Why the leafs are possibly the worst team when it comes to the draft

With the exception of this last year’s draft, the leafs are arguably the WORST team for drafts i will give you a list of who the leafs COULD of had, they let them slide through their wretched fingers, please do no get upset at me if this list is distrubing, the leafs had:

Roberto Luongo-Drafted in first round, was traded to the NYI with kenny jonsson

Mike Cammalari-Drafted 2nd round, was traded to LA for AKI BERG!

Martin Havlat-Drafted 2 spots after Luca Cereda

Brad Boyes-in the owen nolan trade

Simon Gagne-Drafted 12 spots after Antropov

Mike Fisher-Drafted Petr Svoboda 8 spots before

Erik Cole-Leafs drafted Jamie Hodson 2 spots before

Maxim Afinogenov-Drafted 12 spots after jeff farkas whoever that is

Petr Sykora-Drafted 4 spots after leafs selected Jeff Ware

Patrik Elias-Drafted 4 spots after leafs drafted Sean Haggerty

Sheldon Souray, or Chris Drury-I dunno if i can complain, they picked Freddy Modin with the pick they coulda used to get one of those 2

Need i go on? I think i will haha.

Saku Koivu-Drafted two spots after leafs drafted landon wilson

Sergei Gonachar-drafted 7 spots after the leafs drafted Brandon Convery

Joe Pavelski-drafted 205, the leafs drafted John Doherty 57th

So the smart thing to do would be to maybe fire the whole scouting crew for the maple leafs, im sure you think the same right now. Well thats pretty much it, and no word of it is a lie, i spent an hour looking this stuff up. so seriously take your FURY out on me go ahead send me some feedback

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  1. thatleafsguy says:

    Most of them were replaced a while ago. The drafted players you are talking about were mostly drafted during the 90's….so this article is completely useless like tits on a log.

  2. Kraut182 says:

    You're an idiot, drafting is a complicated science, and half the time you're listing guys drafted in rounds after the first meaning most/all teams passed on them …. usually more than once.  I have no idea who you cheer for, but lets assume its Montreal and go from there.

    Danny Markov, drafted 215 spots behind Terry Ryan
    Modin drafted 46 spots after Brad Brown
    Tomas Kaberle, drafted 186 spots after Matt Higgins
    Ponikarovki, 61 spots after Marc Chouinard
    Wellwood, 109 spots after Perezhogin
    Ian White, 156 spots after Matt Linhart
    Justin Pogge, 72 spots after Kyle Chipchura

  3. Hoondog2 says:

    What a useless post.  It is easy to comment on drafted players after the fact, and for all the bad picks made, good ones were also made.

  4. buds8 says:

    ur an idiot!

    think about what you are saying…"Simon Gagne drafted 12 spots after Antropov"….you are basically saying that there are 11 other teams that are just as stupid as the Leafs.


    Plus they actually did draft Jonnson and Boyes.

    Some guys are late bloomers and vise versa.  Although i will agree there have been some misses, but that can be said about any draft in any sport!

  5. bleedingblu says:

    This makes no sense!!!
    What about the other teams that picked before the players on your list???
    Are they stupid too!!

    Well lets look at the recent years:

  6. 2000: Brad Boyes (24th overall)
  7. 2001: Carlo Colaiacovo (17th overall)
  8. 2002: Alexander Steen (24th overall)
  9. 2003: none
  10. 2004: none
  11. 2005: Tuukka Rask (21st overall)
  12. 2006: Jiri Tlusty (13th overall)
  13. Brad Boyes was a good pick. He was traded for Nolan because Quinn wanted to make a push in the Playoffs!!
    Colaiacovo… Steen….. Rask brought us Raycroft and Tlusty is tearing it up in the Sue.

  • toronto77 says:

    I agree that the leafs did miss out on some excellent players in the draft, and drafted players that were supposed to be excellent but failed, but it happens to every team ex. ottawa-alexander daigle.

    However the leafs did manage to steal some picks for ex:
    Tomas kaberle-round 8, 204 overall
    Kyle Wellwood- round 5, 134 overall
    Ian White-round 6, 191 overall
    Jeremy Williams-round 7, 220 overall
    Robbie Earl-round 6, 187 overall
    Justin Pogge-round 3, 90 overall(looks like a goalie that should have been taken 1-20 overall)

    so the leafs did have some failures but also they had some drafts that weren't supposed to be as good as they are today. The draft is pretty unpredictable, you don't know how your prospects are going to do in the nhl with the exceptions of crosby, malkin, ovechkin, staal, pahneuf

    I must say that they did an excellent job with last years draft.

  • 92-93 says:

    very ironic about the name of the person who wrote this article.

    sufficed to say, a lot more research and a much more balanced view is needed for this article to be at all informative. to give you a head start:

    – the scouting staff has changed substantially with numerous personnel changes since the mid-late – 1990s

    – this article totally ignores the other teams who passed over certain players, ignores all the diamonds in the rough draft picks in the late rounds by leaf scouts (start with Kaberle and go from there)

    – ignores the more recent philosphy that has rejected the 'draft-schmaft' attitudes of the 1990s.

    in any case, the more i write, the more i do justice to this very poor and pathetically written/researched article.

  • the_word says:

    I like the article for the simple fact that it is a trivial look over what could have been with the benefit of hindsight. But why stop there, I mean in 1989 the Leafs passed of Bill Guerin (5th), Sergie Federov (74th), Adam Foote (22nd), Nick Lidstrom (53rd) , Kris Draper (62nd, man the Wings cleaned up that year), Pavel Bure (113, although no one other than Vancouver knew he was eligable), in favor of Scott Thoronton (taken 3rd overall by the Leafs), Rob Pearson (12th), Steve Bancorft (22nd) and Matt Martin (66th).

    Not only could you give the same analysis to any team on any given year (with execpt the 1989 Detroit Red Wings), you ignore the fact that the Leaf's scouting staff, management and overall direction of the team has been in flux over the past sixteen years.

  • MogilnyFan1990 says:

    I agree with you for the picks in the first round(Simon gagne,,,), like the big name future players. but the ones that are picked in the later round that turn out to be stars is a hard thing to do. so i disagree on your last draft choice about Joe Pavelski because it's much harder to do that. 
    You also could have said Cam ward instead of alex steen, instead of Drake berehowsky, either MARTIN BRODEUR! or thachuk   and i forget who, he was a nonamer, but they could have drafted Bryan Trottier instead of him

  • Toonces99 says:

    You should be banned from this site for the simple fact you wasted time to write this…..come on…..who care's what the Leafs did in the past, this organizations has a hard time advancing with-out people like you making it more difficult…..

  • goleafsgo16 says:

    The Leafs have a completely different scouting staff now, then the one they had one most of those players were drafted. So your post is irrelivent.

    Tlusty was a great pick, this kid is going to be a big sniper in the NHL. Lots of potential.

    Kulemin may be a 2nd round steal, although he is a year older than Ovechkin was, he is putting up better numbers than he did in the RSL.

    Colaiacovo was a good pick, alot of potential. Our best defence prospect.

    Steen was also a very good pick, he has alot of  potential as well.

    And then theres Wellwood, White, and other good picks made by this scouting staff.

  • Visco says:

    This is ridiculous!  You can say they drafted horribly but then look at all the other teams that missed out on these players.  The Leafs have just been placing well (but not always high enough to come top five in the league) so they don't get the sure shot draft picks all the time.  But at the same time as Ive seen in all the posts there are other players who have been late picks that are turning out to be sick.  Drafting is just a system to see who will turn out.  I think that most of the time the first 5 picks are where you will find sure players (and i dont mean all five will be).  Other than that everything else is a gamble.  Injuries can keep players back and it depends on other factors as to why players to reach their so called potential.  Who knows, if Antropov gets traded to another team he could excel.  Plus another thing is that im sure if the leafs had the top pick 3 yrs in a row this post would not be up.  I dont hear anyone criticizing Colorado(Quebec) for their drafting.  Ya Sakic is another pick the Leafs missed and picked up Richardson but they got Nolan, Sundin, Foresberg( for Lindros who still had an amazing career until injuries hit him) and if you can get guys like that in your roster no one will complain.  So basically the Leafs just need to bomb a few years in a row so they can pick up three superstars in the League and the when Pogge is ready they will be one of the top 5 teams in the League for a decade.  (Sounds that easy doesn't it, well its not!)

  • Cimolini says:

    I hate to disagree with you, because I used to feel the same way, however… You could make this argument for almost any team in the NHL For example, the Calgary Flames selected Trevor Kidd ahead of Martin Brodeur). Besides, the Leafs Line-up is currently chalked full of players that they drafted…
    Matt Stajan
    Kyle Wellwood
    Tomas Kaberle
    Alex Steen
    Ian White
    Brendan Bell
    Carlo Colaiacovo
    Alex Ponikarovsky
    Nik Antropov
    Just to name a few…

  • thegenius says:

    alright F**k you guys for saying im an idiot, and such….like jeez im just pointing out some stuff!!! like all of your posts are of what you think they should do, and they are the most ridiculous things i have ever hear…ban me from the? who are you jokers to say that? F**k off!

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