Whispers heard on possible Giguere trade

For those that missed it in print or online, Register columnist Randy Youngman reports that there have been preliminary discussions between the Ducks and Toronto involving a possible trade that would send goaltender Jean-Sebastien Giguere to the Maple Leafs. jiggyThe Maple Leafs would like someone to mentor goaltender Jonas Gustavsson, and the Ducks would likely have to take on Vesa Toskala’s $4 million salary, Youngman writes.

Speculation about Giguere going to Toronto has been thrown about ever since former Ducks general manager Brian Burke and former Ducks goaltending coach Francois Allaire re-united in Toronto this summer.

Meahwhile, Giguere is recovering from a groin-muscle injury and could be available on the upcoming Ducks’ road trip.


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  1. reinjosh says:

    the ranking switches all the time
    still its up their
    great business school although Schulich is by far the best in Canada
    so your not at the best university for your program
    sorry to burst your bubble
    and i knew you had to do something with numbers
    you refer to them far to often and with far too much hold then they should be given

  2. reinjosh says:

    your a first year?

  3. reinjosh says:

    and everything i post in response to you is usually done to elicit a response
    its just so fun
    although i do object to being called riff-raff
    and i wonder how you drew that conclusion of me?
    did i piss you off enough?

  4. bbruins37 says:

    2nd year. queens commerce is by far the best, and one of the best overall programs anywhere. im not technically in it yet but all i have to do is keep a high average to switch over, which shouldnt be hard because of how easy economics is. i regret not applying to it before, but i had no idea what i wanted to do coming out of high school.

    if youre not riff-raff i apologize. thats my personal take from what i know of you, which is limited so i very well could be wrong.

  5. bbruins37 says:

    you make it seem that all i care about is stats. thats not it at all. the reason i go to them so much is because it's the only objective thing one can go to for the purposes of an argument. of course other things are important, but in arguments, whats the point of just saying things like "niedermayer is the best". the only way to put at least some validity behind that statement is to back it up with stats

  6. reinjosh says:

    Queens is generally considered the best program in Canada but lately i believe Schulich at York has taken over in business rankings, although i think most businesses would take people with Queens degrees over Schulich degrees on the length of time Queens has been on top
    and you just gained a degree of my respect back from the last line

  7. reinjosh says:

    thats a good point
    but i meant more the fact to you seem to put all your faith into them
    players do have parts of their games that go beyond being described by stats

  8. reinjosh says:

    your welcome
    and good try
    but trying to discredit a player that was once considered a big part of your future just shows that you really do miss him
    especially considering your team is third last in the league for goals scored per game
    kessel would really be helping you so much
    but hes not
    hes helping those leafs

  9. bbruins37 says:

    queens commerce is still the most selective. ive heard somewhere its more selective than harvard law. and then again you still get idiots in there because they got their marks boosted in private schools. it all really is about who you know, which is sad, but oh well.

  10. bbruins37 says:

    i wouldnt say i put all my faith in them at all. do you honestly think i believe wideman is better defensively than others because of his plus minus last year? stats dont tell the whole story but they help in gaining at least some insight into an issue as opposed to just bluntly stating one's opinion. on top of that, theyre useful to gain a "whole picture" on an issue. no one here has seen every game and no one can make a concrete observation based on the 5 games theyve seen anze kopitar play. you have to look to stats to judge a player's overall effectiveness and consistency.

    can you imagine what an argument would be without stats? it would be like saying, "ive seen horton score like 5 really nice goals my whole life, which is better than the 4 really nice goals ive seen booth score, so id say horton is the netter goal scorer"

  11. reinjosh says:

    hmm thats interesting i knew it was selective but not that much (although ill still hold off my hmm moment until ive read it somewhere or you provide proof, not that i dont believe you, just you may have read it anywhere)
    and to be fair, high school was not all that hard
    and contrary to popular belief, the majority of private schools are generally accepted as better learning environments and harder schools than public or catholic schools
    its just that private schools are smaller that public and catholic schools and they are able to cater to students more, so students who would generally be considered not the smartest in public high schools, would get higher grades in private schools because they get more help
    its just a common mistake that people think that people can send their kids to private school and pay the school to push up a grade or two up
    although thats not to say it wouldnt happen
    im sure it does but not on the level most people think

  12. bbruins37 says:

    im basing it on how many stupid people i know that are absolutely retarded yet were still pulling off 90s in private school. there are some that are absolute geniuses too, but the point is is there are far too many slipping through the cracks.

    i mean you hear of examples of people getting 100% in english in high school. and where do they all go? private schools. thats absolutely ridiculous. apparently theyre taught to write perfect essays over there. and then i had by far the best mark in my school for a class like english and get short-changed because i didnt go to private school. i realize that marking english is extremely subjective, but 100%? really? there is absolutely no room for improvement on that essay? you have "perfect" insights on shakespeare's hamlet?

    i dont disagree with marking very strictly (i encourage that), but its not at all relative to other schools. im not sure why im ranting as i got into all of the programs i applied to, but its not fair to others and its not fair in general. if your parents have the money, you get the better opportunities. all about who you know. even if you want to argue that private schools have better environments for learning as to why they get better marks, it still creates an unfair advantage for them.

    really the best thing to do (although its not foolproof) is evaluate kids based on their marks relative to their own schools.

    yeah i have no proof of that. im pretty sure my it was my brother who told me that whos housemates are in commerce. take it for what you will.

  13. reinjosh says:

    makes sense and i know a lot of stupid people getting 85's and above in private school and i totally understand why you would be annoyed that some people can pay for a higher education than others. While i agree to a point, im really indifferent to private schools (partly because i went to one).

    I think that rather than evaluating kids based on marks relative to their own schools (which i far to complex to enact) Canada needs to look at finding new ways of providing education. I mean, we are already top 3 in the world for traditional education, its time to look somewhere else.

    And i agree marking should be more strict then it is and that it is unfair that some parents can have better opportunities because their parents have money, but thats life.

    I think that the world is just getting stupider though. It stuns me how many classes I have with stupid people in them, or how many people I still meet that managed to get into university. It just astounds me. I once heard it said that the world's intelligence stays relatively the same and that the bigger the population, the more stupid people there are. While I highly doubt that last statement is true, it provides an interesting view and could show the world is getting far stupider.

    And I know you don't like non-hockey talk on HTR but I really bored and procrastinating 5 essays and there is nothing interesting hockey wise to talk on the HTR boards so I decided to  talk about something mildly stimulating.

  14. hockeyhead says:

    as bbruins37 would say…."its you're welcome"

    but really…..i dont care about kessel…..he didnt want to play for boston.

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