Will There Really Be An Overhaul?

With the defeat at the hands of the #6 seed Flames, everyone in the hockey world is discussing the possibility of the Red Wings going into a rebuilding mode. Some players have played their last games in the Red and White, but I don’t see a major restructuring of this team happening. Next year’s lineup should look something like this.





reserves-Grigorenko(if he’s fully recovered), Mowers, possible free agent signing ,Bootland,Robinson




reserves-Kronwall, Rivers



In minors-Liv

On paper, this is essentially the same team.

-Hull won’t be back due to the fact that all he has left is his shot.

-I can actually see Chelios staying, but I think the lockout will make him retire.

-Deveraux played himself out of a job, even though he did decently in the playoffs. He’s just not a top prospect anymore.

-Yzerman will be back unless a long lockout happens.

-Shanny will take less money to come back to the Wings, and he still has enough game to rebound from a sub-par year. His leadership and locker room presence is also vital. Look for him to be back for around 3.5-4 million.

There are some good free agents on the market again this year(Murray, Palffy, Rolston) and the Wings could land one of them. Coupled with the years of smart late round drafting, Detroit is a deep organization, even deeper than other powerhouses on the decline (Colorado). The Wings will be in the process of bringing in some youth, but will remain competitive while they do it. Barring a long lockout, look for the Wings to make another run at it next season.

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