Why are NHL Players in the Olympics??

I know it’s been a topic before but, I’m sorry I have to bring it up again. Some people don’t even think about this as even being a subject but, we need to discuss it.

I want to know what the NHL fans think.

Should players be allowed or should they NOT be allowed to play for the Olympics?

My take on it… NHL players should not be in the Olympics at all… here’s my reasoning. 1st of all I understand that players want to go and play and represent their country. but when you sign a contract to play in the NHL you should be playing in the NHL and that’s all!

It is without a doubt that someone is going to get hurt this year. A big name star player is going to injure his knee and end his season right when their team is about to start playoff hockey and that will hurt the teams shot. This I guarantee.

This needs to stop. Players are on a contract to play for their TEAM… the Olympics should be the players who are not in the NHL. The NHL should not stop for the Olympics where players lose interest and focus on medals instead of the playoff’s and the cup.

You sign to play in the NHL and that is where players need to stay. If you want to play in the Olympics stay home. This is a job… now if you get hurt in the Olympics I don’t know what the rule on contracts are but players should lose their salary until they are able to play for their NHL team. Sorry but that’s the way it is… they should lose their salary and it should not hurt any teams cap. No team pay’s their players to go play in the Olympics. I don’t understand how owners don’t have a problem with it.

To me there should be a sacrifice players have to take in order to leave your team and play in the Olympics, and the NHL should continue without them. It is a waste of time as not even half of the NHL’s fans watch Olympic hockey. It’s a waste of the NHL’s time and the players talent and health.

I know no one like’s to bring up a topic like this but it needed to be said… enough… cause now it’s out of hand. I want to see players that are NOT in the NHL, not under a contract, play for their country… That’s what the Olympics are about…. it’s not about pro NHL players on all star Olympic teams.

What do you think should happen?

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  1. muckies says:

    I agree that it would be good to see players like Jason York and Glen Metropolite play in the Olympics.

    But the best on best is such *****in’ awesome hockey. Team Canadas win in Salt Lake and lose in Nagano are 2 of my best/worst hockey memories.

    All players play profeesionally somewhere, so they will have to come from a club in Europe or the AHL, so why not the NHL????

    But any player that puts on the jersey for Canada, men, women, juniors, wahsed-up guys looking for a contract are dudes in my books.

    But nothing beats watching Sakic make a sick cross-ice pass to Iginla for a goal that is unstopable.

  2. patdud says:

    i dont think that nhl players should be allowed to players should be allowed in the olympics.

    the foundation of the olympics is that the best amateur players in the world can get together and win pride for their nation.

    second, its too much of a risk for the players involved and the teams that they play for, the last thing any of this years cup contenders needs is for their best players to go down. Look at the czech team, a handful of players on that team are starters for the new york rangers, one of the cup contenders this year (imo). With the rash of post lockout injuries involving key skating muscle pulls, the risk is just too great.

  3. FarPastGone says:

    It should be up to the players, if the palyer is an extremely high profile player the clubs can ask for the National Team to insure the player so that if any type of injury is sustained the club will be reimbusrt, like Dallas Mavericks did with Dirk, if the National Team doesn’t agree then the club can just forbid the player from playing. Really though Hockey isn’t like other sports, it is to international to restrict players from repersenting their country. Why not outlaw the All-Star game?

  4. nova_scotia123 says:

    If you look back to the last Olympics, you will remember Mario played through injuries and helped the Canadian team win. After the Olympics, he was of no use to his club team the Penguins. I know the Pens were not a top team than but is this right to risk injury for the Olympic team. He basically put everything into winning the Olympics and had nothing left to give to the Pens. I know he is an owner on that team but still is this right?

    This year we have other players in the same scenario. Scott Niedermayer is in this position. If he plays, he may risk being injured and missing the rest of the season. The Ducks are close to a playoff spot, but without him they are screwed. Bryan McCabe is kind of in this situation too. He goes over there and may re-aggravate his groin. Toronto is not going to be happy with that. They definitely don’t make playoffs with him out injured.

    If you look at players from other countries, it looks like they are going to take a pass so they can be ready to help their NHL teams make a playoff run. Naslund and Kipper to name a few. I know they are in countries where hockey is not as important as it is in Canada but should the Canadian players follow their lead? I don’t think Canadian players ever will because it is such a privilege to play for Canada. Not to mention the media would also chew these guys out if they did not play after being selected.

    I know injuries are a part of the game and it is a risk of playing. But if you already have known injuries, why go over there and risk your season?

    Personally, I think the players should be committed to their NHL teams first because they are being paid millions of dollars to be able to perform and contribute. But being from Canada, I do want selected players to be at the Olympics representing us.

    However, I still do not want McCabe there; I wish he would take a pass.

  5. RangerSteve says:

    Hey Slapnuts…check the COLLECTIVE BARGAINING AGREEMENT!!!! According to MSG/FSNY last night, there is an agreement that is in the CBA that stated player is allowed to skate for his country during the season. This is why we see the NHL taking time off which then leads to a compacted schedule.

    Professional athletes shouldn’t be in the Olympics. It drives me nuts when the USA sends the NBA players overseas as well. I thought this was all about amateurism? Guess that went straight to hell too.

  6. nordiques100 says:

    it’s dwelling on the negatives that bring the game of hockey down.

    we complain about the olympics, we complain about the refs, we complain about ownership, we complain about TV coverage, we complain about the salaries, we complain about minor hockey parents, we complain about the schedule, we complain about the league, we complain about the cap, we complain about the PA, we complain about coaching, we complain about too many trades, we complain about lack of trades, we complain about free agents.

    The players wanted this, they encouraged that this be part of the new CBA. If they want to go, then they will go, it’s their choice. But if they dont or cant then they’ll make that choice too. We’ve seen that already with Naslund, with Kiprusoff, with many Russian born players who declined.

    Business wise, it is not a good decision to go. for the players or owners. Both sides assumed tons of risk when they agreed to this deal and are now in a partnership. But both sides made their own bed and have to live with it no matter what happens. The players may be contractually bound to their teams, but they are also contractually bound by the CBA which both sides agreed to. I am sure the owners dont like it at all but what were they going to do, hold out a year or two or 10 just for this point? They got their cap, they had to give something up. The players wanted the Olympics and that’s that.

    But how often can we see the best players go up against the best players playing along side the best players from their own country? For that we should be excited. There are many american born players but taht number pales in comparison to the number of players around the world. it may come as a shock but a large percentage of European players dreamt of Olympic gold, not stanley cup. And I am sure American players are very very very proud to wear the stars and stripes no matter what. I know of Americans to be very patriotic. And in canada, well hockey is our game, and we will want to send our best and our best will want to go and win what is rightfully ours.

    It is unfortunate that in the US, the game isnt really embraced as football and baseball is, but it isnt the end of the world. believe me, the other big hockey nations are very excited to see this tournament. 28 million viewers in Canada tuned in to watch US vs Canada in 2002. In Prague, the entire city flooded the streets in 1998 celebrating their Olympic gold. The excitement is their except where the NHL is mainly based.

    Sands, I do believe you are a ranger fan. For that reason, I can understand your dislike of this tourney. more than half your team is going. That sentiment is felt across the US.

    This tourney goes beyond the American business man. It goes beyond the US period. But that is where most of the negativity comes in. When you say half the NHL fans dont watch, that is not accurate. I would say only the American fans would lose interest. In Canada, if anyone said they banned the gold medal game or didnt watch it then they are either liars or not hockey fans. and if they didnt feel a bit proud that their country won, then again i would find that to be a crock of crap.

    I cant go a minute without hearing how not so good the NHL game is, but for the 2002 Olympics no one could stop raving about how great the hockey was. To get a chance to possibly see that kind of greatness again is too good for a hockey fan like me to pass up. I watched the highlights of 1972 and 1976 (the last hurrah of Bobby Orr), I was glued to the tube in 1987 for the Gretzky and Mario show which to this day i still feel is the best hockey ever played in my lifetime. And i was one of many who cheered on Canada in 2002. And i love the christmas tradition of the world jrs and the spring time World champtionships. I say if you are a fan of the NHL, you should be a fan of hockey and seeing the best go up against the best is something you should get excited about. to me that’s being a real hockey fan.

  7. Beckfan5 says:

    The reason why NHL players play in the Olympics is because the Russians werent abiding by the rules and putting a team of 30 somethings against the rest of the world.

  8. wingerxxx says:

    I’m against it personally. And I always will be. It’s a marketing thing, in my opinion. As long as you have NHL players in the Olympics, you’re never going to have a real ‘miracle on ice’ again. Well, unless you count maybe…Belarus beating Russia or Canada to win the Gold. But I wouldn’t mind a change back to the good old days, and let the NHL players worry about their own season.

  9. qball says:

    The olympics haven’t been about amateur sport for a long time. Like everything else nowadays it is entirely commercial. Olympic organizers are not concered with the originalintent of the games but instead ticket sales and advertizing revenues. As such a best on best sells better. The NHL allows no wants their player to participate in the Olympics because it increases their international exposer and thus creates new revenue streams. Matbe the Rangers will be able to sell their TV brodcast in the Czech Republic.

    Secondly, to my understanding other major team sports that are not neccessarily popular in North America like football(soccer), handball, volleyball use professional athlete in the olympics. Of the major international team sports I know only rugby and cricket do not participate in the olympics and both value international participate over club responsibilities. The same debate, club vs country, is one that is popular in football circle as added games to an already overloaded schedule always results in some injuries.

    I think because the level of both competition and participation in football is much better I give more weight to the county. In hockey with only 7 competitive teams I think international compitions are less meaningful. However, being Canadian I can’t complain with winning the better share of games.

    As for injuries more people probably get injured during practice than will at the olympics does that mean NHL teams shouldn’t practice?

  10. habsoverserver says:

    Here why they go to the Olympics:

    (1) money – the Olypics are a huge business and so are TV ratings

    (2) fans – Olympic exposure increases the NHL fan base internationally which increases franchise values

    (3) jingoism – the only way Canada or the US can make it to the finals is with pro’s

  11. thatleafsguy says:

    Good Qusetion. They should not be at the Olympics at all.

  12. Kraut182 says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t the NHL just go through a giant friggin’ lockout due to decreased popularity?

    Now what would be the best way to show off what a great game hockey is and gain fans? Oh, I don’t know, how about we have all the best players in the world represent their countries at the biggest sporting event in the world. That might just draw some attention.

    And if NHLer’s shouldn’t be allowed to play then who should? Players in European pro leagues? Don’t they “owe” their teams the same way that NHL players do? Players in the AHL are under contract too, and who knows when their NHL team could need them.

    Why are you trying to hold the NHL to a higher standard than every other professional league in the world?

  13. Kraut182 says:

    But how many truly amateur hockey players are there in the world? The only ones I can think of are those playing Junior hockey in Canada or University hockey in the States. Most Europeans, even the young ones just being drafted, already seem to be playing for pro teams.

    So do you want another World Juniors, only we don’t allow most European players as they are playing for pro clubs in their home country?

  14. Gretzkin says:

    I think the NHLers playing in the Olympics is awesome.

    It is the most exciting hockey of it all, and it gives everybody a chance to cheer for their countries.

    I realize that Olympic sport is supposed to showcase Amatuer talent, but it’s such a good marketing tool, and too exciting to pass up.

    Now, the players who are apparently entitled to compete in the Olympics do have some decisions to make. Obviously the priority should be to their teams in which they are under contract.

    Injuries do happen, and it’s unavoidable, but I think the Team Selection should have a larger “Taxi Squad”, and the players should be subjected to a final Olympic physical. Therefore, no nagging injuries should be allowed in. Ie. Niedermeyer, McCabe(?), etc…

    Neidermeyer is making 6.75 Million for the Ducks, and he should undergo the surgery on his knee, perhaps bringing him back for a playoff run for the Ducks. If he competes in the Olymics, he’ll certainly aggravate the knee, and bring his season to an end. He’s playing crippled now, as it is.

    I do respect the players that have nagging injuries, and have decided to take a knee.

    It’s their responsibility to show up healty, or not at all.

    But, all that being said, I Love watching Olympic Hockey.

    Besides, we’ve already got 1 Spengler Cup…

  15. OldGoalie says:

    Just glancing quicly at the above posts, it looks like “marketing” or some variation thereof is a popular answer for why using NHL players in the olympics is desirable. But bear in mind, that’s a double-edged sword.

    The NHL is basically saying that it feels that assembling national all-star teams is likely to be more entertaining on average than assembling national amateur all-star teams. And that may be a correct assumption…on a given day, you’d probably pay more to see Martin Brodeur than you would to see, say, Ray LeBlanc.

    But by taking the “best route on average,” you pass up the opportunity to see something truly extraordinary. The Miracle on Ice was one of the greates upsets (and therefore one of the greatest sports stories) of all time. When ESPN did their “Greatest Sports Moments” shows a while back, I believe the Miracle was the only hockey event that made the top 10, and you will never, ever get that from Mario Lemieux winning a gold medal, no matter how nice you may think it was to see.

    I guess the difference is best highlighted like this. The 1980 U.S. hockey team played a profound part in starting the growth of hockey in the U.S. That team inspired a generation of us, living all over the country, to believe that hockey might be a fun game, after all. The event transcended sports, and even now, 26 years later, is remembered in many ways like no other sporting event. Now I know that Canadians will be tempted to argue that the ’87 Canada Cup was similar for them, but remeber that Canada already had a hockey tradition…they were pre-inspired, as it were. Watching Lemieux, Iginla, or any other professional player win a gold medal, while perhaps fun for the moment, isn’t inspiring at all in my opinion, and I can’t even imagine a combination of events that would lead me to say that watching professionals win a gold medal could transcend sports.

    By using NHL players, we make the decision – counsciously or not – that “better games on average” are more desirable or sell the game better than “truly remarkable events.” The real debate, for me, is whether that is true or not.

  16. Tomato_84 says:

    I don’t know why people always say that the Olympics are for amateur players…

    I always thought that the games where for the worlds BEST athletes, to go and display their skills.

    Now if im not mistaking, arn’t the pros really the worlds best??

  17. Kraut182 says:

    The “Miracle on Ice” is a largely overhyped story, made famous because it was an American achievement. Had it been any other country in the world it likely would recieve no where near the celebration it does. Throw in the fact that the beat Russia (remember they didn’t like each other) and you’ve got something that must be a huge sports accomplishment.

    But, it wasn’t even that big of an upset. The team had several players that went on to have very productive NHL careers. This wasn’t just a bunch of schmucks that got lucky, they were quality hockey players.

    And may be it was a big deal to Americans. But, I hate having it slammed into my face, and being told what a remarkable event it was. If Finland wins the Oympics this year it will be an equally remarkable event, but I know we won’t be talking about it 25 years from now as one of the greatest moments in sports history.

  18. Neely4Life says:

    Id like to see Canada, have the provinces play each other. Quebec, Ontario, Alberta, the Praries, and BC. I remember way back they did that, not sure when, i was pretty young, but that was a good idea in the off season.

  19. Kraut182 says:

    It was during that lockout (1994 I think), and if I remember right it was BC, Alb/Sask/Man, Ontario, Quebec/Maritimes, and may be a U.S. team.

    And I remember it being pretty good too, but it was like when the NHL came back this year. After going without hockey too long, anything will seem great (not that it wasn’t good, its just that it probably seemed better than what it was).

  20. FLAMESOWNU says:

    that sounds sweet

  21. OldGoalie says:

    Everybody has a “so how does it affect me” mentality on some level. Many of us Americans are not particularly amused by constantly hearing about Paul Henderson, or by seeing those stupid “Death Before Dishonor” banners that some Canadian fans have a tendency to take to international tournaments, either. I personally think that nobody should be allowed to take one of those into an arena unless they actaully throw themselves from the balcony in the event that the team that they’re rooting for loses, but that’s a different argument. I would also, however, suggest that players in countries other than Canada might have a different view…that victory signified a lot of things, but one of the things that it most assuredly did show was that hockey might nt be just about Canada and the USSR anymore.

    And I disagree with your point about Finland. Seeing Teemu Selanne with a gold medal is not the same thing as seeing some 20 year old who may never even play in the NHL with one. One is a guy doing his job. The other actually might motivate some Finnish kid who otherwise regards the NHL as unattainable to become interested in the sport.

  22. HMorenz says:

    I think it goes against what the olympics are all about. Amateur athletes competing for the pride of their country. Some of these Russian, Swedish … players come over to Canada and play in the Canadian system at a very young age. To then compete for their home country in the olympics is not right. The same goes for the NBA who sends a “Dream Team” to compete.

  23. Bacon077 says:

    It’s not like Canada just won the World Juniors or anything.

  24. Bacon077 says:

    To those who refrence the USA’s basketball team: They lost in 2004!

  25. Flyaz says:

    I agree with you. The hockey is unbelievable however. Although I wouldn’t want to miss out on any of those games a players priority should be there NHL team….and your right, if they chose to go, and get injured, they should lose there salary until they return…not sure how that works right now. I’m sure the owners do have a problem with it, but it was one of the concessions they had to make to get a season going, thus they bit the bullet.

  26. Sands says:

    the game of hockey has been changed so that many people will have interest in it. I can tell you this… there is not one new fan gained out of the Olympics. The only fans that watch the Olympic hockey are fans of regular NHL play… find me one person that now watch’s hockey a little more because of the Olympics… better yet find me a fan that became a fan of the NHL because of the Olympics. Not one…. maybe .2% of the hockey world likes the NHL because of the Olympics… the players health is not worth it.

  27. Sands says:

    that was a good way to put it out there… I definitely wish I added all of that in order to ask the question to HTR.com fans. That is a really good question.. if you ask me. I rather see remarkable events… no one will ever see a game in the Olympics like they did with the miracle on ice.

  28. woodsco85 says:


    Firstly no team owns a person, these players arent the sole custody of the teams, and if they choose to represent their countries thats their not only as a member of their respective country, but as a human being! Who are owners, to say that a person cant represent their country, especially since most of the NHL is made up of NON-AMERICAN PLAYERS. Most of these countries lack the depth that say Canada or Russia has and to deny them the right to have their best players wouldnt allow for a very competitive competition!

    Secondly i dont know where youre from but all the guys i know that watch the NHL are even more excited to watch the Olympics. So you have been wrongly informed on that piece of information. Which leads me to believe your american! How can someone from such a patriotic country not want the best players to compete for the gold! Because thats what the olympics are, its the best competeing against the best! You dont go to the olympics to compete against the SECOND BEST PLAYERS in the world!

    Thirdly, NHL fans should love the olympic break because it allows alot of players who dont go to the olympics to recover from injuries, look at Naslund, or Jovo, both these guys are gonna have this time to heal and make their team that much better when the breaks over! OR look at the leafs, a team struggling right now to stay healthy, the olympic break is gonna allow for some time to heal without missing any games.

    Fourthly in the new CBA the owners and players both agreed to allow NHLers to participate, thats why no ones arguing over it, get some facts before you make such outlandish remarks! And your remark on how players might get injured is also stupid! Any player can get hurt ant anytime, you cant wrap all your players in bubble wrap, look at the player who screwed up his ankle playing a game of basketball with his team! Should we not allow our players to do anything but play hockey cause they might get hurt, should we take away their drivers licence, cause they might get in a car accident? No! In the case of a groin strain which alot of players have had that injury is a result of poor conditioning of that muscle, and its gonna happen eventually, just be glad it happens at the olympics and they get some time before the season starts up again.

    And Finally you say that “its a job” and they shouldnt be allowed to leave it. do you not think the that the other athletes have jobs, do u think their boses are gonna say no to allowing them to copete cause they have a job to do. HELL NO, cause these people train hard, they deserve to represent the country they love. No ones making them, if they want to go or not go thats a personal choice that a fat guy in a suit in the nice comfy office cant make up for them.


  29. woodsco85 says:

    EXCUSE ME? Canada has the best depth of amatuer players in the world! And two americans are set to go one and two at the draft. So to say neither of these teams could make it into the finals without nhl players is just stupid! what were you thinking?

  30. woodsco85 says:


  31. Serdy says:

    Your argument is very flawed. First of all no matter what league a player plays in, they have committed to a contract, so according to you nobody besides beer leaguers should be playing in the Olympics.

    Secondly, your argument about how they should not be paid for playing in the Olympics. They are not being paid, yes they will be receiving their NHL pay cheques, but they are still playing 82 games are they not?? The Olympics does not shorten the NHL season.

  32. PensinWpg says:

    Yes, the entire NHL takes an Olympic break regardless of who participates or not. It is indeed part of the CBA which is a legally binding agreement.

    Certainly the argument can be made for the Olympics to be just amateur athletes. But then you would have to take out pretty much everyone in most of the sports. Pretty much all the skiers, bobsledders, speed-skaters etc etc all compete professionally. It has been this way for these sports for the longest time, well before Hockey and Basketball included pros. They started to allow this to give parity with these other sports in the Olympics.

    It is now the best of the best, which in my opinion is what the Olympics stand for. Highlighting the apex of sport, the best the world can offer.


  33. SabresFan220 says:

    I believe while it was great watching amatures compete in the Olympics that allowing NHL players to compete was a great move. Having the best athletes compete for their country to win a gold medal is incredibly exciting.

    As an NHL fan it gives you an opportunity to cheer for multiple teams because players from your team may be playing for them. It also allows you to cheer for players who play for your country who you’ll be cursing about come playoff time in the NHL. For example as a Sabres fan I could think of no other time where I would’ve been cheering that Brett Hull scored a goal.

    The Olympics used to be the largest NHL scouting tournament I’ve ever seen. You may recall that amature players were often offered deals by NHL teams right after the Olympics ended. While that aspect has been removed from play for the most part, there are still non NHL players who showcase their talents on the Olympic stage. I believe that Mark Streit and Radoslav Hecl were drafted or signed by NHL teams based on their Olympic performances. Even current young NHL players can raise their stock based on a strong Olympic performance.

    And why would anyone bash the Miracle on Ice? Granted I do agree it was hyped up because the USA did it, but who here is old enough to remember what that was like? I’m not, but someone who remembers it can tell you how it felt as everything unravelled. At the time the Soviets looked completely unbeatable, and they pretty much were. Only a handful of NHL teams were able to beat them in those head to head games the NHL used to do. That and just before the 1980 Olympics the Soviet team had just crushed the NHL All-Star team in a head to head tournament. So not only were the Soviets manhandling teenagers and other youngsters in the Olympics, they dominated professionals their own age. Yes, many of the US athletes turned out to be great NHL players, some not so good, and others never made it. It was still amazing because players like Jim Craig played the games of their lives against the best team in the world and won. Now the closest comparison we could ever see today would be if Belerus were to beat Canada for the gold.

  34. habs79 says:

    BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!! Should this be talked about? Is there a point? Seeing as how if the players did NOT come from the NHL, they would be comming FROM THE EUROPEAN LEAGUES. Then NO there is NO POINT. Your whole point went down the toilet.

  35. Sands says:

    calm down there flap jack…. we are not getting any new fans who are going to watch the NHL because of the Olympics… sorry that’s just the way it is… and your little low rate team that can’t fill buildings shouldn’t be in the NHL.. so.. stop wishing for new fans… it’s not my fault that your team will be bankrupt soon. No one returned no one left… people have came to watch the game now cause of the rule changes if anything.. people that have no interest in hockey are not going to say “hey i wanna watch Olympic hockey now and heyyy even NHL games too”…. go cry about it to some one else pal cause your cry baby comments are only worth a laugh.

  36. Sands says:

    calm down there flap jack…. we are not getting any new fans who are going to watch the NHL because of the Olympics… sorry that’s just the way it is… and your little low rate team that can’t fill buildings shouldn’t be in the NHL.. so.. stop wishing for new fans… it’s not my fault that your team will be bankrupt soon. No one returned and no one left… people if anything have come to watch the game now cause of the rule changes if anything.. people that have no interest in hockey are not going to say “hey i wanna watch Olympic hockey now and heyyy even NHL games too”…. go cry about it to some one else pal cause your cry baby comments are only worth a laugh.

    Hey have a great time watching the Olympics retard… At least we know your team must suck if that’s all you care about is the Olympics… hey while your watching the game with your pals… make sure you go down on them ya fagget

  37. Sands says:

    Then kids from there country in college or whatever they should be playing.. people not under contract that are good should only be playing for the Olympics… sooo there ya go

  38. bartsch says:

    What a bunch of bullshit! The Olympics is the ultimate tournament, every 4 years for the best-of-the-best to compete and represent their country. The best ice hockey players in the world, for the most part, play in the NHL. Why shouldn’t they then? Your reasoning for them NOT to play is completely stupid to say the least, and you’re as vapid as you are oblivious. Anyone who considers representing their country in the Olympics:

    “a waste of time as not even half of the NHL’s fans watch Olympic hockey. It’s a waste of the NHL’s time and the players talent and health”

    is one sad person. What do you think is on a players priority list, NATION or TEAM?

  39. Flyers70 says:

    I don’t like professional athletes playing in the Olympics. I think the presence of “Dream Teams” dilutes what the Olympics were supposed to be about: the best amateur (read: non-professional) athletes in the world competing against each other.

    Think about it: we’ll never even have the opportunity to see anything like the 1980 US team again because of the current setup. Where do you think hockey in the United States would be without the 1980 Olympic team? And that was a team full of college kids, not pros.

    Furthermore, as a season ticket holder to an NHL team, I resent that the season is stopped and the best players made to travel an inordinate distance to play in games that have no bearing on the NHL. This opens these players to injury and long term absence, therefore, potentially diluting an already diluted product.

    Representing your country in the Olympics is fantastic, but it should not be done at the expense of the NHL season.

    Another thing: Let’s not make representing your country in the Olympics more than it is; it’s an opportunity to compete — it’s not like you’re fighting a war or anything. The guys and girls over in Iraq and Afghanistan are “representing” the United States; not some punk like Bode Miller.

  40. habs79 says:

    So do we send our OHL players, or our young AHL players. Does anyone even play college hockey in Canada? I’ve never heard of anyone getting drafted from the York Yomen, or the U of C Dinos. Have you? Even over there don’t they have junior clubs like our OHL? Do we freeze the OHL or AHL seasons then? Or do we all just use US college players. Maybe we should just get people from beer leauges, cause EVERYONE from junior to college is under some kind of contract. I’ve known people that played in the OHL, even though they aren’t payed alot they to get a weekly pay (which is the same for every player) from the club which they do sign a CONTRACT. Even in college, a scolarship is considered a contract.

  41. habs79 says:

    Your right, the 1980 team was something. However what made them something wasn’t the fact that they were a bunch of college kids. It was the fact that they beat the Russian PROS. Every olympics the european teams, even some of the Canadian and US if not all of their teams as well, are made up of players from the european leagues. Hockey hasn’t been about amatuer for years. Even basketball, and baseball. Sure the US and Canada used college players but I believe they also used some minor leaugue players (from AAA), other countries used players from their leagues. The only difference between now and pre-92 basketball and pre-98 hockey, is that we use our best PROS.

  42. OldGoalie says:

    I was actually 9 back in 1980, and yes, I did watch it when it was finally broadcast. It was the first hockey game I had ever seen.

    I tend to think that Canadians in particular downplay the event because (1) it was “only” the U.S. (and, after all, many of them think it’s their brithright, not ours) and (2) that same Soviet team beat the Canadians in the preliminary round (albeit in a game that was relatively close for most of 3 periods). So what you end up with are variations on the “the Soviets couldn’t have been THAT good…” theme.

    Don’t get me wrong…I still cheer for the U.S. to beat anyone and everyone (and that included Canada when hometown icon Mario Lemieux was playing, and will include Russia with hometown superprospect Evgeny Malkin playing), and I still appreciate the level of the play. I just don’t think that all that many kids making a decision between football and hockey will be influenced by Martin Brodeur winning another (yawn) gold medal.

    The point about Belarus is precisely correct…and the reason it would be comparable is because the Belarussians would, for all intents and purposes, be primarily amateurs, going against the best professionals in the world. Sounds oddly familiar, doesn’t it?

  43. woodsco85 says:

    hahaha are you kiddng me man, haha you dont know anything.. my team is the Toronto Maple Leafs, and while yes they arent the best this year, they sell out every game, and are the most profitable team in the league! If it wasnt for the Leafs the Cap would have been much smaller because its because of our revenue that its at 39 million and not 36, so go suck a dick, its just you opening your mouth again, which from your ***** sucking comment you must do often. YOU DONT KNOW SHIT STOP POSTING

  44. tahataha says:

    in a way i do agree becuase just like what happened with Alex Ovechkin when he had a contract with with Russia. in his contract, he was supposed to play for Russia for the year that he came here. he almost got sued for what he did and had to go back to Russia. its just like what goes on in the NHL. when an NHL player signs a contract to play in th NHL he should only play in the NHL. unless the GM allows him to go to the Olympics. so what happens when ur start player injures himself in the Olympics???? what happens then…..

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