Who exactly is left?

There are more remaining free agents then people think, but I guess it’s time we once again go over the list of players still on the market.Petr Bondra is still available. I’m hearing Washington is the most likely destination, as the other teams are fed up with waiting for him. New Jersey was pretty interested, but the highest payroll in hockey is in the negatives in cap space.

What about Owen Nolan. For the last time, he is not on the Leafs any more. I kinda wonder what will happen with him. I’m going to say he’ll retire and use the money he gets from the Leafs. He’s a fan favorite, and he’ll be missed in Toronto. I’d even love if another team signed him and immediately traded him here, but Fergie won’t take him…

Then of course there is Mike Keane, it doesn’t look like he’ll be a Canuck next year, and he’s been invited to the Maple Leafs training camp. But he’s been invited to training camps without contracts before, and rejected them, according to sportsnet. So I don’t really know why he would now…

Stumpy is another guy who has apparently recieved an invitation to the Leafs training camp, though, former Leafs exec and current Leafs lunch host is reporting he is about to sign in Detroit.

Yanic Perreault is a great face off man, who has apparently recieved interest to a degree from Montreal and Toronto. I doubt either. Toronto is way too strong down the middle to add him.

Bryan Martchment is still available, and willing to play for league minimum. He needs to get back to playing dirty, that’s why he came here to begin with. If the Devils can dump enough salary, I can see him signing in Jersey. His best friend is Dan McGillis, and the Devils are down a defenseman with the retirement of Scott Stevens.

Then there’s the Moose. I say either he joins the Oilers, or retires, Probably retires. I never really liked Messier, he thinks he’s Gretzky. He wouldn’t be near number 2 in points if retired when he should have.

Byron Dafoe and Felix Potvin have apparently both talked to Edmonton. I can see both playing in Europe though. They’re washed up, and aren’t attracting much attention.

Rob Zamuner, the 1998 Olympian is still looking for a home, he’s a good defensive winger who’d come cheap. For those reasons, I can see him in Detroit or Colorado. They need bargains, wingers, and defensiveness is always good.

Brad Brown, Darby Hendrickson, and Igor Korolev are also on the market. I think they’re gone, too bad though, what’s with all the lockout casualties?

Scott Lachance, Brian Holzinger, and Arturs Irbe are three former Blue Jackets I can see leaving the NHL, they haven’t gotten much attention at all…

Ron Tugnutt and Scott Young will probably be invited to a training camp or something and join what ever team. Toronto loves doing that to get bargains. That’s how they got Nieuwendyk and Klee.

Jason Wooley, Mikael Samuelsson, Steve Shields, and Donald Audette could all also join that groupe. I would be shocked if Jason York, Boris Mironov, and Cliff Ronning did too.

Adam Deadmarsh was rumored to want to re-unite with former line-mate Jason Allison, but I really see him re-joining the Avs, they need low priced players, and I think he really liked Colorado.

Pavel Bure’s return has been talked about a bit lately. I heard he may be interested in playing here, because we’ll give players who are hurt a chance and he loves Pat Quinn. Sounds interesting, but I don’t see him ever returning to the NHL. He’s a hall of famer this year if he doesn’t.

Ron Francis and Drake Berehowsky are still on the market. I could see Franny returning to Pittsburgh, or retiring. Berehowsky, who knows, I don’t think he’ll play again…

There is still a huge market, and I think going into training camp, things will heat up a bit again….


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  1. enigmagnum says:

    Ugh! *shakes head* I think the IDEA behind pens_fan’s comment was that after the names of most guys on the list, there was something to say about the Leafs as if it were wishful thinking, you know? I was like: ‘Dream on, buddy. The Leafs aren’t the whole NHL although you would like to see that, huh?’ Leafs this, Leafs that. I understand you are a Leafs fan, which is fine by me as I like them too, but the world does not revolve around the Leafs. I think if you want to be taken seriously amongst other hockey fans, you should go about your articles a bit differently. Seriously. And please don’t just look over this comment in two seconds and then reply to it to start bashing me. I am only offering some constructive criticism, really. Thanks.

  2. enigmagnum says:

    Haha. Yeah, really. Would I be a total genius in your eyes or anyone else’s if decided upon “writing paragraphs as part of an article” about how retarded that article was? Or how about how retarded it would be to write an article about how retarded that article was and so on … ugh. My head hurts. *thinks a bit* I’d probably enjoy it, though.

  3. enigmagnum says:

    Are you a Leafs fan, too? It wouldn’t surprise me. They would like to have this player AND that player as well as be both the most liked AND most hated. Not one or the other with them – it’s all … ir all! They want to take over the world, am I right? *frantically pulls out hair*

    If you aren’t actually a Leafs fan, then don’t take the above comment personally. Actually, nobody should take it personally – it’s all out of fun. 😀

  4. Nemix says:

    not sure on that..Check the stats..He was by far a more effective winger then centre

  5. WYflyerfan says:

    they signed for less because nobody wanted them. They are a bunch of has beens and never was!!!!!! Hopefully all this players will help you get into the playoffs because you won’t get passed the first round…

  6. 19AVSFANFoLIFE19 says:

    your gan base isnt as good as colorado so dont try and compare it. for that matter no fan base is how many sellouts in a row now is it?

  7. quick_stick says:

    hmmmm….You really sound bitter that the Oilers couldn’t be as profitable as the Leafs. It’s not Toronto’s fault that they have so much more support than the Oilers (or really, just about any team in the league)… but ok, really, in about 10 years you can say every team has an equal chance. Teams that went for the cup in previous years will be at a disadvantage, and it will take a while for that to even out.

    However, now you should be grateful. It’s the profitable teams like the Leafs that will enable your Oilers to stay in town, because otherwise, they wouldn’t have lasted another 3 years.

    And you can’t question Toronto’s heart in previous years. What about Roberts? Tucker? Domi? Has there ever been an Oiler with as much heart as Gilmour? Maybe Messier, but that’s it. We’ll see about this year, but I doubt the Oilers will do any better than the Leafs. I’m sure this site will be filled with posts on either side, either way.

  8. quick_stick says:

    Bash bash… I didn’t write the above article, so I don’t take it personally. 🙂 Yeah, he could stand to leave the Leafs out of it a bit, but besides that he was pretty objective.
    The problem is that people like Pens_fan lurk around just to bash other peoples comments. I get tired of it, and as I mentioned in an earlier post, he doesn’t just mindlessly bash the Leafs. He mindlessly bashes other teams as well.

    Oh, and one more thing… It’s a rare post from a hockey fan on here that I believe has the abilitiy to take me seirously.

  9. pens_fan says:

    Flyers wont even make the playoffs so i wouldnt talk forsberg will be the biggest bust in hockey history bc of philthydelphia

  10. pens_fan says:


  11. JannettyTheRocker says:

    Money to me was not the issue. Philly had the money to pay these great players, which will give them a much better chance at winning the Stanley Cup. Perhaps he overpaid, but that’s what teams like Philly do. Despite the high price, I still consider these signings to be very smart.

  12. JannettyTheRocker says:

    There are 30 teams in the NHL, some in large markets, some in small markets. This is a business with 30 partners, and what I mean by that is the small markets go to the large markets and vice-versa to compete against each other. Without the small to medium market teams, there would be a 7-10 team league of large market teams possibly. Size of your city shouldn’t matter, neither should the size of your fanbase. Complete profit sharing should be put into place, as the Leafs do the exact same things year in year out as every other team in the NHL, they just happen to have a bigger market. Do you really think it fair that the Leafs can spend more than twice what the Oilers can spend? If you say yes, you are ignorant. Put yourself in the shoes of a small-market team. Your team can never compete because all their talent gets bought by the big markets. So you have to watch a losing team every year, and have the possibility of your team leaving town due to this cash advantage by the big markets……….I guess this is why most Canadians outside of Toronto despise the Leafs and its fans. Because you guys actually believe you should be able to spend more than everyone else, putting yourselves at an unfair advantage……..I really hope you can understand what I am saying here, I feel very passioniate about this, this is not just my bashing.

  13. pens_fan says:

    ok i will go slowly for you, overpaying when in a salary cap is very dumb when 3 huge risks take up 1/3 of the salary cap it is an issue there would still be at least 17 other players to sign and only 26million for them meaning you have to give up the best players on your team and the chance to sign other talent and if you consider these signings to be very smart you arent too smart yourself

    Bottom line is if you over pay players when in a salary cap your a moron plain and simple

  14. quick_stick says:

    I understand where you are going with this, and it a lot ways I agree, however, on the other side, we operate our society in a very capitalist manner. Lawyers make more than ditch diggers. I think this system has probably taken it too far, which is a typical correction error – over compensation. Now teams that have marketed better, put better products on the ice (and please know that I’m not just talking about the Leafs) will have to pay for the teams that started up in markets where perhaps they shouldn’t have (and I’m not talking about the Oilers here, they’re actually my favourite teams after the Leafs Canucks are 3rd).

    The Leafs, as an example, did what they had to, to be competetive, even though fans would come regardless. For this, I think they should be applauded, not trashed, as an organization.

    So while I understand your plight, I’d feel better knowing that you realize your perspective is based on a small market view.

    For the record, I’m not from Toronto, I live on PEI. We had an AHL team here (the Sens) and lost it due to fan support. The is the fault of our fans not supporting them, not the City that could. I wish they were still here, but that’s the reality of business.

    Also, I have to add, that just because you’re pissed that the Leafs signed away Joseph (he was almost going to Philly, and if anything, they spent more irresponsably than the Leafs, yet you don’t bash them and their dumbass signings) you still can remain objective towards them as a team.

    The reality is, of all the teams that signed players of any caliber this summer, the Leafs spent most intellegnetly.

    I was so surprised to See the Flyers shell the kind of coin out they did, as well as Florida, Anahiem, Chicago, NJ, Tampa, and, in the case of Pronger, the Oilers (just for example, there are more signings that don’t immediately leap to mind). Don’t get your back up, I think Pronger is great, but I can’t get over the money these guys are making given the cap.

  15. quick_stick says:

    I agree, but most people report the news with a slant towards their favourite team… the Leafs are just more popular to bash for it since there’s more Leaf fans out there, hence more Leaf fans doing it.

  16. JannettyTheRocker says:

    I agree with the majority of what you have said…..First, I was astonished that the Oilers signed Pronger, and for the amount they did. That is a huge amount for the Oil……I am also surprised at the other signings around the league, but I guess now that everyone knows what the max that can be spent is, it is probably easier to figure out what should be offered……And I must apologize. The main reason I bash the Leafs is that they have been high-spenders over the past decade. I have hard feelings towards Philly, NY Rangers, Detroit, St, Louis….etc. You’re right, I am speaking from a small market perspective cause that’s where I grew up. I think the cap is great………….One thing I disagree with is your comparison of lawyers and ditch-diggers…..The Oilers and the Leafs are both HOCKEY TEAMS in the same league. I believe that there should be a salary cap, so that all 30 teams can have a chance of equally competing. Leave it up to the general managers, coaches, and players to determine who succeeds and fails, and not the owners bank-book. With 30 teams in the NHL, there are not enough large hockey markets to support each team to the point where their bank-books would be big enough to compete with each other. I am thrilled with the new CBA, I hope that teams like the Oilers, Penguins, Flames, Blue-Jackets, etc. can compete for free agents and stanley cups, as well as have the Leafs, Flyers, Red Wings, Blues, etc. have that same opportunity. I just don’t want one team to have a financial advantage, because that ruins the sport…….Look at baseball, only the Yankees, Braves, Red Sox, White Sox, and other large market teams compete for championships. That leaves teams like the Pirates, Reds, and Brewers without much chance……..I am getting off track………….So, I apologize. I will stop my Leafs bashing. I am just so thrilled about the new CBA……………For the sake of our arguements, lets just hope it is an Oilers vs Leafs cup final and leave it at that.

  17. DomiforPrimeMinister says:

    Congrats man!

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