Who is the work horse of the NHL this season?

I believe that every team needs a work horse in order to ensure effort every game……

These are the top five in both offensive and defensive categories determined by average time on ice….which doesnt necessarily mean they are working the hardest but means that they are on the ice the most…….(NHL.com/stats)Your top 5 Defensemen according to Average time on ice are as follows:

1 BRYAN MCCABE 28:38 Toronto

2 TOMAS KABERLE 28:25 Toronto

3 CHRIS PRONGER 28:12 Edmonton

4 NICKLAS LIDSTROM 28:10 Detroit

5 ZDENO CHARA 27:37 Ottawa

The top 5 Offensive players according to Average time on ice are as follows:

1 ILYA KOVALCHUK 22:46 Atlanta

2 DOUG WEIGHT 22:29 St. Louis

3 BRAD RICHARDS 22:20 Tampa Bay

4 JEFF HALPERN 22:09 Washington

5 JAROME IGINLA 22:01 Calgary

5 SERGEI FEDEROV 22:01 Columbus

In your opinion who is and will be the man looked to to put his full effort and time on the ice night in and night out this season???

Also who is the person who looks bored and like they are putting no effort into it??