Who is the best play-by-play man in the NHL?

There are alot of good announcers in the NHL but none of them beat the Buffalo Sabers radio voice Rick Jeaneret. Fortunately I live in Hamilton, Ontario which is is about an hour away from Buffalo so I can get WGRZ 550. Whenever the leafs play buffalo, Forget AM 640 I am listening to WGRZ 550 so I can hear Rick Jeaneret. Anyway here are some of his best calls:

“SCORES! Jason Wooley, The shot heard around the world”

“SCORRRRRRRRRRRRRES! are you ready legion of doom!”

“May coming in on goal, SCORES! MAY-DAY MAY-DAY MAY-DAY!!”

And my personal favorite: ” SCORES! Tis’ the season, LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-Lafontaine”

Here is the link to the top 10 rick jeaneret calls: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JEfbyrKnKc0

Who is your favorite Announcer?

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  1. Visco says:

    I like a few of them out there, but Rick Jeaneret is horrible. His voice is annoying and when Buffalo scores a lot of goals it makes me want to turn off the TV. I'm not saying the announcer has to have no enthusiasm, I just think that his announcing is a soccer announcer rip off and doesn't sound too appealing in hockey. I think the only one who can pull off an exciting play by play that is a bit out of the ordinary is Joe Bowen. Other than that I haven't heard much of the US announcers so I can't make a final decision.

  2. moosehockey says:

    Kurt Kielbach (spelling?). He does the Coyotes now but I have so many good memories of him doing the Jets! He was excellent

  3. hockeyfreak64 says:

    Too bad hes fired! What ever happened to the old hawks announcer?

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