Why do the Ducks suck?

As a Ducks fan, it’s been a very tough first couple of weeks. There was a lot of excitement around the new look Ducks this year but after a start that sees them 0-4-0-0 and only 2 goals, what are the Ducks doing wrong and where do they go from here?

Sergei Fedorov

Wings fans must be giddy to see Sergei fault so early in the season. Four games played, one assist. But why did Sergei leave Detroit? He had three cups, an MVP award, he was on a roster surrounded with superstars. Why would he leave? Well, in Fedorov’s words, Sergei wanted a challenge. But why hasn’t he been succeeding yet? The obvious answer is he has yet to adjust to the Ducks. It’s easy to adjust to a new team when you are a one dimensional player (see: Pavel Bure) but when you are a multi-talented player such as Fedorov, it’s not as simple as “Get the puck, throw a breakaway pass”. I’ve watched every Ducks game this year and it looks like all Feds needs is that first goal to get him going.


Now, all the lack of offense can’t be blamed solely on Fedorov. After watching the Ottawa-Anaheim game last Friday, this is a hard one to answer. Ducks had many, many good chances to score, including an Fedorov shot that beat Lalime but hit the post. Ducks managed as many shots as the Sens in this game.

One thing that the Ducks did in this game aswell as in their games against Dallas and Phoenix, is they let in an early first period goal. If the Ducks want to win they have to score that first goal. In a league where shut outs are common place and coming back from two goal leads are like climbing everest, that first goal is crucial! That’s all I can really find wrong with Anaheim offense. Besides the puck not actually going into the net, the look, oddly, pretty good.


Here is where the Ducks are hurting. Anytime you have a defensemen like Keith Carney missing from your line up, it’s going to hurt. He’s their #1 defensemen. But it’s not like Anaheim is getting blown out of the water either score-wise or as far as the play is concerned. So it must be…


Nope. It’s not goaltending. Gigure has kept the Ducks in the game many times until a point. He hasn’t been playing like he did in last years playoffs but he is far from the problem.

In conclusion…

I believe that all it will take for the Ducks to get on track is for… well, the Ducks to… er… get on track in the first place sort of speak. If the Ducks can get that first goal of the game, I believe they will earn that first win, and then string a few wins together and in this league where the Pittsburgh Penguins can beat the almighty Detroit Red Wings, the Ducks should soon be in the mix and find themselves not far behind anyone.

If they don’t score that first goal tonight against Boston and don’t earn that first win, I’m going to start blaming the Ducks lack of success on Steve Bartman.

Agree? Disagree? Comments? Questions? I welcome all!