Wings and Predators were highest on Smyth

With Ryan Smyth off the trade table, Detroit and Nashville can’t be happy.

They were both hot to trot for Smyth, especially the Predators who are dying for a top six forward, especially one with net presence. Nashville likes Ales Hemsky, too, but liked Smyth more, in large part because coach Barry Trotz has a history with the Edmonton Oilers’ winger from the world championship when he was a coach for Canada. The Red Wings have Tomas Holmstrom, a similar type, antagonistic player around the crease, but Homer, who just got honoured for playing 1000 NHL games, is on his last legs and is basically a fourth-line, PP guy now.

The Oilers like rookie defenceman Ryan Ellis, a lot, in Nashville. There’s a slight chance he might have been in play for Smyth. Not for Hemsky, even if he’s younger, because they liked Smyth more. Realistically, Ellis, who helped set up Jordan Eberle’s epic, last-gasp tying goal against the Russians in the world junior in Ottawa a few years, isn’t readily available for anybody because they aren’t sure if they can resign UFA defenceman Ryan Suter. But the Oilers, and everybody else, see the inherent value in an offensive D-man like Ellis.

Now, what do the Oilers give Smyth in a new contract? And for how long?

I suspect Smyth, who is tied for third in team scoring (36 points) but mired in a scoring slump with only one goal in the last 17 games, would like three years. The Oilers might like to keep it year-to-year like Detroit does with older players like Todd Bertuzzi. So, saw it off. Two years for Smyth, who turns 36 next Tuesday.

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  1. KingCanada says:

    Thats too bad…It would of been nice to see him in Detroit but I guess he doesnt want to move away again.  Edmonton REALLY needs a young puck mover however..

    Would of been cool to see something like:

    To Detroit: Ryan Smyth
    To Edmonton: Brendan Smith

    Smyth for Smith lol

    But I guess Edmonton management didnt want to make him cry again so hes off the market…hahaha

    Cue the backlash 😉

  2. reinjosh says:

    This is an interesting look into the mindset the Preds management has. They want to win a Cup and they are prepared to do what it takes. This has me sort of excited as a Preds fan.
  3. hockey_lover says:

    Its awesome that they want to win. I figure most teams do. With something like $12mil in cap space, they certainly have the room to make it happen. They are keeping pace in a hard division and are positioned really well to make some noise at the deadline.

    They have Rinne locked up which more than takes care of goaltending.

    If they lock up Suter and Weber, the defense sure rounds itself out nicely.

    Their forward core is solid but unspectacular. They get the job done by committee which, while admirable, I dont know if that will get it done.  When you dont have ANY 30 goal guys and your leading point getter is on pace for 60pts (and then it drops to 54 by a dman), its pretty thin up front.

    Again, they have the cap space to make something crazy happen. But will they?

  4. mapleleafsfan says:

    That would be a massive overpayment for smyth.. Brendan Smith is looking like a really nice prospect, pretty much ready for the pros. Wings fans are really high on him too. There'd be some serious outcry if they traded him for a future UFA, especially if it's not parise. I'd see it as similar to the leafs offering gardiner for smyth (obviously we're in a different position, but just player importance wise)… Wouldn't happen. 

    That said though, I am curious how much he would fetch. He's not exactly the most skilled guy in the world but he's a workhorse and a beauty playoff player. 
  5. mapleleafsfan says:

    Why haven't they really pushed for ryan?

    Maybe they have I guess, but he's basically a younger rick nash with a much better contract. They definitely have the near ready prospect depth to get it done. 
  6. reinjosh says:

    Most likely? He isn't available. 

    Maybe they are confident in Radulov coming back too…
  7. 93killer93 says:


    Ryan, Fowler
    Kostitsyn, Hornqvist, Blum, 1st, 2nd(Nsh makes the Cup Finals)
    1st, Smith
    Smith, Josi
    Bouillon, 1st(Det)
    Kubina, 3rd
    Weber 5 years 50.75
    Suter 5 years 45.5
    Parise 5 years 45.5
    Radulov 1 year 3
    Kubina 1 year 3
    Smith-Spaling- Bourque
  8. thisgamewelose says:

    Way too many big trades to make by the deadline.

  9. Steven_Leafs says:

    the Whitney/Kubina deals are definitely not happening now that they have Gill, The Erat trade goes against what they are trying to do and the ANA deal is a massive underpayment (ANA isn't moving those guys anyway)

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