that Montreal has drafted in the past three years that have a good chance at making the team. These players will find it difficult to crack the Montreal ineup due to the log-jam on d and on offense. These players are Josef Balej, Marcel Hossa, Mike Komisarek, and Ron Hainsey.

  5. big_booty says:

    Philadelphia should have at least three rookies on this year’s squad, though one of them wasn’t drafted by the club.

    Pavel Brendl, the x-factor to the Lindros deal, is almost assured of a roster spot with the trade of Ruslan Fedotenko. However, the young Czech isn’t taking it lightly. He has been in minicamp all month long and is working extremely hard. Reports from camp say that he has reduced his body fat and added lean muscle and strength. He is also said to be the fastest skater in camp right now. While some were skeptical about him last season with the AHL’s Phantoms, he seems to be getting his act together and wants to make a difference in the big leagues.

    Guillaume Lefebvre (7th round pick in 2000) seems to have an inside track as well. Though he is listed as a center on the Phantoms roster, it is expected that he will shift to wing in the pros. He has also been in camp from day one, and has impressed coaches with his drive and work ethic. It is possible that he could push Paul Ranheim for a share of ice time.

    Bruno St. Jacques (9th round pick in 1998) is a lock for the big club, and is being penciled in as the replacement for departed free agent Luke Richardson. St. Jacques has even been assigned Richardson’s old number 22. The two players have very similar styles, yet the Flyers think that St. Jacques might have more of an offensive upside to him. This kid can flat-out hit, and he should be fun to watch. I would look for him to be paired with Dan McGillis, Richardson’s old partner.

    I would like to see the Flyers give a long and hard look at Jeff Woywitka, their first round selection of a year ago. He is a big and steady-across-the-board blueliner who could be a replacement for Chris Therien. Personally, I was less-than-pleased with Therien’s play last year. For all his size and strength, he thinks he can be a finesse player. Woywitka knows exactly what kind of player his is and plays the kind of hockey that everyone expects from him.

    Number one selection from this year’s draft (fourth overall) Joni Pitkanen was only in minicamp for a couple of weeks. He recently had surgery on his right knee, but it is not something the team is worried about. Pitkanen’s skills, skating, and vision were superior during his short time here, and it is becoming evident that he is not that far away from being a full-time NHL player.

    Unfortunately, talented winger Alexander Drozdetsky is unable to attend this minicamp as well as the full squad’s training camp. He was recently traded in the Russian Hockey League, and their preseason has already begun. The Flyers are very high on this guy, particularly European scout Inge Hammarstrom. Hammarstrom proclaimed that the team had “hit a home run” when Drozdetsky was selected in the third round of the 2000 draft. While he needs to put on some weight and strengthen up a bit, management is very pleased with this prospect’s progress. It is expected that he could potentially replace the aging Mark Recchi on the right side.

  6. tyler111529 says:

    Yes I’m back… Stay off of my case, and i’ll stay off of yours… simple.

    I think the Habs are going to have Mike Komisarek crack the lineup for sure. I also think that Ron Hainsey will be there too. Image they both make it and so does Markov. Where does this leave the likes of Dykhuis, Rivet, Traverse? umm… minors maybe?

    You may think I’m being a little silly here but I would like the Habs Defense to be like this next year…




    I know that Rivet will be in the lineup somewhere, if not traded. Dykhuis may be there too. But I would like to see Brisebois and Markov together. Two d-men who can put up some points. Then the other 4 d-men are bruisers! Tough defense, just what we need. Hopefully Markov will have a good camp and season.

    Up front all fingers point to Hossa, Bulis or Ribeiro competing for the last position on the team.

    I would like to get rid of Juneau and another guy to make room for Hossa AND Ribeiro. Ward and Chouinard are pretty much finished with the Habs. They will spend their careers in the minors or get traded to a team who has room for them.

    I would love to see Duncan Milroy enter the linup. Now this is a guy who I watched for a couple years in the juniors. He is a potential Calder winner this year. Drafted early in the 2nd round two years ago, he looks ready for the big leagues. Since his draft day, he has done nothing but improve. If he plays his best at camp, he will indeed make the team over Hossa, Ribeiro, Bulis, and maybe even more. I see him as being the Hab’s top prospect aside from Komisarek.

    Milroy led WHL playoffs in goals with 17, and in assists with 20 last year. 37 points in 22 games. Not bad! He plays for the Kootnay Ice, champions last year. In the season he had 87 points in 64 games. 45 of them were goals. He isn’t a small kid at 6’0, 185 lbs. He can also hit. Milroy has got all the qualities of being rookie of the year.

    One last kid that I think may make the team is Michael Ryder. Another Canadian, Newfoundlander to be exact. He led Hull in the QMJHL with points for two years. Spent most of the last two seasons with Quebec but hasn’t been given the chance until late last year when he was put on the top line. Good attitute, good size and great skill may see him with the Habs for some time this season. He has a rocket shot and can hit to kill!

    Look out NHL! The Habs have some great prospects in the coming years…

    -Tyler Simmons

  7. mikster says:

    Where are these reports from camp?

    I think Brendl has a shot in making the team since the Flyers are quite weak on the wings. How much weight (fat) did he lose? Where did it say that he is the fastest skater in the mini camp? Brendl has great speed with his first few steps but he is still not a skillful skater. I really doubt that he is the fastest coming out of mini camp, if so then the Flyers have some serious issues in speed.

    Of course, those are some good positive reports, although i would like to know where you got them from. Ihope he makes the team, because he can be a great weapon to use for Hitch*****. One thing you did miss, well not you…the reports, Brendl is not good defensively at all. So i think the only things that will keep him from making the team are Hitch*****’s system, his speed, and his defensive awareness. However, i would love to see him turn out to be a power forward. He is a pretty big guy and with that shot…hell he can put a hole in the net just like Leclair did against Buffalo a few years back. Except that was outside the net and still counted as a goal.

    Bruno St. Jaqcues is the player i want to see. I keep hearing about his hip checks and i can’t wait to see those. Would Isle’s fans complain if he does it against one of their players though? 9th rounder, making the NHL….excellent.

    Lefebvre could definitely make the team since he could play LW.

    Give Woywitka another year. I’d go with Bruno since the loss of Richardson.

  8. kidhenry1 says:

    I agree that the top three should all make appearances in key roles this year–

    Sean Bergenheim of the isles will probably not make it, but you’ll see prospects Trent Hunter and Jason Krog for sure.

    I have taken a personal interest in Thatcher Bell of Van. He is talented and he, along with Jeremy Jackson, could crack the roster there

  9. TheDevil says:

    Orpik at Pittsburgh has a good chance. Their D-corps is too thin, and the boy is maturing.

    Bowmeester has immediate NHL potential, just like Rostislav Klesla. As for Nash, question mark.

    Rafi Torres, Stephen Weiss, Steve McCarthy will all get some chance to show up.

    I expect the Devils to secure Gionta, he is kind of a Theo Fleury guy (small, but with great heart and speed).

  10. FlyersGoCupCrazy says:

    I really hope Brendl is as improved as you say. I would also like to see Lefebvre get some time. Bruno will be fine, especially if paired with McGillis. I eould forget about Woywitka for another year. Bring him and Pitkanen up next year, hopefully Desjardins will retire, maybe get traded with Therien. Could you imagin a Woywitka/Pitkanen pairing?

  11. MantaRay says:

    While the Devils will miss Holik to a degree the line-up with Niewendyk, Langenbrunner, Friesen and Tverdovsky is much stronger than the team that lost in the finals two seasons ago.

    Berglund, Gionta, Rupp and Bicek will all have a hard time making the team during camp. Competition will be heavy in three weeks and I for one am really psyched that its finally here.

    This was the longest off-season…EVER.

  12. MantaRay says:

    I believe Brendl started coming together at the end of last season.

    He averaged more than a goal a game in the playoffs for the Phantoms.

  13. buckman says:

    There’s no room for both Hossa and Ribeiro, unfortunately. Although it’s nice to say that the habs are that deep at forward.

    I haven’t heard much about Ribeiro in the offseason. Is he working on his size/strength? I guys with his offensive skill could be a good player with a little more muscle. I know Hossa is working on his size, but I think he’s just a shadow of his brother. Quite frankly, I think they need a couple of more guys like Kilger to beef up their lineup.

  14. mikster says:

    Berglund and Gionta would win over Bicek and Rupp, especially Berglund.

    I am saying the Devils are weaker because this is a new team, and we don’t know if it will be as good on the ice as it was two seasons ago. In my opinion i think Friesen will have a break out season on the Devils. But, we’re not so sure….

    Same with the Rangers, i mean….i think they would look much better overall on the ice than last season’s team. But, i can’t be sure of it. They look a lot better on paper, as they do almost each season.

    I’m psyched to watch both these teams, they got new coaching, new systems, new players. As for the Isle’s, hehe BORING!.

    p.s. I bet Berglund will put up Holik points. So, soon…maybe in a year or two, Holik won’t be missed, and wouldn’t be considered a big loss.

  15. mikster says:

    I can’t believe Pitkanen was picked after Bowumeester. In my opinion, I’d take Pitkanen over Bowumeester any day.

  16. big_booty says:

    Who the hell cares if you’re back or not. I didn’t even know who you were, or even that you were gone for any length of time.

    But telling people to “stay off my case?” You’re just asking for it.

  17. mikster says:

    And you’re just asking for something else.

  18. daz9nyc says:

    Sean Bergenheim will DEFINITELY not make the Isles roster this year. Not sure if they will place him on their AHL affiliate team though. They Isles have a few spots open for some youth and there is a lot of competition. Look for Rick DiPietro, Trent Hunter, Raffi Torres, Mattias Weinhandl, Juraj Kolnik, Justin Mapletoft, and recent draft pick Martin Chabada (who is a vertern of the Czech Elite league) to all try to make the squad this year. Btw, Jason Krog signed with Anaheim… he was a great AHLer, hopefully he can make back to the NHL and stay.

  19. sonbry says:

    Who asked who what?

  20. buckman says:

    Don’t jump into this topic with your meaningless comments, “sonbry”

    Sell “bull****” somewhere else….we’re all full here.

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