Who pops out at you this season?

The free agent period is, with a few exceptions, all but over. Teams have basically finalized who they are going to invite to camp. As I look at all the teams in the East nobody pops out at me. The Bruins lost Guerin and will have to put there offensive load on young Joe Thorton. The Flyers are the Flyers good until playoff time. The Canes will replace that tornadoish thing on their uniforms with targets, so don’t expect the same from them. Toronto has major questions in goal this season. If there is one team that looks good to me in the East it’s the Rangers, they brought in Holik and Kasparaitis to go with Lindros, Bure, Leetch, and Richter. I don’t think I need to go on to the other 10 teams. In the West, however, Dallas really pops out at me.

After bringing in Bill Guerin, Scott Young, Ulf Dahlen, Philippe Boucher, and Ron Tugnutt to go along with Mike Modano, Jason Arnott, Sergei Zubov, and Pierre Turgeon, they have to emerge as favorites. Detroit and St. Louis also look like sexy teams on paper, but with Steve Yzerman and Chris Pronger both out until around the middle of January I’m not so sure. Colorado is always a contender, but stars such as Patrick Roy, Joe Sakic, and Rob Blake are all one year older. Other teams of possible mention around the league are New Jersey, Vancouver, Edmonton, Pittsburgh, Phoenix, San Jose, and Anaheim. With all that said, I unfortunately think Dallas and the Rangers are going to play for the cup. It’s a toss up from there. What do you think? Who pops at you?