Who exactly is left?

There are more remaining free agents then people think, but I guess it’s time we once again go over the list of players still on the market.Petr Bondra is still available. I’m hearing Washington is the most likely destination, as the other teams are fed up with waiting for him. New Jersey was pretty interested, but the highest payroll in hockey is in the negatives in cap space.

What about Owen Nolan. For the last time, he is not on the Leafs any more. I kinda wonder what will happen with him. I’m going to say he’ll retire and use the money he gets from the Leafs. He’s a fan favorite, and he’ll be missed in Toronto. I’d even love if another team signed him and immediately traded him here, but Fergie won’t take him…

Then of course there is Mike Keane, it doesn’t look like he’ll be a Canuck next year, and he’s been invited to the Maple Leafs training camp. But he’s been invited to training camps without contracts before, and rejected them, according to sportsnet. So I don’t really know why he would now…

Stumpy is another guy who has apparently recieved an invitation to the Leafs training camp, though, former Leafs exec and current Leafs lunch host is reporting he is about to sign in Detroit.

Yanic Perreault is a great face off man, who has apparently recieved interest to a degree from Montreal and Toronto. I doubt either. Toronto is way too strong down the middle to add him.

Bryan Martchment is still available, and willing to play for league minimum. He needs to get back to playing dirty, that’s why he came here to begin with. If the Devils can dump enough salary, I can see him signing in Jersey. His best friend is Dan McGillis, and the Devils are down a defenseman with the retirement of Scott Stevens.

Then there’s the Moose. I say either he joins the Oilers, or retires, Probably retires. I never really liked Messier, he thinks he’s Gretzky. He wouldn’t be near number 2 in points if retired when he should have.

Byron Dafoe and Felix Potvin have apparently both talked to Edmonton. I can see both playing in Europe though. They’re washed up, and aren’t attracting much attention.

Rob Zamuner, the 1998 Olympian is still looking for a home, he’s a good defensive winger who’d come cheap. For those reasons, I can see him in Detroit or Colorado. They need bargains, wingers, and defensiveness is always good.

Brad Brown, Darby Hendrickson, and Igor Korolev are also on the market. I think they’re gone, too bad though, what’s with all the lockout casualties?

Scott Lachance, Brian Holzinger, and Arturs Irbe are three former Blue Jackets I can see leaving the NHL, they haven’t gotten much attention at all…

Ron Tugnutt and Scott Young will probably be invited to a training camp or something and join what ever team. Toronto loves doing that to get bargains. That’s how they got Nieuwendyk and Klee.

Jason Wooley, Mikael Samuelsson, Steve Shields, and Donald Audette could all also join that groupe. I would be shocked if Jason York, Boris Mironov, and Cliff Ronning did too.

Adam Deadmarsh was rumored to want to re-unite with former line-mate Jason Allison, but I really see him re-joining the Avs, they need low priced players, and I think he really liked Colorado.

Pavel Bure’s return has been talked about a bit lately. I heard he may be interested in playing here, because we’ll give players who are hurt a chance and he loves Pat Quinn. Sounds interesting, but I don’t see him ever returning to the NHL. He’s a hall of famer this year if he doesn’t.

Ron Francis and Drake Berehowsky are still on the market. I could see Franny returning to Pittsburgh, or retiring. Berehowsky, who knows, I don’t think he’ll play again…

There is still a huge market, and I think going into training camp, things will heat up a bit again….