Why The Ducks, Suck!

Last night TC_4 and myself went to the Oilers/Ducks game. This was my first opportunity to finally see the Ducks for myself without the like of the TV. As I watched the game I increasingly became more and more frightened by what I saw. Other then a pretty solid 10 mins in the second, the Ducks show no sign of life and was THE WORST GAME THEY PLAYED THIS SEASON.

Why do I make such a statement like that? Well for those who did see it, you would have noticed them not finishing checks, they were chasing the Oilers around all night and they could really get any kind of momentum going.

Mike Babcock said it best. “Its not like were not getting the chances and opportunities, it’s just that we are not capitalizing on those chances”. This has been the Ducks problem all season. They haven’t been given the opportunity to catch those breaks because they can’t seem to score when they need to.

Furthermore, they lost Kariya who they built there system around, however recieved a better player in Fedorov. Babcock had been quoted at the start of the season saying,(some para-phrase) I am glad I have someone like Sergei, cause its alot easier building a team around a Center like him.

That statement leads me to my next and most important point. Babcock is playing Fedorov too much. I know it may be a shocking statement, but it’s true. When he was in Detroit I believe his average of ice time per night was about 16 to 19 mins a night. A pretty reasonable amount for a player. Well here is his numbers for last night.

– Shifts (29) first last night

– Minutes (22:12) second to Havelid (24:24)

– Shots (5) which isn’t a suprise

– PP minutes (3:32) Sykora/Prospal had (3:14)

A reason he came to the Ducks was to get more ice time and to be the got to guy. But by 5 minutes into the 3rd Fedorov doggin it and going half-ass the rest of the game. His season average ice time is forth on the team with (21:32) but I believe it’s affecting his play.

He is without question a better all-around player then Kariya who in Colorado who is playing 4 minutes less then Fedorov… although he was injured.

Finally I think a good conclusion to sloving this is having Babcock playing all 4 lines regularly. Where the center for the forth line had (8:11) Mikael Holmqvust. Babcock really all night were playing 2 and a half lines. Qbviously Feds was most and Rucchins was second. Then he(Babcock) had the 3rd line alternate Lupal and McDonald who both averaged 14minutes.

I know the Ducks won’t make the playoffs this seaosn. They will struggle with offence averaging about a 2.058 goals a game… second lowest in the league, and goal-tending has struggled.

Perhaps a deal is in place for the future. Mike Comrie to the Ducks for J.S Giguere. Ducks need offence help and accoring to Philly they need a goalie unless you talk to Clarke.

But that is a couple reasons on why the Ducks suck.

P.S. I didn’t proof-read so for all the upper-class cool guys who love to point out spelling mistakes and point out grammatical errors… save it for another time cause no one wants to hear it.


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  1. Lint07 says:

    I have to disagree with your last comment.

    This isn’t necessarily directed to you but I think that everybody spending -(place the amount of time you take to write an article here)- minutes to write an article should take the additional 2 minutes to proof-read it. If you don’t it’s your right, but then people have all the rights in the world to point out whatever mistake they want.

    I once saw a 3 paragraph article posted here with the name ”Theo Fleury” spelled out wrong 5 freakin times! Don’t you think it could’ve used a little proof-read? I do.

    As for the Ducks, i agree with you they stink.

  2. TC_4 says:

    I think it wasn’t so much the overall ice time as what it probably was in the last 30 minutes of the game. It was very clear last night that if you shut down Federov, you shut down just about everything the Ducks are doing. When they made the finals, they got it done with a TEAM game. Babcock looks like he’s gotten away from that and made this Federov’s team, and everything seems to go through him. The Oilers played Horcoff against him all night. Bad game by the way. Comrie and Esche for Giguere. Why not? Murray wants Comrie(which was the turning point of the Ducks season, when they didn’t get him), Philly needs a goaltender, and it’s becoming more and more apparent that Gerber has won the number 1 job in Anaheim. They also have Bryzgalov in the minors, and at 23 years of age, should be ready to step into the NHL.

  3. TRaPT1307 says:

    Good question.

  4. trailerparkboys says:

    The ducks suck yes. I’ve been saying that right through there playoff run last year, You know what i’m talking about nocuphere. I said it last year there an average team playing awsome hockey riding the coat tails of a hot goalie.

    Everybody was telling me at the time that they were beter then the OILERS ,”bull shit” they just played the trap. (WITCH THE OILERS WILL NEVER DO) Oilers hockey is the way to go , but as a die hard oil fan I know they will never win playing that style of hockey. oh well!!!! it is fun to watch.


  5. edmontonrules says:

    Maybe he thinks the Ducks will make the playoffs.

  6. Primis says:

    Fedorov really isn’t logging that much more ice-time in Anaheim than he was in Detroit. A couple weeks ago I heard the quote that he was averaging a mere 6 or 7 seconds more ice-time a game this year than last. People forget that Fedorov already logged a LOT of ice-time in Detroit over the past couple of seasons…

    I don’t think Fedorov is dogging it because of ice-time. I think he’s dogging it because it’s dawned on him that he signed with a dog of a team. He could have signed a lot of other places and been more-competitve but instead he made the wrong choice, so now he’s unhappy and we’re only halfway through the season.

    As to why else the Ducks are so bad?

    Giguere is (as I stated firmly last year) a one-year fraud much like Jose Theodore was two years ago.

    “Vaclav Prospal” has the same amount of syllables as “over-rated”.

    Steve Thomas and Adam Oates were big parts of the Ducks’ run as veterans last spring and neither are with the team anymore.

    And what’s left really isn’t a very good team, period.

    — Primis.

  7. The_Conductor says:

    Your always here to ride my ass Bretz. Proof reading and all that crap.

    Buddy its 2004 grow up!

  8. The_Conductor says:

    Very good points.

  9. The_Conductor says:

    I proof read as I go but I just didnt stop to look it over for the 3rd and 4th and 8th time. My only problem is people look past the topics and just make points about grammatical errors and diction. I guess with the amount of time it took me to write the last part, I could have just proof read.

    Ah well… I will know better for next time.

  10. TC_4 says:

    Good points, as C-duc said, I can’t believe I forgot to beek Prospal! I don’t know if you say Theodore was a one year fraud though after what he’s been doing the last 2 months. Everything else though is solid as usual P!

  11. Lint07 says:

    Prospal was in is contract year and it was written in the sky that this guy was a one-hit wonder.

    As for Jose Theodore I can’t believe you made that comment after the year he’s having right now. You don’t watch the Habs much, now do you?

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