Which Sport has the best Fans?

After seeing today’s soccer antics, I figured I’d take a look at the worst part of every sport’s fan base. I’m talking about getting media attention for the wrong reasons.Let’s start with hockey.

Think back. If your memory’s like mine, you can’t recall very many occasions where the fans had a really diverse impact on a game. Obvious occasions are the fat guy at the Flyers-Leafs game, and I guess that streaker that knocked himself out at the Flames game a couple years back, though that was just comic relief. Of course there are those damn crazed parents, but that can’t really count because they don’t do much DURING the games instead of whine and complain, and after all, which sport doesn’t have fans like that. In terms of hockey, the majority of action’s on the ice. If your memory can recall more events, congrats, please add them to the comments section. I’m sure I’m missing something.

Moving on to basketball. Before this year’s brawl in Detroit, there wasn’t much to say about the fans of the NBA either…though that in itself was pretty bad, with Ron Artest swinging punches at innocent bystanders and kicking ass because of some drunk Pistons fan. Overall though, much like hockey, most of the action and fights are on the playing surface, with the players.

Baseball. Now baseball has been prone to a few hooligan antics in the past – people throw batteries and beach balls, anything to slow the game down even more. Then there are the really bad occasions where a father son team decides to attack an aged first base coach in Kansas City (or was it Chicago?). Baseball fans in the States are probably as devout as us Canadian hockey fans are….I could be WAY off base here (heh, no pun intended) , but I figure baseball’s their national sport, it’s gotta have a huge fan base, right? If not, sincere apologies to our southern brethren, and if need be, to fellow Canadians, lol.

Moving on again to football, and the same rules apply. Only this time pack the batteries in snowballs and you’re in Oakland, where even Santa can get booed and pelted with who knows what. I’ve seen beer bottles thrown from the stands, something you’d never see at other venues since they resort to the safer cups. Of course, if players like Randy Moss didn’t rile up the home crowds so much when he’s on the road, maybe fans wouldn’t be so hostile. But now that he’s IN Oakland, things could clear up, right? Right?…..Nah.

I’ll finish up with soccer. The kingpin in terms of unruly fans and hooligan antics. No other sport has to endure such trials and tribulations, and today’s event is just one more on the list. For those who aren’t aware, today’s Champions’ League match between Inter and AC Milan, crosstown rivals, some pissed off (and probably drunk) AC fans took offence to the action on the field with their team down 1-0 and a goal disallowed by a blind ref (in their opinions, anyways). Anyways, for whatever reason, they’re allowed to bring FIREWORKS in the stadiums, so of course these safe devices are put to use and hurled down to the field, one of em striking Inter’s goalie in the shoulder. Not much damage done to the goalie, thankfully, but a striking blow to the tournament in terms of public relations and overall image. Imagine the Flyers promoting Flares Day in Game 7 vs. the Leafs or something…. and then play in front of a crowd five times bigger.

Soccer needs to shape up its act, down to the level of hockey, as we seem to have the tamest fans in all of sports. Sure, if the Leafs lose in the playoffs, people get pissed, but heads don’t roll, and people don’t riot. Maybe it’s a European thing, I don’t know.

Comments, concerns? By all means, add your opinions.

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  1. hockeyhead says:

    i don’t understand what your point is phenom. are you asking what sport has the least amount of fan idiotic behavior.

    sports that don’t have alcohol but still people are idiots.

    hockey also has the famous bruins into the crowd at MSG. baseball also had that bullpen attack in fenway and basketball also had people throwing beer into M.L. carrs face. and i am sure as more members respond the list will grow.

    people are generally mean by nature….any sporting event can be a disaster. from peewee to pro.

  2. NjDEVSFN says:

    the only reason we are so “tame” is that we can be so close to the action, but the players can barely hear us because of the glass

    lower the glass to the standards of 10 years ago, i bet safety and fan incidents are reasons why it was raised 🙂

  3. 19Yzerman says:

    I went to see the first game that Chelios played at Chicago after going to Detroit and those fans cheered at every body check he took and booed at his every touch of the puck. I don’t recall ever seeing a player have a worse game and those fans had a lot to do with it. Good for them. We do the same to Federov. However when Federov came Ann Arbor (Near Detroit) for a benefit game last fall for Mott’s Children’s Hospital. He was well greeted by fans there.

    NBA fans can pay big money and sit right down on the court. So I think they have displayed a good amount of financial commitment there.

    Soccer has its hooligans and I don’t think there is a sport that rivals their allegiance.

    Football is making tons of money and many who post on this website would say that they want the NHL to be like the NFL in terms of marketing and most of all that “Level playing field” that the NFL has to offer.

    Baseball? Well unlike the NFL it would depend on what markets you are going to study.

    Red Sox and Yankees or White Sox and Tigers?

    Hockey has had its fair share of demons past. Riots over Cup Losses. Players going over the glass into the crowd and beating on fans also. Who could ever forget about Brittanie Cecil? God rest her soul a 13 year girl old who died 2 days after being struck in the forehead by a puck. I must commend you for your sincere apologies to us your southern brethren. Extending appreciation and gratitude towards one and other sure beats booing each others national anthem.

    I am disappointed in the NHL fans for the lack of action during this whole lockout? I would have thought that such loyal fans would have put on some public displays of displeasure at some point during this lockout. I even tried to get some fans to rally and demand for hockey to resume but, couldn’t get others to follow.

    I don’t know that one can put hockey fans above the fans of other sports in terms of allegiance, discipline or behavior but, I will say your right about getting media attention for the wrong reasons.

  4. kicksave856 says:

    isn’t there some lines that we can move, or maybe move the nets or something in an effort to get more scoring in soccer? maybe change the color of the field? and goalies can only wear a cup and a pair of boxers (which, for some reason, will not have to be the same color as the rest of his teammate’s uniforms). their equipment is way too big.

    did you know that soccer is supposedly the most popular sport on the planet? i suppose that’s what warm beer will do to people.

    really though, what were those idiots doing in that stadium with flares in their back pockets? and who let them in there like that?

    the only “snowballs for santa” incident that i can remember actually happened in Philly about a thousand years ago, although it’s been blown waaay out of proportion. the fans did not throw snowballs at santa because they didn’t like santa, they threw snowballs at whatever was going on out there because they were disgruntled sports fans. i wish it happened somewhere else too, so that we can shift some of the focus on fictional-character-assassination to some other city for a while.

  5. NYRules says:

    then about 7 years back id say…. when the ranger fans at the coliseum outnumbered the islander fans, the ranger fan beat the shit out of the islander fan and threw him down the stairs and sent him to the hospital while ending up in jail himself

    And the christmas time islander game where the fans went on dressed as santa and got to go on the ice during intermission. Then the guy rips his off to reveal a ranger jersey and got his ass kicked by the other santas. That was funny.

  6. distance7 says:

    I don’t like this article for a simple reason :

    You’re acting like the American media towards hockey. Hockey is never mentioned until something bad happens here, and the same can be said for soccer. I’m a very big soccer fan, and being able to watch the games when there has been no hockey has been one of the best things ever. You can say what you want about a few idiots, but soccer has probably the most passionate fans in the world. It was a stupid act, obviously. But you should investigate more on how soccer has “shaped up” their act. Stadiums, alot of them anyway, have ways to block things from flying on to the field, and in most cases it isn’t even needed. It’s a Yankees/Red Sox situation because the fans and everyone involved hate each other so much. And alot of the violence linked to soccer isn’t even related to the game, it’s the fact that there’s alot more going on with rivalries than people will publish. Celtic/Rangers in Scotland is part religious problems, if you hear violence from that. Then anything involving Ajax apparently involves hating Jewish people….soccer overall is actually controlled very well. “Down to the level of hockey.” Down to the level of no one caring? It’s my favorite sport, but soccer is a close second, and it’s stupid that you’d write this when you’re acting just like the media in America acts towards hockey.

    Publishing only negative stories can lead to only a negative outlook.

  7. distance7 says:

    And this looks stupid after reading it again…since all you’re talking about is media attention for the wrong reasons..but oh well…I’m tired…feel free to punch me and stuff.

  8. Aetherial says:

    uh yeah,

    what I lyke to do is suck back a few biers and then pretind lyke I can kik tie Dohmee’s ass… then I leen aginst the glass so that my big fat beeer-sukking ass crashez it inwards and rely on Domi to grashusly not beet the liveing hel out of mee.


    A tipicle Fliars fan

  9. skandelousHABSfan says:

    What about the Richard Riot. I know that that was a long time ago (50 years) but it is still a good example of fans goign ape-$hit over a hockey suspention.

    BTW a Red-Socks fan punched Gary Shefield last night when he went to catch a fly ball, showing that redsocks fans are definatly the craziest fans in sports.

  10. hockeyhead says:

    see that is the comment that upsets me…..red sox fans in general are not crazy..they are idiots just like the self proclaimed red sox themselves.

    i live in newengland and i can’t stand the sox or fans even tho a lot are my friends….this championship has made it worse.

    the yankees redsox rivalry is a joke….everytime there is a fight or riot or stupid ass fans doing something. the next time i go to fenway there will probably be strict rules because of idiot fans.

    if you have this much hate for another player that you would throw a hand while in play or throw beer…you are a lunatic.

    there are 30 other teams in the league stop focussing on one….the yankees.

    go to espn.com and read the 86 reasons why we hate the redsox.

  11. kicksave856 says:

    um yeah,

    what i like to do is make ridiculous statements stereotyping an entire team’s fanbase in the mold of one moron who got caught doing something on tv. i saw it right there on my own set, so it must be true that all 20somethingthousand fans in that building, and all the rest of the “typical flyer fans”, are all just like that.


    a typical jackass

  12. NYRebuild27 says:

    you have it backwards… it was the Inter fans that were unruly and hit Dida, the AC Milan goalie with a flare. the disallowed goal was scored by Cambiasso, i believe, an inter midfielder, which led to fans bombarding the field with garbage and fireworks. AC took the game 1-0.

    not that it matters, this is a hockey board, im just a big AC fan, so i figured id clarify that statement.

  13. JaYs says:

    Leaf Fans are the best by far but Yankee fans are a close second.

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