why we need Sundin

There is a lot of talk that the leafs should part ways with Sundin and focus on the future. I am here to write that parting with Sundin at this moment will not help us but hurt us more at the present time and in the near future. Reason being we do not have that next star to take over the Maple Leafs, There is no clear or forseable star waitin or up and coming. Everytime since the 90s the leafs have traded a star player another one was ready to take over. Lets take a look.

First there was Leeman who was our star player but we were able to trade him for a young star in Doug Gilmour because we had a young star in Wendle Clark who new how to handle playin in Toronto. Then we were able to trade Clark because we had Gilmour who was our star player and captain in waiting. The Clark deal brought us Sundin allowing us to deal Gilmour because we had a Star Captain to be in Mats. But the thing is Leeman, Wendel and Gilmour were not dealt right away once another star came on board. Wendel Spent 2yrs i beleive with Gilmour before leaving, Gilmour spent 2-3yrs with Sundin before leaving, meaning Sundin will need to spend 2 yrs or so with our next star before leaving. Reason being because you gotta let the new player adapt to his new team, players, media and fans. Toronto is a tough place to play and players need that support. So dealing Sundin will not benefit us now or in the near future. Yes a guy like Brieire, Datsuyk, Gomez or Drury might be younger faster and get more points. But they will not be able to lead the way Sundin has until they gain experince and learn how to play in and handle Toronto. So if it takes about 2yrs for this then Sundin will be entering retirement age thus ending his career with Toronto. Sundin is here to stay not cause he needs us because we need him.