Which Sport has the best Fans?

After seeing today’s soccer antics, I figured I’d take a look at the worst part of every sport’s fan base. I’m talking about getting media attention for the wrong reasons.Let’s start with hockey.

Think back. If your memory’s like mine, you can’t recall very many occasions where the fans had a really diverse impact on a game. Obvious occasions are the fat guy at the Flyers-Leafs game, and I guess that streaker that knocked himself out at the Flames game a couple years back, though that was just comic relief. Of course there are those damn crazed parents, but that can’t really count because they don’t do much DURING the games instead of whine and complain, and after all, which sport doesn’t have fans like that. In terms of hockey, the majority of action’s on the ice. If your memory can recall more events, congrats, please add them to the comments section. I’m sure I’m missing something.

Moving on to basketball. Before this year’s brawl in Detroit, there wasn’t much to say about the fans of the NBA either…though that in itself was pretty bad, with Ron Artest swinging punches at innocent bystanders and kicking ass because of some drunk Pistons fan. Overall though, much like hockey, most of the action and fights are on the playing surface, with the players.

Baseball. Now baseball has been prone to a few hooligan antics in the past – people throw batteries and beach balls, anything to slow the game down even more. Then there are the really bad occasions where a father son team decides to attack an aged first base coach in Kansas City (or was it Chicago?). Baseball fans in the States are probably as devout as us Canadian hockey fans are….I could be WAY off base here (heh, no pun intended) , but I figure baseball’s their national sport, it’s gotta have a huge fan base, right? If not, sincere apologies to our southern brethren, and if need be, to fellow Canadians, lol.

Moving on again to football, and the same rules apply. Only this time pack the batteries in snowballs and you’re in Oakland, where even Santa can get booed and pelted with who knows what. I’ve seen beer bottles thrown from the stands, something you’d never see at other venues since they resort to the safer cups. Of course, if players like Randy Moss didn’t rile up the home crowds so much when he’s on the road, maybe fans wouldn’t be so hostile. But now that he’s IN Oakland, things could clear up, right? Right?…..Nah.

I’ll finish up with soccer. The kingpin in terms of unruly fans and hooligan antics. No other sport has to endure such trials and tribulations, and today’s event is just one more on the list. For those who aren’t aware, today’s Champions’ League match between Inter and AC Milan, crosstown rivals, some pissed off (and probably drunk) AC fans took offence to the action on the field with their team down 1-0 and a goal disallowed by a blind ref (in their opinions, anyways). Anyways, for whatever reason, they’re allowed to bring FIREWORKS in the stadiums, so of course these safe devices are put to use and hurled down to the field, one of em striking Inter’s goalie in the shoulder. Not much damage done to the goalie, thankfully, but a striking blow to the tournament in terms of public relations and overall image. Imagine the Flyers promoting Flares Day in Game 7 vs. the Leafs or something…. and then play in front of a crowd five times bigger.

Soccer needs to shape up its act, down to the level of hockey, as we seem to have the tamest fans in all of sports. Sure, if the Leafs lose in the playoffs, people get pissed, but heads don’t roll, and people don’t riot. Maybe it’s a European thing, I don’t know.

Comments, concerns? By all means, add your opinions.