Who Has Been the REAL GM of the Rangers?

So, who has been the GM of the Rangers for the past few years?  A couple of months ago I would have said Glen Sather but now I wonder.  Let me explain and hopefully some of you can elaborate or clarify this for me.

We all remember not too long ago when Sather thought he could buy another Cup for the Rangers. He brought in all the star/elite talent he could. He wouldn’t pass up on any big name UFA he could get his hands on. For the most part this failed miserably (I don’t think this is even a question anymore). Then, as my theory would indicate, Don Maloney (Sather’s assistant GM) began to gain traction. It is evident that their game plan changed drastically. Some may say this coincides somewhat with the new CBA, but is that really the reason.

As their game plan changed, the Rangers began to let most of their star/elite players walk. They started focusing on the farm, youth, prospects, and a system. They wanted to build from within. They created a system of hockey that they expected everyone to buy into – if not, they were not a fit. The results were remarkable. And even as someone who knows little about Rangers hockey, I was really impressed with their turnaround and the means of achieving it.

Now let me make my case: Don Maloney leaves the Ranger organization this summer to become the GM of the Coyotes. What happens in Rangerland? They sign 2 of the 4 most sought after UFA of the year. Under the new CBA this is equivelent to 4 or 5 from pre-CBA (there was no scientific formula behind this number, just gut instinct). They also trade to bring in Hutchinson. This seems very reminicient of the Rangers of several years ago.

And point 2: Don Maloney, as the new GM of the Coyotes says that their game plan is to rebuild the farm, focus on the youth, and create a system which everyone will buy into (sound familiar). He then proceeded to buyout Scatchard, and placed both Adams and Boynton on waivers. Rumors suggest he has attempted, and may still be attempting, to trade Jovocop and Morris (funny enough the rumors say Jovo would go to NYR if he would be willing to waive his NTC). Then he proceeds, as promised, to skip ALL big name UFAs even though he had PLENTY of cap room under both the league and team caps, and instead he focused on signing under 30s who have some upside. This list would include guys such as Ryan Caldwell, Matt Murley, Craig Weller, Survoy, etc, as well as many of their prospects.

Now with everything in context I ask again, who has been the GM for the Rangers recently? I would conclude that it has been Don Maloney. I would also suggest, and hope, that this is good news for the Coyote’s future. Admittedly, I am in no way an expert on Ranger’s hockey so I would love to hear where you feel my logic is faulted or any opinions that might think I’m correct. Let me know.