''Who's going where?'': Toronto Maple Leafs' edition

This is the first of 30 posts on where players are going this summer and, who the team might get to replace them. The first team is Toronto since they could be the team with the most changes this year and, it is my favorite team.Status Report on Toronto’s Players

Mats Sundin – Likely, Sundin will be staying in Toronto. He is still under contract and cannot be traded any time soon.

Gary Roberts – Ottawa, Detroit, Toronto — Roberts is reported to be on the move, because of his dispute with Pat Quinn. Though he denied it, he is likely to land in Detroit, who has expressed interest.

Bryan McCabe – Toronto. He is a restricted free agent and Toronto hopes to retain him. That’s MLSE’s hope, not mine.

Calle Johansson – Retire. Johansson only decided to come out of retirement for one last chance at a Stanley Cup, and that chance is gone.

Brian Leetch – Toronto, Leetch is still under contract.

Robert Reichel – Toronto/Europe, Reichel’s option will not be picked up and if he returns it will be at a lower price.

Alex Mogilny – Toronto/Retirement, He is apparently too hurt to play but is still under contract so he still can return.

Owen Nolan – Toronto, He is under contract and no team will want to trade for him (and Toronto will not remove him) because he is too hurt and because of that rediculous and unnessicary “hit” on Bonk witch tore his knee.

Nik Antropov – Toronto/Traded, Antropov is always subject to trade rumors so we have to put that up but he is restricted so I doubt he’ll go as a FA.

Tom Fitzgerald – Toronto/Retirement, He has had an ok career but not many teams will still want him besides Toronto.

Ed Belfour – Toronto/retirement, He wants too return but with an asking price of $6-7 mil and at age 39 Toronto is the only team who would try to get him.

Trevor Kidd – Retirement, Frankly he sucks and no one wants him.

Tomas Kaberle – Toronto/Traded/Europe, Toronto wants him gone but no one wants him.

Bryan Marchment – Toronto/Retirement, Too old and is done.

Mikael Renberg – Europe, Signed with a Swedish team this week.

Joe Nieuwendyk – Toronto/Detroit/Ottawa, He will go whereever Roberts goes.

Ken Klee – Anywhere, Toronto wants him back and with a good year like this one, alot of teams might like him which is more then what we could say last summer.

Ron Francis – Carolina/Toronto, Toronto would like him back maybe and he says he has no plan to retire but Carolina wants him back and Toronto and Carolina have rent a player thing going for some time now.

Darcy Tucker – Toronto, He is a restricted free agent and I doubt there will be any real competition to get him.

Aki Berg – Toronto/Europe, No one wants him but Toronto is dumb so draw your own conclusions…

Alexei Ponikarovsky – Toronto, It is just what is going to happen.

Drake Berehowsky – Toronto/Phoenix/Retirement, Phoenix has expressed intrest according to my friend who does alot of reading. However I do not know what his source is. Toronto might keep him and Retirement is always an option.

Tie Domi – Toronto, still under contract.

Matt Stajan – Toronto, still under contract.

Rumors regarding Eric Brewer and Teppo Numminem have popped up. Then there is always the old Eric Lindros rumor. I would like to see Kariya or Shanahan here but i doubt it will ever happen…

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  1. xxmapleleafsxxx says:

    sundin should stay because he is , if you just look at points , the best player on the leafs.

    roberts, even though he is old, i think should stay because it will affect nieuwendyk.

    mccabe, though young, i really don’t see anything ahead of him, so leafs shouldn’t keep him.

    johansson, i really don’t care anymore.

    leetch, like roberts is old, but he can probably still go on for 2 years, leafs should keep him.

    reichel, is leaving the team, so no use talking about him.

    mogilny is too hurt, like you said, but he could still play in the playoffs.

    nolan is also hurt, but he was just captain on the sharks a couple year back, he’s still got a couple year ahead of him.

    antropov is getting traded, which is a good thing.

    fitzgerald, no comment.

    belfour, in my opinion is still strong, he led a strong round one in the playoffs, sadly, he was the team. he is getting $7.3 million, more than you mentioned.

    kidd sucks.

    kaberle’s not that bad.

    marchment is, yeah, done.

    renberg, yeah, he’s gone.

    nieuwendyk, is a really stron player, though he is in his 30s, he skate as if he’s in his 20s. see roberts.

    klee should stay.

    francis should also stay.

    tucker’s been loyal to the leafs, keep him.

    berg sucks, but it seems like he’s gonna be on the leaf, still.

    ponikarovsky, optional.

    berehowsky should go to phoenix.

    domi’s been patient, lots of loyalty in him too.

    stajan should definitely stay. he’s still young, got lots of potential.

    GO LEAFS GO!!!

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