Why do the Ducks suck?

As a Ducks fan, it’s been a very tough first couple of weeks. There was a lot of excitement around the new look Ducks this year but after a start that sees them 0-4-0-0 and only 2 goals, what are the Ducks doing wrong and where do they go from here?

Sergei Fedorov

Wings fans must be giddy to see Sergei fault so early in the season. Four games played, one assist. But why did Sergei leave Detroit? He had three cups, an MVP award, he was on a roster surrounded with superstars. Why would he leave? Well, in Fedorov’s words, Sergei wanted a challenge. But why hasn’t he been succeeding yet? The obvious answer is he has yet to adjust to the Ducks. It’s easy to adjust to a new team when you are a one dimensional player (see: Pavel Bure) but when you are a multi-talented player such as Fedorov, it’s not as simple as “Get the puck, throw a breakaway pass”. I’ve watched every Ducks game this year and it looks like all Feds needs is that first goal to get him going.


Now, all the lack of offense can’t be blamed solely on Fedorov. After watching the Ottawa-Anaheim game last Friday, this is a hard one to answer. Ducks had many, many good chances to score, including an Fedorov shot that beat Lalime but hit the post. Ducks managed as many shots as the Sens in this game.

One thing that the Ducks did in this game aswell as in their games against Dallas and Phoenix, is they let in an early first period goal. If the Ducks want to win they have to score that first goal. In a league where shut outs are common place and coming back from two goal leads are like climbing everest, that first goal is crucial! That’s all I can really find wrong with Anaheim offense. Besides the puck not actually going into the net, the look, oddly, pretty good.


Here is where the Ducks are hurting. Anytime you have a defensemen like Keith Carney missing from your line up, it’s going to hurt. He’s their #1 defensemen. But it’s not like Anaheim is getting blown out of the water either score-wise or as far as the play is concerned. So it must be…


Nope. It’s not goaltending. Gigure has kept the Ducks in the game many times until a point. He hasn’t been playing like he did in last years playoffs but he is far from the problem.

In conclusion…

I believe that all it will take for the Ducks to get on track is for… well, the Ducks to… er… get on track in the first place sort of speak. If the Ducks can get that first goal of the game, I believe they will earn that first win, and then string a few wins together and in this league where the Pittsburgh Penguins can beat the almighty Detroit Red Wings, the Ducks should soon be in the mix and find themselves not far behind anyone.

If they don’t score that first goal tonight against Boston and don’t earn that first win, I’m going to start blaming the Ducks lack of success on Steve Bartman.

Agree? Disagree? Comments? Questions? I welcome all!

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  1. mikster says:

    Good to see a Duck fan contributing writing a Ducks article, thanks!

    My take on the Ducks….they won’t make the playoffs.

    GM Murray, as the Murrays have always done in the past, built a good team and is completely destroying now. Rejecting key ingredients to their success last season, Kariya, Oates, and Thomas, was a HUGE mistake.

    First of all, the only reason why they made the playoffs last season was because of Giguere and some big plays by Kariya. Kind of like Theodore that season, he brught the Habs in the playoffs. So, it gives me every reason to doubt that they will not make the playoffs.

    Second, they brought in a 33 year old Russian forward who was used to playing with the same teammates for YEARS, and with the same system for YEARS. ow he is expected to take a different and more complicated role in Anaheim, which he won’t succeed in.

    Third, Prospal was the most overrated forward this summer. He had a career high season with an organized team, that has skilled players such as Lecavalier (Mantaray, still think Vinny ain’t good?), Richards, and St. Louis. Now he does have skilled players to play with in Anaheim, but it means squat.

    The Ducks will not make the playoffs, no chemistry and there is no true “leader” on the team anymore. Rucchin is good and all, but he won’t replace the leadership that was present in the lockerroom last season. Plus, teams like the Predz, B’ Jacks, and LA are really kicking ass now. Ducks will get nowhere.

  2. Bruins4771 says:

    The ducks suck because well they were overrated. I never saw this team as being one of the best teams in the west. You have a goaltender who had one good year, a CONTRACT year. Your defense isnt good. Anytime a defenseman like like Keith Carney IS your number one defenseman its going to hurt. They have no real blanced defenseman that can move that puck but cover behind them as well. As far as the offense goes you got rid of Kariya and gave his money to fedorov, and didnt resign the guy who is one of the greatest centers of all time in Oates. He would be feeding prospal all day. They just were lucky last year, just like the panthers were years ago. Its unfortunate they let Kariya go, he was the heart and soul of your team.

  3. Cyrax89 says:

    I knew this was going to happen, so I’m not surprised at all. Last season the Ducks got lucky, and it’s not going to happen again this season.

    I was expecting Giguere to have an average season at best after signing that new contract, and Fedorov will have a difficult time playing the Ducks style of hockey. I don’t see them making the playoffs this season, because as I said before, last season they just got real lucky. Otherwise they wouldn’t be 0-4 right now.

    Now lets just see how many of their fans start jumping off the ban-wagon.

  4. FNGretzky says:

    Is it just me, or is there suddenly a lot of people saying “I knew this would happen! The Ducks won’t make the playoffs!”

    Where were all of you at the beginning of the year? Where will you be if/when the Ducks turn it around?

    That’s the internet for you! No accountablility.

  5. titans says:

    I think people need to put down their shovels and stop digging the Ducks grave! IT’S ONLY A WEEK INTO THE SEASON!!!! CALM DOWN PEOPLE!! It’s a little premature to be writing em’ off just yet isn’t it?

  6. mikster says:

    I always said they weren’t going to make it this coming season during the summer.

  7. mikster says:

    I doubt you’d say that for the Rangers 0-2-2-0 record.

  8. DaMick says:

    seriousily…the panic is getting pushed a bit too early.

    come back and mention any teams failure AFTER the first month.

    until then…gimme a break


  9. Tradedude says:

    Ducks. Wow what a sad franchise. They have Paul Kariya off their roster and they expect to win. Not gunna happen. I feel sorry for the almighty giggy. Coming from game 7 stanley cup playoffs to this. But its still early that’s for sure. Anything can happen from here to April.

  10. Tradedude says:

    Why would anyone think Lecavalier sucks, that kid is amazing, he truly is. so is giggy but i agree he will be the clone of theodore this season. Theodore, i still respect him, just not as much as i used to.

  11. aaron says:

    I cannot believe the short term memories on this site. If I recall, when I posted an article back in July or so suggesting the Ducks, despite upgrading their roster, would miss the playoffs, I got torn a new asshole. There were maybe one or two ppl who agreed with me, the rest thought I was insane. Now, I see those ppl coming on saying “I knew the Ducks would collapse all along”. Give me a break. This site has the biggest group of bandwagon jumpers I’ve ever seen.

    That being said, we’re one week into the season!!! This isn’t football, where there are 16 games! Your record after 4 games is meaningless.

    That being said, I’m still sticking with my prediction made back in JULY, unlike the rest of you bandwagon jumpers, that the Ducks will miss the playoffs? Why? Simple. The Ducks pulled last season out of their ass. They deserve a lot of congratulations for that, but the facts don’t change. They won more one goal games than any team in the league. They won with no talent by bringing it every game and playing good team play, with great goaltending backing them up. That doesn’t change the fact that the Ducks, after their top line, are talentless, and the top line was just completely revamped. New faces=different chemistry, and when chemistry is ALL that is getting a team into the playoffs, it doesn’t matter who the replacements are. That chemistry is gone, and until new chemistry is established, talent has to carry the team, and they are remarkably talentless.

    Add on to that the dreaded Stanley Cup hangover, and the Ducks were doomed to a horrible start. After fighting game in and game out for your playoff lives for two months, you are ALWAYS going to go through a letdown when you start the next season. Quite frankly, its pretty hard to get psyched up over game three of the regular season. And the Ducks are a team that, again, relies on being at the top of their game every night and giving everything they have every shift to barely squeak out victories. ANY sort of letdown, and the team starts losing. There is a razor thin line between victory and defeat when you play like the Ducks do, and the Stanley Cup hangover alone is enough to push them over that line. Add on the new faces and different chemistry, and you say Carney’s hurt as well? There was no way the Ducks were going to start the season well.

    Now, this is the key point. The Ducks will either go into a death spiral, having lost all momentum and confidence (losing, like winning, is contageous, and its a mentality). Or they will rally, realize what’s going on, and battle their way to the playoffs the same way they did last year: scrapping for every single point they can get. My perspective: they’re going to fall short. It will take too long for them to get back the edge they’ve lost, and they will also be hurt by the resurgance of several bottom feeders from last year. Remember, there was a 15 point gap or so between 8th and 9th last year. Now, with LA, Phoenix, Columbus, and Nashville all on the upswing, there’s more competition, and every point is all that more valuable.

    So. THAT is your answer as to why the Ducks are struggling, and unfortunately, I’m afraid that they aren’t going to be able to recover. I said the same thing back in July (not sure I phrased it as well, but the idea was the same), so unlike the rest of you sorry bandwagon jumpers, I actually predicted it, I didn’t just scurry away like rats off a sinking ship, and then come out claiming I knew it all along.

    My apologies to Ducks fans, but I’m afraid you’re in for a long season. I could be wrong, of course. Its all about mentality for the Ducks, and we really don’t know for sure what’s going on inside their brains. But history, logic, and early warning signs suggest that this is going to be a tough year for the Ducks.

  12. WildWing89 says:

    There are many things wrong with your statement. A, Oates was not with the Ducks for nearly half the season. Thomas was there for 12 games. They still got into the playoffs. Kariya’s nothing special.

    Fedorov is succeeding now, with two assists against Boston. He’s got used to SoCal, so I think he’s back on track.

    Prospal was the reason Lecavalier broke out. Prospal led the team in points and helped Vinny rack ’em up.

    Kariya was never a leader. Show how much other fans know. Rucchin was always Anaheim’s leader. Ducks brass should’ve never gave him back the “C” after he held out. Oates and Thomas only did so much as well.

  13. WildWing89 says:

    You guys reall know not much. It is one week into the season, like titans said, and already they will not make the playoffs. Last season they went 18-2, and went to the STF, but because they’re 0-4-0-1 they won’t make playoffs. Give me a break.

    According to your logic the Atlanta Thrashers will win the cup, or at least the President’s trophy. Riiiiiight.

    For all those who saw the Boston game, it seems all you Wing fans will be disappointed to see FEDOROV HAS GELLED INTO ANAHEIM’S SYSTEM! Two assists is showing he’s back into form. Prospal’s goal is also showing he’s in good form. Anaheim is likely going to start winning, and will be able to show all you non-believers that they will make playoffs.

  14. WildWing89 says:

    Carney’s one of the best defensive d-men in the league. Very underrated. Ask guys like Fedorov, Modano, and Gaborik. See how many points they got in the playoffs against Anaheim with him breathing down their necks.

    Giguere has had THREE, not one, good years. He also is not bad this year, the Ducks just need to score. He’s saved at least 25 shots in the last couple games.

    They didn’t get rid of Kariya. They wanted to sign him and Selanne, but didn’t have the budget with Kariya being overpaid at 10 mo. They didn’t qualify him, so just as he’s about to re-sign with Anaheim, he figures out that if he signs with Colorado for less than the league average, and gets 100 points playing with Joe Sack-lick and Selanne, he’ll get his 10 mo back. The most he would’ve made elsewhere was 5-7 million.

    Oates was injured most of last year, is old, and has been replaced by Fedorov as a face-off man.

    BTW, Oates wouldn’t be feeding Prospal. They’d both be feeding Sykora, the goal scorer. Prospal is the playmaker now.

  15. mikster says:

    Mantaray didn’t think highly of him like…two years ago.

  16. mikster says:

    You put some great spins there.

    Oates was not with the Ducks for nearly half the season? REALLY?

    He played 67 games scoring 45 points. 67 is nearly half then eh?

    Thomas was there for 12 games, and scored 13 points.

    Kariya’s nothing special? What are you smoking?

    Fedorov played his first decent game and still didn’t help his team get a win.


    Prospal was the reason why Lecavalier broke out? Are you knew to this sport? We’ll see how Lecavalier will do without Prospal, he’ll do just as much while Prospal will just score 50-55 points.

    You’re full of it and your comment was quite insignificant and full of spins.

  17. mikster says:

    Ok pinhead, let’s see if the Ducks make it, let’s see what their record will be on November 10th.

    Thrashers could definitely make the playoffs, the East is not that hard.

  18. beefer says:

    Doesn’t it just suck being an expert on teams that don’t make the playoffs, have no chemistry, and no true “leader”?

  19. Gforce says:

    Goal,Samsonov scores in OT!!!

  20. WildWing89 says:

    3/4 on Oates then. Whatever.

    12 games isn’t much, even if he did get 13 points. They had practically clinched the playoff spot anyway.

    I never said Kariya wasn’t special. I said he wasn’t a leader, which he wasn’t. Rucchin has always been the true leader of the Ducks.

    Yes, Prospal was a major reason in Lecavalier’s breakout. Vinny played like a bust up untill the last year or two. Prospal helped that out alot more than St.Louis

  21. WildWing89 says:

    3/4 on Oates then. Whatever.

    12 games isn’t much, even if he did get 13 points. They had practically clinched the playoff spot anyway.

    I never said Kariya wasn’t special. I said he wasn’t a leader, which he wasn’t. Rucchin has always been the true leader of the Ducks.

    Yes, Prospal was a major reason in Lecavalier’s breakout. Vinny played like a bust up untill the last year or two. Prospal helped that out alot more than St.Louis

  22. Blade_Runner says:

    There’s a big difference between the Ducks and Rangers. The Ducks actually made it to game 7 of the Finals, while the Rangers were playing on the 7th hole of the golf course. Titans does not owe the Rangers the same respect as the Ducks. They haven’t earned it.

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