Who is the work horse of the NHL this season?

I believe that every team needs a work horse in order to ensure effort every game……

These are the top five in both offensive and defensive categories determined by average time on ice….which doesnt necessarily mean they are working the hardest but means that they are on the ice the most…….(NHL.com/stats)Your top 5 Defensemen according to Average time on ice are as follows:

1 BRYAN MCCABE 28:38 Toronto

2 TOMAS KABERLE 28:25 Toronto

3 CHRIS PRONGER 28:12 Edmonton

4 NICKLAS LIDSTROM 28:10 Detroit

5 ZDENO CHARA 27:37 Ottawa

The top 5 Offensive players according to Average time on ice are as follows:

1 ILYA KOVALCHUK 22:46 Atlanta

2 DOUG WEIGHT 22:29 St. Louis

3 BRAD RICHARDS 22:20 Tampa Bay

4 JEFF HALPERN 22:09 Washington

5 JAROME IGINLA 22:01 Calgary

5 SERGEI FEDEROV 22:01 Columbus

In your opinion who is and will be the man looked to to put his full effort and time on the ice night in and night out this season???

Also who is the person who looks bored and like they are putting no effort into it??

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  1. dcz28 says:

    McCabe and Kaberly get most of their points on the power play and for the pp i would take the duo of Lidstom and Schneider way before Kaberly and McCabe

  2. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    The hardest working players I’ve seen really are Lindros, Domi, Tucker, Nolan, and Smyth. I really like Smyth.

    Prongers been one of my favorite players since I was 4, and he is definately a horse. And he still plays well after getting real tired.

    Slackers?? JASON ALLISON! MARIUSZ CHOKEKAWKSKI!! Holy shit, those guys are horrible…

    Game against the Sens tonight…


    Too bad it aint the playoffs, then we’d at least have a chance at winning…

  3. LeafyMcLeaf says:


    Any of you critisizing Mullet for posting crazy Leaf rumors are stupid…

    He’s obviously making fun of Leaf fans, by posting rediculous Leaf rumors… I mean come on, did you guys actually think this guy was serious?

    It’s like when “ThatMcLeafyGuy” came and started saying crazy Leaf rumors and saying the Leafs would win the cup and all that bull spit, it was just him making fun of me.

  4. 92-93 says:

    i’ve stated this weeks ago and i’ll say it again because its still true. i know some don’t put a lot of stock into +/- but the pattern that is emerging in Toronto is quite amazing. if you look at their top 10 in +/-, 7 of the 10 are young guys (Wellwood +9, Antropov +5, Poni +4, Coliacovo +3, Stajan +4, Steen +4, Kronvall +1).

    in fact, Wellwood is tied for 3rd in rookie +/- (behind Philly’s Carter and Ottawa’s Mezaros, who although he is a good player, his +/- stats also benefit from playing for the Ottawa Senators)

    only veterans Klee (E at 10th), Kaberle (+4 tied for 3rd), and Berg (+1, tied for 8th) crack the top 10. this gives you an idea of how the other veterans are playing in their own end.

  5. 92-93 says:

    that always happens to me. even in my family i come charging in after hearing about an argument and i am yelling and foaming at the mouth and everyone’s like: ‘dude, that was like this morning and its already resolved, here have some pamprin.’

    just for once on want to be on the cusp of an argument.

    but yeah i don’t mind exaggerations, just be witty about it or be funny or whatever, but this one just sucks.

    the leafs D needs two things:

    1) to play Coliacovo and Kronvall and NOT send one of them down as JFJ/Quinn are planning to do once Kronvall returns (idiots!!).

    2) to acquire a #3 or #4 defenseman and even trade allison to get him (but don’t trade any young guys). i have been calling for the leafs to get this kind of D-guy for years and all i’ve got was Klee (good), Marchment (bad), Johannson (um, bad), Leetch (good but short-term fix), and Khavanov (bad).

  6. 92-93 says:

    I KNOW!

    apparently they are deleting the trade posts made by Mullet because it is against the rules. now, i dislike what this guy has done because of the whole leaf-bashing possibilities (and you and have discussed this later on in this thread).

    BUT what really pisses me off is the fact that the administrators here – god bless them, they have tough decisions to make – are on the ball when it comes to asinine trades that are posted without (or with fake) links yet when it comes to SEXIST, EURO-PHOBIC, HOMOPHOBIC, and just plain, all-out offensive language (i.e. a recent post made by tactius about Steve Moore in the ‘wendel still rules’ thread) …

    … and nothing gets done about it.

    i know i aint perfect but i try to watch what i say sometimes because i try to respect others. nothing virtuous or anything like that, its the basic courtesy that is expected of everyone. and people should be held accountable.

  7. Rickler says:

    haha, cross and ulanov.

    echl bound forsure.

  8. FLAMESOWNU says:

    lol we’ll know soon enough and i would put my life on that he will not make the team.

  9. JannettyTheRocker says:

    I’m not gonna say much more than I already have, but I will just say that it is pathetic to delete posts……….This stuff they deleted is ridiculous, granted, but don’t play god and pick and choose what to keep or delete……..Just ban him. Man, I hate censorship.

  10. habs79 says:

    Mullet is a prime example of what I was referring to in our earlier discussion. A Leaf fan that comes on to a post that has nothing to do with the directly with the Leafs and gives us a trade that he pulled out of his ass, and tries to pass it off as an “actual rumour with legit sources”.

    Of course all teams have their fans that if you “ask” them to make trade proposals, you will see lopsided deals. However it’s seems mostly Leaf fans go that extra mile to make their trades look as though they are “actual rumors from legit sources”. Like the Boston-Toronto one, like the three way deal between Toronto-Tampa-Florida. Now this one.

  11. Chopstiks says:

    Man, this thread is 99% bashing, 1% comments. lol

  12. habs79 says:

    I was at the Marlies game on Wednesday, and my buddy got his Marlies puck autographed by Jermey Williams, he doesn’t have any clue who he is, and I know nothing outside his stats. Could you shed any light on who he is and just what are his chances of making it in the NHL.

  13. 92-93 says:

    again, have to disagree with one small part of your post and its the same part i disagreed with before –

    “However it’s seems mostly Leaf fans go that extra mile to make their trades look as though they are “actual rumors from legit sources. “

    as soon as you say ‘however, its mostly leaf fans’ – no matter how subtle or toned down it is, you are getting into very problematic territory. again, you are choosing to focus on the FEW leaf fans that are doing this and not on the others who shoot these kinds of rumours down.

    mullet gives you the ‘proof’ that you need to make your point. fine. i can point to numerous other threads that prove my point. all i am asking is for people to re-think their biases and generalizations. if they don’t then fine. but i can’t take people seriously when i know in the back of my head that whenever it comes to discussing leaf-related subjects that they think the way the do about ‘leaf fans in general.’ its just very difficult for me to take anything they have to say with credibility. now, with you of course its different because the posts you make are usually interesting. i only take issue with this one aspect but i don’t mind debating it at all.

  14. 92-93 says:

    yeah the only thing i know about this kid is a smaller-sized skater but he’s fast (not with the kind of hands of Wellwood though, but he is quick).

    so far he is a point-a-game player who is OK in his own end and will probably get a very good shot to make the Leafs club next year (and Pohl will be his main competition there). the leafs will probably be getting rid of one of Lindros or Allison and that might open up a spot on somewhere down the middle or on the wings. here is the write-up on him from an nhl.com article back in July (but remember, this was written before this season where he starting to hit his stride):

    “A player who goes in the ninth round of the junior draft and the seventh round of the NHL draft, skates poorly, doesn’t “do” defense and has conditioning issues generally doesn’t make it to the NHL. So, why is right wing Jeremy Williams so close?

    Because he worked extremely hard to make himself a better skater, got fit and is working on his defense. White’s teammate at Swift Current, Williams led the Broncos in scoring in 2002-03 and was named to the WHL First All-Star Team. Williams had 16 goals and 20 assists in 75 games in his rookie AHL season.

    “Jeremy showed very good hockey sense and skill this season,” Ferguson said. “He’s already got an NHL shot release. He realized he has some work to do off the ice to maintain his physical consistency and be a contributor night in and night out. It’s important this offseason for him get in a lot of physical conditioning. He has skills that rightfully establish his place as an NHL prospect. He was a later pick, but in the AHL this year he exhibited the finishing skill he had in juniors. And, that was without getting frontline power-play time. He did prove later that he could contribute in that area. He played hard at critical times. Jeremy has a ways to go, but he possesses characteristics that will help him continue.”


  15. 92-93 says:

    well, eddie is still a workhorse with all the routines he goes through – incredible work ethic. but the saturday game was yet another off game – actually it was an off period he had …

    but what an off period! 4 easy goals given up and the game was surprsingly close at 4-2 too! the leafs were badly outshot at that point in the game (early 3rd period) and had no business being that close thanks to Eddie. but just when they began to outshoot ottawa (15-9 in the 3rd), he just totally fell apart. hard to say what is wrong with him but i am grateful we have Telly as back-up (who has virtually identical stats to Emery by the way).

    Tellqvist (5-11, 194 lbs.):___4-2-2____2.36 GAA____18 GA___1 Shutouts____.924 Sv%___238 Total Shots Against

    Emery (6-2, 203 lbs):______6-1-1____2.09 GAA____18 GA___1 Shoutout____.923 Sv%___238 Total Shots Against

    as for Steen, well today’s Toronto Star suggested the same thing i did a few days ago: that it is not a good thing that your most reliable two-way player is a rookie (although Stajan is doing quite a good job, he doesn’t have the offensive stats or talent that Steen has).


  16. wheresthesoda says:

    yea, i wasnt disagreeing with ur article, just saying that i’m not a fan of the ice on time stat, it can make some players seem better than they are and make em seem like they have a bigger impact on ice, maybe those players do, i just dont see them play a lot.

    but there are some guys out there that do get a lot of ice time and they do make a huge impact, just not a lot of the major ice time guys.

  17. habs79 says:

    That is what makes us a good example we may “attack” eachothers ideas if we disagree, but never “attack” eachother with pointless name calling.

    Now however few Leaf and I do know it is a few, but however I’ve only read Leaf fans that post their lop-sided deals as actually rumours from legit sources. If you have proof to the contrary then by all means post the addresses and I will read them. I do undersand that it is a few people on here. However I did grow up in Toronto and still live near Toronto. Have you ever listened to Leafs Lunch, it’s full of laughs. Bill Waters is the biggest idiot to call himself a “hockey expert”. Listening to the people call in, like 75% if not more of the callers are just as bad if not worse than the “few” Leaf fans on here.

  18. habs79 says:

    Thank you for the reserch. I would have to say Allison goes, he is slow, can’t play defense, and crys about his playing time. Lindros is the better team player. And if they choose to trade Sundin to give him a good chance at the Cup, then they will need Lindros. If they don’t trade Sundin, then it’s also better to have Lindros since he doesn’t cry about being on the 1st line or 4th line.

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