Why the leafs are possibly the worst team when it comes to the draft

With the exception of this last year’s draft, the leafs are arguably the WORST team for drafts i will give you a list of who the leafs COULD of had, they let them slide through their wretched fingers, please do no get upset at me if this list is distrubing, the leafs had:

Roberto Luongo-Drafted in first round, was traded to the NYI with kenny jonsson

Mike Cammalari-Drafted 2nd round, was traded to LA for AKI BERG!

Martin Havlat-Drafted 2 spots after Luca Cereda

Brad Boyes-in the owen nolan trade

Simon Gagne-Drafted 12 spots after Antropov

Mike Fisher-Drafted Petr Svoboda 8 spots before

Erik Cole-Leafs drafted Jamie Hodson 2 spots before

Maxim Afinogenov-Drafted 12 spots after jeff farkas whoever that is

Petr Sykora-Drafted 4 spots after leafs selected Jeff Ware

Patrik Elias-Drafted 4 spots after leafs drafted Sean Haggerty

Sheldon Souray, or Chris Drury-I dunno if i can complain, they picked Freddy Modin with the pick they coulda used to get one of those 2

Need i go on? I think i will haha.

Saku Koivu-Drafted two spots after leafs drafted landon wilson

Sergei Gonachar-drafted 7 spots after the leafs drafted Brandon Convery

Joe Pavelski-drafted 205, the leafs drafted John Doherty 57th

So the smart thing to do would be to maybe fire the whole scouting crew for the maple leafs, im sure you think the same right now. Well thats pretty much it, and no word of it is a lie, i spent an hour looking this stuff up. so seriously take your FURY out on me go ahead send me some feedback