Why the Leafs should not sign Ryan Smyth this offseason

Ryan Smyth is a great player but the Leafs should pass on him. The Leafs should save that money and invest in other free agents and keeping their youth.

The reason why the Leafs as a franchise has failed the last while is that they give away prospects for players that are past their prime for a short amount of time. Or they overspend on free agents that are past their prime. In the salary cap era you must be careful who you sign to big bucks because it might hinder your team’s future in so many ways. Smyth will probably want around $6 million. I am sorry he is not worth it. I would rather use that money in getting a Scott Hartnell who is 25 and is entering his prime and use the money you saved from Hartnell toward other players. If the price/contract is right the Leafs could go for a Forsberg or Kariya to help the Leafs lack of scoring punch. If the price is not right then you go balls out next years free agency and hope a guy like Marleau, Thornton, Iginla or another big player could be pursued. One of these guys can take over the torch from Sundin.

My arguement on not signing Smyth is based on this. Would you rather have 2 good players with potential vs 1 good player that can produce but may be beyond his prime and overpay for him with the potential of screwing up your salary cap OR would you rather have Ryan Smyth compared to a Marleau, Thornton, Iginla or another big free agent? To me the choice is easy, you pass on Smyth.