Who Do You Think Are the Most Overachived Players But Are Underpayed.

Some of the most overachived players are some of the most underpaid. Players like Sergei Fedorov, Todd Bertuzzi, and Mark Parrish. Fedorov has the hardest slapshot in then NHL with 102.5 MPH, He is one of the best 2 way centers, has won the Hart Trophey and is only paid $2,000,000. Todd Bertuzzi is another one that is an underpaid elite player. He came throught with a career year with 85 points and has been in the playoffs for the past 3 seasons. He is also only payed $2,000,000. Mark Parrish is another unluckey player to be underpaid for his achivements. He scored 32 goals for a rebuilt New York Islanders and is only payed $750,000. These three examples are players that should be paid more. If I was one of these players i would go to and arbitrator and be paid for what im worth. Tell me who you think are the most overachived and underpaid players.