Why are NHL Players in the Olympics??

I know it’s been a topic before but, I’m sorry I have to bring it up again. Some people don’t even think about this as even being a subject but, we need to discuss it.

I want to know what the NHL fans think.

Should players be allowed or should they NOT be allowed to play for the Olympics?

My take on it… NHL players should not be in the Olympics at all… here’s my reasoning. 1st of all I understand that players want to go and play and represent their country. but when you sign a contract to play in the NHL you should be playing in the NHL and that’s all!

It is without a doubt that someone is going to get hurt this year. A big name star player is going to injure his knee and end his season right when their team is about to start playoff hockey and that will hurt the teams shot. This I guarantee.

This needs to stop. Players are on a contract to play for their TEAM… the Olympics should be the players who are not in the NHL. The NHL should not stop for the Olympics where players lose interest and focus on medals instead of the playoff’s and the cup.

You sign to play in the NHL and that is where players need to stay. If you want to play in the Olympics stay home. This is a job… now if you get hurt in the Olympics I don’t know what the rule on contracts are but players should lose their salary until they are able to play for their NHL team. Sorry but that’s the way it is… they should lose their salary and it should not hurt any teams cap. No team pay’s their players to go play in the Olympics. I don’t understand how owners don’t have a problem with it.

To me there should be a sacrifice players have to take in order to leave your team and play in the Olympics, and the NHL should continue without them. It is a waste of time as not even half of the NHL’s fans watch Olympic hockey. It’s a waste of the NHL’s time and the players talent and health.

I know no one like’s to bring up a topic like this but it needed to be said… enough… cause now it’s out of hand. I want to see players that are NOT in the NHL, not under a contract, play for their country… That’s what the Olympics are about…. it’s not about pro NHL players on all star Olympic teams.

What do you think should happen?