Who Has Been the REAL GM of the Rangers?

So, who has been the GM of the Rangers for the past few years?  A couple of months ago I would have said Glen Sather but now I wonder.  Let me explain and hopefully some of you can elaborate or clarify this for me.

We all remember not too long ago when Sather thought he could buy another Cup for the Rangers. He brought in all the star/elite talent he could. He wouldn’t pass up on any big name UFA he could get his hands on. For the most part this failed miserably (I don’t think this is even a question anymore). Then, as my theory would indicate, Don Maloney (Sather’s assistant GM) began to gain traction. It is evident that their game plan changed drastically. Some may say this coincides somewhat with the new CBA, but is that really the reason.

As their game plan changed, the Rangers began to let most of their star/elite players walk. They started focusing on the farm, youth, prospects, and a system. They wanted to build from within. They created a system of hockey that they expected everyone to buy into – if not, they were not a fit. The results were remarkable. And even as someone who knows little about Rangers hockey, I was really impressed with their turnaround and the means of achieving it.

Now let me make my case: Don Maloney leaves the Ranger organization this summer to become the GM of the Coyotes. What happens in Rangerland? They sign 2 of the 4 most sought after UFA of the year. Under the new CBA this is equivelent to 4 or 5 from pre-CBA (there was no scientific formula behind this number, just gut instinct). They also trade to bring in Hutchinson. This seems very reminicient of the Rangers of several years ago.

And point 2: Don Maloney, as the new GM of the Coyotes says that their game plan is to rebuild the farm, focus on the youth, and create a system which everyone will buy into (sound familiar). He then proceeded to buyout Scatchard, and placed both Adams and Boynton on waivers. Rumors suggest he has attempted, and may still be attempting, to trade Jovocop and Morris (funny enough the rumors say Jovo would go to NYR if he would be willing to waive his NTC). Then he proceeds, as promised, to skip ALL big name UFAs even though he had PLENTY of cap room under both the league and team caps, and instead he focused on signing under 30s who have some upside. This list would include guys such as Ryan Caldwell, Matt Murley, Craig Weller, Survoy, etc, as well as many of their prospects.

Now with everything in context I ask again, who has been the GM for the Rangers recently? I would conclude that it has been Don Maloney. I would also suggest, and hope, that this is good news for the Coyote’s future. Admittedly, I am in no way an expert on Ranger’s hockey so I would love to hear where you feel my logic is faulted or any opinions that might think I’m correct. Let me know.

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  1. mikster says:

    Maloney did a lot of work with the system and youth, but he never did that before Slats came in, either. Sather reorganized the farm system by setting a new plan, new requirements of qualities in prospects, new scouting, better player development, and it allowed Maloney to really work it well, with Renney before Renney was promoted to coach.

    Here was the situation for the Rangers. The Rangers top task a couple of months back was to find that #2 center. So Nylander or not, the Rangers were going to look at either Gomez or Drury anyway. Sather wanted to keep Nylander, but when teams offered $20M for four years to a 35 year old, what was Slats to do? He had to let him walk, i would not have sign Nylander to that length. So Slats found himself with TWO holes on the first and still on the second line.

    Sather did what he had to do as a GM, fill those holes as the Rangers do not have grade A 1st line center prospects in their system. They have a lot of depth in the system, and good talent for the 2nd line, with Cherepanov being the wild card 1st line star winger for the future. Still, none are ready.

    Rangers know they can make the Finals with this team, and they got younger with more depth. Don’t expect the Rangers to be as big on scoring, or Gomez and Drury to be all-stars, but both are first and second line centers, they bring experience, skills, smart hockey sense, and they are two centers to have when the older vetereans leave, and the young guys step in.

    This would have happened if Maloney was still Assistant GM of the Rangers.

    So far Maloney has not impressed me much as GM of the Yotes. You’re realling telling the league that you’re tanking it with Aebsicher and Tellqvist in net, no offense, abysmal defense, and no overall improvements anywhere. There were a bunch of guys he could have gotten, or at least make the team competitve. He just turned the Yotes into the worst NHL team for the upcoming season. I can understand rebuilding and buying out Scatchard, but while you are rebuilding, how about attempting to make the team competitive for the fans? Look at the roster, it’s pathetic.

  2. prucha25 says:

    I understand where you're coming from with an outsider's point of view, and yes, Maloney played a big role in drafting great talent for New York.  Yet, I think it was a franchise change, and the WHOLE franchise just got a facelift from the front office to the way the players played.  I think everyone is looking at the Drury and Gomez signing and comparing to the signings of old, but in this case I don't think it is.  The Rangers had a NEED at center and they filled it.  They weren't trying to pull together all-stars to take over the first line (Bure and Lindros), they went after guys who they felt could fill the void in the middle.  And their pedigrees speak for themselves.  Say what you want about the money, but some one was going to give it to them anyway. Sorry, back to the topic, Maloney will be a huge loss for the front office, but I don't think this means that the Rangers will destroy the foundation they have been building.  A huge front office acquisition for the Coyotes and I hope he does well down there.

  3. kamullia says:

    I am not sure that it was neither Maloney, nor Sather specifically, but something did happen and changed. Even if only temporarily.

    Maloney had been there since ’96, and Sather got there in 2000. And while both were together, back when Sather first came in, it was a joke to hear year-in and year-out from Sather that the Rangers had such great players in the farm system, but he kept on buying FAs like candy and not building from within. It took 5 years, a lockout, and a new CBA to finally see widespread prospects make the Rangers roster, and it usually does not take 5 years to develop drafted players to make an NHL roster. And you are right that this present Ranger team is most certainly gotten a flavor of being built through trades and free-agency and not so much from within, but they have some prospects waiting to make a splash. Unless I am mistaken, of their present roster, only 4 players drafted by the Rangers have already put in a rookie season in the NHL (Lundqvist, Prucha, Hollweg, and Tyutin), with Montoya, Staal, Dubinsky, Callahan, and Dawes waiting on the wings to get their first full NHL season. And out of all of those, only Lundqvist was there the first year Sather took office (and he was actually drafted that same year), so I fear I will have to forever wonder who Sather was referring to in the minors, especially that first year he took office.

    All in all, other than Lundquist and Prucha for one year, I am still waiting to see all those wonderful and highly-touted (by Sather, that is) young players that Glen had been promising yearly since 2000 were on their way to New York. But I do expect for Montoya and Staal to make a name for themselves at the NHL level.

  4. habsoverserver says:

    The Rangers have made great progress and I think it is fair to give Maloney some credit for it.  But,  no one tells Slats what to do.  He is the man, he is in charge, he makes the decisions.  Nothing will ever change that.  Maloney got guidance from Sather, not vice-versa. 

    Rangers did not build from within.  Other than Prucha (8th round pick), Hollweg (8th round) and Lundqvist (7th round picks), not a single regular on the roster was drafted by the Rangers.  The 2006 team was rebuilt mostly by free agent signings – Malik, Rosival, Shanahan, Straka, Nylander and Cullen and by giving up young talent for veterans like Jagr and Avery.  

    I think every team employs multiple means of acquiring players.  Last year the Rangers got one big free agent in Shanahan, this year they got two players.  I don't see this as being a huge difference.  Keep in mind, it was easier to get players this year, since the Rangers are contenders. 

    Maloney is probably staying away from free agent signings for two reasons (1) the team is losing money and wants to keep payroll down (2) free agents don't want to play for a team that is rebuilding. The reason for trading Jovo has more to do with economics.  

    If you examine Maloney's 1992-1995 tenure with the Isles you will see that he pretty much dismantled the team, dumping all the key players including Healy, Turgeon, Malakhov, Hogue and Feraro. 

  5. NHLman says:

    The Rangers acquired Jagr and Avery by giving up young talent…
    You might want to revisit those trades.

    To Washington:
    Anson Carter

    To NYR:
    Jaromir Jagr and $3 million per season
    no talent loss here

    to LA:
    Jason Ward
    Marc-Andre Cliche

    to NYR:
    Sean Avery
    some other guy

    You can argue Marc-Andre Cliche is young talent given away, but Avery is 26 years old and Jason Ward is around the same age.
    Any way you cut it Sather made out like a bandit in those two trades. Unless Cliche becomes a star, which is unlikely as his ceiling is a 2nd liner. Seems like a future 3rd line center and PK specialist.

    You forget that Tyutin, Girardi (undrafted free agent), Callahan all played significant time and were Rangers draftees. Dubinsky, Immonen, and Dawes also saw time.

    The Rangers haven't built their team through the draft, as the best players were brought in, but they have certainly found reinforcements through the draft.

  6. ranger_fan says:

    Tough to say – I think that Dolan has urged these signings on. Wouldn't it be great after Drury's contract is up and we could perhaps sign Ovechkin with the money

    Ovechkin Anisimov Cherepanov.

    Not 3 allstar players but a line that could be nasty to play against

  7. NHLman says:

    Don Maloney's contributions were mainly in the draft area. I think if Maloney had it his way the Hartford Wolfpack would be playing in MSG, just take a look at the team Phoenix will be icing this year.

    The truth is Sather is very savy and the constraints of the salary cap have forced him to really evaluate a players value. Take a look at some trades and signings.

    Michael Rozsival was signed for almost nothing during the lockout or coming out of it. Sather took a chance on Rozsival, who had injury problems in the past, and now Rozsival has distinguished himself as a legitimate 1st pair defenseman. Put it this way, Rozsival's currently being paid ~$2 million and his next contract will likely be no lower than $4 million.

    Jaromir Jagr was traded for Anson Carter, who was traded for Radek Dvorak. So Glen essentially traded Dvorak for Jagr and got Washington to pay $3 million of Jagr's salary every season.

    Martin Straka was signed coming out of the lockout for ~3 million because of some injury problems. Sather took a chance on him too. Straka, meanwhile, recorded 76 points last season.

    How about Michael Nylander? He was being paid like $2 million a season and recorded ~160 points in his two seasons with the Rangers.

    If it was Sather's idea to bring in Czech players to support Jagr then Sather is a genius. It doesn't hurt either that he got lucky on some of his gambles.

  8. leaffansareajoke says:

    Something funny…

    Ben Eager, the flyers player that lead the league in Penalty Minutes had a bunch of instigators.  But do you know who they were against?

    Mike Rupp, a known fighter.

    Colten Orr, i mean come on.

    Brendan Witt, wtf?

    Watch this video, friggin hilarious to see his instigator penalties.  This is why the league suffers in America.


  9. habsoverserver says:

    all fair points.  i forgot that the caps were too dumb to get prospects for jagr. 

    i left out tyutin, callahan and girardi because they played less than 60 games. 

    the rangers have had a terrible early round history.  no early round pick has contributed to the rangers since kovalev. 

  10. brianc689 says:

    what does this have to do with the rangers? did you even read the article or did you just post this on the first article you could find?

  11. wheresthesoda says:

    Ben Eager is a bum, plain and simple: a bum

  12. pratt25 says:

    Who is Ben Eager??

  13. beckfan05 says:

    The thing with Nylander is that HE was looking for a 4 year deal. Teams weren't offering it to him.

    He fired his agent and decided to hire another one in order to get that deal.

  14. beckfan05 says:

    Funny, Avery is younger than 2 of the 3 players traded for him and Jagr was traded for the piece of crap Anson Carter.

    So wheres the young talent?

    And I dont think its fair to fault Maloney on his first three years as a G.M.

  15. beckfan05 says:

    A Bum                                

  16. beckfan05 says:

    Sorry. Didnt read NHLman before I made a comment.

    But dont fault Maloney!!!!

    Besides, he did it as a ploy because he's a former Ranger 😉

  17. leaffansareajoke says:

    Didn't think an article about Ben Eager being the only player in the League that was suspended for Instiagator Rule was needed.

    Just wanted to point out who he got them against.  The league protects the wrong players.

    While players are out getting run, and taking shots to the head, players like Soury, Eager, and several others don't wait till the other player drops the gloves after a cheap shot.  For this they are punished, on every occasion the reaction was a direct reflection of the ref not enforcing a rule.

    But yes not related to the article. 

  18. leaffansareajoke says:

    Better skater than McCabe, thats for sure.

    He's one of the best skating "enforcers", and i use the term losely for now, in the league.  He's fast as hell, and plays with grit.  4th liner for life no doubt, but not someone to be waived off as a bum.

    He's the next breed of Enforcers, ones that can actually skate.

  19. leaffansareajoke says:

    So you didn't know who lead the league last year in Penalty Minutes?

    Way to show your hockey knowledge.

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