Which GM was most or least preapred for the new CBA reality?

Well the free agent frenzy is dying down, many teams are focusing on resigning thier RFA’s and training camp looms around the corner. Many teams have a whole new look, some went with pretty much what they had and some just seem to have been caught with their pants down.

Just wondering what peoples opinions are on which team or teams seem to have been making moves over the past season KNOWING what was coming, and which ones just seemed to wake up the morning after the new CBA was signed and said ” What the…. “

I think teams that were in the middle of a rebuild, ie: The Rangers and The Canadiens might have been well prepare for this, though the rebuild scenario does little to explain Washington. Teams that loaded themselves for bear prior to the last playoffs, Toronto comes to mind, have had to do a little scrambling and still have positions that need filling. Colorado is another team that seems to me weren’t overly prepared for the new NHL.

Woul be interested in other opinions?