Will the Ducks trade Neidermayer?

Given that they’re still just a few points out of a playoff spot with 29 games left, it’s hard to tell whether the Ducks will be buyers or sellers when the March 3 trade deadline rolls around.

And although there are some outlets who seem to think Scott Niedermayer is destined for New Jersey no matter what, the Ducks’ captain figures to be on the move only if he wants to be. And if they happen to make up more ground in the coming weeks, Niedermayer really isn’t going anywhere.

But could the Ducks be in play for any of these players that Darren Dreger of TSN says will mostly likely be changing addresses? The ideal pickup would be a rugged shutdown defenseman but just how many of them will be available or even out there.

Anyway, it’s food for thought as the deadline clock ticks down …


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  1. Kyleton says:

    If the Ducks are within 5 points of 8th place at the deadline he won't be moved I think.  The Ducks still think they have a shot and there is alot of respect between him and the organization. So I believe its only something they'll go forward with if he says he wants a shot.

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