Who Do You Think Are the Most Overachived Players But Are Underpayed.

Some of the most overachived players are some of the most underpaid. Players like Sergei Fedorov, Todd Bertuzzi, and Mark Parrish. Fedorov has the hardest slapshot in then NHL with 102.5 MPH, He is one of the best 2 way centers, has won the Hart Trophey and is only paid $2,000,000. Todd Bertuzzi is another one that is an underpaid elite player. He came throught with a career year with 85 points and has been in the playoffs for the past 3 seasons. He is also only payed $2,000,000. Mark Parrish is another unluckey player to be underpaid for his achivements. He scored 32 goals for a rebuilt New York Islanders and is only payed $750,000. These three examples are players that should be paid more. If I was one of these players i would go to and arbitrator and be paid for what im worth. Tell me who you think are the most overachived and underpaid players.

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  1. beefer says:

    Isn’t Federov only making $2 mil because his contract was front loaded?

  2. mikster says:

    Parrish scored 32 goals in this season, if he can do it again…then he deserves a raise.

    Elias was the most underpaid overachiever.

  3. GO_LEAFS_GO says:

    J.S Giguere is terribly underpayed…You could argue Bryan McCabe is too..

    Thornton is quite underpayed….

  4. slipnaughtyboy says:

    Federov gets 2 mill cuz his first season on this contract he got 28 mill.

    Bertuzzi used to be a fighter more or less on the island. I remember Peroni was BASHING him last year saying Dvorak is a better player. He said its a trend that all fighters go through…. they all have a year in which they get some good points and think they can score and then they just slide back into using only there hands. LOL u remember Peroni??????

  5. saksfan says:

    Parrish just signed a new contract today with the Islanders, a few hours ago.

  6. MossRocks says:

    You sound like an agent. I have a tough time finding any hockey player who is underpaid. They play hockey and they get paid 6-7 figures. They play hockey, that’s it. Now in this crazy market where the Rangers paid Holik $9 million(Yes Mick, the Rangers. Feel free to make your ridiculous argument to justify to yourself that the Rangers aren’t stupid.) and Lapointe $5 million everyone is underpaid. There are about 100 2nd and 3rd line players better than Lapointe making less than $2 million. I guess they are underpaid, right? Now that Holik makes the big cash, there are probably another 50 or so 2nd line players making less than $2 million who could argue they are at least half as good as Holik.

    Fedorov is not underpaid, he made all of his money upfront. Bertuzzi has had one good year and a couple of average ones. He may be an elite player but he doesn’t deserve elite money until he does it again. If he can. Parrish is also a one-year wonder at this point. He got his raise today anyway, but I haven’t seen the terms.

    On an aside…

    Fedorov had the hardest shot at the all-star game. that does not give him the hardest shot in the league. The skills competition is just a circus until they bring back the team winners again.

  7. r_milley says:

    poor Sergei, that 25-30mil me made in year 1 is forgotten about pretty quickly!

    As for the others, they’re young and unless you put up HUGE numbers like Kariya did his first few seasons or Iginla last year you’re not going to get paid for then 2-3mil for scoring 20-30 goals. Hell Gary Roberts only makes about 2.7mil per season I think but the Gary Roberts of the league dont sell TV contracts, the Paul Kariya’s of the league do that and thats why they get paid more.

  8. MossRocks says:

    I went a little overboard on Lapointe. If there were 100 2nd/3rd liners better than him in the league, he would be a fourth liner, which he certainly is not. There are probably 20 guys in the NHL who could argue they are on a par with Lapointe and a solid 10 who are better. Like who? Madden, Scatchard, Tucker, Marchant, Bonk, Ricci, Linden, Peca, Doan, Cole, and Morrow are all as good or better players than Lapointe. Peca is better than Holik, too.

  9. UltimateB says:

    As everybody else in the world has said, Federov’s contract was front loaded after Carolina made a ploy to pry him away from Detroit as an RFA. Part of the contract was a bonus for making the… conference finals, I think. Carolina had no chance at doing it that year and Detroit was defending as champs, so I think that was kinda cheap.

    Anyway, a few years ago Patrick Elias and Petr Sykora were seriously underpaid. Today, however, I think that Pavel Bure, Alexi Yashin, Bobby Holik and Jaromir Jagr are underpaid. I mean, these guys are clearly worth 20 million a year.

    But seriously folks, let’s give it up for Evgeni Nabokov. Starting goalie for two years for less than a million bucks? Phwew!

  10. adambuffalo says:

    all players who earn more than $1 mil are over payed. they should establish a salary cap in which no player makes more than say $5M. then lower all the ticket prices and make it more affordable for everyone to go to games. i think some of the players who get hosed are the ones playing every game and making the league minimum. especially a player like rob ray. he should be up closer to domi’s salary. i make about $25k a year after being in the military for 6 years, so these guys complaining about there salary should be happy they are getting payed to do something they love.

  11. saksfan says:

    20 million a year?? Nah. I’d say at least 30 million (understand the sarcasm there)!

  12. NYR88Express says:

    from the players you mentioned, only Jagr and Bure are worth a lot of money…maybe Yashin too

    but not Holik…he isn’t worth that much; he’s not even the $9 Million we’re giving him!!

  13. SABRFAN says:

    Miro Satan……….73 points last year…….3.5 million………One of the most consistant players in the NHL, year after year. He had more points last year than Fedorov, Bure, Amonte, Guerin, Roenick, Holik, Fleury, Kariya, Selanne, etc. Those guys are paid obscene amounts of money. He’d be worth a heckuva lot more on the open market.

  14. ShaneDawg says:

    Elias is one, wasn’t he getting like $750,000? Marty St.Louis I believe isn’t making more than $500,000. Morozov made $770,000 or thereabouts last year and he was a 20 goal scorer. Problem is though these guys may be underpaid now, they egt big fat contracts and get lazy. Then they quickly go to overpaid. What ever happened to wanting to improve yourself regardless?

  15. mikster says:

    I do, and it is true that power forwards don’t last long. Bertuzzi will have good years until he turns 33 then he will score less…and less and less. Dvorak is still only 25, he has yet to reach his prime and his prime could be 25 goals a season…60 points. But speedy and talented players could last longer. USUALLY that’s how it goes. I wasn’t BASHING Bertuzzi….i hardly ever BASH someone with an Italian name. I hope Bertuzzi continues to be as good for a long time, but enforcers who then become power forwards don’t last long. Power forwards who are born as power forwards, like Erik Cole..Thornton, then they will last longer.

  16. Brettsko says:

    Players who have had only 1 good year don’t all of a sudden deserve a $5 Million a year contract. If Parrish puts up two more 30 goals seasons, then he has shown his ability and consistency.

    If you think any person on Earth deserves to be paid 20 million dollars a year for anything, YOU ARE ON CRACK! Heads of state don’t deserve $20 million dollars a year. And what really pisses me off about ALex Rodriguez is he said it isn’t about the money, signed with a terrible team for a huge contract and his old team is one of baseball’s best. Don’t Bull$shit me like that Pay-Rod….

    I must agree though that Nabokov is underpaid, based on the market.

    However I must also agree that NO ONE in the NHL is underpaid. Yashin will never have my respect, and I wish the Senators could have gotten some money out of him for breach of contract.

    “I woulda played for food money”

    -Shoeless Joe Jackson in “Field of Dreams”

  17. MossRocks says:

    Good point. It should also be remembered that Satan is only better than Bure on that list when it comes to his own end of the rink and leadership. You are right though, he’s probably a $6 million dollar guy these days.

  18. MossRocks says:

    Amen. You’re right except I fear there is no going back. If the players played for reasonable salaries then the owners would be making $50-100 million. It should also be mentioned that hockey is entertainment and other entertainers like movie stars, make $20+million/movie and can make 2-3 movies a year. Let’s face it, our whole society over-values entertainers.

  19. slipnaughtyboy says:

    Yes I do agree with what your saying. Ive kept my eye on Cole all season (yes, since the begining of regular season and NOT playoffs) and the kid impresses. He should be able to do what hes doing for years to come…. Oh and im a fellow Italian, Ernesto Roberto Pagliaro is the name

  20. r_milley says:

    How would it go over for a union to tell its employees that the companee is lowering all its prices to make its product more consumer friendly and is cutting their salaries by 30%?

    Now try to imagine the NHL, which makes hundreds of millions on TV rights, merchandise,clothing, etc telling its employees that they’re going to impose a salary cap where no player can earn more then 5mil so more people can attend games. I’m sure Bob Goodenow will be begging to sign that into a CBA!

  21. bruinsfan12 says:

    I totally agree. What is with Bure and Jagr and Holik only getting like $10 million a year anyway? Jagr especially. Why isn’t he making like $30 million? Now, that is crazy

  22. bruinsfan12 says:

    you are so unbelievabley right. its too bad these players are greedy, and that this league is stupid

  23. ManillaKilla says:

    I am not disagreeing with the fact that Satan is as underpaid overachiever. However, a lot more things besides points determines a player’s salary. No GM in the league would trade Fedorov, or Guerin for Satan. Now Fleury…

  24. ManillaKilla says:

    Dave Karpa(1.7mil), Martin Lapointe(5.5mil), Bobby Holik(9mil), Sylvain Lefebvre(2.6mil), Pierre Turgeon(8mil). These guys are all underpaid.

  25. chewy says:

    Everything being relative(I dont think anyone should make that type of money but they do) I think both Francis and Oates are underpaid, these guys have been around forever, provide scoring and leadership that is extremely important, the fact that Carolina balked at the first attempt at $5 million a season for Francis is horible, especially considering Guerin and Holik got $9 million plus. Up till now Iginla can be included i that catigory, averages 29 goals a year(5 years running), not less then 20 goals, provides grit and leadership and was making what????? But he will get a nice raise this year.

  26. TheDevil says:

    This is the market, friends, the stupid, crazy market….(but since I absolutely hate Yashin and Guerin – the greediest players in the NHL – I say ***** this guys, hope they go to hell after they die, for not helping anyone with this kind of cash and only think about their bank accounts)

  27. aaron says:

    Any player who would play for a million dollars when they could be playing for eight million dollars is stupid. That would be like if you were given a choice between two identical jobs, one for 20 thousand, and one for 160 thousand, and choosing the 20 thousand dollar job. That’s ridiculous. Yeah, you can live off a million dollars, but you can live a hell of a lot better off 8 million dollars.

    Another bad misconception is that ppl think players should be loyal to their team? Why? Is there a particular reason they should be? Say what you will about how they didn’t make the playoffs, but does anyone really think the Bruins are going to outperform the Stars next season, or the Leafs will outperform the Rangers (Holik was pissed to high hell at the Devils, but I suppose he should have been “loyal” anyway)? I don’t think so. I only see a few players signing w/ teams like Columbus b/c of money, but I don’t see anyone complaining about those deals. Its only when players sign on good teams for money that you care. Which contradicts the point that they’re signing on bad teams for money.

    On the other hand, the franchises make millions of dollars. So if they have the money to improve their team, they’re going to spend it.

    It all seems stupid to me. Any owner who doesn’t use any means possible to improve his team shouldn’t be an owner. Any player who would rather be loyal to a team where he’d be a third liner at best for 3 million than filthy rich as a second liner for 5 million is equally moronic (*cough*Lapointe*cough*). And whose the biggest morons of all? Us fans are the ones who fund all this. We piss and moan about paying hundreds of dollars for playoff tickets, but we buy them anyway. Its called supply and demand. Its part of buisiness. And anyone who thinks sports isn’t a buisiness and can ever be anything else is living in a fantasy world and should get yanked back in a reality.

  28. aafiv says:

    I agree with MossRocks. These guys play a completely meaningless but entertaining game. Hockey players are not more important than school teachers yets they get paid ridiculous money. If you’re making six figures from playing hockey, you’re lucky beyond your wildest dreams. If you’re making the NHL average, you’re grossly overpaid no matter what you do on the ice.

  29. aaron says:

    So…you would be a communist then?

  30. aaron says:

    There’s a market for them. We’ll pay 5.50 every week to go watch the movies, and we’ll pay 75 dollars for a hockey game. If you want, we could raise taxes to 60% of your salary so we can send money to the ppl who deserve it, teachers, firefighters, etc. You wouldn’t be able to afford any type of entertainment, but that would be more fair.

    Outside of that, you’re on your own for ideas. That’s just how it is. Live with it.

  31. MossRocks says:

    Yeah, that’s great. Let’s start throwing around ‘communist’ everywhere. Bush would be proud of you.

    Let’s hear something of value from you, not some useless “that’s the way it is” crap. Obviously there is a problem with this league and other leagues have fixed their similar problems. Does that make the NFL communist? Do you even know what a communist is? Is your last name McCarthy? Do you even understand that reference?

  32. adambuffalo says:

    i agree with you in the aspect that he is under paid compared to other high profile players, but you should look at who these other guys play with. satan is the only real goal scorer getting points our team, and a lot of times, with his streaky play, we can’t always count on him. don’t get me wrong though, i wouldn’t want him to play for any other team. GO SABRES!!!

  33. SABRFAN says:

    Thats just it. Put him on a better team and he’d have even more points. He does more with less talent around him than a lot of those other players mentioned.

  34. ProngerBlues44 says:

    First of all, no one is underpaid in the NHL, but in the kind of market they are in then yes, Fedorov, Bertuzzi, etc. are highly underpaid. I mean, if Bobby Holik can make $9 mil a year (no offense to Bobby, hes a truly great player) then why is Fedorov making $2 mil?

    I think someone who is underpaid is Brent Johnson of the Blues. Now you all know I’m not his biggest fan, but his freakin backup makes more than him!! Freddy Brathwaite makes 1.05 mil, and Johnny makes $550K. Now either Freddy is overpaid (!!!) or Brent is underpaid. My bet is on Freddy being overpaid. But you decide.

    ~Jeff P.

    JFB DK57

  35. NJD4Life says:

    Elias until his arbitration case. 700k and 3rd leading score my god.

    Now it’s probably………… Marty Brodeur 8 mil is sad he deserves atleast 20 mil a season, like kevin garnett from the minni timbi wolves. ahahha

  36. OutsideFriendlyWaters says:

    Nabokov Nabokov Nabokov. What other team can claim the kind of quality goaltending at the price the Sharks have been paying. I hope for his sake he gets a nice raise before the start of the season, he is one of the few players that would deserve it.

  37. guinsfan4life says:

    Well after Holik signed for 9 mil. per year, that makes just about everyone who has scored more than 50pts. in a season underpaid..

    Obviously Holik isn’t worth that kind of money…and he screws up the money to even determine which players are underpaid, by market standards.

  38. guinsfan4life says:

    I totally agree with you MOss. THe fact that players such as Holik and Lapointe are overpaid, really makes this topic a no-brainer.


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